Ooh La La | Learn Guitar With David Brent

  • Published on Jun 1, 2013
  • David Brent talks about dreams, reality and traveling with this guitar tutorial for the song 'Ooh La La'.
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • AmorDelFriki
    AmorDelFriki 9 years ago +64

    "I was born in Reading, but I'd moved to Slough before I was 30." :P
    David Brent - inspiration for the nation

  • killscreen
    killscreen 9 years ago +28

    "she's the Serpent Who Guards The Gates of Hell" still gotta be my favorite lyric of all time

  • Crimea_River
    Crimea_River 8 years ago +6

    This lesson's my absolute favorite.
    Also, I can play most of Jimi Hendrix' songs now.
    Thanks, David!

  • Learning Guitar
    Learning Guitar 8 years ago +16

    Davids style of teaching is easy going and he seems to know just how to tell me what to do without my confused mind gettting all tangled up

  • ink
    ink 9 years ago +7

    "Dreams are realer than reality, in a way, because reality changes." Great philosophy from Brent.

    • ink
      ink 5 months ago

      @BARRY so true.

    • BARRY
      BARRY 5 months ago +1

      “So do dreams” 🤣

  • Andrew Walker
    Andrew Walker 9 years ago +2

    I never did really 'get' David Brent in the Office, but this is fabulous! Really well observed and executed. Tell us about your beautiful Martin guitar, David, and what strings and plectrum you use!

  • Gore and Perkins
    Gore and Perkins 9 years ago +31

    These songs are seriously better than what's currently in the charts today.

    • S.O.H
      S.O.H Year ago +4

      We are now in 2021, and they are still better than the music on the charts.

    • Chris Namaste
      Chris Namaste Year ago

  • DeeSnowJDM
    DeeSnowJDM 9 years ago

    I'm so glad you brought David Brent back. You're a great composer and honestly you have a lovely voice, my friend.

  • Music Eyz
    Music Eyz 9 years ago +2

    Absolutely love this. Regardless of the content (which is really funny) those looks at the camera and shoulder shrugs make me crack up. Gervais is a genius and Brent is a legend

  • Green Beech
    Green Beech 8 years ago +2

    Thanks for uploading this tutorial, David.
    I've been trying to learn the guitar for 32 years, but after viewing your video, I've pinpointed my problem. It turns out I've been playing a left-handed instrument all these years.
    Thank you

  • EmeraldElk
    EmeraldElk 8 years ago +136

    its the "Hi" his face gets me every time!

  • Krugsie1979
    Krugsie1979 9 years ago

    Fantastic stuff , really looking forward to the next one , always wanted to hear the full version of spaceman ever since listening to it on the office. "you've opened your eyes your now colourblind" :)

  • ffwaltersp
    ffwaltersp 9 years ago

    Ricky I love that you keep doing what you want! Keep surprising us I love it.

  • Bobendingo
    Bobendingo 9 years ago

    Love watching these videos. Hope there's more to come!

  • Simply Elle
    Simply Elle 8 years ago

    Please make a short album and place these on Spotify. I would buy this!

  • Rob Steele Music
    Rob Steele Music 9 years ago

    Oh God that was so moving... can you email me the chord positions and words please David... you sing with such passion and conviction. You're such a good teacher

  • Josh Watkins
    Josh Watkins 9 years ago +4

    I have this stuck in my head, its actually really good!

  • Johan Herstad
    Johan Herstad 9 years ago

    i would love to see some choruses on these songs, they are perfect for someone to sing in the backround along with it

  • kingstumble
    kingstumble 9 years ago +1

    One of the great philosophers of our time.Wish I had a mind like that.

  • Nikai
    Nikai 9 years ago

    can't wait for the next one, sounds great !

  • kimtvedt
    kimtvedt 9 years ago +1

    Seriously, the world needs an entire album from David Brent!

  • telsah1
    telsah1 9 years ago

    I just love listening to you.
    A great guitar lesson.
    Thank you so much {|:~)xx

  • Matskie Beavertron
    Matskie Beavertron 9 years ago

    well done Ricky, the return of david brent!!! more tutorials please

  • Joe
    Joe 8 years ago +1

    ricky gervais is one of my favourite human beings on earth... the number of times he's made me full on belly laugh!

  • TheWayOutisThru
    TheWayOutisThru 8 years ago +1

    David Brent is one of the most interesting and fool proof comedy character creations of all time.

  • DavidBlueScribe
    DavidBlueScribe 9 years ago

    I assume an album will be made available with the full versions of these songs? They are great. I want to cruise down the highway, as Smerch would say "in my open top Chevy," and have this music on in the background.

  • TheDoug8819
    TheDoug8819 8 years ago +11

    I've learned so much from this video. From now on, I will always get it checked.

    ASSMAN 2 years ago +1

    I know it's only rock n' roll but I like it, like it...yes I do! Outstanding performance and tutorial.

  • Topdog
    Topdog 9 years ago

    Very interesting philosophy of teaching and unorthodox. I like how you get people to 'think out of the box' and fly with imagination! Excellent.
    I was very surprised at the professional level of song expression. Well done and congratulations!

  • John Culleton
    John Culleton 9 years ago

    I've missed David Brent. So glad Ricky has brought him back and he can still remember how to play him.

  • Chloe Chapman
    Chloe Chapman 8 years ago +1

    He was in a band in the 80's :) he's awesome!

  • f1guy76
    f1guy76 8 years ago +34

    he is way funny... he is a comedic genius.

  • Talking Tree
    Talking Tree 9 years ago

    always classical. keep the uploads coming!

  • Dirty Old Cal
    Dirty Old Cal 9 years ago

    In many ways im glad you took tat seriously. It shows that the magic of David Brent truly is a believable character.

  • Siôn Jobbins
    Siôn Jobbins 4 months ago

    "I was born in Reading but now living in Slough". Absolute classic.

  • KeyranSolo
    KeyranSolo 9 years ago

    I genuinely enjoy Brent's songs, especially ones from The Office.

  • Nick Jeffels
    Nick Jeffels 9 years ago +1

    Amazing, put a smile on my face today.

  • Samantha Kit
    Samantha Kit 9 years ago

    Hi David, great video, could you plublish the lyrics, I'm writing my thesis for my masters and need some inspiration. thanks!

  • Lord Commander Joer Mormont

    This song is so amazing. Is this his own song? I'd like this on itunes or something.

  • AnAfinityForKarma
    AnAfinityForKarma 9 years ago

    I actually quite like this song :) And Ricky has a surprisingly good voice :)

  • Chris McElwee
    Chris McElwee 7 years ago +10

    First time I've seen this. Instant classic.

  • David Sexton
    David Sexton 2 years ago

    David Brent . A British comedic genius ! We love it !

  • MJ Tivruski
    MJ Tivruski 9 years ago

    These are great, love it Ricky

  • Nardine Mummy p
    Nardine Mummy p 9 years ago

    Ricky .... this is wat I need 2 make me laugh in the morning, although I don't think many people get ur humour, well done keep em coming :) x

  • Callum Renwick Sinclair

    That was actually really catchy! I liked it!

  • Eraserkk7
    Eraserkk7 2 years ago +7

    “Sure she cried, but by then I was gone” lmao love it

  • Elliot Anthony Dunn
    Elliot Anthony Dunn 9 years ago

    Brent needs to bring out an album!

  • Ez
    Ez 9 years ago

    You're absolutely brilliant Ricky. One of our generations's best comedians. Thank you for all the laughs. xx

  • Jim Nastiks
    Jim Nastiks 9 years ago

    Good old Gervais, never fails to lose, the best comedian alive ! thanks for all the laughs, Good to see Brent back in action, How about an update with Old Finchy ! have him around for some beers ?

  • maddieoreilly
    maddieoreilly 9 years ago

    David Brent you creep! It is always hysterical. Keep them coming. Oh la la

  • Megan Lynch
    Megan Lynch 7 years ago +6

    It would be really helpful if he explained the strumming pattern

  • Mother Ukers Ukulele Band

    Inspiring stuff Mr Brent, do you have any masterclass tips for ukulele?

  • Tic Tac Toe
    Tic Tac Toe 9 years ago

    I love this, this is the same guy David who was in the documentary The Office. He should just release an album.

  • Paul GS
    Paul GS 9 years ago

    Brent should be in the charts!
    Oh and a judge on The Voice....

  • MikeAndersonSounds
    MikeAndersonSounds 9 years ago

    I absolutely love this series. Seriously.

  • Rob Stauffer
    Rob Stauffer 8 years ago +6

    "Dreams are real"....love it

  • Tom Garcia
    Tom Garcia 9 years ago

    As a guitar player, this is some of the funniest stuff I have seen in a long time. As a Fan of David Brant, this is some of the funniest stuff I have seen in a long time! Ooh La La!

  • lllordllloyd
    lllordllloyd 9 years ago

    I love very much the thematic continuity that characterises all your art. Juxtaposed with the haunting 'Freelove Freeway', the listener is irresistibly, but willingly, drawn into the vastness of the Arizona desert, steel-rimmed sunglasses, the V8 in that big ol' Chev just rumbling away, passing the miles, a sweet senorita at your side.
    This speaks to everybody who has ever dreamed a dream. You are so right, they are sometimes more real than reality.
    You are much better than Passenger.

  • Clippy
    Clippy 9 years ago

    not the best guitar playing in the word, Mr Brent, but I appreciate the heart!

  • Billy Bedlum
    Billy Bedlum 8 years ago

    you bring flesh to my bones pure musical genius thank you

  • chairmanmeow1973
    chairmanmeow1973 6 years ago +36

    Is it just me who thinks these songs arent that bad?

    • Matthew
      Matthew 2 years ago

      They're fucking awesome chill out

    • Michael R
      Michael R 3 years ago +3

      They're catchy. 👍

    • Phoenix Zappa
      Phoenix Zappa 6 years ago +2

      @Zion Dread Most people in the creative industries who are that renowned and celebrated are significantly talented in multiple creative fields.

    • Phoenix Zappa
      Phoenix Zappa 6 years ago +2

      why would they be bad

  • saintsjordan
    saintsjordan 9 years ago

    Loving these videos!

  • Wastingsometimehere
    Wastingsometimehere 9 years ago

    I wish i could play the guitar even as well as Ricky can. He's actually surprisingly good at it.

  • Cascadia07
    Cascadia07 9 years ago

    Well done. Saved me typing out the same sentiment! This is what happens when comedy goes mainstream! Arsetards abound!

  • SightSeer
    SightSeer 2 years ago +7

    "There's nothing that you need to say." Boys, memorize that line for when you're married and it'll make things a whole lot easier.

  • Narcissist Free -almost

    Love the grin and the eyes moving around... LOL!!!! This is great!

  • Extremecast
    Extremecast 9 years ago

    Great tune, Mr. Brent. Even better than the previous one. And I agree, Beautiful Day might've been a more suitable song title, haha :) Greetings from Finland, sir.

  • Jackson Brown
    Jackson Brown 9 years ago

    Brent, although he is ridiculous, he is quite philosophical! Haha! Good work Gervais!

  • jameslfc11
    jameslfc11 9 years ago

    We seriously need a full David Brent album, I would buy 15 copies and give them to my mates, and not leave them in my garage like Gareth did.
    Make it happen Ricky.

  • WhiteSky
    WhiteSky 8 years ago +18

    "should'ave called it 'Beautiful Day'.."

  • Kameleonic
    Kameleonic 8 years ago

    Incredible:) Just awesome:)

  • Shawmutt
    Shawmutt 9 years ago

    As silly as this is, it actually helps my playing by reminding me to loosen up a bit :-)

  • Joshua Lord
    Joshua Lord 9 years ago

    Haha, the best thing about these videos are that the songs are actually pretty good! Also think the dialogue in this one is much funnier than last week's, though the lyrics are not as amusing. As I said though, I enjoy the songs mainly for the fairly respectable music!

  • Nicky GuitarmanUK
    Nicky GuitarmanUK 8 years ago

    "I was born in Reading...... but i'd moved to Slough by the time I
    was 30 " .....BRILLIANT !

  • Rodders T
    Rodders T 9 years ago +7

    Love to see "David Brent Teaches Philosophy" haha

  • michaldz19961
    michaldz19961 9 years ago

    his songs are actually really good, definitely would buy his album if he ever released one

  • cristina M Hubner Beal

    Thank you so much to take rhe time to teach us,,and I learnd a lot cause i play by year and soul,,Obrigado David ,Im ffrom Brazil but kiving here more than over tthere also promoting new or intrnational guys that I just love the music,So,again Thank you ,please dont stop teaching in ur special way ,,c

  • jovan lipovatz
    jovan lipovatz 8 years ago

    This is actually really good. He is a genius. Check out the music video he made in the early 1980s.

  • Kierran Gavin
    Kierran Gavin 9 years ago

    it shows how good 'David' is as a character for someone like that to believe in him

  • Ricky Gervais
    Ricky Gervais  7 years ago +78

    Learn Guitar With David Brent - Part 2 - Ooh La La

    • Delete Bilderberg
      Delete Bilderberg Year ago +1

      @Damian Trasler
      Slough is certainly, ‘unforgettable’

    • AppleApollonia
      AppleApollonia Year ago

      My hero

    • Daniel Avital
      Daniel Avital 6 years ago +1

      +david dickson you sound like David Brent mate

    • Damian Trasler
      Damian Trasler 7 years ago +4

      Just remember @david dickson , you can't go and buy the DVD until YOUR MIND HAS ALREADY GONE THERE.....

  • googleboughtmee
    googleboughtmee 9 years ago

    Brilliant songwriter, I'd buy an album.

  • Will Smile
    Will Smile 9 years ago

    You've still got it, David. Brilliant. Very adventurous moving from Reading to Slough. I'd love to hear your comments on Marijuana

  • Makka's Chats and Dits

    Its actually really nice writing. A Lot of them are, If they were performed by someone else who looked the part they would be very good songs as they are.

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 6 years ago +3

    many people don't know that ricky gervais used to be a singer and song writer for a band called seonas dancing back when he was younger... check em out, was kind of a mix between david bowie and spandau ballet

  • Danielle Elizabeth
    Danielle Elizabeth 8 years ago

    I had no idea Ricky could sing! Lovely.

  • Joe 2174
    Joe 2174 8 years ago

    it's actually pretty funny. you have to get into it. the way he uses stereotypes in lyrics and it almost makes a good song - brilliant.

  • Anastasia Beaverhousen
    Anastasia Beaverhousen 8 years ago +86

    "write about what you don't know" that sounds like Karl XD

  • metafis
    metafis 9 years ago

    Thanks, I remeber in the office, usualy when David tried to "entertain" people, they jost stared in embarrasment. but training day was the exception, his staff clapped along and even applauded his song, heck, even Tim and Gareth bonded a bit..setting the precedent for David actually doing something that entertained people.

  • Sean Coyne
    Sean Coyne 9 years ago

    Haha brilliant! Can't wait for next one too

  • cjwonderstruck25
    cjwonderstruck25 9 years ago

    David is a very knowledgable man. Reality changes, so your dream is more reality than reality. It was something along that line, wasn't it? Thanks for your oh la la

  • John McGee
    John McGee 9 years ago

    go Ricky (David Brent) what a legend!!!

  • realistindenial
    realistindenial 3 years ago +30

    "You're going to what? Think. Look at it. Get it checked."

  • paul
    paul 3 years ago

    He's got a bit of a Tom Petty type of arrangement to this particular song. I quite like it!!

  • OLawson07
    OLawson07 9 years ago

    He could go into actual songwriting and producing with this stuff hahaha

  • Pawel Walentynski
    Pawel Walentynski 9 years ago

    Please, more tutorials!!!! Its ON!

  • Connor Shaw
    Connor Shaw 6 years ago +5

    I cover this song.. Love it

  • dinesy
    dinesy 9 years ago

    Beautiful Gervais, beautiful music

  • PaulNathan1982
    PaulNathan1982 9 years ago

    Is it weird to like these songs.. Im loving the lyrics..

  • Reece Coyne
    Reece Coyne 9 years ago

    Hi David, I was just wondering if you could post some tabs of the songs as I think they're really good. Much prefer this style of teaching to the usual rubbish. Funny that you look like the bloke off the tele, Ricky Gervais. But I realised you can't be what with you being called David and him Ricky.
    Keep up the good work! Tabs would be splendid. Just subscribed :)

  • Lee Saunders
    Lee Saunders 5 years ago +5

    LMFAO this is awesome go on Ricky lad