Digital MultiGauge Vent Install

  • Published on May 20, 2019
  • In this episode we show you how to install a digital multi-gauge in your car using OBD2. You can easily get readings for boost, temperature and even 0-100 times!
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    Original 2008 MCM Boost Gauge DIY Video
    Info about the Ryobi Soldering Iron Here
    Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.
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  • Mighty Car Mods
    Mighty Car Mods  Month ago +401

    11 years ago we uploaded a video called 'How To Install a Boost Gauge DIY'. MCM was brand new and had only been on TheXvid for 8 weeks! Technology sure has changed a lot so now 11 years later, we're doing it again and showing you how it's done with OBD2. This week there will be 2 episodes showing you two different options for gauges. We also have MCM T-shirts back in stock (link in description) if you'd like to support the show. Enjoy! And you can check out the original 2008 episode here:

    • Peter Knagge
      Peter Knagge Month ago

      @Chris chrisI got imported from the US a wired touchscreen gauge that is a popular brand with diesel 4x4 trucks. I like it because I have an older ecu and it has the added feature of I can add extra sensors for it to read, do diagnostics/maintence, control LED bars from the touchscreen, it can even do ecu tunes. It cost about AUD$1000 with a competition sensor kit and a LED lighting control kit.
      Generally speaking the updated gauge apps and dongles are fast enough these days, however if you have an aftermarket stereo head unit you can also try something like an idatalink maestro module. They are not too well known in Australia but apparently quite popular in America.

    • Austin Scott
      Austin Scott Month ago

      I appreciate all of your content and the effort you put into it. The quality is unmatched here on youtube.

    • Damien Greenlees
      Damien Greenlees Month ago

      Congrats on trending #13 guys

    • Peter Knagge
      Peter Knagge Month ago

      @Chris chris I have to agree I think Torque Pro on the Android Head Unit (e.g. like this cat here ) looks so much cleaner, you can display more than one gauge at the same time, completely customisable themes, plus it's way cheaper. Sorry Moog!

    • Meme God
      Meme God Month ago

      coggins5569 why

  • Lucas Churchill
    Lucas Churchill 12 days ago

    $500 bucks!!!!!! :o still madness though... lol

  • Hamza
    Hamza 20 days ago

    Love the golf R
    Add a visual cockpit

  • Hier könnte Ihre Werbung stehen

    Excuse me 500 ?!?!?

  • HSB
    HSB 22 days ago

    $500 for a gauge that will probably melt if you turn your heat on high. WTF.

  • Pete B
    Pete B 23 days ago

    After hearing it several times, got to thinkin'... Do Aussies normally pronounce the letter 'L' in "soldering iron," or is it just Moog being deliberate?

  • shea howard
    shea howard 24 days ago

    go back to modding shit box's

  • Dale Schroeder
    Dale Schroeder 26 days ago

    you guys should do a video on the drone. very cool

    GEULACH 26 days ago

    Your vent thingie here cost as much as my whole corolla

  • geekphreak
    geekphreak 26 days ago

    Moog is a control freak. Loses Rock Paper Scissors and says he’s going first anyways. I’ve seen him on other videos basically throw a hissy fit when things don’t go his way. Marty is always just chill, let’s Moog get his way so he’d just shut up and we can all move on

  • Wilmington DE
    Wilmington DE 26 days ago

    Seems you guys forgot to include a link to the gauge ?!?

  • Skullinhand Underground
    Skullinhand Underground 27 days ago +2

    I drive a 2014 corolla I don’t need any reminders of how slow I’m going thanks anyways .

    INDUSTRAILIST 27 days ago

    U can also get a piggy back ecu for around 500$'s kinda like a chipped ecu but the hardware is better then factory and it replaces your factory ecu with a tuneable ecu mine is Bluetooth capiable ;)

    INDUSTRAILIST 27 days ago

    No wideband? Lol

  • Yaimdan
    Yaimdan 27 days ago

    I love my p3 gauge in my b8.5 s4! Super clean oem look, speed timers are fun.

  • Ashter Egg
    Ashter Egg 28 days ago

    lol ninja

  • MrSlowestD16
    MrSlowestD16 29 days ago

    $500 is steep as fuck for HW and SW that's cheap as chips (

  • S14 Gaming
    S14 Gaming 29 days ago

    Make sure to get a mate to crash your drone .
    Surprisingly the drone still works

  • Central Intelligence Agency

    I looked into the price for one of those for my car, and HOLY BALLS THEY ASK 350 GOOD BOY POINTS FOR AN OBDII READER?
    Suck my fat knob.

  • Schmidt54
    Schmidt54 Month ago

    500 $ what in the hell this thing cannot have more tech in it than 15 $. Wow. Hardcore.

  • Paul Debaecker
    Paul Debaecker Month ago

    0:45 can we also rock the casbah?

  • Joaquim Varandas
    Joaquim Varandas Month ago

    The module I prefer only needs to be connected to the CAN gateway module of the car. No more messing around. It shows many more ECU parameters on the cluster display. You can see 4 (or less) different parameters on the same screen, and you can set 10 (or more, I'm not sure) screens, if you want. Check out this: . I'm just a pleased customer.

  • The Trash Basket
    The Trash Basket Month ago

    I mean, come on. Show us the 0-100, then

  • JaNice Tri
    JaNice Tri Month ago

    LOL at being told off by the car "eco tip".

  • awesomesöös
    awesomesöös Month ago

    Why didn’t you guys buy the one that matches your golf r?

  • John Bassett
    John Bassett Month ago

    You forgot to mention, if you want to follow our balls go to www.faceballs forward slash mighty's balls.

  • Ismael Tobar
    Ismael Tobar Month ago

    Are you guys aware that you were sent the P3 gauge for a gti and not a golf r? The gauge that is for the golf r should have not have any red, only blue to match the golf r gauges. Also a boost tap is necessary to read correct boost, the ecu will only communicate up to 22 psi. Just a head up!

  • Tommy T
    Tommy T Month ago

    Is there a bluetooth version

  • İsmail Beygirci
    İsmail Beygirci Month ago

    whats is the name of the song starts at 7.07 ???????

  • Kevin B
    Kevin B Month ago

    "First, jack up your car"

  • Leon Kernan
    Leon Kernan Month ago

    500 bucks! Save the cash and get the non stealth version off eBay

  • jeeplivion
    jeeplivion Month ago

    Drone got lucky

  • Geo Sebastian
    Geo Sebastian Month ago

    Brilliant episode!

  • Joshua
    Joshua Month ago

    I have on that tells me all that plus more all at the same time and it’s really useful

  • tredogzs
    tredogzs Month ago

    I forsee that dimmer switch being installed.

  • The Machiavellian
    The Machiavellian Month ago

    500 AUD...

  • ChocoMilkShark
    ChocoMilkShark Month ago

    Jesus man it’s £350 that’s like $600 way to much....

  • Rackets 96
    Rackets 96 Month ago

    when is roadkill coming down to you guys ???

  • Dean Scott
    Dean Scott Month ago

    The tune being played as moog rebuilds the event, what is it? Anybody any clue?

  • Джош Франклин

    Let's go to Belarus!! I very hope,what you are go to Minsk!

  • The Michael Vortex
    The Michael Vortex Month ago


    XXRYANXX Month ago

    I was up for getting it l, until you said how much it cost

  • lockygolfer
    lockygolfer Month ago

    P3 make a great gauge.

  • wah panda
    wah panda Month ago

    these arent universal

  • vanepico
    vanepico Month ago


  • LongTimeAgo
    LongTimeAgo Month ago

    What the hell.
    Yes, due to custom fitting I understand the price is a bit higher. BUT 500 dollars?!
    What the absolutely ****
    My entire media setup in my Seat cost about 400 and with the OBD2 port connector (via bluetooth) I can basically run the same checks via a software program on the media screen, play audio/movies/etc/etc.
    It looks nice though, but 500 dollars nice? no.

  • Vyrein K. Kensdale
    Vyrein K. Kensdale Month ago

    Hi MCM!!!!! Could ya please answer this for me, please? & Thanks much! :::: What is the Australian way to say "BRO" ("Bra, Bruh, & etc...) As in, "What is up bro" ????

  • Jonnycler Cahill
    Jonnycler Cahill Month ago

    1st jack up your car I was in stitches hahaha

  • Steve Blackbird
    Steve Blackbird Month ago

    Impressive how far this stuff has come... In my Legnum I use the UTcomp... very customize-able but a lot of the programming and installation is up to the user..And the crappy fact that Mitsubishi use a different OBD language to everyone else so a simple and cheap option is tough... The OEM clock position works the best but I Totally love the idea of the Vent option...Easy and classy install there.... shame there's not an OLED option.... YET!! Nice work.. Hope the drone is ok!

  • dsp4
    dsp4 Month ago

    Considering most luxury cars come with what essentially looks like an iPad slapped on the dashboard, I don't think an actual Android tablet attached to your center console would look that out of place in a project car, and it would do a whole lot more than this.

  • chopper
    chopper Month ago +3

    It's probably time that MCM did a spin-off channel for rich dude mods.
    The grass roots folk are getting left behind because the mods are becoming unaffordable

  • Bas Feijen
    Bas Feijen Month ago

    500$ are you kidding me

  • Flat4Life
    Flat4Life Month ago

    Pretty sweat but for the price I’ll stick with my accessport

  • robert juker
    robert juker Month ago

    dear marty n moog. plz make an episode putting electronic gauges (like in this episode) but pre obd2. i.e egt,kph,ect,boost on a digital screen in a 80's merc benz diesel. also greetings from idaho usa,been lovin the show for years now

  • exannuc
    exannuc Month ago

    How to turbo your soldering iron

  • Graeme C
    Graeme C Month ago

    Hmmmm 🤔... Just seems like what was once an feckin' awesomely great TheXvid channel is slowly and surely but surely, turning more + yet more into.. a Fully funded/sponsored/No holds barred/Full on spend channel..! What happened to the boys that we have grown to love more and more? Was once a channel for the average ⛽ head but now seems to have COMPLETELY sold out to big money SPONSORSHIPS and TheXvid earnings... Shame on both of you and PLEASE GET BACK TO YOUR ROOTS OF YOUR CHANNEL?.. The vast majority of your worldwide subscribers.. DO NOT HAVE UNLIMITED FUNDS for OTT mods.

    • Mighty Car Mods
      Mighty Car Mods  Month ago

      We have a video on installing a boost gauge on a GTiR.. this is a modern update. Also, your comment is wrong.

  • Alec Simm
    Alec Simm Month ago

    Big enough knife for that small box hahah 😂

  • Dylan Mammenga
    Dylan Mammenga Month ago

    this video is great! like the filler episodes in naruto! keep it up!

  • aires fagan
    aires fagan Month ago +1

    Great video guys keep up the good work the cars s
    Coming on so good..

  • Jonathan Bird
    Jonathan Bird Month ago

    As someone who owns both a performance euro & performance jap car it's great that you guys are going into this space of euro & tech mods and not sticking just to jap mods, even if its a total rip. Tech is an exciting space with new cars. Keep it up

  • mikenco
    mikenco Month ago

    Love this vid, it's going back to MCM basics. I personally was getting a little bored of the "NOTSXY vs 2NOTSXY" type battles...

  • Maxx
    Maxx Month ago

    When are you going to release the spinoff show "Fighty Bar Frogs"? I've been asking for it for years.

  • Dean Ellis
    Dean Ellis Month ago

    Disappointed you didn’t “jack up the car” tbh 😂

    zNUTUPORSHUTUPz G Month ago

    Clean mod didnt realize that was a thing. Goin to look into it.

  • Pedro Branco
    Pedro Branco Month ago

    why not polar fis

  • Patrik Kauppinen
    Patrik Kauppinen Month ago

    My current car is worth so little and a bit rough around the edges so a vent gauge like this would be wasting money BUT I could see myself getting something like this if I would buy a new and expensive car to avoid ruining the "stock" look.

  • Fordy Ford
    Fordy Ford Month ago

    I had looked at these because they are a lot more sleek than a mechanical gauge but couldn't justify the price for what it was. Good quick looking install though.

    • Mighty Car Mods
      Mighty Car Mods  Month ago +1

      exactly, if you want it super stealthy you have to pay and the companies that make them know it too..

  • Joshua Daniels
    Joshua Daniels Month ago

    Name of the intro track ?

  • Alex Park
    Alex Park Month ago

    Is there a reason you guys didn't go with the blue golf r one?

  • powderrider700
    powderrider700 Month ago


  • xglserver
    xglserver Month ago

    First, jack up your car. LOL!

  • Psi Q
    Psi Q Month ago

    Sooo, next episode you will show how to do the arduino +LCD i2c + canbus version of this with the soldering thingy and 50bucks ??
    the real DIY with making it fit your own car, with an OLED and plexiglas...

  • ImChrisDuke
    ImChrisDuke Month ago +1

    Why would you change it from Fahrenheit? It was already on the correct setting! :)

  • Samuel Martiskainen

    😍oldschool mighty automobile modifications

  • #TeamLoboVape
    #TeamLoboVape Month ago +1

    Digging the old school mcm feel on this video 😍😍😍😍 #balance this with the big builds

  • Doughnut Spaghetti
    Doughnut Spaghetti Month ago

    That's sweet! Stupid but I want one for Tacoma.

  • Hakim Mazali
    Hakim Mazali Month ago

    Elixer guitar strings doe

  • Pastrana Aidi
    Pastrana Aidi Month ago

    china going to copy this n sell it for $100++

  • Shangpoos Amazing life

    Oh how I’ve missed that edm in the background

  • mixedgas2
    mixedgas2 Month ago

    That's pretty cool.

  • Kasics Chanel
    Kasics Chanel Month ago

    Better put some aftermarket android in for 500$ with torque app.

  • Edgar Perez
    Edgar Perez Month ago

    Thanks for doing this for the VW / Euro fans guys! I always wondered how this specific gauge works and if it was worth to get for my VW GLI or Audi S4. It is also quite expensive to get it from ECS tunning here in the US, much more expensive than the classic gauges, and I personally prefer the classic gauges since I like to see the needles moving as you get on it, but this installation is super clean!! So I kinda want to give it a go for one of my Euro cars... but something I am not a fan of is that you need to use the OBD2 por for this... I wish there could be a way to hard-wire it to the car instead of using the port.

    Aaaannd... you guys didn't need to do any soldering... just plug an play.
    Keep it up guys!! You guys are a huge inspiration for my car projects and my future channel, Baja Brothers Garage :)

  • Revvin High Design
    Revvin High Design Month ago

    This is awesome! Have you guys ever tried to implement 3D printing into your projects? I just finished an iPhone dash bezel project on my Toyota Tacoma ! Video on my page!

  • Cliff P
    Cliff P Month ago

    Ok moog I personally give you 1,000,000 thumbs up!! 👍

  • JDM Gaming
    JDM Gaming Month ago

    Jack cecil anyone?

  • Thy Jac
    Thy Jac Month ago

    make more video's like this please

  • Christian Gudrich
    Christian Gudrich Month ago

    How do you handle the permanent battery consumption using the OBD2 connection?

    • Aussie Guy
      Aussie Guy Month ago

      @Christian Gudrich At that price point I would expect it to have a internal isolation switch or resistor setup of some kind.

    • Christian Gudrich
      Christian Gudrich Month ago

      Aussie Guy If you turn the car off, any connected device on OBD2 sucks power and the battery is going to be empty very soon. Exception: It got an power on/off switch.

    • Aussie Guy
      Aussie Guy Month ago

      The alternator will just work a lil harder. That device would pull bugger all power wise.

  • cerberusbrig
    cerberusbrig Month ago

    doesnt fit my honda

  • George Lamontagne
    George Lamontagne Month ago

    that P3 company makes that gauge for the fiesta and the F150... but not the focus rs.

  • spr industries
    spr industries Month ago

    Love you guys but Jack beat ya!! 2 favourite utubers!!

  • Macca Hayes
    Macca Hayes Month ago


  • Gasolinescream
    Gasolinescream Month ago

    Wow $500! I’d say money well spent but looks so cheap and out of place. Wrong colour as well so doesn’t even match rest of dash lights. Sorry guys lost me on this one.

  • MagnumDong
    MagnumDong Month ago

    Polar FIS shits all over this lol, it’s just been released for MQB platforms as well. Runs off the MFD screen in the odometer rather than robbing half an AC vent 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • joshua Baskerville
    joshua Baskerville Month ago

    instead of using double sided tape. Use Dow Corning 736 Silastic. smells like salt and vinegar chips, but it will stick anything to anything. but you can pull it back off again. it's sort of a semi permanent adhesive.

  • Myron Gaines
    Myron Gaines Month ago

    it's tiny!..really little..
    that's what she said, heh.

  • That Ebutuoy Guy
    That Ebutuoy Guy Month ago

    a phone w/ Torque Pro + OBDII dongle = $20-30. VAG tax. I suppose.

  • MysticFate
    MysticFate Month ago

    Little disappointed that it wasn't both installs in the same video

  • crazy cooter
    crazy cooter Month ago

    Golf R's are not stealth.. pretty much Golf R and Audi RS3 ,S3 are the most stolen cars in the uk .... i hope you have upgraded the security on them to an anti hijack system

    • crazy cooter
      crazy cooter Month ago

      @Mighty Car Mods just wait till relay theft gets here ..

    • Mighty Car Mods
      Mighty Car Mods  Month ago

      In Australia almost no one notices them

  • Toby Partridge
    Toby Partridge Month ago

    Awesome, sold on the Soldering Iron, going to buy one as soon as they are available :)

  • tillsy23
    tillsy23 Month ago

    i want one, pity they don't make them for hyundai i30N