The Voice 2018 Blind Audition - Jorge Eduardo: "Despacito"

  • Published on Mar 6, 2018
  • Jorge Eduardo sings Luis Fonsi feat. Daddy Yankee's "Despacito" during his blind audition.
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    The Voice 2018 Blind Audition - Jorge Eduardo: "Despacito"
    The Voice
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Comments • 2 151

  • Hiro Despacito
    Hiro Despacito 6 days ago +1

    Nice song

  • MariFe10 Night
    MariFe10 Night 9 days ago

    He is so cute and talented

  • Tim Dobos
    Tim Dobos 10 days ago

    Köszönöm, de én jobban kedvelem Luis Fonsi eredeti változatát. Thank you but my better for likes original version by Luis Fonsi

  • Mr Someone
    Mr Someone 13 days ago

    He sang amazing and all... but anyone got his insta? 😅😂

  • Vidhaan Gujjar
    Vidhaan Gujjar 22 days ago

    this is the best despacito cover i have ever listened..😊

  • lazy_potato gacha fan
    lazy_potato gacha fan 23 days ago

    You they stupid not to turn

  • xxxSinister
    xxxSinister 25 days ago

    Posted... ON MY BDAY

  • ВЕСЁЛЫЙ Человечек


  • Super Man
    Super Man 29 days ago +1

    I love you

  • Dave A
    Dave A Month ago +1

    Fat white girls that can't dance love this song

  • Gia Nguyen
    Gia Nguyen Month ago +1

    * Kelly :Y’all are dumb *
    * Me :wat *

  • trinity cruz
    trinity cruz Month ago +1


  • Ivandrea Ollero
    Ivandrea Ollero Month ago

    Kelly is such a cutie pie 😂

  • Aruba Nabil
    Aruba Nabil Month ago

    Wow l love his voice l would turn

  • JFomo
    JFomo Month ago

    Is that Melissa McCarthy?

  • Erin Tilley
    Erin Tilley Month ago

    It such a hard song to sing I remember on the Australian version of the Voice a guy did and the coaches asked does he speak Spanish and he said no he was really good so good on this guy for doing this song

  • Erin Tilley
    Erin Tilley Month ago

    I love Kelly Clarkson

  • gato conbotas
    gato conbotas Month ago

    Cada vez que canta un latino o en español pareciera q esta prohibido integrarlo no entiendo es evidente el talento de este man.. obviamente se destacaria mas un tema en ingles...

  • Johnathon Redinski
    Johnathon Redinski Month ago

    Yall are dumb lol

  • Boom Bam Bippity Bop

    0:04 Don't turn your chair around just because it's Despacito

  • Eida Khumar
    Eida Khumar Month ago

    I like killy to much

  • Joshua Bush
    Joshua Bush Month ago

    They dumb

  • Michael Stock
    Michael Stock Month ago

    Very very good cover, excellent voice

  • DieTrying_2016
    DieTrying_2016 Month ago

    He sounded so good

  • Ociana Harmer
    Ociana Harmer Month ago

    Why didn’t they turn wth

  • Natalia Marquetti
    Natalia Marquetti Month ago

    oh my god kelly stop screaming. she was fun at the beginning but now it seems like she wants to be in the spotlight all the time and it's getting cringeworthy

  • عبدالله الكويتي

    What do you want more than hot boy with an amazing voice

  • W1ldorch1d
    W1ldorch1d 2 months ago

    Problem is he sounds too much like the original singer... Nonetheless, he did and awesome job! 👏🏼

    K NAWAZ ALI KHAN 2 months ago

    cool song

  • Hemant Tiwari
    Hemant Tiwari 2 months ago

    This guy should be in place of LOUIS FONSI
    I wonder then DESPACITO would have reached 7B views: WORLD'S POPULATION

  • xo_ash
    xo_ash 2 months ago

    0:40 “y’all are dumb” 😂😂

  • Sarah Ghodeswar
    Sarah Ghodeswar 2 months ago

    Love him!

  • ayee_yeet 123
    ayee_yeet 123 2 months ago

    Yasssss despacito

  • arlo247
    arlo247 2 months ago

    He has an amazing voice!!!!!!!!! Cannot believe they all fuckin didn't turn around!! Crazy!!

  • christpoher lazcano
    christpoher lazcano 2 months ago

    Canta super bonito si yo fuera el jurado al tira a pretaria el boton

  • Aníbal beer
    Aníbal beer 2 months ago


  • Aiko Langot
    Aiko Langot 2 months ago

    Love u Kelly ❤️💯😘👍🎉

  • Logan Phillips
    Logan Phillips 2 months ago +1

    That nose

  • bailey flynn
    bailey flynn 2 months ago

    take a shot every time kelly says "yessssss"

  • R Kraus
    R Kraus 2 months ago

    Kelly is every drunk girl at every party.

  • Danitza La Rosa
    Danitza La Rosa 2 months ago

    Muy bien con el español

  • جوكر كلاش
    جوكر كلاش 2 months ago


  • Dxxx GeV
    Dxxx GeV 2 months ago

    He look like Mark doner

  • Karim Spahi
    Karim Spahi 2 months ago

    Great cover !

  • Miguel A
    Miguel A 2 months ago

    Quiero ver bailar tu peloo?, hahaha se equivocó

  • Jess Montenegro
    Jess Montenegro 2 months ago +1

    Omg Kelly's reaction is everything 😍 the latinos love u girl❤❤❤❤

  • Pandora Lea
    Pandora Lea 2 months ago

    Kelly solo volteo por la cancion porque el no canta

  • Omar Pizarro
    Omar Pizarro 2 months ago

    Waooooooo que orgullo como latino al escuchar este tema todo un continente
    Saludos desde ECUADOR

  • Lari barbosa
    Lari barbosa 2 months ago

    Que vozzzzzzz😍😍🙆🙊

  • Vista K
    Vista K 3 months ago +1

    hahahaha 😂😂😂 I´m still loving & laughing with Kelly no matter how many times I watched this video. Love yaaaa Kelly 😍😍

  • Maria Pia
    Maria Pia 3 months ago +1

    I feel like they didn't turn around cause it was Spanish

  • Maria Pia
    Maria Pia 3 months ago


  • Andy Adams
    Andy Adams 3 months ago +1

    Kelly is amazing

  • Danella Natia
    Danella Natia 3 months ago


  • Parsa Shojaei
    Parsa Shojaei 3 months ago

    Kelly 😂😂

  • yarince chow
    yarince chow 3 months ago

    Odio está canción >:l

  • Josip 7
    Josip 7 3 months ago +1

    Despacito - B-tech Danza kuduro

    *SLAYED* *QUEEN* 4 months ago +3

    Latina here! 🙋‍♀️
    Let me say, for his pronunciation was okay in the beginning, but it got better going in.
    I know every part of this song 😂

  • Chopel Bhutia
    Chopel Bhutia 4 months ago

    Seems like kelly is keen on burning calories at all possible chances.

  • Chloe Chloe
    Chloe Chloe 4 months ago +1

    Kelly turned only 4 seconds in the song

  • Chayanka Kaushik
    Chayanka Kaushik 4 months ago +1

    If Kelly wasn't a judge, this talented singer would have gone home. The other judges only like songs of their type which is unfair when you're supposed to judge on the basis of singing skills. #JusticeServed. #ThanksKelly.

  • Crazy bts fangirl from India!!!

    Here we go ............voice from heaven!!!!😍😍😍

  • MsBkene
    MsBkene 4 months ago

    he has rhythm

  • Linda Varghese
    Linda Varghese 4 months ago


  • Den
    Den 4 months ago

    I'm only here for kelly

  • Megan Rincon
    Megan Rincon 4 months ago

    I think the judges just like the song despacito because on the voice Australia Joe Jonas turned around so fast too 😂😂

  • mimi mimi
    mimi mimi 4 months ago


  • Brian Ng
    Brian Ng 4 months ago

    He's good, but I don't appreciate the fact that Kelly turned immediately because she just LIKED the song.

  • Surya Salim
    Surya Salim 4 months ago

    Shake it like you make it Kelly😁

  • Rizwana Bhukoo
    Rizwana Bhukoo 4 months ago

    Good !!! 😎🎸

  • Mugala Magoro
    Mugala Magoro 4 months ago

    That women was VERY annoying.

  • Connor Wolfe
    Connor Wolfe 4 months ago

    Kelly Clarkson is so damn annoying

  • Ayah Al Azzawi
    Ayah Al Azzawi 4 months ago

    I know i am just gonna sing despacito and get kellys 1 secound turn😂😂😂😂😂

  • Md Nozrul
    Md Nozrul 5 months ago


  • Fshsbdhh Shshdhdhd
    Fshsbdhh Shshdhdhd 5 months ago

    Kelly was the only one who turned around

  • Lol hun
    Lol hun 5 months ago +1

    He sounded so much like the original! 💗

  • Hightech gamer
    Hightech gamer 5 months ago

    1:17 is best

  • basil al sadi
    basil al sadi 5 months ago

    I don't blame the judges. I've realized this, don't sing a fairly new song - it won't get you chairs. Besides, he was off for half the song. He was just not worth saving a seat for. Another thing, don't sing Latin. I know, I know, but none of the judges are prepared for a full set of Latin songs if that's what the contestant had in mind. They won't risk a chair for a person who they don't how he'll fair with other genres of English music. Song choice is important people.

  • Cat Cat
    Cat Cat 5 months ago

    Kelly is so cute, i still remember that night when I was watching this... 🤩😆

  • Azhar H.saji
    Azhar H.saji 5 months ago


  • ComicPhreak
    ComicPhreak 5 months ago

    Why are there so many dislikes for the Latin singers? Here and Johnny's audition? They sounded great!

  • gatorred789
    gatorred789 5 months ago

    A white girl presses the button just bc she hears this song. Doesn't know what the lyrics mean. Lol

  • យ៉ង់ ដាវីន

    Please tell me! I don't sing.

  • kalu Lama
    kalu Lama 5 months ago


  • Huda Imran
    Huda Imran 5 months ago

    Kelly's so dumb she just turned bc she likes the song what an idiot the guy was pathetic thank God the other judges are smart and didn't turn and honestly in the end you can tell from Kelly's face and the fact she told the other judges "y'all are dumb" that she realised her mistake of turning around bc the guy sucked and like if she liked the guy so much why would she say "y'all are dumb" to the judges if she liked him so much she would have wanted the judges to not turn so she could keep the guy for herself she's so pathetic and stupid its not even funny thank God she's not coming for any more seasons

  • Kalvalena Fountain
    Kalvalena Fountain 5 months ago

    Jelly is me

  • Manch Manch
    Manch Manch 5 months ago

    Парня жалка😟

  • eYeKeepsitReal
    eYeKeepsitReal 5 months ago

    Kelly Clarkson's favorite food truck has a horn that plays "Despacito". No matter where she is or what she is currently doing, her chair will always turn to that song. This is almost always immediately followed by dancing like Peter Griffin from the Family Guy.

  • GiGi Daniels Joanna G.
    GiGi Daniels Joanna G. 5 months ago

    You ruined my song! #LuisFonsi you know this phrasing I know I screamed it at you enough in my car. Joanna G.

  • D Bulc
    D Bulc 5 months ago

    Kelly was definitely wet over him. How could you blame her though? Lol 😁

  • Alif Ali
    Alif Ali 6 months ago

    He's voice isn't that nice...The song is cool , I mean anyone can jam to it. But his voice wasn't good enough

  • Travis Cummings
    Travis Cummings 6 months ago

    Honestly, Kelly had the same reaction my aunt would have if she heard her favorite song at a party 😂😂😂

  • Rujdi Rudi
    Rujdi Rudi 6 months ago

    very nice beat .please for this original cover who is ?

    • Lance Smith
      Lance Smith 6 months ago

      Rujdi Rudi Luis fonsi and daddy yankee

  • Weronika Lasko
    Weronika Lasko 6 months ago

    Lepiej niż Luis Fonsi 💗❤💪

  • Raghav Marwaha
    Raghav Marwaha 6 months ago

    Awwwsome bro

  • R Kraus
    R Kraus 6 months ago

    She just wanted to dance. That’s the only reason she turned around.

  • Milianis Oreng
    Milianis Oreng 6 months ago

    Puerto Rico Baby💕💕💕

  • Sheetal Ramdhany
    Sheetal Ramdhany 6 months ago

    Jorge i love u

  • rellie rellz
    rellie rellz 6 months ago

    Why tf at least one other judges didn't turn around for him they just sitting over there dancing