Youtube Feud w/Felix

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
  • Mr.Oopsie Man and I play our own game and forget how to record a video
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  • Luchiini
    Luchiini 2 hours ago +1

    This just really reeks of 2016.
    And that's a good thing.

  • Ethan Hughen
    Ethan Hughen 4 hours ago

    jack is with Felix for like 7 minuets and he already starts to talk like pewds

  • NotSoFunny NSF
    NotSoFunny NSF 5 hours ago


  • Chloe Kane
    Chloe Kane 7 hours ago

    You should do these types of videos more !!!

  • DJWolfy
    DJWolfy 8 hours ago

    Im over 170 and 12 years old. How tall will i be ?

  • Megit Tech
    Megit Tech 11 hours ago +1

    pewds look so pretty in jacks camera

  • Flyingdutchman
    Flyingdutchman 14 hours ago

    You 2 should learn to accept that you're fuckin short, have some respect for those above 185

  • Hedge _ Hack
    Hedge _ Hack 15 hours ago

    That Felix guy is really funny he should start youtube

  • Letisha Owen
    Letisha Owen 15 hours ago

    Who remembers when sean complained about not being able to grow a beard
    Look how far the butt fluff has gone

  • Parisa Dai
    Parisa Dai 21 hour ago

    it's so weird that in the end Felix
    Felix: Now subscribe to Jacksepticeye and not to me.

  • cat financial
    cat financial 21 hour ago


  • Lakeistay
    Lakeistay Day ago

    6:45 the closest we'll get to a holy trinity content

  • ADG Gaming
    ADG Gaming Day ago

    When ur American and trying to figure out y they are 1.81 and 1.78 because metric system makes no sense to an American. 😐😐

  • 3pointer master
    3pointer master Day ago

    You remind me of me and my freind

  • Jessica Breithaupt

    I am 160 cm

  • Doc Fox
    Doc Fox Day ago

    I’m taller than jack

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana Day ago +1

    *Clicks on Video*
    -Sees h3-
    *Clicks Out*
    Me: Mood!

  • Mia the Trashy Gacha Tuber

    Have You Played “Can My Pet”? If not, You should totally play it!

  • shoshana yarmus
    shoshana yarmus Day ago

    Pewds and Jack being a married couple for 13 minutes and 43 seconds straight...

  • LEGO lives Matter

    Coke is ass

  • Jenny Sao
    Jenny Sao Day ago

    When the OGs react to themselves without or without a coke sponsorship

  • more espresso less depresso

    I'll dye my hair purple if you dye yours green

  • Coldbody 117
    Coldbody 117 Day ago

    50% of these people are watching because Felix is in this

  • smnthiha
    smnthiha Day ago +2

    Jackaboi: we're going to do youtub-
    *Pewds interrupts*

  • kizzy kun Kai
    kizzy kun Kai Day ago +1

    JACK: maybe we could get a spray tans

  • Skeet Round
    Skeet Round Day ago

    Did you here about the book I'm reading? Its about Antigravity, I can't seem to put it down.

  • Wildfirevivi
    Wildfirevivi Day ago

    Awww Felix looks so kawaii in this video

  • Lisa Dooley
    Lisa Dooley Day ago

    Pewdipie you’re gonna have a new subscriber ME

  • bricknee owo
    bricknee owo Day ago

    pewds always gets hate for his camera Lamodod

  • Unnamed Dolic
    Unnamed Dolic Day ago

    I'm only 5 3 :C (160.02 cm) dangg wtf

  • Gagerage12
    Gagerage12 Day ago

    Can pewds cross a bridge...without saying the n word

  • Oddboy Games
    Oddboy Games Day ago

    U could have just clickbaited felix

  • Glitched :/
    Glitched :/ Day ago

    Lol poor robin 😅

  • Alessandro Fowler

    I'm 2.02 m, I'm abnormal 😒

  • insecticon skrapnel

    That's when their friendship ended
    Also please translate

  • moonchild. ☾
    moonchild. ☾ Day ago

    I don’t know what happened in this video but it was highly entertaining

  • Emily
    Emily Day ago

    8:22 we see where robin’s loyalties lie

  • CelestialSushi
    CelestialSushi Day ago +1

    Sean: This is WAY too much editing.
    Robin: *backs the screen out to show all the editing for THIS video* XD

  • Kiseki Ookami
    Kiseki Ookami 2 days ago +1

    The bromance energy in this video is insanely high

  • The BTS Fan
    The BTS Fan 2 days ago

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  • Jellyfish The great
    Jellyfish The great 2 days ago

    Anyone know what the swedish word at 7:40 means?

  • Ibrahim Waleed
    Ibrahim Waleed 2 days ago


  • Camilla Kaplan
    Camilla Kaplan 2 days ago

    “youtube feud” turns into two men looking up their own feet pics on wikifeet

  • Shury
    Shury 2 days ago

    Cola is totally shit

  • MapleCactus
    MapleCactus 2 days ago

    Im only 5'2 😅😭

  • SpacemanNV
    SpacemanNV 2 days ago +1

    I think I have a pet named steve.

  • Legendary Pineapple
    Legendary Pineapple 2 days ago

    shout out to robin for actually putting a sink in the background

  • Ruqixx
    Ruqixx 2 days ago

    I didn’t know jack started stretching his ears again.

  • JC
    JC 2 days ago

    Oh, so you guys actually aren't _that_ tall! I thought you all were around 180 cm! (Not that I am taller than you, or that it isn't tall compared to some parts of the worlds standards.)

  • the one above all Requiem

    Two guys with European accents, just a Dutch guy and they can walk into a bar

  • Pigeo Nito
    Pigeo Nito 2 days ago


  • Gustav Møberg Pedersen B-5A Kirstinebjergskolen, Bøgeskovvej

    omg its nice to see pewds 1080 p

  • Adaria Prater
    Adaria Prater 2 days ago


  • *Guardian Angel*
    *Guardian Angel* 3 days ago

    It’s not gay it’s bromance

  • Candy Trash
    Candy Trash 3 days ago

    Why is this video so precious and heartwarming?

  • I Don't Know DK
    I Don't Know DK 3 days ago

    Pretty cool. Denmark, Norway and Iceland is bitch

  • Kubi
    Kubi 3 days ago


  • Manawa Davidson
    Manawa Davidson 3 days ago

    ligit jack roasting felix for 13 mins😂😂😂

  • chris Boyy
    chris Boyy 3 days ago

    Original does mean good

  • A Typical Swede
    A Typical Swede 3 days ago

    Jack: worst internet connection
    Felix: worst camera quality
    Perfectly balanced as all things should be.

  • foxyplier andmore
    foxyplier andmore 3 days ago

    Greatest intro ever

  • willekool
    willekool 3 days ago

    You guys should search for "how tall is bowser"

  • Tobias Harper
    Tobias Harper 3 days ago

    They say bruh just as much as my friend and I😂

  • TheRealBaldi
    TheRealBaldi 4 days ago +1

    Jack you forgot the intro

  • Josie61935
    Josie61935 4 days ago

    BUt honestly Sean playing facade would be hilarious-

  • Maddee
    Maddee 4 days ago

    i keep coming back to this video solely for this moment at 1:30. the sound effect just kills me.

  • Bazoo Kakid22
    Bazoo Kakid22 4 days ago


    Is Morgz here

  • Yeetus Maximus
    Yeetus Maximus 4 days ago

    wow we can actually see pewds

  • Xx Song Bird xX
    Xx Song Bird xX 4 days ago

    Greatest video in my existence

  • Hayden Mikelle
    Hayden Mikelle 4 days ago

    Yes, us ohio people n e e d to know how tall our lord and savior is

  • Gemma Wyatt
    Gemma Wyatt 4 days ago +1

    *i felt your ear on my head*

  • Kevin Pavone
    Kevin Pavone 4 days ago

    They look like a gay couple

  • zhyar Jasim
    zhyar Jasim 4 days ago

    Felix : *I am always in bad quality*

  • x SoccerSkiLLzz
    x SoccerSkiLLzz 4 days ago

    Bruh I’m 6’0 so I’m waaaaaay taller than both of you😂

  • Isabella Cant
    Isabella Cant 4 days ago +1

    I’m 14 and taller than Lele Pons

  • andru gaming124
    andru gaming124 4 days ago

    Felix: why did we become eastern europeans
    Niko bellic: life is complicated
    Btw in gta 4 are a lot of irish characters

  • Sourpuddis
    Sourpuddis 4 days ago

    It's like they met for the first time

  • gogo mation
    gogo mation 4 days ago

    when two collab
    The community shall
    Collaborate as well

  • Phantom Soldiers
    Phantom Soldiers 4 days ago

    why is felix in 144p but Jack is in 1080p?

  • Emely Silva
    Emely Silva 5 days ago

    Can we please have more videos of you guys just eating shit 😂😂
    I can't stop laughing lol

  • Emely Silva
    Emely Silva 5 days ago

    Can we please have more videos of you guys just eating shit 😂😂

  • So basically I draw
    So basically I draw 5 days ago

    Pause at 9:08 and on the second video subscribe to him

  • Riley Butcher
    Riley Butcher 5 days ago

    The very start looks like that ending in yandere simulator where you befriend your rival

  • Alissa MajorPain
    Alissa MajorPain 5 days ago +2

    I swear every video, I'm just waiting for Robin to cry for help🤣 with secret text

  • Epic Doge
    Epic Doge 5 days ago

    " I'm not a furry *on camera* "

  • foxák
    foxák 5 days ago +2

    3:59 i am a furry...who is furry leave like i hope in not the only furry here;D

  • anna c
    anna c 5 days ago

    Felix looks soooo good in this vid is it just me

  • Leo Awesome
    Leo Awesome 5 days ago

    Too many ads

  • Subsidian
    Subsidian 5 days ago

    jack looks like the bad guy from watch dogs 2 in this video

  • Kyleigh Conroy
    Kyleigh Conroy 5 days ago

    1:37 True bromance XD {jk don’t hate}

  • Emily Rose
    Emily Rose 5 days ago +1

    What was the word Jack was calling Pewds in Swedish???

  • RollingBoomerz 23
    RollingBoomerz 23 5 days ago

    Im 13 and taller than both of them 😂

  • Eliothebeast
    Eliothebeast 5 days ago


  • Ana Gasperov
    Ana Gasperov 5 days ago

    how is pewds 181 cm if he doesnt have legs?
    update: even worse 12:49

  • nemepeep
    nemepeep 5 days ago

    *s n a p p y*

  • Jolly Hotdog
    Jolly Hotdog 5 days ago

    I come back to this video to hear pewds say non christian words

  • EnzoGaming
    EnzoGaming 5 days ago +1

    Finnally your with felix again

  • ghostguy 666
    ghostguy 666 5 days ago +1

    9:06 beanie boi?

  • Sya Sya
    Sya Sya 5 days ago

    The lens won't focus on both of them at same time 😂😂😂

  • luis menjivar
    luis menjivar 5 days ago

    Mr pie suck