• Published on Sep 21, 2019
  • Is it VEGAN or is it MEAT? Join Click as they do a blinded taste test with different junk food.
    Who will win? LETS GOOOOOOO!!
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Comments • 2 990

  • Darshan Clark
    Darshan Clark 14 hours ago +1

    WTF Thay did shit make it fucking clear what one is 1 2 and 3 omg lannan and bazz sed 3 not one WTF but anyway good ida bad editing

  • OoshBux
    OoshBux Day ago

    I love Ben and jerry

  • Hunter Taylor
    Hunter Taylor 2 days ago

    I laughed so hard🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Harrasen Black
    Harrasen Black 3 days ago

    Elliot eats to much that he got the most right

  • Lewis Roche
    Lewis Roche 5 days ago

    That wasn’t a Hot Dog. It was litterllay a sausage roll

  • Eliza
    Eliza 5 days ago

    I’m probably really silly but what’s not vegan about a regular donut

  • Wolfergang
    Wolfergang 6 days ago

    "I've eaten a lot of meat in my time" 0_0

  • Matt Stallman
    Matt Stallman 8 days ago +1

    One of the burgers should have been the Impossible Whopper

  • Chopstics 1
    Chopstics 1 8 days ago

    Frickin rich kids, coles donuts are the ones real people grew up with and ate. U stupid Krispy kreme royalties

  • Raze Players
    Raze Players 8 days ago

    1:34 the way he says trash

  • CJ114
    CJ114 13 days ago

    How does Marcus still wear a backwards hat

  • Virginia A
    Virginia A 14 days ago

    11:38 I DIED 😂😂😂😂

  • Massa_Starwars
    Massa_Starwars 16 days ago +1

    Are the editors on crack

  • Psych_op
    Psych_op 16 days ago +2

    Why does crays moustache make the food look tastier

  • Francis Borja
    Francis Borja 16 days ago

    lazarbeam sockin a black dek

    PONCEMEJIA RONIN 20 days ago +1

    Lannan: *licks the BIG DADDY'S (⬅️brand) sausage*

  • kapkin0
    kapkin0 21 day ago +1

    Someone has to talk about the orders of food.
    Team should eat the food in the same order. Having Food 1 be vegan for team 1 , and food 2 for team 3, etc, is very confusing.
    An other thing, i am canadian, i have no idea what the majority of those braid of foods are, i would like to know what is vegan when they taste it.
    Like if cray eat the donut, i see on my screen that this donut is vegan, and then he says, ''This donut taste like dirt'', i'd find it more funny then not knowning if he is right or wrong. Hard to explain , but trust me, I'm right. Tell us witch is vegan or not when they taste it.

  • Anthony Mack
    Anthony Mack 21 day ago

    hOt DoOooOG

  • Tadynski
    Tadynski 22 days ago

    i think crays gonna be a cop in the future

    BIGBOIBLOP 24 days ago +5

    Marcus: is your hand up in the air
    Fruity: yeh 😜
    Fruity is a savage

  • Nosc Ki
    Nosc Ki 24 days ago

    Marcas: that’s not real
    Me:all food is real

  • PBandJ sandwich
    PBandJ sandwich 25 days ago


  • TheGunnerGaming
    TheGunnerGaming 27 days ago

    wow im vegan

  • Red Roses Ty
    Red Roses Ty 27 days ago +3

    No one:

    Not a single soul:
    Cray:I looove DONUTS!

  • GameKing
    GameKing 28 days ago +1

    I love when they were doing the donuts 🍩 one minute Lannans/Lazarbeams face was clean then like 2 seconds later he had a chocolate moustache and sprinkles all over his face.

  • nagz-youtube
    nagz-youtube 29 days ago


  • lil chungus
    lil chungus 29 days ago

    Sucks that Marcus isn't going to be in click videos anymore

  • LouisGallier ✅
    LouisGallier ✅ 29 days ago +1

    Don't eat animals. They should have the right to live.

  • PlazMaPenguiN
    PlazMaPenguiN Month ago

    Cray: i vote... NAPKIN

  • Zachary Hoffman
    Zachary Hoffman Month ago

    btw i haven't ate in 12 days on on counting

  • Zachary Hoffman
    Zachary Hoffman Month ago

    Bazz: you get the nut, the nut
    Lannan: I always get the nut

  • Bash Breaker
    Bash Breaker Month ago +1

    if you pause the video exactly when it starts Crayator looks like sportacus(the hero dude from lazy town) :) r/rare insults :)

  • Drxp Skies
    Drxp Skies Month ago +2

    The first one by Marcus and fruity they said the second one “which is right” and they got it wrong but cray and muselk got it right by saying the second one

    • fortnite player
      fortnite player 15 days ago

      The teams had the foods in different orders I think

    PONCEMEJIA RONIN Month ago +4

    LITERALLY Noone:
    Lannan & Elliott: *mental breakdown*

  • Macaully Robert
    Macaully Robert Month ago

    whhyy do i ship lufu and bazz

  • It's Nabzz17
    It's Nabzz17 Month ago

    11:14 😂

  • Diego Alonso Garcia Gorrin

    When muselk said feel the weight of the bread I just thought to myself, wouldn’t the weight be the same for vegan and non vegan

  • Billy-Ray Husband
    Billy-Ray Husband Month ago

    When loserfruit lies to marcus about the high five and gives the little smirk. the best haha

  • larry quinn
    larry quinn Month ago

    Lannan eats like a 2year old

  • Alysson Land
    Alysson Land Month ago +1

    you guys made me so hungry that i acully got up to make me some hot dogs even tho i haven't gotten up in like 10

  • Gaming_Wizard 101
    Gaming_Wizard 101 Month ago

    Marcus and lufru:"we got the hot dog wrong"

  • Talin Brandt
    Talin Brandt Month ago

    Cray when Muselk says he likes the dirt dogs: WHAT?

  • deku ph
    deku ph Month ago

    Wait in confused i thought donuts don't have meats wtf?????

  • Baby Yoda 69
    Baby Yoda 69 Month ago

    Marcus is wearing bape from Elliot's closet

  • Twinkle _
    Twinkle _ Month ago

    8:40 😂

  • The True Film Industries

    I swear lazar is Vegan....
    Watch his Minecraft vids...


  • Damien Smallmon
    Damien Smallmon Month ago

    The “pastry” was pig in a blanket as is Americans call it

  • Peachy TV
    Peachy TV Month ago

    That clip/edit at 3:39 was hilarious

  • ImaSpiritHereYT
    ImaSpiritHereYT Month ago

    But a donut is vegan all ready???

  • John Snow
    John Snow Month ago

    Should do this again, non blindfoleded with 1-2 options for each each randomly. And they gotta guess the odd one out

  • chris and only chris
    chris and only chris 2 months ago

    Lannan:HOT DOG HOT DOG

  • XxhunterxX x
    XxhunterxX x 2 months ago


  • TurtleJeremy
    TurtleJeremy 2 months ago

    I knew the beyond chipotle because beyond meat is a plant based burger brand

  • Ian Stewart
    Ian Stewart 2 months ago

    Who is watching after Marcus left click?😭😭

  • Jack Waters
    Jack Waters 2 months ago

    anybody else get up and get something to eat after clicking on this video

  • Frazzled Fraz
    Frazzled Fraz 2 months ago

    Clearly ya’ll supposed to be Aussie... and not knowing what a REAL donut is.... donut king is more “donut” than any of those posers.

  • Zach Browning
    Zach Browning 2 months ago +6

    Cray: “I wanna vote... NAPKIN”

  • Jason Bristow
    Jason Bristow 2 months ago


  • suck ma bllz Jeff
    suck ma bllz Jeff 2 months ago


  • Bailey Smith
    Bailey Smith 2 months ago

    if you want a burger that tastes like a whopper, looks like a whopper, and feels like a whopper.... get a whopper