How to Use an Instax Mini Camera

  • Published on Jun 13, 2016
  • This is a short video I made as a guide on first time Instax users! I bought my Instax Mini 8+ in Amazon as an international version since they dont make the 8+ in US version. All the instructions that it came with were Japanese! Arigato! I dont speak or read the language so I had to google it instead. To help you guys out there like me who had no idea in the beginning, I hope this video helps!
    I have an Instax Mini 8 (with selfie mirror) in cocoa color which I like so much. I was contemplating between this and the limited edition blue from UO but I loved coffee (and this color looks like one) so much that I chose this. Enjoy!

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  • KeiCookie
    KeiCookie 4 days ago

    I shake my’a gonna do about it huh?!??!! But like seriously even if I do shake it or not, put it in the light or dark it still comes out good

  • Mahazer Osman
    Mahazer Osman 9 days ago

    It's mini 9 not mini 8 😂

    • Cat Merchant
      Cat Merchant 2 days ago +1

      Mahazer Osman idiot, its actually 8+

  • b babyyy
    b babyyy 16 days ago

    lmao so what if she shakes it, not like the worlds gonna end

  • Queen Labida
    Queen Labida 16 days ago

    Don’t shake it

  • Hannah Vince
    Hannah Vince 18 days ago

    I’ve got one it’s my profile pic 😂 but it doesn’t work anymore :(

    • ram ramram
      ram ramram  17 days ago

      what a bummer. maybe time for a new one?

  • Hannah Vince
    Hannah Vince 18 days ago

    Yes we all k is not to shake it but she diddnt it doesn’t matter now

  • Sleepy Little Mochi
    Sleepy Little Mochi 19 days ago +5

    everybody talking about not shaking the picture buh im just here like..." THAT KID IS THE CUTEST IVE EVER SEEN I JUST WANNA PINCH HIS CHEEKS!!!"

  • Maryam mohammed
    Maryam mohammed 26 days ago

    This is a instax mini 9 not a 8

    • Hannah Vince
      Hannah Vince 18 days ago

      Maryam mohammed it’s literally an 8+ you can see it it says on the camera

  • Joy De castro
    Joy De castro Month ago

    Mylike a battery in back cant pull its stuck! How to getoff!?😭😭

    • ram ramram
      ram ramram  29 days ago

      my battery is in the side im not sure but that might be the cartridge thats stuck

  • f.nabila 258036
    f.nabila 258036 Month ago +1

    He not cute but he is very very cute

  • Aldrin The YouTubeR

    How much the intax film?

  • jungkookswifey
    jungkookswifey Month ago

    It was so cringe seeing her do exactly wut ur not supposed to 😭😭😭😭😒😒

    RAYVEN GILL Month ago

    My aunt just got me a green one

  • Cute Turtle
    Cute Turtle Month ago

    Oh wait.. dont forget not to shake 😐

  • Janna 480 Mazon
    Janna 480 Mazon Month ago

    Like si eres mexicano

  • Avery Equestrian
    Avery Equestrian Month ago +1

    Omg your voice is lovely!
    Thanks, I probably would have never figured out anything on that camera, 😂!

    • ram ramram
      ram ramram  Month ago

      glad I was able to help! Thank you!

  • Charlotte Paige
    Charlotte Paige Month ago

    isn’t this a instax mini 9? cause it has the mirror and the polka dot strap?

    • Charlotte Paige
      Charlotte Paige Month ago +1

      ram ramram thx

    • ram ramram
      ram ramram  Month ago +1

      its the same but this color was exclusive for the 8+ which was released in Japan.

  • Blox Edition
    Blox Edition Month ago

    Help the red thing that lights up when you turn it on is not turning on😳

  • A Vlog
    A Vlog Month ago

    What color is that

  • Ioanna Kaka
    Ioanna Kaka Month ago +1

    Thank you for your help!!!❤👍😊 I have too this kamera in blue.💙

    • Ioanna Kaka
      Ioanna Kaka Month ago +1

      @ram ramram Yes it is!!!💙

    • ram ramram
      ram ramram  Month ago +1

      glad to help out! I saw the blue one its cute too

  • basicteaa
    basicteaa Month ago

    And you are suppose to shake it anyway. -_- an you guys saying it will ruin the picture but its perfectly fine.

  • basicteaa
    basicteaa Month ago

    Stop saying "don't shake it" and plus why would you say stop shaking it when you already know that someone already said it? Like that's so aggravating and dumb, you guys just want to be extra and annoying.

  • k a e t h e
    k a e t h e Month ago

    Some tips: Don’t shake the film once it comes out and don’t push the film cartridge into the camera very hard, it ruins the chemicals inside the film.
    Your kid is really cute btw :))

  • XxAshleyxX
    XxAshleyxX Month ago

    Everyone is so trigerd of shaking it

  • double triple
    double triple Month ago +1

    Do not shake it

  • Failed Abortion
    Failed Abortion Month ago +3

    1. You’re NOT supposed to shake the picture
    2. You didn’t even show or explain how to put the Polaroid film into the Polaroid camera.
    I was hoping to learn about a Polaroid camera in this video, but you didn’t teach us ANYTHING in this video. Unhelpful video. Disliked 👎

    • ram ramram
      ram ramram  Month ago

      lol you lived up to your name. there is no polaroid used in this video. go back to school.

  • Maiyda Begum
    Maiyda Begum Month ago

    what colour is this one

  • Geek Pottermore
    Geek Pottermore Month ago +1


  • Dwaco Malfoy
    Dwaco Malfoy Month ago +1

    Guys stop saying “DONT SHAKE THE FILM,IT WILL RUIN THE PICTURE!!!”,stop it is her choice if she wants to do it she do it!

  • Kamilia Akatsuna
    Kamilia Akatsuna Month ago +1

    the color is AMAZING😍

  • •Puffy Sprinkles•2

    Lol so many comments saying to not shake it.

  • •Puffy Sprinkles•2

    Okay, but the film packaging.. Did you open it or just.. Put it in???

    • •Puffy Sprinkles•2
      •Puffy Sprinkles•2 Month ago

      @ram ramram ohhhh

    • ram ramram
      ram ramram  Month ago

      after you take the black cartridge out the foil wrap you just put it in the camera like that.

  • • m e x x a l i •
    • m e x x a l i • Month ago +1

    I have the bright pink one ^3^

  • Andy Reyes
    Andy Reyes 2 months ago +1


  • KatePlays
    KatePlays 2 months ago


  • Selina
    Selina 2 months ago

    I'm wondering, if I should shake the picture?😂🤔

  • Zahra Unwala
    Zahra Unwala 2 months ago +59

    We really don't need 900 comments telling her not to shake.

  • Gemma M
    Gemma M 2 months ago

    Thank you, this was so helpful!

  • umbrella academy fan
    umbrella academy fan 2 months ago

    That is the 9 not 8

    • ram ramram
      ram ramram  2 months ago

      no one said its the 8. I did say it is 8+ like what's printed on it.

  • Mia La
    Mia La 2 months ago +2

    You don’t have to shake it because the actual image is inside which also means it’s ok to touch the middle

  • salma1822
    salma1822 2 months ago

    I always shake mine, they turn out fine. stop freaking out, we don’t need 7203848273627 fucking comments saying the SAME THING.

  • amy frost
    amy frost 2 months ago

    isnt it a mini 9 not 8

  • Iyanna griffin
    Iyanna griffin 2 months ago +1

    im late um watching this in 2019 july2

  • Isa M
    Isa M 2 months ago

    Okay so I bought one and the first one I took show completely white and never show the photo someone can tell me why?also I haven’t take any other because I’m afraid to waste film

    • ram ramram
      ram ramram  2 months ago

      it might be because your light setting is incorrect

  • ysafilm
    ysafilm 2 months ago +1

    ur not supposed to shake it

  • Alex Lan
    Alex Lan 2 months ago +1

    OMG! Please Do Not Shake it! or else the ink will spread, and the film photo will be destroyed! hopes you see my comment and don't do that again!

    • ram ramram
      ram ramram  2 months ago

      ive been shaking it and it hasnt given me nightmares

  • T4T1ANA
    T4T1ANA 2 months ago +1

    Everyone stop saying don't shake it. It's annoying.

  • Lily Kostrzewa
    Lily Kostrzewa 2 months ago

    That’s the mini 9 not 8

  • Nelly Mahoro
    Nelly Mahoro 2 months ago +1

    Not supposed to shake it

  • Venice Esteban
    Venice Esteban 2 months ago

    Wait hold on, don't shake the film, because there will be a distortion/ discoloration on the film, that's why some of your pics has damage,

    ANNABEL ;D 2 months ago +5

    heeeeey guuuys... if you know not to shake the film then you clearly don't need to learn how to use an instax camera -
    so why are you here?

    no offense tho

  • _ fcxrl
    _ fcxrl 3 months ago +1


  • J.JACK!
    J.JACK! 3 months ago +1

    Do not shake it!

  • TheClumsy Sisters
    TheClumsy Sisters 3 months ago +2


    If you shake it it will look moldy after 15 minutes of waiting

  • Merry Chrysler
    Merry Chrysler 3 months ago

    I shake mine and they look great bye

  • Daliza tejeda toy show
    Daliza tejeda toy show 3 months ago +1

    Your not supposed to shake it or take a pic inside didnt you see yt vids of it

  • Miguel Armando Cubillas
    Miguel Armando Cubillas 3 months ago +1

    Don’t shake it

  • our life as best friends! !

    Can she get to the point!!!!

  • Layla Giravi
    Layla Giravi 3 months ago +1

    Your actually not suppose to shake it

  • Wasel Diban
    Wasel Diban 3 months ago +1

    Is it depend on shaking 🤔 what if we haven't shake it .
    What will happen .

    • Wasel Diban
      Wasel Diban 3 months ago

      @Jana Ssss me:too late ,but thanks 😊

    • Jana Ssss
      Jana Ssss 3 months ago

      Wasel Diban you're not supposed to shake it, it messes with the chemicals inside the film so always leave it still