Everything GREAT About John Wick Chapter 2!

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • John Wick 2! What would be the point of making a sequel to the greatest action movie of a generation? Make one equally as good. Keanu's back to get em all. Parabellum is out today! Let's hope he can keep this streak up!
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    Outro Music: "Rise of the Heroes" by Jon Wright
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Comments • 2 952

  • Dutch
    Dutch 13 hours ago

    Suppressors do work like that.

  • LEGO Minute
    LEGO Minute 19 hours ago

    15:21 I understood that reference

  • simon-pierre larochelle

    A gunnellier should be a new term.

  • Cerberus knight
    Cerberus knight Day ago

    do john wick 3 plz

  • Hisaudience
    Hisaudience Day ago

    now do chapter 3

  • Dylan Knowles
    Dylan Knowles Day ago

    John wick chapter 3 please can you say everything great about John Wick 3

  • Dylan Knowles
    Dylan Knowles Day ago

    John wick chapter 3 is out now I just watched it

  • PrumSet
    PrumSet Day ago

    We need "Everything GREAT About John Wick Chapter 3!"

  • Frank McManus
    Frank McManus 2 days ago

    The paintings and sculptures are not reflective surfaces.
    Think about it: humans are ghostlike, the gods are real.

  • Brennan Hearn
    Brennan Hearn 2 days ago

    Much as I hate to be that guy...JW3 when?

  • Crusader Of the internet

    11:00 well here is a gun called the hush puppy which is Hollywood level quiet but you need cock the gun like a nerf gun after ever shot so maybe silencers developed a lot more

  • varietychannle nextdoor

    No the cars are replica builds

  • Alex H
    Alex H 3 days ago

    Parabellum please!

  • Golden Eagle 508
    Golden Eagle 508 5 days ago

    Please do John wick 3

  • Adamkaban Kaban
    Adamkaban Kaban 5 days ago

    I noticed a lot of issues with this in the movie in particular and John Wick 3 in this one as well there's quite a lot of scenes where there are a shitton of guys that just have miele weapons and no ranged weapons 1 gun would have killed them then there are other times where he'll be trapped surrounded by cars all by people with guns and they just won't get out of the car until he gets into the alleyway all in all this seeing takes about 8 seconds so 8 seconds of about 9 cars standing there all filled with people with guns not doing anything until he goes undercover you could easily get outside of your car and shoot him and I realise this is a movie and you're not meant to take this degree of realism to it but I can't help but feel like they could have done a little bit better but I can also understand doing so would have probably cost at time so it's probably fair to give them artistic licence and if John Wick was me I probably would have tried to get a explosive about the size of a capsule if I could and then force the person who had the blood bond with me to eat it I have the remote and if I want to I can detonate it this means that in spite of the fact I know he's going to want me to kill his sister and then betray me later as soon as he does I can then kill him with all certainty I will tell him that what he has inside of him is a bomb and that it will pass and about a day unbeknownst to him at his little needle like spikes at the end of it come out after a minute while it's in the stomach causing it to stick in the intestinal lining but the point is with this BOM I would be able to detonate it and kill him or at least do severe damage to him assuming he didn't get it removed conversely I could just use it as a delaying measure and hopes that he won't attack me until he passes it for fear of me detonating the palm this wouldn't technically be me killing him before I completed the marker so I don't think I'd have any repercussions conversely after the end of number 2 let's assume he didn't kill his Target he could have easily poison them but in such a way that it was slow acting and it was an obvious and they everyone would immediately assume it was John Wick but I'm almost certain that they wouldn't have proof and I don't know if they would still act on it the same way that being said assuming it takes a while maybe a week or a bit from the dye he's got enough time to escaped wherever he needs to so that the events of John Wick 3 don't happen so that the friends and enemies that he makes the people he has to deal with get to live thank you for reading

  • YRN Takeda
    YRN Takeda 5 days ago

    I love how as soon as John beat the deaf girl, he turns around solely just to see her last words.

  • Battle Smasher
    Battle Smasher 6 days ago

    JOHN WICK KILLED 3 Men using a fucking pesil a fucking pesil

  • Maloros
    Maloros 6 days ago +1

    Btw each time John gets hit by a car he pulls his leg up

  • Springtrap Lover2010
    Springtrap Lover2010 7 days ago +1

    The best trilogy of all time. I have no doubt this will be the best 4 film series ever.

  • MrProthall
    MrProthall 7 days ago

    Smal correction: Aikido is not a defensive art, it's a type of Yoga. It doesn't work in fights, it's not useful in fights, it doesn't protect you in fights. Spreading it around as actual martial art is dangerous.

  • Adnan Amin
    Adnan Amin 7 days ago +1

    I think there should be a game based on the whole JW series! That'd so awesome to play. :)

  • Colby Uetake
    Colby Uetake 7 days ago +2

    I aspire to say the word "yeah" like Keanu Reeves one day

  • boubou bilburgardinov

    you cant have your cake and eat it too... 21 glock bullets scene is a WIN and a SIN... even with your loose rules what is a sin and what is a win you cant do that... its lame man... you are lovering your credibillity...

  • Tohunga Uwishin
    Tohunga Uwishin 8 days ago

    In Catholicism suicide is a big no-no, living the mafia life and murdering countless people is "a-okay".

  • Eden
    Eden 9 days ago +2

    "What did I say about the stairs? Just takes one guy shooting you in the head and you're in trouble."
    Yeah, the stairs really make the problem A LOT WORSE in that situation.

  • benbabando
    benbabando 11 days ago +1

    I know I’m late on this, but we need the wins for John Wick 3. Also, at the scene in New York where the crowd stops and you state that “half of New York, and probably half the world are assassins, I don’t think that is the case. There are levels in this world, assassins, high table, continental workers, the Bowery, even the police have an understanding with the “proper” underworld that they don’t interfere. In that scene, I feel we are seeing the reach that the continental has. It has workers in the hotel, restaurant, bar, lounge, etc. It’s not all assassins, it’s a complete world hidden from the one we see. It expands the lore to a different level, you never know who might be connected to that other world. It makes the feeling of walking down a street that much more intense, you don’t know who would trade your location to an operative, or who might straight up try and kill you.

    • Alex H
      Alex H 3 days ago

      That's what I kinda got from it too

  • Rage Gamer
    Rage Gamer 11 days ago

    I know I'm a bit late but something i haven't realised till now In the John wick not all the time but some times John Wick will always disarm first before killing obviously that's the smart thing to do but I find it cool

  • watchthe1369
    watchthe1369 12 days ago

    How much crime does it take to support an assassin? With the numbers Jon Wick has been killing, maybe that is why the crime rate has been going down....... :P

  • watchthe1369
    watchthe1369 12 days ago

    Hmm,.... Is Jon Wick staying alive simply because he feels the obligation to keep the memory of his wife alive.....

  • Bruce Charlie
    Bruce Charlie 12 days ago

    This is gonna be a short video haha

  • Oliver Hughes
    Oliver Hughes 12 days ago

    The Italian Civil War was WWII, 1943-45.

  • xNewYorker1997x
    xNewYorker1997x 12 days ago


  • Olatoye Gureje
    Olatoye Gureje 13 days ago

    Can't wait to see John Wick 3

  • christian Estrada
    christian Estrada 13 days ago +1

    Ezios home away from home. I have respect for this man

  • Ashezzz
    Ashezzz 13 days ago

    That's Werner zytle from arrow

  • Cory Williams
    Cory Williams 14 days ago

    I’m a huge fan of this move series. I agree this is one of the best action movies out right now. I’m a gun guy and I liked the realism of the gun work, obviously the train terminal suppressor scene is unrealistic but the movie still does a great job. Also I like that you seem to know stuff about real weapons and manufacturers. Awesome movies and the third is actually better in my opinion.

  • Zain Iman
    Zain Iman 15 days ago +1

    15:10 look how he spelt control

  • The Juggernaut
    The Juggernaut 15 days ago

    I cant wait for ur video in john wick 3

  • Anna Thomas
    Anna Thomas 16 days ago

    No "the dog survives this" win?


    Fun run-through, though. Especially talking about how accurate the gun-play is.

  • who kan kapkan
    who kan kapkan 16 days ago +1

    John counting rounds.
    Me: that's some serious O.C.D

  • Liam
    Liam 16 days ago

    Why does my hair grow so much in the span of a week?

  • HBlatz87
    HBlatz87 18 days ago +1

    As much as I enjoy your videos in general, the added bonus of your extensive knowledge of guns makes the John Wick vids that much more appreciated. Fascinating stuff.

  • Josh Guidry
    Josh Guidry 18 days ago +1

    You think it's brutal now? Just wait until Parabellum.

    Hint: Horses

  • Voltaic Fire
    Voltaic Fire 18 days ago


  • Jalmari Laamanen
    Jalmari Laamanen 19 days ago

    This guy knows wayyyy too much about guns

  • omg5501
    omg5501 19 days ago +1

    0:36 AND he disrupted the space-time continuum!

  • commie fopdoodle
    commie fopdoodle 19 days ago

    still waiting for everything great about john wick chapter 3. hopefully should come out soon since it was released outside theaters recently

  • Scott Cleveland
    Scott Cleveland 19 days ago

    The custom porting on the pistol does NOT vent gas out of the barrel, that would result in less bullet velocity and a less effective weapon. The custom porting lightens the slide, making the recoil easier because there is less weight moving. It also allows that weight to move faster and cycle the weapon sooner, both of these allow for faster, accurate follow up shots.

  • Anirudh Sharma
    Anirudh Sharma 20 days ago

    Just Quit the other channel.

  • April Kross
    April Kross 20 days ago

    JTripleU ... Nailed it

  • greendude96
    greendude96 20 days ago

    @CinemaWins Regarding 10:45, wasn't the bullet proof material between the lining? So it would only be sown into the suit jacket/vest? Which would mean, no bullet proof fabric failure, as he had just a regular shirt? But still a win, as it shows even the "magical" bullet proof clothing needs proper usage to be effective, which was neatly shown in the same scene? When he pulled the jacket Infront of his face as the chick started shooting him :)

  • moose toast
    moose toast 20 days ago

    17:40 you're describing superhot

  • Gibster
    Gibster 21 day ago

    I can't believe you missed the question "are you working John" being asked by different people and each time its asked for completely different reasons. giving depth to the same line is always a win.

  • That Loud Guy
    That Loud Guy 21 day ago

    Great idea, John wick the video game, i think that is the best idea I have heard in a long time. We don't need it but we want it.

  • David Lilly
    David Lilly 21 day ago

    I love when Earl headshots those 2 assassins.

  • Cole Nemitz
    Cole Nemitz 21 day ago

    So going back to the whole blue light red light thing the entire time he’s in the catacombs he’s bathed in blue light showing that he was in control the entire time and I love that

  • Film Fangirls
    Film Fangirls 21 day ago

    Your videos are so great!! Any chance you could do a video on Sin City? That would be awesome.

  • Kaileb Holley
    Kaileb Holley 21 day ago

    the "IT Crowd" reference thank you cinema wins

  • Giygas_95
    Giygas_95 22 days ago +1

    20:37 sounds like me trying to sound like I understand what my boss is telling me.

  • Darth Zayexeet
    Darth Zayexeet 22 days ago +2

    Actually, Stormtroopers can aim very well, but they were ORDERED to MISS by Darth Vader to let the Rebels escape to TRACK them Down!!! 😤