Crystal Palace vs Arsenal (1-1) | Premier League Highlights

  • Published on Jan 11, 2020
  • Jordan Ayew cancelled out Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang's opener on an afternoon where the Arsenal captain saw red thanks to the intervention of VAR.
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Comments • 341

  • C Lloyd
    C Lloyd 6 days ago

    How dare they attempt to appeal that red card! The audacity!

  • Mr Toad
    Mr Toad 7 days ago

    Fair play to Meyer he didn't roll around and that replay made me wince.

  • stephen laver
    stephen laver 9 days ago +2

    Shame a bout the red card.Dont think it was on purpose .aubb is a fair player.He looked upset when leaving the pitch.season 19/20 3 yellow 1 red

  • BigWill2k
    BigWill2k 9 days ago

    hapless luiz missed tackle and then deflects ball into net

    • si
      si 9 days ago

      Brilliant signing of the season

  • sean murray
    sean murray 9 days ago

    Ayew was fouling the whole game never even got warning? Can’t follow the game we need new refs yet Arsenal players were booked very poor ref this guy hasn’t a clue

    • si
      si 9 days ago

      Same old arsenal always cheating

  • FinCPFC
    FinCPFC 9 days ago

    Comments full of arsenal fans crying their eyes out. Just get over it. Its over now

  • Haider X
    Haider X 10 days ago

    So Crystal Palace have resorted to cheer leaders on the pitch ... this game is done

  • Gavin Blake
    Gavin Blake 10 days ago +1

    Decent game...bad tackle by aubameyang..worthy of a red

  • netweed09
    netweed09 10 days ago

    Grrrrr the woodworkkkkkk AGAIN *shakes salt n Pepe*

    Sigh, lady luck's just not with Us this season ,(

  • Andrew Daniel
    Andrew Daniel 10 days ago

    Do Palace fans like VAR now?

  • LabGorilla
    LabGorilla 10 days ago +1

    Blood red card

  • Oliver Ward
    Oliver Ward 10 days ago +1

    I Felt Bad When He Started To Get Upset After Getting The Red

  • james dugher
    james dugher 10 days ago +1

    Could have broken his ankle

  • fu ck
    fu ck 10 days ago

    Sokaratis saves the day

  • Reece Goatley
    Reece Goatley 10 days ago

    BT sport shows the full time whistle, RESPECT ✊

  • Danny Mc Gee
    Danny Mc Gee 10 days ago

    Arsenal do seem to be improving. I suppose it will take a lot of time to change a rotten attitude. But encouraging signs for sure.

    • Deanz Beber
      Deanz Beber 10 days ago

      Not just attitude. Awful signings in the last few years that just aren't good enough. Xhaka, mustafi, lacazette, sokratis, Luiz etc.

  • Alexander Marshall
    Alexander Marshall 10 days ago

    I’m a Spurs fan and I don’t think the world of Auba, but that’s not a red.

    • Alexander Marshall
      Alexander Marshall 9 days ago

      What the one that the ref didn’t initially see so only gave a yellow card before seeing slo-mo replays and deciding it was a red card. Yep, that is clear :/

    • si
      si 9 days ago

      Clear red

    • Dezza Manezza
      Dezza Manezza 10 days ago

      Same here - I'm a Chelsea fan, but I have a lot of admiration and respect for Auba I won't lie. But more to the point, that wasn't a red in my opinion either because there was absolutely no malice in the foul at all, it was just mis-timed. Plus how on earth Ayew got named Man of the Match after committing like 7 fouls and not getting a single booking is beyond me.

  • The Champ Is Here
    The Champ Is Here 10 days ago

    Var only overturns when its arsenal if it was liverpool or united they wouldnt bother..wolves and arsenal have been robbed by var the most this season..joke

  • Farid Uddin
    Farid Uddin 10 days ago

    same old arsenal

  • WhatWAsThatClip !
    WhatWAsThatClip ! 10 days ago +1

    Both terrible teams 😂👎

  • Lion
    Lion 10 days ago

    Crazy how that tackle would be an arrestable offence on the streets

  • Boi Lean
    Boi Lean 10 days ago


  • Nuhu Lamay
    Nuhu Lamay 10 days ago

    Rolled my ankle today exactly the same way. 😥

  • Pierre Auba
    Pierre Auba 10 days ago +1

    Fair play to Guaita, he kept Palace in the game. And THIS is why Aubameyang shouldn't play on the wing.

  • ghostsneverdie5 1
    ghostsneverdie5 1 10 days ago +1

    That was a definite red card I do not care what anyone says

  • Joe Green
    Joe Green 10 days ago

    Deffo bad tackle by auba could have been a Eduardo

  • Mark Hall
    Mark Hall 10 days ago


  • hax27
    hax27 10 days ago

    Pepé should have scored and Lacazette

  • Ism Ism
    Ism Ism 10 days ago +7

    Gooner here , shocking tackle & the correct decision in sending him off .

  • RexyYT 33
    RexyYT 33 10 days ago

    300th comment

  • galty1987
    galty1987 10 days ago

    Not having that thats a red card... Never mind the slow motion replay, just watch it in real time again x

  • jayden Thompson
    jayden Thompson 10 days ago +12

    Meyer's ankle went ⬆️↗️➡️↘️⬇️↙️⬅️↖️↕️↔️↩️↪️⤴️⤵️🔃🔄

  • Lj G*
    Lj G* 10 days ago +1

    LOOOOL at Arsenal

  • Chester Lester456
    Chester Lester456 10 days ago

    Why did Leicester lose😩😫😤😭

  • Anthony Holland
    Anthony Holland 10 days ago +2

    That challenge was awful

  • Macdara Martin
    Macdara Martin 10 days ago

    Arsenal are 😖

  • Lewis Brock
    Lewis Brock 10 days ago +2

    Anyone come here from sky sports

  • David Machila
    David Machila 10 days ago +9

    Can we just talk about how the nets dont even move🤣😂

    RVN LVN 10 days ago +1

    Got the 1000th like

  • Benjamin Hussain
    Benjamin Hussain 10 days ago +2

    Leno looks so clueless the entire way through

  • Fabien Butazzi
    Fabien Butazzi 10 days ago +1

    I'm biased but to me this is another example of how VAR is abused. I appreciate that the CP player may have sustained a bad injury, but it's obvious from the game that the foul was a mistimed hit by Aubameyang who arrived late on the ball not something viciously intentional. And a referee is better placed to understand this in-game rather than someone looking at a slow-motion replay over and over. I don't think those at VAR are doing a favour to themselves either with these decisions.

  • Hello Hi
    Hello Hi 10 days ago +1

    VAR 10/10.
    REFS 4/10.

  • Ben L
    Ben L 10 days ago +1

    Good result for Arsenal.

  • heyhey heyhey
    heyhey heyhey 10 days ago

    Still think that Luiz kolasinac and Xhaka are clowns

  • mark jeffers
    mark jeffers 10 days ago

    Arsenal getting no luck yet again yes auba was mistimed and got his red card had that been kane, rashford, mane, de bruyne, Ali think yellow would've been shown no luck with the ayew goal either but we are improving slowly under arteta better days ahead

  • KatchouroBlade
    KatchouroBlade 10 days ago

    Ouch, seeing that Auba tackle 1:40 makes me wince. Lucky he didn't break his ankle. Naughty

  • Aj So solos
    Aj So solos 10 days ago

    Arsenal need to sign a new goalkeeper

  • Ryan Spurs10
    Ryan Spurs10 10 days ago +3

    Dirty tackle from Aubameyang now he should be ban for 3 matches!!!

    • Kanan Scowcroft
      Kanan Scowcroft 10 days ago

      Dezza Manezza that’s my point 😂

    • Dezza Manezza
      Dezza Manezza 10 days ago

      @Kanan Scowcroft Son cried when he got sent off against Gomes...

    • Kanan Scowcroft
      Kanan Scowcroft 10 days ago

      Yeah probably will because their striker doesn’t cry when he gets sent off

    • Stephen Trudgeon
      Stephen Trudgeon 10 days ago +1

      Probably best news we'll get today👍😕

  • Dan Gagiu
    Dan Gagiu 10 days ago

    What's sad about PL is that they continue with these average (to be nice) referees. Double standards and consistency doesn't exist, VAR is really bad... Nonetheless, I give them credit for Auba, that was a red card

  • relishjack
    relishjack 10 days ago

    Arteta has won one game in four...

    • si
      si 9 days ago

      Thats good for the arse

    • relishjack
      relishjack 10 days ago

      @FruFifa Premier league games..

    • FruFifa
      FruFifa 10 days ago

      relishjack two

  • Zayd Mulla
    Zayd Mulla 10 days ago +13

    1:55 He looks like he’s about to cry man I feel sorry for him😂

    • ZyCo
      ZyCo 10 days ago

      memsefer I mean Lacazette is the worse striker so I don’t get that sentiment.

    • memsefer
      memsefer 10 days ago +1

      Zayd Mulla he did I watched it when he walked to the tunnel he was crying because he feels he let his team down know
      I felt for him as an arsenal fan

    • memsefer
      memsefer 10 days ago

      ZyCo AUBAMEYANG GETTING LET OF? Aubameyang got slated after that if that was lacazette he would’ve got let of by the arsenal fans
      Aubameyang didn’t mean to do it

    • ZyCo
      ZyCo 10 days ago +3

      Tom And then son gets treated as the villain while Aubamayang probably he’s let off because the guys he almost amputated survived.

    • Tom
      Tom 10 days ago +5

      He should be grateful he didnt cause an Andre Gomes 2.0

  • The real someone
    The real someone 10 days ago

    What the hell is happening to arsenal

    like so oh my goal can see

    • Brayn Kenny
      Brayn Kenny 10 days ago

      @The real someone
      They already have what the hell happened to arsenal

    • Palace Fan
      Palace Fan 10 days ago

      It’s not even an oh my goal video?! 😂

  • Big Draco
    Big Draco 10 days ago +2

    Anyone who doesn’t think that’s a red card. Please get some help.

    • Dezza Manezza
      Dezza Manezza 10 days ago

      Whilst the red was right in a sense because of the intensity of the foul, there was absolutely no malice behind it.

  • Sam
    Sam 10 days ago

    While the red was right, put your studs out and your asking for it. But that ref let palace get away with murder, especially Ayew, so many fouls and no yellow. We got some of the worst refs in the world. Need to grow some balls

  • BenBoy BinBag
    BenBoy BinBag 10 days ago +1

    Guaita is the best keeper in the prem.

  • Spanish Montana
    Spanish Montana 10 days ago +2

    They should ban him for 10 games with that silly tackle

    • Lee Northcombe
      Lee Northcombe 10 days ago

      Because fouling has nothing to do at all with getting a man of the match award

    • Dezza Manezza
      Dezza Manezza 10 days ago

      Mate there have been far worse tackles - there was absolutely no malice behind that one today at all. What I want to know is how Ayew got named Man of the Match when he committed like 7 fouls and didn't get a single booking

  • Joemcg_06
    Joemcg_06 10 days ago +8

    These arsenal fans man! 😂
    Saltier than a cup of olives, they’re turning into Liverpool fans

    • Borhan Baksh
      Borhan Baksh 10 days ago +2

      What have they done? Everyone was saying that was a red card

    • beyond72
      beyond72 10 days ago +1

      Goonies have no shame.

  • CPFC Army
    CPFC Army 10 days ago +1

    Everyone: Ayew 9 fouls
    Literally arsenal had 21 fouls palace had 14 so.....

    • CPFC Army
      CPFC Army 10 days ago

      And the fouls whether even bad they where just 50/50 where for aumbamyang recklessly injured someone so stop being 🧂

    • CPFC Army
      CPFC Army 10 days ago

      Josh Rowe a whole team had 21 fouls

    • Josh Rowe
      Josh Rowe 10 days ago +1

      one player had 9 fouls and not a single card? absolute joke

  • Pokerclown 79
    Pokerclown 79 10 days ago +2

    So much salt crying about this an that. Truth is arsenal didn’t do enough and bottled it again.

  • RSS HD
    RSS HD 10 days ago

    Aubayeng single handily carrying arsenal