I Put the Biggest Youtubers in a Fight Arena!

  • Published on Jun 4, 2020
  • haha youtubers go brrr
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    //longer description here
    yo gamers today we're gonna take a bunch of big youtubers, and throw them in a fight pit, and watch them commit bad actions to one another, and its gonna be epic. so im gonna make a gladiator arena thing and turn it into a big youtuber tournament where they all fight eachother until one mans standing. its like youtube battle royale but tournament form or something, idunno man lol, featuring pewdiepie, davie504, michael reeves, ksi, logan paul, linus, dunkey, h3h3, cr1tikal, dani, theodd1sout, pyrocynical, markiplier, jacksepticeye, pink guy, dunkey
    is this video just one big plot to clickbait all the big youtubers and net me a lot of views? good question. yes. thats exactly what this is
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  • Dani
    Dani  Year ago +30

    smash subscribe or i throw you in arena

  • Cxnnonball
    Cxnnonball Year ago +13

    I like how he has called Michael Reeves a “Crackhead preschooler” on several occasions.

  • Bright B

    I feel like Michael is an easy s tier character. His smaller size means a smaller hit box on top of his quick jabs with his weapon. If the player didn't go afk in his match with Davie I'm sure he would've taken first place easily

  • Badger Jungle

    I honestly thought Dani would of given himself full speed and strength so he wins lol

  • SomeAustrianGuy_

    Markiplier knew those pesky peasants on the ground had no chance against him, so he went staight god himself

  • Trainee
    Trainee Year ago +2

    Markiplier: "You can't hit me with your bat!"

  • InsertName


  • Zombiecoolguy101
    Zombiecoolguy101 Year ago +6

    i like how michael is the only one with a height difference

  • Jan Laan
    Jan Laan Year ago +1

    I spit my coffee out laughing when I saw how you made Linus, had to pause the video to clean up my desk...

  • DarQ
    DarQ Year ago +1

    davie's model is the most accurate thing I've ever seen


    As soon as i saw mark i was cheering for him even before knowing he had a good weapon and will win the first round.. its sad that he glitched out and lost im sure he would've won

  • DreamScape

    markiplier's AI was insanity. before he bugged out he was literally playing like an actual player. many taps left and right like they do in street fighter. easily countered the opponent's attacks. if it weren't for the bug he would've won lol

  • Kknak30
    Kknak30  +29


  • NaniMoon
    NaniMoon Year ago +744


  • The Tales Of The Great Gamer

    Mark was such a Chad he literally went beyond this fight to challenge the true masters of universe

  • Games Inc.
    Games Inc. Year ago +356

    Dani: I added some random stats...

    QUBI-QUBED Day ago +3

    Theory on how Markiplier ascended in the Mrbeast vs Mark match:

  • My hyperactive dad doing stupid stuff

    Dani: *almost maxes his stats

  • That one guy


  • thespyeye
    thespyeye Year ago +2

    "They didn't say no, so we're good to go!" -Dani, 2020