How Donald Trump Won the 2016 Election - (TIMELINE)

  • Published on May 30, 2017
  • This was a project for Honors English 9. I wanted to analyze the 2016 Presidential Election and why Donald Trump won. The video that does that is still being worked on. This documentary offers a recap for the 2016 election, and how it happened.

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  • Victory Morningstar
    Victory Morningstar 11 minutes ago

    01:16:46 Man in audience: We need to get the car and get the f*** outta here first.

  • John Dias
    John Dias 6 hours ago

    In hindsight trump winning is kinda hilarious

  • Sardonic1981
    Sardonic1981 9 hours ago

    it's funny to watch all the candidates, all through out the debates, look at trump when he talks, like wonder-truck kids, looking at their daddy...... this guy spoke the real truth, not fluff. You could see that they knew it and hated it so much........
    2020 will be VERY interesting, some really good democratic candidates, the person who get's up there and can knock trump down is worthy of the presidency. I feel it might even be Trump for four more.

  • shortwidgets
    shortwidgets 9 hours ago

    Andddddddd there Bernie lost his campaign to be president. He does not care about Hillary's emails.

  • Ratpack412
    Ratpack412 11 hours ago

    33 minutes in when they talk about how the pope bashes trump for his wall..... BISH you live in a city, surrounded by a fucking wall, full of pedophiles.

  • Mallory Butts
    Mallory Butts 13 hours ago

    I DON'T agree with the pope

    • Mallory Butts
      Mallory Butts 13 hours ago

      I'm a Christian because of Jesus Christ God's son the messiah Jesus Christ Holy spirit

    • Mallory Butts
      Mallory Butts 13 hours ago

      Shame on the pope.

  • Frank John
    Frank John 14 hours ago

    Go Trump!

  • Sapwolf
    Sapwolf 14 hours ago

    The Dems/GOPe saw the struggling working class in the midwest, and the Dems ignored them cause they saw that many were white, the GOPe ignored them as acceptable losses to global capitalism. Trump saw struggling Americans, walked over to them, and did the equivalent of saying "I'm running for you, not me. Let's get you back on your feet and get your confidence back, and then we'll help other Americans struggle to get back on their feet, and pretty soon we'll Make America Great Again."

    That's what happened.

  • Sapwolf
    Sapwolf 14 hours ago

    Leftists on the coasts and the GOPe for 35 years have ignored Americans who were the Forgotten Men and Women whose real incomes were stagnant and real costs have been going up. And it ain't because they are lazy. Our trade policies, letting China in the WTO, way way to high immigration depressing real incomes, the de-industrializing of the country, and frustration at the two parties' wars. America First America First America First
    Nobody else gave a damn about Americans. Bernie did mention the income inequality, but his solutions would have simply made the country worse.

  • Randy  Pacchioli
    Randy Pacchioli 18 hours ago

    Thank God Trump is president ! Hillary would have been a disaster on so many levels.

  • ole jonny kallenavn

    MAGA 2020,Support from Norway!

  • Anti NWO
    Anti NWO Day ago

    This woman could care less about Kids, Children, Families. She stated that when she became president that the U.S. Constitution would be ERADICATED as an out-dated instrument. Under this sociopathic woman's control she would activate the guillotines in EVERY FEMA camp within her second year of rule. She is a walking lie. Is this forbidden woman aware that those that protect her world wide cannot protect her from paid mercenary assassins? Well she thinks that if there were such an unspoken "justice department" out there, her CIA would already have warned her about it. Well is there the unspoken justice department? From what we understand, there most certainly is and she is at the very top of a long long list. Perhaps she has outlived her usefulness. Perhaps R has reversed their opinion of her. Perhaps she is suicidal. Perhaps her health is failing for more specific reasons than she's aware. George Soros has found two adequate replacements along her circuit and wishes to move on. Perhaps things just stop when they need to … .. ..

  • Sergeant Camacho

    Still laughing today 39:40 LMAO!

  • Sergeant Camacho

    Americans, re-elect Donald Trump in 2020! You need that WALL! All the best from México!

  • Dirt Beard
    Dirt Beard 2 days ago

    why'd she call Seth Rich a Russian?

  • FMHammyJ
    FMHammyJ 2 days ago

    America dodged a bullet by not electing Hillary Rotten Felon.......

  • MsBossLadyES
    MsBossLadyES 2 days ago

    No job for her now

  • Riley Stewart
    Riley Stewart 2 days ago +1

    LOL "Sorry to you waiting, Complicated business"

  • william owens
    william owens 2 days ago

    He won didn't he.

  • Deplorable Trumplican

    The man’s a national treasure

  • Michael Redford
    Michael Redford 2 days ago

    He won because he is awesome.

  • Prevara
    Prevara 2 days ago

    Trump is BY FAR the most entertaining president. He's better than any marvel movie

    DANIEL APPLETON 2 days ago

    I marry dis gringo he have lot o money I love amerika

  • onlyfacts
    onlyfacts 2 days ago

    I just love how pedesta says ' head home and get some sleep" . Thousands of those people came from states away for this and the cheating cunt could not even come out and say thanks .Do you even really need to wonder why she lost?

  • onlyfacts
    onlyfacts 2 days ago

    All trump has to do is speak just like he did the first time and let the dems try their regular pc bullshit fake speeches and he will win again trump 2020

  • Kenneth Edwards
    Kenneth Edwards 2 days ago

    Is any talk show host not a marxist ? Not an NPC ! Not a communist/ socialist ? NO ! The comrades have united .

  • David Gingerich
    David Gingerich 2 days ago

    I love how buying women furniture and bragging about how they throw themselves at you means you hate them...

  • A Cost
    A Cost 3 days ago

    Just proves that elitist liberals, people in MSM and all the smug political Democratic pundits have no clue what normal everyday Americans want and wish for.

  • Gabriel Boorom
    Gabriel Boorom 3 days ago

    The Left has learned nothing, just lost its collective mind and shat its collective pants.

  • Clarity
    Clarity 3 days ago


  • Thanks Everyone
    Thanks Everyone 3 days ago

    Haha Meghan Kelly fuct her life up
    Messing with POTUS

  • Lit B
    Lit B 3 days ago

    2:40 November 39?

  • jed zeplix
    jed zeplix 3 days ago

    the way democrats use " the chiiildreenn " as a prop is fucking digusting.

  • jed zeplix
    jed zeplix 3 days ago

    tear your wall down then " pope hypocrite " , what ...?? i don't hear any jackhammers ?? another full of shit politician. what's in his closet ? little jimmy ?

  • Dan Ferguson
    Dan Ferguson 3 days ago

    Clinton is so snotty

  • Scott L
    Scott L 3 days ago

    “November 39th”

  • Sigurd Henriques
    Sigurd Henriques 3 days ago +1

    2:43 November *39* , 2014 😂😂

  • Constantin Clipa
    Constantin Clipa 3 days ago +1

    Donald Trump has shocked everyone by being himself...An Alpha male standing right for what is right! Amazing

  • S D
    S D 4 days ago

    Lock her up

  • Jim Stone
    Jim Stone 4 days ago

    Secure our borders 🙏🇺🇸🙏

  • Jim Stone
    Jim Stone 4 days ago

    HILLERY Clackling ...makes America sick...

  • Jim Stone
    Jim Stone 4 days ago


  • Wallapee12
    Wallapee12 4 days ago

    Lmao that muslim guy can't even speak English well and he fucking lives here. Proof those people dont assimilate.

  • Andrew L
    Andrew L 4 days ago

    49:44 as soon as she call voters as "basket of deplorable" , I knew she does NOT have much WISDOM left in her brain.
    A career politician lived in Ivory tower for too long and too disconnected from mass.

  • Rene Bechtold
    Rene Bechtold 4 days ago

    that bitch clinton saying we don't do enouph on gun violence what about clinton violence, let me quote he(we came we saw he's dead) her or anybody in gorvernment killied millions but they will have you believe that when one person loose control we should give up are right to bare arms, fucking bitch, she killed baby's whit bombs we should stop bombs and the navy and the army airforce cia and all those spycos before we stop good people to give there guns

  • Coldnavy1
    Coldnavy1 4 days ago +1

    Rand Paul (maybe Ben Carson) are the only candidates who did not sound like a politician. That being said, I was happy to vote for Trump and will happily do it again in 2020!

  • 1Life2Little
    1Life2Little 4 days ago

    God i can't take that smug grin on that fucking bitch Hillary... so glad she lost.

  • charles hill
    charles hill 4 days ago

    i never get enough of these tasty and delicious liberal tears ,and i cant wait for a refill in 2020 ......TRUMP IS WITHOUT THE SHADOW OF A DOUBT THE BEST PRESIDENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY ,WITH THE EXCEPTION OF George Washington and ,Ronald Reagan ,#MAGA

  • Jim Beaudoin
    Jim Beaudoin 5 days ago

    Men have the drive. Woman say yes or no. Who has the power in a male society? Woman do and should have that say. I have engaged in locker room talk. i could only wish to be that bold when I was young. We all embellish on our sexual prowess. Get a life and live in reality for a change.

  • Jim Beaudoin
    Jim Beaudoin 5 days ago

    Just listened to the Sexual comments of the Don. You go brother.

  • Jim Beaudoin
    Jim Beaudoin 5 days ago

    Pope rhymes with dope. . . Hmmm I know it's only a coincidence. I am not a fool. The pope has no Idea what the real world is and who God, the real God is. The pope is a fake. He represents nothing. He is a lacky of Satan.

  • Ghost Dog
    Ghost Dog 5 days ago

    Others have said what I also think, so I will toss this in there for My President...The cosmetics industry is one of the largest in N America. Who judges women by their appearance more than OTHER women. Women want to be judged, adored, and told how they need to work on it by each other.

  • Jim Beaudoin
    Jim Beaudoin 5 days ago

    Hillary; Talk about lipstick on a pig. . . You Qualify

  • Jim Beaudoin
    Jim Beaudoin 5 days ago

    90 people a day. No emails. No Chris Stevens. Talk about what we want to destroy America. Hillary this is one of the reasons you lost. Loser

  • Earthdogbonzo3
    Earthdogbonzo3 5 days ago

    Finish the Wall, enforce the Muslim immigration ban, continue to bring back manufacturing and trade negotiations, deport all illegal aliens in particular the violent criminals and social services parasites. Continue Mr. President to fight for America's sovereignty, greatness, fiscal solvency, military preparedness, economic development and prosperity, security. And most of all, continue to work hard as you do for all Americans, and let us discard all pretenses and incidental facts of race and ethnicity in favor of character and American identity. God Bless President Trump in 2020.

  • MrPeplonski
    MrPeplonski 5 days ago

    i think the thumbnail looks like Trump and Clinton are singing a duet

  • Dave Dave
    Dave Dave 5 days ago +3

    How this narrator reported all the things that happened all the facts without personal comments or opinion is called real journalism. The lame stream media could learn something from this video,

  • Smells like teen Hitler

    You made the right decision , America.
    Cheers from Australia

  • Eli Baker
    Eli Baker 5 days ago

    Some things in this video were misrepresented, and there was a lot left out. But it was still great to watch and pretty thorough.

  • Mark Arandia
    Mark Arandia 5 days ago

    What Hillary really a closet drunkard?

  • Rick Mathews
    Rick Mathews 5 days ago

    hillary said "we need to defeat isis" while funding and supplying them,fucking cunt

  • tyrone jones
    tyrone jones 5 days ago


  • tyrone jones
    tyrone jones 5 days ago


  • 671homey
    671homey 5 days ago +1

    Chris Christie, (sorry if misspelled), Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich are all Democrats claiming to be Republicans.

  • 671homey
    671homey 5 days ago

    Donald Trump won because he's not nearly as corrupt as any career politician in America! Bernie Sanders is a communist, Hillary is nothing but a greedy crook, the other republican candidates were all weaklings, and John McCain was a coward, and a traitor !

  • Mark Moses
    Mark Moses 5 days ago

    Killed ur career bitch
    TRUMP 2020

  • HolidayMan Ethan
    HolidayMan Ethan 5 days ago

    And thus, America is Protestant not Roman-Catholic.
    Also, those people in Chicago don’t understand the pain that is happening inside the North and Western sides.

  • VintageMom
    VintageMom 5 days ago

    @1:19:44 the birth of the Russian Collusion Delusion.

    MAD BUDDHA 5 days ago

    morality lessons from creepy catholic thanks

  • VintageMom
    VintageMom 5 days ago

    My sister will never forgive me for voting for Trump based on that tape even though Bill Clinton is a rapist
    There is nothing anyone could say or do that would've made me vote for HRC. Voting The Donald was hard. I was ashamed...I was unsure and worried but I knew FOR SURE that HRC was/is evil.
    I do NOT regret my vote. I have been an outspoken supporter of The President. Can't wait to do it again in #2020

  • Stephen Box
    Stephen Box 5 days ago


  • hardlines4
    hardlines4 6 days ago

    Trump 2020 Let’s keep liberals and Democrats crying 😭

  • Hali D
    Hali D 6 days ago +1

    NBC is a joke they let go of Trump but kept Matt Lauer, until Matt got caught with his panse down. Then they hired Meghan Kelly after she went against Trump and now look at what happened to her.

  • MsTifalicious
    MsTifalicious 6 days ago

    Hi isn't just the most entertaining and real President we've ever had, he's really honest and so down to Earth and totally sees what middle America wants. #Maga2020

  • madball371
    madball371 6 days ago

    November 39th? 2:37 really?

  • deb k
    deb k 6 days ago

    Can’t stand Hillary’s cackle she sounds 👿 evil

  • Roger Stone
    Roger Stone 6 days ago

    If you don't know how Donald Trump won then you voted for Hillary.

  • Jesusrocas7
    Jesusrocas7 6 days ago

    If only they said enough with the Mueller investigation like they did with the

  • David Gingerich
    David Gingerich 6 days ago

    47:37 So basically, If it were up to Donald Trump, his son wouldn't be dead right now?

  • Cl0ckW0rks0
    Cl0ckW0rks0 6 days ago

    He won because he was the best candidate, the best man for the job.

  • jian12345 jun
    jian12345 jun 6 days ago

    I am liberal now , when watching this now, I have to admit, Liberal should be lost in 2016 , and will be lost AGAIN in 2020

  • Raheel Akhtar
    Raheel Akhtar 6 days ago

    As a student of risk, probability and big disruptive events, it was quite an evening! A reminder that just because probability of something is 10% doesn’t mean it’s absolutely never going to happen.

  • brian bowes
    brian bowes 6 days ago

    The Russians hacked America when obama was president. Why did he not find out. Well he did and it was him colluding with Russia, thats why it did not come out. Then they turned their collusion onto trump and said it was trump colluding with Russia.WELL it all backfired on them and they are caught as of just recently april 2019

  • zeronekke
    zeronekke 6 days ago

    @8:43 “only Rosie O’Donnell” 😍

    DAN PANFILI 6 days ago

    anyone else notice it says November 39th at 2:40

  • Mtn Noel
    Mtn Noel 6 days ago

    Rand Paul was correct about spying on American citizens. Christie is a bush neo-con..

  • Naro Miguel
    Naro Miguel 6 days ago

    two single reasons:
    2. Wikileaks

  • Lex Conor
    Lex Conor 7 days ago

    Excellent, no-nonsense, concise summary of the events leading up to the 2016 election. Thank you!

  • 5thcorps
    5thcorps 7 days ago +1

    Killary is a domestic terrorist

  • BonzoDog67 Lizardking

    I wonder if Hillary yelled the concession at Trump instead of talking in a normal voice.

  • Barsukova Veronika
    Barsukova Veronika 7 days ago

    Trump won because he was honest and talked off his mind about simple solution to problems

  • Sylvester Sly
    Sylvester Sly 7 days ago

    Looking at American Politics from the outside (I am a Namibian), I think the Democrats and the media colluded but failed... They totally got their strategy wrong by thinking Trump was the easiest person to beat from the republican candidates.. Has anyone thought why no one goes after Hillary Clinton with all the secrets that Wikileaks released? I think Americans are starting to realize the Democrats are a disaster, the only thing that they have against Trump is the Fake Russian story... #Trump2020

  • Debra Murdoch
    Debra Murdoch 7 days ago

    I am in Scotland, and I follow American politics, I absolutely love Trump , mainstream media are so antique , behind the times , and liars . Trump won because he is offering what people want and he's using social media, that's the audience politicians need, he moving with the times!

  • the D. Willy
    the D. Willy 7 days ago

    ROFL #fourmoreyears

  • Lynn Ross
    Lynn Ross 7 days ago

    WHAT A JOKE: Hillary is the first woman to win a nomination and she belongs in prison. Yep, we're really making progress!!
    Fast forward: Barr said there was spying on Trump. "Spying on a president is a big deal," he told Congress. Trump 2020!

  • Paul Simon
    Paul Simon 7 days ago

    drumpf is a weak minded daddies boy and slithering cocksucker. Anyone that supports him is brain dead and guilty of being an accessory to the crime of treason. Impeach the weak bastard asshole asap!

  • pinch mesh
    pinch mesh 7 days ago

    Many, Many democrats are finally getting fed up.

  • Jake Robinson
    Jake Robinson 7 days ago

    Really well made video

  • Frank Broughton
    Frank Broughton 7 days ago

    Because you will be in jail! Well maybe so finally! It was not a mistake Clinton, it was a crime!

  • Michael Chesny
    Michael Chesny 7 days ago

    Nice video. Thank you.