Binging with Babish: The Sloppy Jessica from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

  • Published on May 1, 2018
  • If you're going to torpedo your diet, you might as well go down in a blaze of glory - and that's exactly what Gina Linetti does with wild abandon in Brooklyn Nine-Nine when she whips out a Sloppy Jessica. Please don't make this - like I'm not gonna stop you, but you honestly shouldn't eat this. But maybe though.
    First episode out the new BwB kitchen drops May 22nd!
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Comments • 4 107

  • Cason Wills
    Cason Wills 8 hours ago

    Looks like a trip to the E.R

  • Mystery
    Mystery 8 hours ago

    I'm disappointed we didn't get a crawl section for the baby carrot

  • Ash Ketchup
    Ash Ketchup 21 hour ago

    i turn my brain off and watch these

  • Kyrie Espayos
    Kyrie Espayos Day ago

    The Sodium Content on that thing must be shit

  • Candace AirPod
    Candace AirPod Day ago +1

    Kinda hoping for that carrot to get a cross section.

  • Anthony Eldred
    Anthony Eldred 2 days ago

    Please don’t use “grow a pair” it’s steeped in misogynistic connotations.

    • ExhiledGod 2
      ExhiledGod 2 17 hours ago

      You gotta make everything about misogyny, don't you?

    • ExhiledGod 2
      ExhiledGod 2 17 hours ago

      Oh boy, not this again.

  • CmanerCZE Gamer
    CmanerCZE Gamer 2 days ago

    make me one

  • SmugPug YT
    SmugPug YT 2 days ago

    D A M N G I N A

  • Michael Mcdowell
    Michael Mcdowell 3 days ago

    Omg, I didnt know if that would be palatable, but clean plate club

  • Apricock
    Apricock 3 days ago

    I really want to try the chili mac... that alone just looks so delicious

  • XpRaptor
    XpRaptor 4 days ago +1

    Thanks for the heart disease by just looking at this monster

  • Duncan Jacobson
    Duncan Jacobson 4 days ago

    Honestly, this looks like something I would make at school. But on a burger.

  • Corey Black
    Corey Black 4 days ago

    I've gotta try this...see you all in another life

  • Xavier Jackson
    Xavier Jackson 4 days ago


  • Hugo Stiglitz Mm
    Hugo Stiglitz Mm 4 days ago

    Looks disgusting but I can't stop watching.

  • CoolKidSeb
    CoolKidSeb 4 days ago +1

    Aight time to starve while watching b99

  • Jan Dragonsbreath
    Jan Dragonsbreath 4 days ago

    The chilly is lies

  • Mr. HandsomeCoffeeCup
    Mr. HandsomeCoffeeCup 4 days ago +1

    Can you add the ingredients for the single carrot in the description? You spoke a little too fast

  • Gabriel Noon
    Gabriel Noon 5 days ago

    You always Encourage me to cook

  • Ace Clover
    Ace Clover 5 days ago +4

    I didn’t manage to eat an entire sloppy Jessica...

    I managed to get two of ‘em down!

  • lilboidedoid 18 3
    lilboidedoid 18 3 5 days ago

    Great video

  • Mohan Thadani
    Mohan Thadani 5 days ago

    *ye screw this lets make a slopy Jessica*

  • Dom Herndzz
    Dom Herndzz 5 days ago


  • Steve Wright
    Steve Wright 6 days ago +12

    you were my soul animal for all of about 5 second when i thought you ate the whole thing.

  • KrazyKat 098
    KrazyKat 098 6 days ago

    RIP Carrot 🥕

  • welcome to the Pride
    welcome to the Pride 6 days ago +40

    Well I'm hungry time to try to make this, and fail miserably because I ate every thing before I can piece it all together.

    • DarkPandaLord
      DarkPandaLord 2 days ago +1

      "I ate every thing before I can piece it all together." And I thought I had bad self control...damn.

  • mike etter
    mike etter 6 days ago +1

    so im taking it was a good recipe?

  • Lemaunade
    Lemaunade 7 days ago

    that's what ninja calls his wife

    no offense to ninja btw

  • Mercenary Mulluns
    Mercenary Mulluns 7 days ago

    That sandwich does look like an abomination. Holy Shit. Just why?

  • The Person
    The Person 7 days ago


  • Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez 7 days ago

    3:50 um UHH

  • Icy Girl
    Icy Girl 7 days ago


  • monkey toucher
    monkey toucher 8 days ago


  • Kir To
    Kir To 8 days ago

    1:21 did he just use the sharp edge of his knife to get onion off his hands?

  • King Tye
    King Tye 8 days ago

    can i be your frnd too?

  • tanukihat
    tanukihat 8 days ago

    Christ me dead, that money shot of pouring the chili mac on the French bread pizza...I can feel my left ventricle slamming shut.

  • Wolf Strike Gaming
    Wolf Strike Gaming 9 days ago

    "DAMN TINA!" lol

  • Matthew Delgado
    Matthew Delgado 9 days ago

    This was my first binging with babish episode

  • Alex O'Neill
    Alex O'Neill 10 days ago

    he got us at the end bit, where he joked, remember?

  • Kahrbon
    Kahrbon 10 days ago

    Really wish you did the cross section of the carrot

  • Aleksandras Čupinas
    Aleksandras Čupinas 11 days ago

    that looks tasty

  • Quantum Proton
    Quantum Proton 11 days ago +3

    So, that's how you make the perfect macaroni and cheese.

  • GDI
    GDI 12 days ago

    I want a chef friend...

  • Ryan Moon
    Ryan Moon 12 days ago

    You know a sandwich is big when it's as long as his forearm

  • Amy Anime Lover
    Amy Anime Lover 12 days ago

    I would actually eat this, it doesn't sound too bad. All my favourite foods in one

  • Jesse Mosgrove
    Jesse Mosgrove 13 days ago

    Hey bwb make a sandwich with just Mac and cheese

    BTS DRAMA 13 days ago

    My friend is named Jessica

  • Lars Eide
    Lars Eide 13 days ago

    He would make the best roommate ever

  • Joshua Perez Leduc
    Joshua Perez Leduc 13 days ago


  • Short Term Journalism
    Short Term Journalism 13 days ago

    Tbh, I probably would eat the whole thing.

  • delphox
    delphox 14 days ago

    Im not even kidding. This could literally kill me.
    I'll take ten

  • I’m just a fellow strait Guy

    Best one yet

  • Squidward Tentacle
    Squidward Tentacle 15 days ago +1

    Imagine if you could get ptsd from Rainbow Six Siege.

  • Ken Dean
    Ken Dean 15 days ago +1

    This is awesome omg

  • Kris Smith
    Kris Smith 15 days ago +1

    lil nas x autograph

  • Kris Smith
    Kris Smith 15 days ago +1

    you put brown sugar in it and didnt say it the chili

  • The Channel of Wonders
    The Channel of Wonders 15 days ago +2

    Cuttin Up and sharing something you made at being completely eating still counts as a member of The Clean Plate Club

  • Jon Ng
    Jon Ng 16 days ago

    Damn, thats some tasty

    BaBy CaRrOt

  • Shilow Dawn
    Shilow Dawn 16 days ago

    Is that a work glove? Snazzy kitchen.
    You do it too fast.

  • Ayaan Mohammed
    Ayaan Mohammed 17 days ago +2

    I love that you need to “research” salads. LMAO.

    REXET GAMES 17 days ago

    sloppy Jessica

    a.k.a the heart attack

  • Farelle
    Farelle 18 days ago

    are you somehow related to the "I suck at cooking" channel?XD I could swear you have the same voice and somewhere even similar sense of humor XD

  • Ethan Vue
    Ethan Vue 19 days ago

    Lol I NEVER gave a shit about my health

  • Grant Mackey
    Grant Mackey 20 days ago

    Why does the Brooklyn Nine-Nine cafeteria(?) look like the one from The Office?

    • Chase Steorts
      Chase Steorts 18 days ago +1

      Grant Mackey it’s a break room not a cafeteria they aren’t in primary school

  • Feli Paulino
    Feli Paulino 20 days ago +11

    1/10 Carrot was not appreciated enough

  • OGLOS18
    OGLOS18 21 day ago

    Damn that shit looks bomb af but there’s no way am making that babish where ur restaurant at

  • TheDarkMelancholy
    TheDarkMelancholy 21 day ago +5

    This prob isn’t relevant but uhm I think instead of chili-Mac, Mac and chili have better ring

  • CharlieBruh
    CharlieBruh 21 day ago

    1:50 u have to put salt in the water when its boiling and also u have to put coarse salt not the regular one, also son’t put other salt after pasta it’s done or it will be too salty (i’m italian don’t throw in the trash my suggestion pls). Also i love ur channel don’t stop

  • Scott Bradley
    Scott Bradley 21 day ago

    That make and cheese looked killer. I'm gonna make that but add more got sauce and chicken

  • Frog Frog
    Frog Frog 21 day ago

    Fuck I can smell it through the video

  • Jayden Games
    Jayden Games 21 day ago +1

    The better female version

  • KONOHASfinest _
    KONOHASfinest _ 21 day ago

    anybody else get hard?

  • kiiturii
    kiiturii 23 days ago

    i actually thought this was a brooklyn nine nine episode uploaded to youtube and the reason it was so small was so youtube doesnt detect it as easily lmao

  • WoahNelly 01
    WoahNelly 01 23 days ago

    I love Terry Crews

  • David Liang
    David Liang 23 days ago

    Imagine subway adding this to the menu

  • Lord • [YT]
    Lord • [YT] 23 days ago

    Showed this to my friend (whose name is jessica) and now its her main source of food.

  • Lord • [YT]
    Lord • [YT] 23 days ago +2

    I just love the way you do the commentary. Idk why but theres somethig, that gets me hooked every time. (excluding the food which is to die for)

  • sysierius
    sysierius 23 days ago

    So much saltttttt

  • Yeh heh Boi
    Yeh heh Boi 24 days ago


  • Ultumate Otaku
    Ultumate Otaku 24 days ago

    *10Days* *later*
    Binging with Babish died of to much calories

  • Mini Monsters TCG
    Mini Monsters TCG 24 days ago


  • Trogdor5678
    Trogdor5678 24 days ago

    i need to make this for myself

  • BmonDaDmon
    BmonDaDmon 25 days ago

    I would shove that sandwich in my entire facehole

  • GoGWiz
    GoGWiz 26 days ago

    Just kidding cut it up and shared it with my friends! haha best line

  • Bluoryo Turtle
    Bluoryo Turtle 26 days ago

    The only reason I’m watching this is because my mom gave in to peer pressure and is getting drunk while I’m in a unlocked condo all alone

  • Next Up Sounds
    Next Up Sounds 26 days ago

    that actually looks spectacular

  • Trail Point Charlie
    Trail Point Charlie 26 days ago

    you forgot the pizza!!!

  • Niklas Sico
    Niklas Sico 26 days ago

    You're an artist...🤤

  • Kisembe Namusyule
    Kisembe Namusyule 28 days ago

    no pepperoni?

  • Mr. FrostyIce
    Mr. FrostyIce 28 days ago

    I had to subscribe 😂😂 that burning fingers part killed me

  • that vdubdude
    that vdubdude 29 days ago

    Friends: me, me, me oh and me who needs friends

  • Lucas Klade
    Lucas Klade 29 days ago

    Mhhhhhh I want that

  • bigbrain457
    bigbrain457 29 days ago


  • Christian Justin
    Christian Justin 29 days ago

    Whats the dried mustard for? Never herd of us in that

  • Kvon Curry
    Kvon Curry Month ago


  • Devin M. Luna W.
    Devin M. Luna W. Month ago

    If a girl did things sloppy it could either be the best BJ or something terrible

    But in this case, its a weird heart-burn giving sandwich

  • TealFoxVixen
    TealFoxVixen Month ago

    That looks disgustingly delicious? If that makes sense??

  • The Fortune Fanboy
    The Fortune Fanboy Month ago

    When you can't order this at any restaurant....

  • Andre Klinge
    Andre Klinge Month ago

    That thing looks like as if it can cause death to someone who would attempt to eat it whole.

  • Goobe101
    Goobe101 Month ago

    Just started watching your shows and I love it! Keep the fire rolling