Live Stream: UFC 236 Post-Fight Press Conference - MMA Fighting

  • Published on Apr 14, 2019
  • This was the live stream of the UFC 236 post-fight press conference
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Comments • 435

  • Gavin Romer
    Gavin Romer Month ago

    1:15:16 I love you Dustin

  • Digos HNDRXX
    Digos HNDRXX Month ago

    31:02 .... u can tell he watches rick and morty

  • Reece Beauchamp
    Reece Beauchamp Month ago

    I like Dustin, there's 1% chance of him beating Khabib otherwise he's going to get wrapped, submitted or just overwhelmed. He has a BJJ black belt but that's not going to be enough to beat the best sambo fighter that ever lived.

  • Nico Stefano
    Nico Stefano Month ago

    Issy got the Kardashians lips

  • Audio Stuff
    Audio Stuff Month ago

    I can't wait until the oddsmakers give Izzy way too much credit over Rob. It's gonna be another big payday like the Alvarez/Gaethje fight where Gaethje was a heavy fav.

  • xjustvibex
    xjustvibex Month ago

    From the Movie "Fighting" - Channing "my name is Jeff" Tatum is the NEW UFC LIGHT WEIGHT CHAMPION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wesleysdavis1988
    wesleysdavis1988 Month ago

    I really enjoy how honest Dustin is about the fight. Most guys would say they never got hurt during their fight. True champion

  • Bart BC
    Bart BC Month ago

    Another useless interim belt 👎🏼

  • vince w
    vince w Month ago

    so wait being short and thicc is bigger then being the taller skinny legend when they both weigh 155.. damn who woulda thunk it..

    MMA NEWSROOM Month ago +2


  • D G
    D G Month ago

    Dunno why kelvin went for the clinch in the 4th

  • Shawn Cahill / preachiNshawn

    Time stamps:
    Dana 3:53
    Israel 24:45
    Dustin 1:04:18
    Where's Dwight Grant at?

  • William Poynter
    William Poynter Month ago

    I thought Max won

  • DFS Anonymous
    DFS Anonymous Month ago

    it’s still only an “interim” belt

  • Bassam Aldhahiry
    Bassam Aldhahiry Month ago

    Israel ‘I just had to drop some bows cuz we’re in the ATL’ Adesanya

  • Many
    Many Month ago +1

    Dana "the bus attack came at the absolute right time" White. 10:49

  • Erick Sabido
    Erick Sabido Month ago

    Luke Thomas watching min 13:05 😰...hilarious 😂

  • Muh Aini
    Muh Aini Month ago

    congrats to Dustin...great fighter.....but if you fight like that in rounds 4 and 5 then you will lose to other good fighters, ...Congrats to Adesanya great fighter but you let too many blows into your face, finally your face is swollen

  • taghi taghii mopvrouwren

    What was the deal with the colmb in his hair?

  • Apna Kash
    Apna Kash Month ago


  • alphazoom II
    alphazoom II Month ago

    Isreal left a comb in his hair, what is this is the 70's?

  • Collin Quarles
    Collin Quarles Month ago

    Dustin is a class act

  • IotanB
    IotanB Month ago +2

    Khabib will blanket dustin for 25 minutes until he gives up - easy fight for him

    • Bill Austeh
      Bill Austeh Month ago

      not true.. he can grapple sub him... 2ndround..

    • alphazoom II
      alphazoom II Month ago

      I don't even like Khabib but I can't see Dustin beating Khabib no way.

  • Vipul Upadhyay
    Vipul Upadhyay Month ago

    worst ufc belt

  • MrROKinROK
    MrROKinROK Month ago

    Who's the clown who keeps asking all the Game of Thrones questions. It's a great show and all, possibly the greatest show of all time, but it has nothing to do with MMA. It reeks of TRYING to be hip and falling miserably short.

  • Brad Ford
    Brad Ford Month ago +1

    I like Dustin, but he's got nothin' for Khabib...

  • MrShiddy1
    MrShiddy1 Month ago

    If Izzy thinks Kelvin touched him, up he's in for a shocker. Whittaker will hit him a lot harder and a lot more. I can see a first or 2nd round tko.

  • Nick Name
    Nick Name Month ago


  • camillako
    camillako Month ago

    Problem with Dustin is that khabib will annihilate him. I don't see him doing better than the others

  • Gerald mcreary
    Gerald mcreary Month ago +1

    adesanya looks like Angelina jolie great fight he is my favoriet

  • Donovan Mitchell
    Donovan Mitchell Month ago

    I’ll wonder how many idiots lost money on 236 from listening to friends at work or drunk people at a party that still think Tank Abbott and Frank Mir are in the game.

  • EmazingErik
    EmazingErik Month ago +1

    Can someone make timestamps? Lol

  • itiswhatitis 9
    itiswhatitis 9 Month ago +1

    Y'all need to stop thinking that kabob is the most dangerous unstoppable fighter in the world. He is far from it. However as much as I love Dustin I think stylistically it will be win for khabib

  • Kevin Tuso
    Kevin Tuso Month ago

    Forget the United States???? Dana WTF?????

  • Donovan Mitchell
    Donovan Mitchell Month ago

    You’ve seen me be in business with guys I don’t like being in business with.. as he grabs the MONSTER CAN😂

  • ViewsFromda 6
    ViewsFromda 6 Month ago

    If there would be a fight to make it would be gastelum and nigerian 2!

  • ViewsFromda 6
    ViewsFromda 6 Month ago +2

    Dustin can easily sleep khabib. Will be a interesting fight.

    • Bill Austeh
      Bill Austeh Month ago

      i agree

    • KrOjah 1
      KrOjah 1 Month ago +1

      Nah. He just beat someone who was dominating a currently weak 145. Khabib will dominate him.

  • j russo
    j russo Month ago

    Where does Paulo Costa fit into the picture?

  • L Champ
    L Champ Month ago +4

    Damn, Dustin finally getting his moment in the sun and has nothing but humility and respect for Max. Dude is a real class act and big ups to him for staying so grounded and keeping the faith.

  • Markito Duby
    Markito Duby Month ago +3

    Makes you wonder how good Connor really is😑

  • James Court
    James Court Month ago +2

    Four killers, all heart.

  • Jason Carson
    Jason Carson Month ago +1

    I really hate hearing guys say they are willing to die in there, its so corny and cliche. I highly doubt they really mean that, why die is that octagon, what would that prove? I know it sounds good but fucke thaf

  • turbobuick33
    turbobuick33 Month ago +1

    I love the new toy belts

  • No Biggie
    No Biggie Month ago

    Dana- I never wanted a 165 division
    So we are definitely going to do a 165 division

  • Goat Stature
    Goat Stature Month ago

    That's why people talk all that s*** but Connor will still beat Max he will get Max a lot of the same problems Dustin did Conor hits a lot harder than Dustin Connor's more precise than Dustin faster than Dustin and they're both South Paul's Dustin and Connor so people can say what they want but at 55 or 45 Conor wins that fight

    • Goat Stature
      Goat Stature Month ago

      +Rujewitblood lmao

    • Chester Gaudaur
      Chester Gaudaur Month ago

      Agreed, I think Conor knocks Max out if they fight again

    • Rujewitblood
      Rujewitblood Month ago +1

      i dont think conor hits harder than dustin at all, i think he has better counters though, which catch people off guard, i think dustin destroys conor in a boxing match

  • Alex H
    Alex H Month ago

    Dana "that's one of the greatest fights I've ever seen in my life" White

  • 0ooTheMAXXoo0
    0ooTheMAXXoo0 Month ago

    Adesanya has fought at 225 before, although he barely weighed 205 at the weigh-ins...

  • Paulo
    Paulo Month ago

    nice audio

  • ChRoNiC
    ChRoNiC Month ago +1

    Jon Jones would embarrass Israel in a fight. No comparison.

  • JIHADIST HUNTER Death2Jihadist!!

    That brother looks like he's been hit like a goddamn bus.

  • MmmHmm
    MmmHmm Month ago

    I think Adesanye might have Asperger's?

  • Danny
    Danny Month ago

    The fight bonuses used to be $100,000 years ago. Now they're half that much. Complete B.S.

  • Virginia Larraine Hall

    I enjoyed the whole Event ..

  • Sophia Lynn
    Sophia Lynn Month ago

    I very proud Dustin did this for his wife true champion. I pick him to win

  • words wpns
    words wpns Month ago

    Sidewinders face looks like its on the side

  • J Tap
    J Tap Month ago +4

    How is Dustin the champ, tony Ferguson the champ and khabib the champ in the same weight class

  • kiely 456
    kiely 456 Month ago +3

    Well I’ve learned one thing...alpha males don’t watch game of thrones lol

  • Johnnybuckbrush
    Johnnybuckbrush Month ago

    Starts @ 3:55

  • Steven Poole
    Steven Poole Month ago

    Great fights and great questions, I'm talking to you game of thrones guy...

  • Rasqache Art
    Rasqache Art Month ago +3

    Dana White in a good mood is so weird. It's so understated.

  • Johnny
    Johnny Month ago +1

    Wow congrats to all four guys especially in the co & main event! I like both Max and Dustin but I think it’s best Dustin won just to keep the messy LWD moving along .

  • Braap44
    Braap44 Month ago +10

    The Khalil rountree fights was awesome. Wow

  • Paul Ross
    Paul Ross Month ago +2


  • Paul Lynch
    Paul Lynch Month ago

    I liked this post, but when he talked about what fighting is for him, being hurt and biting down, I wanted to like it again!

  • Tyrone Ranson
    Tyrone Ranson Month ago +1

    Do YoU WaTcH GaMe Of ThRoNes?

  • marcus knox
    marcus knox Month ago +1

    Game of Thrones questions, really? I have never watched it, but surely it can not be as good as some people make it out to be.....

    MESSI BOLADÃO Month ago

    DustinPoirier 👊🔥👏👏👏👍

  • turbobenx
    turbobenx Month ago +3

    I think we all wanted tony vs khabib. But porirer deserve a real title shot. Tony has been inactive.

  • Fu Updaass
    Fu Updaass Month ago

    You were not ready to die shut up and close your mouth

  • makarion 1600
    makarion 1600 Month ago

    max deserved to lose for being such a fool!

    • Sam Coulter
      Sam Coulter Month ago

      Chasing after that second belt never usually ends well

  • makarion 1600
    makarion 1600 Month ago

    max didn't belong in there with poirier! raving leftists always lose when heart is on the line. dustin demolished maxes face.

    • Sean Gur
      Sean Gur Month ago +1

      makarion 1600 Max is a raving leftist? Since when? Are you a raving lunatic?

  • Henk Vrijhoeven
    Henk Vrijhoeven Month ago +1

    Question: if I a person is born in New Zealand to an English father and a Maori mother, moved to Australia after a month he was born and only knows Australia. Is he/she an Ozzie or a kiwi?

    • Bushido Code
      Bushido Code Month ago

      He is a Hapa. The land that he lives in matters less than bloodline.

    • Alan Johnson
      Alan Johnson Month ago

      Whatever he wants to be, I guess. A Maori Aussie 🤷‍♂️

  • really real
    really real Month ago

    Is that brian stann in the media ?

  • banderson4315
    banderson4315 Month ago

    Best fight card I think I may have ever seen!!! Amazing fights!!!! All four fighters in the co main event showed heart you rarely see!!! Like Izzy said that was some movie type fights

  • Thomas Bell
    Thomas Bell Month ago

    Dudes face!

  • Henk Vrijhoeven
    Henk Vrijhoeven Month ago +1

    Africa is more complex to pull a blanket over it and call it the same as Nigeria

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson Month ago +1

    Must be nice to get the Lightweight interim belt by beating a Featherweight.

    • Chester Gaudaur
      Chester Gaudaur Month ago +1

      Ur a hater Chris Wilson...Get out of your feelings

    • Johnny
      Johnny Month ago +2

      They can only beat who the UFC puts in front of them

    • kidsofjokes
      kidsofjokes Month ago +2

      Chris Wilson all you will ever be able to do is guess.

  • Stanley B
    Stanley B Month ago +4

    Dustin poirier vs hallaway was a tie.dustin did more damage cuz he hits harder

  • AK Raq
    AK Raq Month ago

    Before the fight: Kelvin Gastelum Vs. Israel Adesanya
    After the fight: Chris Eubank beat Nasrat Haqparast via unanimous decision.

  • T L
    T L Month ago

    POiRiER: "Where you at NATE Are you scared?"

  • AK Raq
    AK Raq Month ago +2

    Going full 5 rounds against Kelvin freakin Gastelum, and win.. This is super impressive performance from Adesanya. WOW!
    It's cool seeing Adesanya's grappling too.
    Poirier boxing was fantastic in the first round.. flowing well from all angles.
    Max seemed more excited to check Poirier's offense than anything, and that's a lightweight offense not a featherweight. Not a smart move by him and his corner.
    Khalil introducing his Muy Thai was great. Looked sharp and lethal against Anders. One of the clearest decision win in history.
    Glad Griffin won, because that Zelim guy needs some humbling and professionalism.

    • Chester Gaudaur
      Chester Gaudaur Month ago +1

      Couldn't agree more about Zelim, he's a dirty fighter and a cheater.

    • Afshan Tase
      Afshan Tase Month ago

      He dropped him more times then the number of rounds

  • Hannibal Apex
    Hannibal Apex Month ago

    Dana White 3:55
    Israel Adesanya 24:24
    Dustin Poirier 1:04:00

  • Luke
    Luke Month ago

    Jon Jones will body Stylebender, he is too big.

    • Chester Gaudaur
      Chester Gaudaur Month ago

      I don't think he'd body Stylebender, but I do think he'd win. Like u said, Bones is just too big. I don't even think Stylebender's that big of a middleweight, he's just tall.

    • kiely 456
      kiely 456 Month ago

      Exactly why Jon shouldn’t even be calling the guy out in the first place, I don’t hear Jon calling out heavyweights even though he walks around in the 230s

    • Fu Updaass
      Fu Updaass Month ago

      Luke izzy will dickbend bones

  • E J
    E J Month ago

    Dana an ass! Of course he has an answer for everything. When it suits him fighters don't have to wait in line.

  • Jaysmith
    Jaysmith Month ago

    Dana can’t explain why the interim belt is worth it.

    • Sean Gur
      Sean Gur Month ago

      PPV points, leverage on the contract, opportunity for increased media, sponsorships, potential commercial and acting gigs.
      Endless opportunities to support their family and make more money in this business. Does Dustin not deserve that?

    • wardevil91
      wardevil91 Month ago +2

      paper view points

  • A Aron A Aron
    A Aron A Aron Month ago +10

    I've never been so proud of a fighter in my life Dustin the diamond, and new brother, home state Warrior, Louisiana loves you Dustin! !!!

  • Jaysmith
    Jaysmith Month ago

    The judges suck last night

    KIPRIANOS78 Month ago +1

    Definitely Izzy got that title fairly but let be correct and recognize tha the final result was not a unanimous decision more a 3 to 2

  • Michael Roberts
    Michael Roberts Month ago

    Dana and his numbers. ...stfu

  • Garthfield Carter
    Garthfield Carter Month ago +2

    Khabib, "Hold my beer ..."
    Oh wait no, doesn't quite work ;-)

    • pin head
      pin head Month ago

      Yeah khabib is gonna make him look like that kid that fell in the enclosure with Harambe

    • tayman p
      tayman p Month ago +2

      Khabib smashes him worse than he did Conor

  • Drop the Bassline
    Drop the Bassline Month ago +1

    did not like Israel but tonight changed my mind. Incredible fight!

    • Fu Updaass
      Fu Updaass Month ago

      Who doesn't like the last dickbender?

    • marcus knox
      marcus knox Month ago

      What did he do to you to make you not like him in the first place?.. lol

  • Outlaw cho
    Outlaw cho Month ago

    no sound on dustins interview wtf

  • Jorge Osejo
    Jorge Osejo Month ago

    Good for Dustin for getting the belt but I think he will lost it in the next match.

  • RonPaulClassics
    RonPaulClassics Month ago +5

    Dana White: 3:50
    Israel Adesanya: 24:15
    Dustin Poirier: 1:03:50

  • scotch340
    scotch340 Month ago +2

    Dustin Poirier is a real classy guy with both feet on the ground. We need more fighters like that.

  • Koba Forever
    Koba Forever Month ago

    if there wasn't such a height difference, he would have lost... KG couldn't find his distance in the later rounds. good fight. he won't last long as a 'champion' LR will bend him over.

    • wardevil91
      wardevil91 Month ago

      he's not even a middleweight anymore

    • Sean Gur
      Sean Gur Month ago

      Koba, you do know that Luke Rockhold isn’t the champion? Lolol. Do you mean Rob Whittaker?

    • Will Ingraham
      Will Ingraham Month ago

      Luke rockhold?.😂😂😂😂😂

    • wardevil91
      wardevil91 Month ago

      what's LR

  • Kevin Jordan
    Kevin Jordan Month ago

    More wait time than interview time wtf

  • RunPower
    RunPower Month ago +6

    The left side of ISraels face looks like Ngannou

  • Lovesickblues Lovesickblues

    27:52 adesanya: I want to be able to just close my mouth properly
    Hahaha Yup that’s better after gastelum rocked you ,

  • Khalid Lakdim
    Khalid Lakdim Month ago +1

    They all look like A mess, Khabib looks like He got a meal after his fights🤣

    • Khalid Lakdim
      Khalid Lakdim Month ago

      Lets look to the facts, because the looked so easy that doesnt mean taht he didnt fought high level fighters. it looks so eazy because he understand the fighting art.

    • Sean Gur
      Sean Gur Month ago

      Khalid Lakdim and why don’t I like Khabib being the champ? I was rooting for him over Conor. I like the guy.
      I just don’t like fans of anyone that have your mindset thinking that people are indestructible.
      Pretty sure the last few fights last month (Masvidal over Till, Pettis over Thompson)

    • Khalid Lakdim
      Khalid Lakdim Month ago

      +Sean Gur Khabib is on an other level, no chance. 100 % win for Khabib. They have to put 2 fighters same time to beat this guys.

    • Khalid Lakdim
      Khalid Lakdim Month ago

      +Sean Gur Khabib is the real champ, in and out of the cage. Alhamdulillah i know you dont like this

    • Abraham Herrera
      Abraham Herrera Month ago

      +Sean Gur lmao like i said mate im betting big money on khabib smeshing dustin if they fight sept....come back to this comment when it happens