Maroon 5 - Payphone (Explicit) ft. Wiz Khalifa

  • Published on May 11, 2012
  • Music video by Maroon 5 performing Payphone (Explicit) feat. Wiz Khalifa. © 2012 A&M/Octone Records
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Comments • 161 797

  • BioHunterZ Gt
    BioHunterZ Gt 12 minutes ago +1


  • SpeedyTheSniper
    SpeedyTheSniper 3 hours ago +1

    low key this is the first music video i watched on my childhood

  • Nhân Siêu
    Nhân Siêu 9 hours ago

    537316768lx 12h52 t4 20/q1/2019

  • Joker Rms14
    Joker Rms14 10 hours ago

    Why the guy run from the police

  • ghx
    ghx 11 hours ago

    Sdds, a 6 anos atrás, provavelmente eu estava jogando algum Habbo pirata ouvindo essa música na rádio do Habbo que eu jogava, eu faria de tudo pra reviver cada momento desses...

  • Maycon MLG
    Maycon MLG 11 hours ago

    Just me or this looks like a videogame?

  • TomTurtle
    TomTurtle 12 hours ago

    This song when I first saw it made me running to the bed from the TV while watching the video on demand

  • Flipper
    Flipper 15 hours ago

    i've never seen bank robbers with aim that bad

  • Ken toobe
    Ken toobe 18 hours ago +1

    This brings back so many memories 😢

  • berkant öztekin
    berkant öztekin 18 hours ago

    Bide çukura laf atıyorsunuz

  • Original Cmoney
    Original Cmoney 19 hours ago

    bruh no way the cop car was keeping up with that shelby cobra

  • jenny evans
    jenny evans 19 hours ago

    is it just me or did it look like the cops were shooting at them

  • José Fradique
    José Fradique 20 hours ago

    Good times

  • baggor elek
    baggor elek 21 hour ago

    Njir mia khalifa

  • Krying Katz
    Krying Katz 22 hours ago

    i have 1 question and i still don't know until this day, WHERE THE FUCK DID THEY GET A SHELBY COBRA

  • Drunken Commander
    Drunken Commander 22 hours ago

    "Sir you've been calling us all day, please stop before I call the poli-"

  • じゃんく
    じゃんく 22 hours ago


  • Wesley Silva
    Wesley Silva 23 hours ago

    Novembro de 2019
    Alguém ?

  • 사람.
    사람. Day ago

    i love it !!!!!

  • Lisa Maiocchi
    Lisa Maiocchi Day ago


  • oktavianus paredanun

    So many memories with just one old song

  • *ThelDilper *ThelDilper

    Who still love this song December-2019

  • Angel Derrick
    Angel Derrick Day ago

    Love this song

  • LittleCrust :D
    LittleCrust :D Day ago +2

    Imagine picking up the phone and someone starts singing

  • なかまーと
    なかまーと Day ago


  • Sebastian Lacson

    When a pro player in a noob server thinking that you are their enemy

  • Sebastian Lacson

    Its like one more night is where he worked and then payphone is where he was gona go hom
    P.s its only my opinion, kinda

  • Aiken Alam
    Aiken Alam Day ago

    You'll find your happiness. Don't lose hope. You deserve to be happy. To someone who's reading this.

    Cheer up now 😊

    -90s Kid

  • Micmic Conte
    Micmic Conte Day ago

    Gta 5 anyone?

  • The Timinator
    The Timinator Day ago

    They must be storm troopers man because Its the worst aim I’ve ever seen 1:32

  • Angry Crimson
    Angry Crimson Day ago +2

    Man got 4 helicopters on him but still manage to get away

  • Leonardo BSD
    Leonardo BSD Day ago

    Every police in the town came to chase the wrong person

  • תיכון רמת הנגב

    פנטסטי !!!!!

  • Lương Đỗ
    Lương Đỗ Day ago

    Im here

  • Lenard Aldridge
    Lenard Aldridge Day ago

    Almost 2020 still here🔥

  • Marvin Chavarria

    This song reminds me of when times were simpler

  • Hasaki Minori
    Hasaki Minori Day ago


    ANONYMOUS FF Day ago +7

    Alguém do Brasil em 2019???

    • Leandro Brazil
      Leandro Brazil 15 hours ago


    • arts br
      arts br Day ago

      Aqui... Relembrando a minha infância com essa música ❤

  • Anthony McNamara

    Can I just Maroon 5 music videos are the most entertaining music videos ever

  • Martha Martinez
    Martha Martinez Day ago

    Love this song #maroon5

  • Roel Yoon
    Roel Yoon Day ago

    my brain: SMASHY ROAD

  • Moody
    Moody Day ago +2

    Who’s just going from old song to old song just to see the comments lol

  • TheOGHorrerFan
    TheOGHorrerFan Day ago +1

    They just wanted an autograph and a picture!

  • Resist Godz
    Resist Godz Day ago

    I miss my childhood soo much, I'd pay anything to be in 2010-2011 summer again

  • C1-37
    C1-37 Day ago

    If you ask who is in 2019 look up stfu it’s a song dedicated to you

  • 다용다
    다용다 Day ago


  • XxJAB105xX
    XxJAB105xX Day ago +1

    adam is too calm in this video, he was in on it with the robbers

  • Indian Politics
    Indian Politics Day ago +1

    All this fairy tale are full of shit.

  • Sarah Haley
    Sarah Haley Day ago +3

    this brought back memories I forgot I had

  • aliff x_x
    aliff x_x Day ago +4

    When u got 4 stars at GTA be like 3:02

  • Ana Beatriz Cordeiro
    Ana Beatriz Cordeiro 2 days ago +1

    This is my favorite song of all times and I just wanna thank Maroon 5 for making this masterpiece

  • Riko Qocalı
    Riko Qocalı 2 days ago +1


  • Ciara Mcgeady
    Ciara Mcgeady 2 days ago +1


  • emo boy James
    emo boy James 2 days ago +2

    Why is it that it’s him who’s being chased and not the robbers!?😬

  • Probo sadewo
    Probo sadewo 2 days ago +2

    This is green day bang bang Bank😂

  • corinne zz
    corinne zz 2 days ago +1

    i will never understand why the police starts following them too like wtf

  • Preston Saint-johns Everette-Johnson III

    the shot like stormtroopers

  • Jeza Michelle Santelices Arellano

    Nov. 2019

  • lich. Leader
    lich. Leader 2 days ago

    I heard this song from TikTok

  • Christian San andres
    Christian San andres 2 days ago +4

    Anyone 2019?