Why Only 1 Gram Of This Material Is Worth $25 Billion Dollars

  • Published on Oct 12, 2017
  • There is a math error at 2:35 in this video. It would actually take around 9 years to reach the nearest other star to Earth at 50% the speed of light, not 2. Please ignore what I say there in this video :)
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    Special Thanks to CERN for providing video footage, which can be found here: cds.cern.ch/record/2020780
    NASA papers referenced in the video:

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  • dumbeh
    dumbeh Year ago +1973

    “antimatter bullet” is THE most sci fi thing I have ever heard of

    • G Sici
      G Sici 17 days ago

      No, it could not

    • Koko Tree
      Koko Tree Month ago

      @areyouundoingthat orwhat? true

    • Koko Tree
      Koko Tree Month ago

      @Galaxyz ツif you think that’s easy to make then go and show those scientists how it’s done

    • GroggyAcorn
      GroggyAcorn Month ago +1

      @SotaVeturi that wasn't the point 🤦

    • areyouundoingthat orwhat?
      areyouundoingthat orwhat? Month ago

      @Koko Tree History has proven that when it comes to weapons advancement,never say never! Nothing pushes the progress of technology like mankind's desire for possessing a military 'edge' over his enemy..Besides look at some of the stuff we have now that was unheard of just 20 years ago,given the current state of gadgetry available just to the civilian world and seeing what private corporations are doing with robotics etc. You can only imagine some of the scary shit being developed behind closed doors with seemingly unlimited resources.

  • Ren4issance -
    Ren4issance - Year ago +1500

    **Scientist trips carrying a gram of anti-matter**
    “What was that?”
    “Switzerland I think.”

    • Mofizul Islam Azad
      Mofizul Islam Azad 4 months ago

      Can someone explain this

    • S V
      S V 7 months ago

      @Hyper Endgame Ah yes, how did I not get this smh

    • Swampy mender
      Swampy mender 7 months ago

      @S V what

    • S V
      S V 8 months ago +2

      @Jeevanops It means that Switzerland got destroyed by the one gram of antimatter.

    • S V
      S V 10 months ago +4

      This deserves more likes

  • Joshua Patrick
    Joshua Patrick Year ago +2322

    I love how humanity’s first thought is to weaponize it.

    • F
      F Month ago

      @AlphaWolfTen ! do you realize that if we use antimatter with present-day tech there is a very high chance it would be super dangerous

    • F
      F Month ago

      @R0ya1tyClan. and the amount of people who asked is 0.

    • F
      F Month ago

      @That Egyptian Guy wtf

    • Brandon Villatuya
      Brandon Villatuya 2 months ago

      Humanity is just trying to defend humanity from humanity

  • Jacob Klein
    Jacob Klein 11 months ago +125

    The bullet would interact with the air and annihilate. You would have to put the antimatter into some kind of capsule that would crush on impact.

    • 4G1rl
      4G1rl 7 months ago

      @My name is not jeff • 35 years ago yeah

    • Nicholas Ryan
      Nicholas Ryan 9 months ago

      @AndrewWithEase11 11 you're* clearly not one.

  • Sanamana _
    Sanamana _ 10 months ago +82

    To store antimatter we would have to create an artificial vacuum like space in a container that somehow keeps the antimatter floating at the center

    • M P
      M P Month ago +1

      @Status VA
      That’s what Vaccum means.
      But holding the anti-protons and positrons are problematic.

    • Owens CREATivE
      Owens CREATivE 3 months ago +1

      Yes sir

    • plimplom
      plimplom 4 months ago +1

      Just use a vacuum sealer… duh

    • Lol Jay
      Lol Jay 4 months ago +1

      Spin and vacuum chamber

  • Shisui Uchiha
    Shisui Uchiha Year ago +1058

    Rick Harrison: 3 dollars and I'm taking a massive risk here.

    • Nick Kanaris
      Nick Kanaris 3 months ago

      Small market

    • Nick Kanaris
      Nick Kanaris 3 months ago


    • Steven Welmar
      Steven Welmar 4 months ago +1

      Can I call me friend real quick.... r"ick you've found the rarest most expensive thing ever"... Im thinking 500 bucks

    • Mad Funny Commenter
      Mad Funny Commenter 7 months ago

      I think I found who joe was

  • JoelCrafter43
    JoelCrafter43 11 months ago +36

    Damn I had no idea antimatter was actually confirmed to exist.

  • Rydo
    Rydo Year ago +755

    RLL: “Cocaine is $300 per gram”
    *This man aint been round the corner before has he?*

    • Nytrouz
      Nytrouz 3 months ago

      It's like 50 bucks over here lol

    • Rydo
      Rydo 3 months ago +1

      what the fuck are these replies

    • Rob
      Rob 4 months ago

      His weed must be 75 for a 1/8 lmao

  • Sir, yes Sir!
    Sir, yes Sir! 2 years ago +1977

    Villager: I give you 3 Books for one Antimatter.

    • El gato animations᯾
      El gato animations᯾ 7 months ago


    • Jintana Rawdsukumaal
      Jintana Rawdsukumaal 7 months ago

      bad deal

    • Adrian Calma
      Adrian Calma Year ago

      If that Were true if theres antimatter in minecraft and only way to get this for 3 books for 1 gram nope not doing it. If I were you id prob code the game to give me a lifetime supply of antimatter for what cost hmm let me think lets see ohh have about one dirt and a 99999999% chance of a villager trying to trade you with this and if for example in different biomes with a small chance of dirt supply i would prob code it to what ever block it is in the biome you walk in for ex desert instead of one dirt its one sand

    • Alexandru Tănase
      Alexandru Tănase Year ago

      Me: *creative* *drops it on the ground*

  • Hmong Pepper
    Hmong Pepper Year ago +276

    Me: talks to girl
    Girl: *runs away*
    Me: You know, I guess I am something of a *Anti Matter* myself

  • damir
    damir Year ago +10

    Imagine in another galaxy or universe it’s the same exact video as this just about our regular matter

  • Sunrise Is a Show
    Sunrise Is a Show 2 years ago +20

    Okay so a few things need to be clarified, to store it is actually easier in theory than in practice, but it still is relatively easy we just need currenting vacum (vacum that changes density), to produce it faster is actually the HARDER thing not the easier like the guy said in the video, we somehow need to get far better in changing electron and proton sizes after that we pretty much did it, you just reverse matter (they are doing that rifht now, but they need to find matter of the correct size) and adjust the size, as for how we use the anti matter is actually easier, you make a container of aerogel (really low density) and hold the anti matter inside. (Inside is clear vacum of course) Thats for transporting it while for using it you need to just crush a even a slightest bit of the container. Boom thats it, but we do not have the techonology to make currenting vacum and we cant change size of anything nor any scientist is trying to develop such a machine (not that its possible with our current knowledge and techonology). If you have any questions you can ask me, I am more than willing to explain anything I said.

  • RyanADillon
    RyanADillon 10 months ago +6

    1:58 - how would that ever happen? Surely the antimatter would react with the air, or the bullet material, far before it reaches target.

  • Cole Ballenger
    Cole Ballenger Year ago +2

    Wait, if the closest star to earth is 4 and change light years away, how would and antimatter-fueled rocket going at 50% the speed of light get there in two years? Wouldn't that make it an eight year travel time?

    • 3c3k
      3c3k 2 months ago

      yes its a mistake

  • Wayne Flanigan
    Wayne Flanigan Year ago +3

    Another error. "It would actually take around 9 years to reach the nearest other star to Earth at 50% the speed of light,"
    Only if you instantly started at 50% of the speed of light and didn't stop.
    You can only accelerate halfway and then decelerate. Everybody keeps forgetting this. And if a manned flight you can at most accelerate a little over 1G or be might uncomfortable.
    Recalculate your time.
    At a constant 1G acceleration and 1G Deceleration, if the trip is merely to the nearest star, with deceleration the last half of the way, it would take 3.6 years ship time.

  • BimscuitsAndCawfee
    BimscuitsAndCawfee Year ago +53

    Sometimes I would like to think there’s an anti-me in a different universe just enjoying his life too

    • ZenRamen
      ZenRamen 7 months ago

      @🇺🇲The United States of America Don’t type too fast lol

    • 🇺🇲The United States of America
      🇺🇲The United States of America 10 months ago

      @Ghullie lol he would be atttracted tio him isntantly and blow uyupt ehe city hes in lol

    • Ghullie
      Ghullie 10 months ago

      Just don't shake his hand if you ever meet

    • 🇺🇲The United States of America
      🇺🇲The United States of America 10 months ago

      he would look the same and act the same nothing diffrent living his life and the antiamtter wouldb e called amtter and the opposite names would be the naems we know rn its kinda weird

    • Inferno
      Inferno 10 months ago

      So, there could be a galaxy out there similar to us, but everything is the opposite there including law of physics

  • Jack hendron
    Jack hendron 7 months ago +1

    Traveling at 50% the speed of light would get you two the nearest star in 8 years, not two. That would be traveling at 2x the speed of light, considering its four light years away.

  • yu.17
    yu.17 2 years ago +6520

    "43,000 Years Later"

    • RandomPersonGD
      RandomPersonGD 2 months ago

      @theconman Whoever says that shouldn't be on the internet.

    • F
      F 3 months ago

      @The unknown dude wow very funny (sarcasm)

    • F
      F 3 months ago

      Or mrbeast giving an explosion almost the size of the tsar bomba to random people

  • Metin
    Metin 10 months ago +3

    the nearest star is alpha centauri which is roughly 4,3 lightyears away. which means it takes light moving at lightspeed 4 years to reach it so if we moved at 50% lightspeed it would take us 8 years not 2

  • NorthernCreations
    NorthernCreations Year ago +2

    If your going 50% the speed of light it would take roughly 8.5 years to get to the closest star, not just over 2 years like it stated in the video

    • Double Crossed
      Double Crossed 5 months ago

      HE CORRECTED IT IN THE DESCRIPTION. oops sorry for caps

  • Anas Hart
    Anas Hart 7 months ago +31

    "100% pure energy release"
    Me: Damn, you could use it to get rid of landfill sites etc
    In reality: W E A P O N S

  • ItsJamMan
    ItsJamMan Year ago +148

    *Guy: How much for the “stuff”*
    Dealer: $25,000,000,000
    *Guy: Um, I can do like 45 bucks*
    Dealer: Ok, here you go
    *Cops: Stop! Drop the drugs!*
    Guy: Drops the anti-matter
    *Everyone: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥*

  • poopstain
    poopstain 6 months ago +5

    Closest star would be roughly 8 years at 50% light speed.

  • Johnathan Pindak
    Johnathan Pindak 2 years ago

    How could going at 50% the speed of light take us to the nearest star in just 2 years? I am just wondering because I think that the nearest star to earth is proximus centari which is 4.24 light years away, so wouldn't going 50% the speed of light take us their in 8.48 years

  • Greg Gallacci
    Greg Gallacci Year ago +1

    There is an enormous difference between Worth and Cost.
    Yeah, it might cost $25 billion dollars, but it sure wouldn't be worth that amount!
    Hard to make does not equal high value!

  • Benlikescubing
    Benlikescubing 2 months ago

    wouldn’t the antimatter just come into contact with the air and explode before you could do anything with it?

  • Sources?
    Sources? 4 years ago +62

    The nearest star from Earth (other than our sun) - Proxima Centauri is 4 light-years away, so it would take 8 years for a spaceship travelling at 50% the speed of light to reach that star, not 2.

    • Razmuzen
      Razmuzen 4 years ago


    • renzo
      renzo 4 years ago +6

      description says:
      "There is a math error at 2:35 in this video. It would actually take around 9 years to reach the nearest other star to Earth at 50% the speed of light, not 2. Please ignore what I say there in this video :)"

    • trabek123
      trabek123 4 years ago +2

      wow a legitimate rhetoric on youtube comments. this is an anticomment.

    • Sources?
      Sources? 4 years ago +6

      Actually you are correct if the spaceship was travelling at light speed it would appear to take no time for the person in the spaceship to reach the speed of light. For 50% C I used a time dilation calculator and found time would move at 87% the rate of time on Earth, so it would take roughly 6.96 years to reach the star, still not 2. Also the point still stands that 8 years would pass for anyone on Earth.
      Good point tho.

    • Sources?
      Sources? 4 years ago

      Ballivares O
      Yeah will do :)

  • Colin G.
    Colin G. Year ago +3

    2:30 "50% near the speed of light, it is fast enough the reach the nearest star in just 2 years" The closest star is Proxima Centauri, which is roughly 8 light years away. Thus 50% speed of light will be a travel time of 8 years instead of 2.

    • Colin G.
      Colin G. 7 months ago

      @Prabs o wow messed up on A grade math

    • Prabs
      Prabs 7 months ago

      50% the speed of light to a star 8 light years away will take 16 years ( half of the time light would take)

  • Mr. Tardigrade
    Mr. Tardigrade Year ago +1

    At about 2:30 he said that if we use antimatter as fuel, we could get to 50% of the speed of light. Then said that would get us to the closest start in a little over two years. In other videos, he tells us Proxima Centauri is 4.2 light years from Earth. If we are traveling at 50% the speed of light, that would take 8.4 years and not a little over 2. Right?

    • Mr. Tardigrade
      Mr. Tardigrade Year ago

      Nevermind...I just saw the correction in the description

  • Jose Flores Escamilla
    Jose Flores Escamilla 10 months ago +10

    "Ooh, yeah, this looks deadly. So this shoots antimatter? My target can’t be killed with regular matter"-Krombopulos Michael

  • Pengu
    Pengu Year ago +51

    Imagine you just bought an Anti Mater and your are flexing that to your friends and you accediently dropped it.

    • moopee1
      moopee1 6 months ago +1

      You wouldn't be able to hold it let alone drop it since just holding it would delete you from existence.

    • Epic Gamers
      Epic Gamers 7 months ago +1

      @Jintana Rawdsukumaal IMAGINE

    • Jintana Rawdsukumaal
      Jintana Rawdsukumaal 7 months ago +1

      me : *runs faster than a speed of light
      also this comment is exaggerated since we wouldn't even have enough money to buy anti-matter

    • Dont fu With me
      Dont fu With me 8 months ago +3

      Friend 2: new drugs?:) give me that
      Friend 1: NONONOOOO
      *School explodes*

  • Slambo TV
    Slambo TV 2 years ago +4748

    Me: *Buys Antimatter*
    Person: *Accidentally knocks me*
    Me: *Drops Antimatter*
    Earth: *Gone*

    • n6tro
      n6tro 4 months ago

      @Oreki An annihilation between 1g of matter and 1g of antimatter would produce 2(8.988*10^13) Joules or around 178 Terajoules which is equivalent to 40 million tons of TNT according to mass-energy equivalence.
      So yes, you would be able to see it.

    • funny memr cet
      funny memr cet 5 months ago

      @vssxv.s I agree

    • Madara Uchiha
      Madara Uchiha 6 months ago

      Ur equal to 25000billion elon musks

    • Minecraft Nostalgic Videos
      Minecraft Nostalgic Videos 10 months ago

      @Marrca35 not if i have immunity to cancer

    • Brian Wanke
      Brian Wanke 10 months ago

      @Drifting 101 does it matter though?

  • AeroHydreigon
    AeroHydreigon Year ago +2

    Imagine if an anti-matter galaxy and matter galaxy collide like people predict the Milky Way and the Andromeda galaxy will

  • adam
    adam 2 days ago

    2:32 correction: it would take ~8.5 years to reach the closest star at 50% of the speed of light. The closest star is ~4.25 light years away.
    it's a bit late for this but whatever haha

  • Kea Gaming
    Kea Gaming 11 months ago

    What if one day in the far future, we use up all the mater from using antimater?
    There is a lot of mater in the universe though.
    We should try to produce antimater more efficiently or find good sources. It would be hard but the reward is great.

  • Rickyll97
    Rickyll97 Year ago +9

    I can see Man inventing a way to make this with ease in the next 300 years.

  • Oldmanjenkins
    Oldmanjenkins 4 years ago +310

    A lot of people are asking this, so I feel the need to address it. In the video, he states the current prices for the listed drugs. People are saying these facts are wrong, but they are, in fact, correct. The value of a drug can often vary, and is determined by its purity, especially with the drugs made in a lab that were mentioned. The drugs that are found on the street often only contain a small content of the drug themselves and things such as baby powder are often added to increase the quantity. This does, however, decrease the potency of the drug and allow for it to be sold at lower prices. When these drugs are bought, you expect to be getting a large quantity, when, in fact, you are only getting a small amount, bulked out with additives.

    • Balls Man
      Balls Man 4 years ago

      Well yeah that sounds nice, the same concept isnt applied to Heroin. A g of pure heroin would be way more than 200 dollars, unless you live in Afghanistan or something.

    • Taha Awan
      Taha Awan 4 years ago

      Oh so you are a dealer

    • zahra jadei
      zahra jadei 4 years ago

      You know a bit to much

    • Cygeniks
      Cygeniks 4 years ago

      Oldmanjenkins 59 8

    • jugga dad
      jugga dad 4 years ago

      Oldmanjenkins 59 nah dude, u can cop 80% pure coke for about 80$ a gram straight off the docks, wholesale comes out to about 40

  • Bergher
    Bergher Year ago +8

    Scientist : Sees comet towards earth
    Comet : " Made out of antimatter "
    The whole galaxy: Aight imma head out

  • Dying light Tutorials Tips tricks and clips.

    In a parrelel universe
    Alien: dude I wish we could just find some matter already there’s just so so so much antimatter that it’s not even funny anymore!
    Alien: dude you are so right

  • SancLunatic
    SancLunatic Year ago +13

    The nearest star is 4 ly away. Wouldnt that mean traveling 50% the speed of light, it would take 8 years to get there?

    • Jaypran
      Jaypran Year ago

      Check the description

    • Tom Stallworthy
      Tom Stallworthy Year ago +2

      And the rest slowing down and getting to that speed

  • Morgan Blake
    Morgan Blake Year ago

    The closest star is 4.2 light years away, so going 50% the speed of light would take over 8 years, not 2

  • CyanOrTurquoise
    CyanOrTurquoise Month ago

    Wait, how would the antibullet work, though? You can’t have an antimatter atom touch matter, so how would that work?

  • Chong Li Yang
    Chong Li Yang 10 months ago +4

    wouldn't it be 8.6 years to reach proxima centauri since it's 50% light speed?
    edit: ok you mentioned it in the description.

  • M.F
    M.F 7 months ago +1

    2:30 I think you're wrong, the nearest star is 4 lightyears away, so I'd take 8 years

  • Horo624
    Horo624 Year ago +1

    Wait, but if antimatter and matter touch, they create an explosion, right? So does air itself count as matter, making it just instantly explode?

  • Tahmid Khondkar
    Tahmid Khondkar 3 years ago +931

    Legend says... there is a galaxy, made of anti-matter, far far away that is desperately trying to get hold of regular matter 😅

    • StaTTiic Twenty
      StaTTiic Twenty 3 years ago

      Tahmid Khondkar 800th like

    • Jehnk
      Jehnk 3 years ago


    • That One Guy
      That One Guy 3 years ago +1

      Tahmid Khondkar
      meanwhile in a parallel universe

    • phitc
      phitc 3 years ago +2

      maybe there once was a war between matter and antimatter, somehow the matter has won 🤷‍♂️

  • Noirgyh
    Noirgyh Year ago +15

    **Antimatter comes in contact with matter**
    Antimatter: *Guess I’ll Die*

  • Samit Mehar
    Samit Mehar Year ago +4

    uh oh, 50% of the speed of light would make us reach the closest star in 8 years

  • LuckyLMJ
    LuckyLMJ 7 months ago

    2:30 How does that work?
    1: the closest star to the earth is the sun
    2: the second closest star to the earth is about 4 light years away, meaning it would take 4 years at light speed to reach it

  • Jubach
    Jubach Year ago

    If antimatter can propel a craft at 50% the speed of light, and the nearest star is 4 light years away, wouldn't it take 8 years to get there? Your video (at around 2:35) says it would only take 2 years.

  • idek bruh
    idek bruh 3 years ago +11187

    "yo how much for a g?"
    "25 billion"

  • Sonysangalang
    Sonysangalang 2 years ago +1

    But Would An Explosion From A Gram Of Antimatter Be Visible From Space?

  • Cartoony
    Cartoony Year ago +1

    Wow even more than the moon base that’s pretty impressive

  • Decisive Capybara

    If contacting any normal matter would make it release energy, wouldn't anything touching the anti-matter make it explode, including air?

  • 砖递鷵橡孂㨩錘墭

    Imagine being teleported to a parallel universe where it’s made of anti matter

  • wow
    wow 2 years ago +1358

    When you buy your girlfriend an antimatter ring and she stills leaves you

    • M P
      M P Month ago

      You mean it explode on her finger and she physically left you cos she’s dead?

    • SovietOnion
      SovietOnion 5 months ago


    • al
      al 7 months ago

      @Vincent Macapuro no shed explode if she throws the ring

    • HumblePie
      HumblePie Year ago

      Then you just learned that you cant buy love and should have know better.

    • Monkey
      Monkey Year ago

      She left you to heaven beo

  • BaBa Boi
    BaBa Boi Year ago +2

    You put the anti matter in a room with no air and use magnets to suspend it.

  • BoFFoPy
    BoFFoPy 10 months ago +1

    Imagine a GAU-8 Avenger firing for some seconds lots of Anti-Matter bullets.
    I think that we could destroy an entire part of the Earth.

  • gervasio🔱 • 8 years ago

    Anti matter can be used for spaceships
    Actually thats called warp drive

  • Tom Niesytto
    Tom Niesytto 2 months ago

    Imagine some aliens watching this video - marvelling how primitive humanity must to struggle with such trivial matter as antimatter containment and recoiling from revulsion at all that talk about bullets and bombs.

  • Horny Fruit Flies
    Horny Fruit Flies 4 years ago +528

    You wouldn't need to drop antimatter on the gound, since it would be already touching the air. It's safe only in a 100% pure vacuum.

    • acetraker1988
      acetraker1988 4 years ago

      Vacuum + Magnetic Field this is all ready known..

    • dekippiesip
      dekippiesip 4 years ago

      As long as the vaccuuum is perfect enough to have only such an extremely small amount of particles that collisions won't have a noticeable effect. And that has to be a very very good vaccuuum.

    • Drika 〽
      Drika 〽 4 years ago

      consider that energy is never lost or gained and only transfered, and that all fundamental particles are made of quarks

    • Drika 〽
      Drika 〽 4 years ago

      +case cao its good of you to be diligent in your principles, but this is quantum/quirk interaction and is not destructipn regardless
      destruction implies vanishing, but this is transferring the mass into the form of energy which does not destroy it, simply transform it

    • case cao
      case cao 4 years ago

      Yes, first rule of thermodynamics, matter itself cannot be created nor destroyed, but to us its like a mega explosion. It doesn't matter either way.

  • Just some guy with a drawn mustache

    Jeff bezos: buys antimatter
    Jeff Bezos: finally got this antimatter even tho it costed a lot
    Jeff: *drops it*
    Jeff: well shit 😕

    • nerfisn
      nerfisn 7 months ago

      *dies in the matter of a second from the explosion which allows his employees to finally get they're bathroom break

  • DjDyniel Daniel
    DjDyniel Daniel 10 months ago

    2:29. Anti matter could propulse rocket to 50% of the speed of light. Which is fast enough to reach the closest star to earth in just over 2 years.
    Fact: the closest star to earth is proxima centuri at 4.25 light years.
    Do your calculation...
    Never trust what you see or heard.

  • Abhinav Sureshep
    Abhinav Sureshep Year ago +1

    2:19 did no one notice that he told that we can reach the nearest star in about 2 years while traveling at 50%the speed of light? Light takes about 4.3 years to reach proxima centauri😕

    • Abhinav Sureshep
      Abhinav Sureshep 11 months ago

      @Phantom lol it would take about 8.6 years at half the speed of light :)

    • Phantom
      Phantom 11 months ago +1

      I didn't notice until you mentioned it, but you're right.

  • CheekyChipolata
    CheekyChipolata Year ago

    That’s cool.. and hypothetically, where might someone find a gram of this stuff?

  • Kaminome
    Kaminome Year ago

    Imagine people from the future watching this video thinking that a gram of anti matter cost so much before

  • Grizzly Bear
    Grizzly Bear Year ago

    2:30 the nearest star alpha Centauri is 4.3 light years away. So it would take almost 9 years to gat there at 50% speed of light not 2 years.

  • Red Red
    Red Red 4 months ago

    But wouldnt you need to carry the antimatter in a vacuum so that it doesnt come in contact with the air and explode?

  • NotMrBoston
    NotMrBoston Year ago

    We would not reach the nearest star in 2 years, with lightspeed we would reach it in 4 so with only 50% of the speed we would reach it in 8 years

  • Riju Chaudhuri
    Riju Chaudhuri 4 years ago +585

    I'm wondering how much time would be required for CERN to create an entire Toyota Corolla made of antimatter.

    • Gary Klafta
      Gary Klafta 4 years ago

      I'm sure they would build a reliable economical one.

    • william Greene
      william Greene 4 years ago

      Good luck with the stamping presses.

    • yotsuba
      yotsuba 4 years ago

      Where’s John Titor

    • Customwinder 1
      Customwinder 1 4 years ago

      Gamer605 aye. Be nice to the Corolla . 😂

    • Mazder_
      Mazder_ 4 years ago

      well it depends, are we talking about the 86 corollas (is it even a corolla?) or the newest one?

  • Onebeets
    Onebeets 9 months ago +6

    exotic matter: look at what they have to do to mimic a fraction of my power

  • Bradley Smith
    Bradley Smith Year ago

    What about stable anti-matter? If you have something harder than diamond is it considered anti-matter?

  • Goorie Henkel
    Goorie Henkel Year ago

    So if it takes light 4 years to reach the nearest star to us why would it take a spaceship around 2 years to reach that same star while traveling at 50% the speed of light?

  • Pam Rogers
    Pam Rogers 10 months ago

    Imagine a galaxy made of anti-matter with a version of this video but it says matter instead of anti-matter

  • Justwantahover
    Justwantahover 3 years ago +8

    2:23 If you are going 50% light speed it depends on which observer, with how long it takes. For us on earth it would be way more than two years, it would be eight years (if the speed of the ship was constant). But it's not (obviously) and you have to take into account the acceleration and deceleration times. It would be more like sixteen years instead of eight (relative to earth observers, that is). From the ships observers it would be way less time.

    • massimo cole
      massimo cole Month ago +1

      At 50% the speed of light time dilation makes the trip seem 86.6% as long, so still be way longer than 2 years, 6.928 years for the constant speed trip and even longer for the trip with acceleration deceleration time. I think he must have multiplied the 4 light year distance by 50% instead of divided.

  • Ryan Jennings
    Ryan Jennings 10 months ago

    2:25 it would take 2 years to get to the closet star other than our sun if we could go 50% the speed of light? Alpha Centauri is the closest star system and closest planetary system to Earth's Solar System at 4.37 light-years. 4 x 2 = 8 years, not 2 years.

  • SirScrubBuns
    SirScrubBuns Year ago

    So in science class I learned that there’s approx 250 grams of antimatter in a gas giant.. watch out Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune..
    I’m gonna leak out their antimatter and use it to make a Death Star laser,
    I mean hey, it’s 2020, wouldn’t you expect it?

  • Budget transformer

    Officer: Hands up! 🔫
    Me: sir you see, I have 10 kg of anti matter in my hand
    Officer: so what?
    Me: let me show you something *destroys the moon*
    Officer: how?!?!
    Me: that was just 2kg

  • Zong Zina
    Zong Zina 6 months ago +1

    3:53 I don't care if creating 1 gram of antimatter will billions of years, I want to know why Switzerland is trying??!!!!

  • Pinoy Ballers LA
    Pinoy Ballers LA 3 years ago +2260

    Antimatter: I’m the most expensive element ever!
    Element 118: Hold my beer.

    • I_Oof 84
      I_Oof 84 3 months ago

      Isn’t it oggasenion or something

    • Evolved One
      Evolved One 4 months ago

      Most stupidest comparison !! Antimatter isn't only for one element it for all elements !!!

    • SovietOnion
      SovietOnion 5 months ago

      Element 115: am I a joke to u?

  • ArsonEclipsed
    ArsonEclipsed Year ago

    Don’t you mean 8 years? Half the speed (of light), double the time.
    My man making us go 2x the speed of light.

  • Chromic Quanta
    Chromic Quanta Year ago

    I see there was a miscalculation in this video.
    Proxima centauri is the nearest star to earth disregarding the sun and the distance between earth and P. centauri is 4ly. If you are traveling at half the speed of light, you multiply the amount of time by 2. I see that you mistakenly divided the time by 2.
    In reality, it would of taken ~8 years to travel from Earth to Proxima Centauri.

  • ThunderPhoenix293
    ThunderPhoenix293 10 months ago +1

    2:34 is actually 4.492 years since it is half the speed of light not double...

  • xxx33736
    xxx33736 Year ago

    How to store antimatter: make a container of antimatter that could hold antimatter without making antimatter collide with non antimatter so antimatter won’t delete itself and so antimatter stored.

  • kai !
    kai ! Year ago

    “Tiny amounts of Antimatter are created in the atmosphere, in high temperatures”
    states near the equator: *we are worth billions....*

  • Vexd
    Vexd Year ago +1

    the nearest star to earth takes 4 years to reach at the speed of light never mind 2 years at 50 percent

  • Eksdi
    Eksdi Year ago

    2:38 you said 50% light speed and going to nearest star would take 2 years, but its not 2 its 8. Nearest star is 4 l y away.

  • doodlepenguin5
    doodlepenguin5 Year ago

    Wait wait wait, the newest star to earth is 4 light years away, and if we travel and 50% the speed of light, we will get there in 8 years...

  • MrBoriqua2000
    MrBoriqua2000 4 years ago +463

    I saw some antimatter on ebay for $19.99 a gram. But it comes from china, not Switzerland

  • DarkXmiss
    DarkXmiss Year ago +8

    I love how they are like: OMG it is sosoooosoo expensive
    While I am here with the most expensive horses which are NOT mine😂

  • Fluffle Bear
    Fluffle Bear Year ago

    something a lot of people don't realize is that air is made of matter, so you know, that'd be a problem when it comes to anti matter

  • jcnikoley
    jcnikoley 10 months ago

    Nearest star to earth is 4 light years, So at 50% lightspeed how do you come up with two years? Perhaps you’re counting the time on the ship not the time measured from an observer on earth?

  • Aditya Nair
    Aditya Nair Year ago +3

    * carries around 1 ton of antimatter *

  • Keyon Hackle
    Keyon Hackle 2 years ago +887

    Scientist: Drops glass of anti-matter...
    Other scientists: “Oh shi-

    • Matthew Fyalka
      Matthew Fyalka 11 months ago


    • AtomicPineapple
      AtomicPineapple Year ago

      @xoddamPro r/woooooooosh

    • WackyDisplay
      WackyDisplay Year ago

      the anti matter will already react in a glass because glass is made of matter, unless its made of antimatter and held by a magnetic machine

    • Yes Man
      Yes Man Year ago

      yeah like im scared about that like when a scientist is depressed and has that in hes hands and he drops it we all die so fuck?

    • jatloe
      jatloe Year ago

      ​@ponk gers 7 months ago lol

  • Hazel Hill
    Hazel Hill 10 months ago

    It's a bit like my uncle. He invented a fluid that could burn through anything. He's now waiting for someone else to invent something to put it in!😂

  • Kovac
    Kovac Year ago +1

    Imagine if we created one ton of anti matter... I think the Milky Way would be destroyed

  • TGamer Boss
    TGamer Boss Year ago

    What about just making it levitate in a box while controlled by strong magnetic forces on all sides keeping it to the centre

    • SCP 939
      SCP 939 9 months ago

      air inside the box
      also antimatter isn't a metal

  • Rushil Kanani
    Rushil Kanani Year ago

    It will take far more than 2 years to travel to nearest star to earth that is Alpha Centauri . It's 4.3 light years away from earth. So at 50% of light it will take 8.6 - 8.7 years , not " just a little over 2 years ".

  • Mooner
    Mooner 2 years ago

    Well, the most expensive element i own is a gram of gold 😅😟

  • Trilmonté
    Trilmonté 10 months ago

    How does one pay for something that can't come into contact with regular matter? How do you even _get_ a gram of it?
    Sci-Fi buffs, help me.