Unique BODY FEATURES only 5% of People Have !

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
  • Unique BODY FEATURES only 5% of People Have !
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Unique BODY FEATURES only 5% of People Have !
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Comments • 54 036

  • flamingo corns
    flamingo corns 5 minutes ago

    ⁸I'm double jointed on my elbow

  • Sophia Burch
    Sophia Burch 40 minutes ago

    I only sleep for 6 hours

  • nadira tabassum
    nadira tabassum Hour ago

    i have extra teeth

  • Helen Murphy
    Helen Murphy Hour ago +1

    My eyes are a little bit green because there hazel

    Turn this blue if your eyes are like mine

  • Cute girl1352 Channel

    Ive got double eyelashes

  • Wolfygirlplayz :3
    Wolfygirlplayz :3 3 hours ago


  • Skye Warrior
    Skye Warrior 3 hours ago +1

    I am tetra momic and I thought it was weard to be different because my parents didnt have it but my dads dad had it and itd pretty cool 🙂👌🏼^ω^

  • N̥ͦi̥ͦc̥ͦe̥ͦ B̥ͦu̥ͦn̥ͦn̥ͦy̥ͦ

    I’m last name starts with elf I wish I could have elf erers

  • Ava Hann
    Ava Hann 6 hours ago

    I have a cool tongue

  • Bonnie Girl
    Bonnie Girl 8 hours ago

    Azzy u love sleep I love it more I sleep to 6pm to 12am...

  • Georgia Dagas
    Georgia Dagas 9 hours ago

    I’m in the 2% green eye

  • Millie Ketcham
    Millie Ketcham 9 hours ago +1

    I have one of my dad's hands and one of my mom's hands and my eyes change from blue to green and I have an extra muscle in my hand and I have two rows of eyelashes and I am double jointed in my fingers I am very unique like everybody else in the world and I am proud of all my conditions and I really do appreciate them like if you have any of these conditions

  • Dulce Dela Trinidad
    Dulce Dela Trinidad 9 hours ago

    My thumb is really double it goes way farther then the other thumbs and the rest of my fingers

  • WeepingWillow69 Boi
    WeepingWillow69 Boi 9 hours ago

    My friend Haven has vampire teeth ans she says it hurts ⁽⁽ ◟(눈_눈)◞ ⁾⁾

  • Isabella Medina
    Isabella Medina 10 hours ago

    Maite Are haz Green Eyes So So my dad has green eyesMy dad has green eyes

  • Sea C
    Sea C 11 hours ago

    If your reading this it’s okay to be different! Nobody’s perfect

  • Ninja Dude
    Ninja Dude 12 hours ago

    I have a extra musele

  • Pamela Slater
    Pamela Slater 12 hours ago

    My friend's house at 2 the hole in her ear

  • Lunar_ Husky
    Lunar_ Husky 12 hours ago

    I have extra muscle too

  • Dheny Binobo
    Dheny Binobo 13 hours ago

    I have a present and I'm a good climber for trees but............

    No one can beat my friend rizza at climbing

  • DaUnknownHooman
    DaUnknownHooman 14 hours ago

    I actually saw one of my baby pics and I had a cleft chin
    • _ •

  • Ella Odom
    Ella Odom 14 hours ago

    I only need 6 hours of sleep😐😐.......

  • Shadow life
    Shadow life 14 hours ago

    I only need 5 hours of sleep

  • Kim Lynum
    Kim Lynum 14 hours ago

    My 1 year old brother does

  • Tea Cat :3
    Tea Cat :3 14 hours ago

    me*has a geographic tongue.
    me*am I special?????

  • Elizabeth Oak
    Elizabeth Oak 14 hours ago

    OMG i have a hole in my ear and i have green eyes and i also have

  • XxlillycamxX
    XxlillycamxX 16 hours ago

    Oof I have elf ears 2


  • Ŵàffłêž
    Ŵàffłêž 16 hours ago

    I’m also double jointed in my elbows

    My mum has green eyes

  • shannon harris
    shannon harris 17 hours ago

    I have 1 extra teeth

  • shannon harris
    shannon harris 17 hours ago

    I have a little! Bit of 2 lupms ob my chin

  • shannon harris
    shannon harris 17 hours ago

    I have a hole on my side of my lip l but no one sees it

  • shannon harris
    shannon harris 17 hours ago

    I have freckles and I am 9

  • Alexandra Wilson
    Alexandra Wilson 17 hours ago

    4:24 I Actully always thought this was normal... I have it in both arms!

  • InsaneGamer 995
    InsaneGamer 995 18 hours ago

    At 6:45 to 6:53 I am double jointed in my elbow....cool😎👍😁 it is only on my left😔

  • Tallulas Islands
    Tallulas Islands 19 hours ago

    Umm I don’t want tentacles

  • -Yamper-
    -Yamper- 20 hours ago

    My dad has multicoloured eyes,he doesn't have contarcts

  • hairuツ
    hairuツ 21 hour ago

    i can squish my nose and have that thing on my chin:D

  • Feathered Gorgosaurus

    Me: looks at thumbnail and looks to the right me again: WHAT Is ThAT NECK

  • Malia Thomas
    Malia Thomas Day ago +1

    One of my eyes is blue and the other one is green I hate it

  • Jayden Mace
    Jayden Mace Day ago +1

    I have 2 extra mucels

  • Jayden Mace
    Jayden Mace Day ago +1

    My eyes turns to green to blue

  • Fortnitegaming 1

    I have a hole in my ear

  • Xunice Meyer
    Xunice Meyer Day ago

    I'm dumbell gonted in my tang

  • James Gericke
    James Gericke Day ago

    i have 4 colors in my eyes blue, green, yellow, and brown baaaaaaaam

  • Ines Carlin
    Ines Carlin Day ago

    I have green eyes

  • Kathleen Lyon
    Kathleen Lyon Day ago

    My friend has headicramia

  • Claire Wood
    Claire Wood Day ago

    i have green eyes

  • GalaxyGacha YT
    GalaxyGacha YT Day ago

    5:14 that reminds me... I BROKE MY NOSE 😃

  • Robert Taillefer

    Yo a boy at our school has pointy ears

  • Meg Noller
    Meg Noller Day ago

    I have the vampire teeth and the extra muscle a hole next to my ear and a hole next to my eye I am different!

  • Gabrielle moise
    Gabrielle moise Day ago

    I have elf ears and an extra muscle

  • Edwin Aguilar
    Edwin Aguilar Day ago

    I have one extra tooth,that’s why I eat fast

  • ZIMARAH Bethel
    ZIMARAH Bethel Day ago

    I'm different one leg is my mommy's and daddy's😊

  • Kadon Sill
    Kadon Sill Day ago

    lol my eyes change color Dearing seasons

  • Sofia Tristan
    Sofia Tristan Day ago

    I have a extra muscle

  • Catherine Bullis

    my sister also has the double whril

  • Catherine Bullis

    my whole family exept my sister have green eyes even my cat

  • Catherine Bullis

    my sister has the eyelashes

  • Chloe Barber
    Chloe Barber Day ago

    I have an extra muscle and I have no bone in my nose

  • fnaf girl foxy
    fnaf girl foxy Day ago

    I actually thought i was the one who has elf ears😑😑😳