How Donald Trump Won the 2016 Election - (TIMELINE)

  • Published on May 30, 2017
  • This was a project for Honors English 9. I wanted to analyze the 2016 Presidential Election and why Donald Trump won. The video that does that is still being worked on. This documentary offers a recap for the 2016 election, and how it happened.

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  • Marcus Schiff
    Marcus Schiff Hour ago

    Thumb nail looks like they're singing a duet

  • IronChief
    IronChief Hour ago

    TLDW: The Democrats rigged the primaries for a candidate with a terrible record, and mainstream media hardly covered Bernie and focused on Trump. You're welcome.

  • Joanne Mercader
    Joanne Mercader Hour ago

    Hillary Clinton sold out to Russia our native Americans reservation resources for money.

  • Joanne Mercader
    Joanne Mercader Hour ago

    Hillary Clinton had Seth Rich murdered because he leaked all to WikiLeaks.

  • Joanne Mercader
    Joanne Mercader Hour ago

    It's disgusting that Hillary Clinton defended her predator husband. Hillary Clinton and her husband are vile and wicked.

  • Joanne Mercader
    Joanne Mercader Hour ago

    Excellent research and truth

  • Joanne Mercader
    Joanne Mercader Hour ago

    We the People of the United States of America absolutely won't vote for corrupt career politicians like Hillary Clinton ever again! The Democratic party is clueless!

  • Joanne Mercader
    Joanne Mercader 3 hours ago

    We the People of the United States of America are done with corrupt career politicians, corrupt career bureaucrats, and the corrupt MSM

  • x x
    x x 4 hours ago

    FEMINISM ABORTED (MURDERED) their voter base.
    Our good women had children we raised to defeate Hillary.

  • Nofirst Nolast
    Nofirst Nolast 4 hours ago

    Anderson Pooper wanted Donald to grab his pussy. And Cunton was not fit to be anything.

  • 104thDIVTimberwolf
    104thDIVTimberwolf 5 hours ago

    We dodged the biggest bullet since WW II when the Hildabeast lost and the only thing dumber than Bernie Sanders (before AOC] is a Bernie supporter.



  • generic username
    generic username 8 hours ago

    4 more years! 4 more years!

  • max
    max 10 hours ago

    this is video is very well put together. made me love trump even more

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez 10 hours ago +1

    Minute 1:03.40 Look his faces...๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • turki almalki
    turki almalki 11 hours ago

    Trump deserved the winning

  • TVChannel One
    TVChannel One 12 hours ago

    He said the magic words " Drain the swamp "
    People are sick of political corruption and will vote for you if you say you'll fix it...
    Ongoing job loses from automation, computerization and self driving cars will continue to generate fear that will result in voters making ever wilder political choices in all developed countries for some time to come... No politician knows how to adapt to this... So buckle up folks!

  • E. G. John
    E. G. John 13 hours ago +1

    Trump stays on point! Didnโ€™t stray away! Thatโ€™s why WE elected him! The rest played politics. Except one. SHE was playing criminal!

  • amber lopez
    amber lopez 14 hours ago

    All of the media outlets were against TRUMP. But he still WON. TRUMP 2020 #MAGA

  • Charlie May
    Charlie May 14 hours ago

    The first half of this is hilarious. One can't help but laugh at the clips of how Trump fought the other republican candidates exactly as if it were a reality T.V. show. The shots of the candidates and Trump's face when the moderators recite what insults Trump said are priceless but the climax is when he literally gets the pope to denounce him. You can't make this stuff up.

  • Laura Hailey
    Laura Hailey 15 hours ago

    hahahaha Trump is an asshole!!!! I love it

  • liluglydude 666
    liluglydude 666 15 hours ago

    TRUMP 2020

  • Wendy Linkem
    Wendy Linkem 15 hours ago

    Blood coming out of whereever...priceless

  • wordsfromtexas
    wordsfromtexas 16 hours ago

    Hope they're starting to rehearse their comments now, cause if they produce another candidate with the qualities of any Clinton, we all look forward to your soccer mom gossip all the way through to 2024....then ( #TreyGowdy ) Trey Gowdy takes presidency for 8 years. Hopefully by 2032, democrats have realized that they need to re assess and internalize the fact that lies and schemes will never gain office for American Leadership.

  • Adam S
    Adam S 16 hours ago

    i loveTrump but Bernie would have won.

  • David Valdez
    David Valdez 16 hours ago

    2:39 November 39th, 2014? Did... did I miss a memo where we moved days into November?

  • Nintendog140
    Nintendog140 17 hours ago

    2:37 โ€œNovember 39, 2014โ€

  • Brian Schwartz
    Brian Schwartz 18 hours ago

    Bernie: *makes nuanced point on the distinction between local gun shop owners and gun manufacturers, the responsibility of the individual, assault weapons*
    Hillary: gUnS aRe BaD PeOpLe diE BeCaUsE gUnS

  • 1stcommonsense
    1stcommonsense 19 hours ago

    I strongly doubt Hillary won the popular vote.

  • Progressive Opinion
    Progressive Opinion 19 hours ago

    Hillary cheated Bernie so therefore he couldn't beat Trump, see how that easy that was?

  • Bajingo
    Bajingo 19 hours ago

    Fox business in your face!

  • Templar blood slovkia
    Templar blood slovkia 21 hour ago

    Hindsight is 20/20...After hearing from Saddam's interrogator, They, because they got so close Saddam trusted him and they both liked each other till the end...Saddam said"He told the world he had WMD's because he was nervous about being overthrown from the outside like Al Queda or Taliban or some terrorist groups, Saddam was our best asset during the 90s..he gave up more intel to help us than any country in history,When pushed in the April before 911 he really had no intel,As we saw only our own Government and Isreal knew about it so there was no way Saddam could have known, But 5 minutes before they would come him to start the hanging process, he told the interrogator"I would never have stopped trying to get them" yes the War was started on the same lie and dossier from the same agency MI6 that talked about yellow cake was a lie and the Same MI6 agents where involved in the Steel Dossier...but Saddam wouldnt have used the weapons on us...he would have gotten rid of Iran..which now would have been great if he did this before we came..and we did screw up the aftermath..thinking the water companys and the mail and the inner government would stick around was the dumbest Military move ever...

  • Westley Sellers
    Westley Sellers 21 hour ago

    Hillary looks like a rat

  • Paul Bally
    Paul Bally 22 hours ago

    2:40 November 39, 2014 lol

  • DargorV
    DargorV 22 hours ago

    You mean how Russia won the 2016 elections

  • Glitchy Squid
    Glitchy Squid 23 hours ago

    If I had to guess, there's always a wave of democrats and republicans that take the house every new election (Clinton to Bush to Obama to Trump). This on top of silent majority wanting something where liberals can't scream socialism at them when discussing political issues. It will be likely that a Democrat will take office in 2020 due to this pattern.

  • Isaac Zelinski
    Isaac Zelinski 23 hours ago

    16:52 Much of the country *is* the NRA...

  • Ifihada Hammer
    Ifihada Hammer 23 hours ago

    Trump democratically lost.
    Not one Republican has won the popular vote in a primary presidential election for 30 years. The main reason they get most of the votes they get (other than their small highly xenophobic base) is fear mongering.
    Conservatism = Pro-British
    Conservatism = Pro-slavory
    Conservatism = Anti- equality for women
    Conservatism = Anti-equality for blacks
    Conservatism = Anti-equality for LGBTQ+

  • Giovanni Socci
    Giovanni Socci 23 hours ago

    HRC accused our president of invading her space,but if one pays attention,one will notice that it was Hillary who invaded his space in the debate venue,she slithered in within his space.

  • Ryan Schoenick
    Ryan Schoenick Day ago +2

    It still cracks me up that Donald Trump dropped out of the seventh debate all together and still won the presidency LOL! They basically all got together for absolutely nothing

  • Premier League Podcast

    fuck democrats

  • Heidy Preston
    Heidy Preston Day ago

    36:26 lmaoooo I love him !!! ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Dave Ryan
    Dave Ryan Day ago

    47:15 HILLARY: "Stronger together". During the DNC convention, when Hillary thugs took all the Bernie Sanders signs away, Sanders supporters took Hillary's "STRONGER TOGETHER" signs, and scratched out letters to make them say "STOP HER"! Hillary thugs also tried to hide pro-Bernie Sanders chants. After the first few times Sanders chaants broke out at the convention, Hillary thugs after would use chants of "Hillary! Hillary!" to hide and drown them out. How could even a Democrat support Hillary Clinton? And how could anyone at this point support Bernie Sanders, with Sanders knowing (Wikileaks DNC e-mails) how badly the DNC/Hillary screwed him, and still supported her candidacy in 2016 ? The guy sold even himself and his supporters out, to the corrupt Democrat machine.

  • Feed Gotchaaa
    Feed Gotchaaa Day ago

    Joe and barrack little have a drinking game between each other on who can say โ€œahhhhโ€ more while they talk.

  • acts4 twelve
    acts4 twelve Day ago

    I STILL love my president!

  • Alex Brown
    Alex Brown Day ago

    Trumpppppp 2020!!!!

  • Adam F
    Adam F Day ago

    I can't believe what these people say to get elected... Trump was a straight shooter though... and he was right... people are too politically correct. I am overwhelmingly happy Hillary was not president.

  • Tamara Wagner
    Tamara Wagner Day ago +1

    They screwed Bernie they screwed themselves. They have a chance now. Did they learn? Doubtful.

    • Steve
      Steve 18 hours ago

      Tamara Wagner lol of course they will screw Bernie over again

  • Samuel Gates
    Samuel Gates Day ago

    I just realized I never bothered to learn who Hillarys potential VP was
    glad it never mattered

    • 104thDIVTimberwolf
      104thDIVTimberwolf 5 hours ago

      Kaine and Unable: The Worst Ticket ever fielded be any party in all of US History.

  • youtubing182
    youtubing182 Day ago

    47:06 be ward. this is the most gruesome train accident I've ever witnessed. This will likely results in bankrupting and moving. We can play in prison with the frisbee.

  • Israel out of Palestine

    Half the country knows Hillary is a Criminal.
    The other half doesn't internet search who they vote for...
    Many people were not surprised she lost.
    Bill Clinton is a rapist ๐Ÿ‘

    GIIBZ C Day ago

    I need a shirt of Jeff bush, saying "I smoked marijuana"

  • dbergerac
    dbergerac Day ago

    "I have decided not to respond", followed by response.

  • Humble one
    Humble one Day ago

    He cheated and lied. And gave putin what he wanted in exchange for the keys to our could see it in Helsinki he cowered to him...trump is compromised and a weak subspecies of human.

    • 104thDIVTimberwolf
      104thDIVTimberwolf 4 hours ago

      Congratulations for posting the dumbest, least honest comment on TheXvid.
      The Trump campaign received exactly $0.00 from Russia and HillWary took $147 million THAT WE KN0W OF from them for her "pay to play" scam. What do you want to bet that they want their money back?

  • Jubeidono2012
    Jubeidono2012 Day ago

    Media, Academia, and Hollywood. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  • Coded lulu
    Coded lulu Day ago +1


  • issaciams
    issaciams Day ago +1

    Trump is the biggest moron of a president we have ever had. Really shows the character of the Americans who still support him to this day.

  • Joshua Ransom
    Joshua Ransom Day ago

    Hole up bro November 39th!? 2:39

  • Keith Gurley
    Keith Gurley Day ago

    i love trump i do, but i like rand as well. both great Americans.

  • Kim Hall
    Kim Hall Day ago

    Hillary sucks!!!!! She is a criminal and thank you are wonderful Lord above for Donald J Trump our duly elected President!! God bless you, your family and your Administration and God bless America!!!!!

  • stryder619
    stryder619 Day ago

    It's crazy watching this. He had the election cycle under his thumb early. TThe debates on both sides were talking about him like he had already won.

    • FortuneFaded123
      FortuneFaded123 Day ago

      He got the absolute shit kicked out of him in the debates..

      In case you forgot, this is his actual answer to a question:

      WALLACE: Mr. Trump, same question. If we are able to push ISIS out of Mosul and out of Iraq, will -- would you be willing to put U.S. troops in there to prevent their return or something else?

      TRUMP: Let me tell you, Mosul is so sad. We had Mosul. But when she left, when she took everybody out, we lost Mosul. Now we're fighting again to get Mosul. The problem with Mosul and what they wanted to do is they wanted to get the leaders of ISIS who they felt were in Mosul.

      About three months ago, I started reading that they want to get the leaders and they're going to attack Mosul. Whatever happened to the element of surprise, OK? We announce we're going after Mosul. I have been reading about going after Mosul now for about -- how long is it, Hillary, three months? These people have all left. They've all left.

      The element of surprise. Douglas MacArthur, George Patton spinning in their graves when they see the stupidity of our country. So we're now fighting for Mosul, that we had. All she had to do was stay there, and now we're going in to get it.

      But you know who the big winner in Mosul is going to be after we eventually get it? And the only reason they did it is because she's running for the office of president and they want to look tough. They want to look good. He violated the red line in the sand, and he made so many mistakes, made all the mistakes. That's why we have the great migration. But she wanted to look good for the election. So they're going in.

      But who's going to get Mosul, really? We'll take Mosul eventually. But the way -- if you look at what's happening, much tougher than they thought. Much, much tougher. Much more dangerous. Going to be more deaths that they thought.

      But the leaders that we wanted to get are all gone because they're smart. They say, what do we need this for? So Mosul is going to be a wonderful thing. And Iran should write us a letter of thank you, just like the really stupid -- the stupidest deal of all time, a deal that's going to give Iran absolutely nuclear weapons. Iran should write us yet another letter saying thank you very much, because Iran, as I said many years ago, Iran is taking over Iraq, something they've wanted to do forever, but we've made it so easy for them.

      So we're now going to take Mosul. And do you know who's going to be the beneficiary? Iran. Oh, yeah, they're making -- I mean, they are outsmarting -- look, you're not there, you might be involved in that decision. But you were there when you took everybody out of Mosul and out of Iraq. You shouldn't have been in Iraq, but you did vote for it. You shouldn't have been in Iraq, but once you were in Iraq, you should have never left the way.

  • kathleen keller
    kathleen keller Day ago

    ๐Ÿš‚๐Ÿš‚๐Ÿš‚๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Trump train 2020!!!!

  • Jacob Ryon
    Jacob Ryon Day ago

    Anyone here in 2019!!! TRUMP 2020

  • Dennis Pfeifer
    Dennis Pfeifer Day ago

    Bernie has a point. Knowlingly selling guns to criminals is aiding and abbetting the criminal and should be prosecuted. Then, Eric Holder needs to be arrested for knowlingly selling American made guns to the Mexican drug cartels that killed over 5,000 people in Mexico via the Fast and Furious program. He was going to blame the deaths on law abiding Americans, and the gun lobby, but got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

  •  Day ago

    Guys. Any democratic party are a bunch of liar's and will never do anything.

  •  Day ago

    If Bernie can't beat Clinton. How the hell does he think he's going to beat Trump? LMFAO.

  •  Day ago

    Trump will go down as the best president ever.

  •  Day ago

    Bernie just talked in 3rd person?. LMAO.

  • Will Dragon
    Will Dragon Day ago

    TRUMP 2020

  • Throden Day
    Throden Day Day ago

    If you can't tell the "grab em by the pussy" isnt sarcasm and a joke at best.... something is wrong with you xD

  • Ik maak je kapot xxx

    All credits to Roger Stone!

  • Trespassing Into The Wild


  • Alessandro B10
    Alessandro B10 Day ago +1

    So what kind of news source do you guys use?

  • Neflyte
    Neflyte Day ago


    • FortuneFaded123
      FortuneFaded123 Day ago

      Remember when he convinced you that she was guilty? lol

  • Mas M
    Mas M Day ago

    Russian Puppet

  • I find this to be interesting Jarp, jurp jup jup

    He won because he had run

  • Mr. Carrera 911
    Mr. Carrera 911 2 days ago

    Bill Clintons face! Wow!

  • Sarge Forward
    Sarge Forward 2 days ago

    That Hillary cackle lost it for her.

  • Mr. Carrera 911
    Mr. Carrera 911 2 days ago

    Adolf 2

  • Jimothy McGiggles
    Jimothy McGiggles 2 days ago

    I am assuming Honors English 9 is High School? Man, this is well done. I wouldn't pass HS in today's world hahaha 20 years ago we didn't have this technology lol Were still doing hand-written essays. All the best to ya'

  • Lewis Michael Howard

    This victory will NEVER get old.

  • Ron Helton
    Ron Helton 2 days ago

    Identity politics and political correctness LOST the election.
    Hillary was a terrible candidate who is untrustworthy but because she is a "woman" they pushed to elect her on that basis.

  • Wittmann73
    Wittmann73 2 days ago

    Hillarys laugh can give you nightmares ...

  • Jay P
    Jay P 2 days ago

    2:40 November 39th? hmm....

  • afrobear2310
    afrobear2310 2 days ago +1

    the thumbnail to this video looks like Clinton and Trump are both singing a duet (probably islands in the stream) hahaha.

  • Max Waller
    Max Waller 2 days ago +1

    Hillary Rotten Clinton oops Hillary Diane Clinton was an awful candidate

  • brandon christino
    brandon christino 2 days ago

    Did anybody else see that around the 2:45 mark November 39th???

  • jcyt0511
    jcyt0511 2 days ago

    She's reading her comments.

  • The Green Pill Mindset

    *Here is how Trump won the 2016 election:*
    FBI Director James Comey handed it to him.
    *THE END*
    Hope you enjoyed the fuckin' show, bitches...

  • Cole Baer
    Cole Baer 2 days ago

    Actions speak louder than words, been thinking about that lately

  • Alex Friedman
    Alex Friedman 2 days ago +5

    They are all bastards... but I like Trump 20 X more than anyone else who ran. So glad Billary did not win. We would be at war by now not joking.

  • Deborra Strom
    Deborra Strom 2 days ago

    Look how red in the face Trump gets at Jeb when calling his family out on the wars???? That's a man who knows more than the people and is not afraid of the Clinton or Bush cartels.

  • toob maniac
    toob maniac 2 days ago

    Uugghh i can't watch this !! Hearing the voice of that rancid demon Hillary Clinton makes me nauseous !

  • The Death of Logic
    The Death of Logic 2 days ago +1

    Build the wall-make Antifa and the cartel do the labor

  • Deborra Strom
    Deborra Strom 2 days ago

    Norweigins hate their socialist society..I am a Norwegian and an American just ask the Norwegian why they dont like it, Bernie???!!!

  • The Death of Logic
    The Death of Logic 2 days ago

    Best President of my lifetime!!

  • The Death of Logic
    The Death of Logic 2 days ago +4

    Donald Trump is my president!!!
    (Heโ€™s also the democrats president too lol๐Ÿ˜œ-God theyโ€™re a lousy lot arenโ€™t they).

  • Marcus Henning
    Marcus Henning 2 days ago

    Hmmm, Trumps domestic plans will lead to a recession ey? Looks like they got that one wrong