UNITED: Premium Service Transcon Review, Boeing 777-200

  • Published on May 19, 2019
  • Read my review on this flight at Simple Flying: simpleflying.com/reviewing-united-premium-service-transcon-boeing-777-200/
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    Date of Travel: MAY 3 2019
    Airline: UNITED
    Livery: United standard
    Route: SFO-EWR
    Aircraft: Boeing 777-200
    Flight Number: UA 577
    Miles: 2563
    Airborne time: 5h20m
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Comments • 374

  • Wingin’ It! Paul Lucas
    Wingin’ It! Paul Lucas  4 months ago +83

    Hey guys and welcome to a new video! Hope you enjoy... I’m in Dhaka, Bangladesh 🇧🇩 today filming some EXCITING stuff... enjoy your Sunday!
    Don't forget to check out the written review exclusively on Simple Flying: simpleflying.com/reviewing-united-premium-service-transcon-boeing-777-200/

    • Faze Logic
      Faze Logic 2 months ago +1

      Wingin’ It! Paul Lucas it’s not that bad I mean the leg room is fine but I think United is better than American bc with United my dads a member with them so we get priority boarding and and American Airlines we don’t

    • Steven Rodgerson
      Steven Rodgerson 4 months ago +1

      Wingin’ It! Paul Lucas have you done any videos from Newcastle in the UK

    • Wingin’ It! Paul Lucas
      Wingin’ It! Paul Lucas  4 months ago +3

      I was there a few days ago 😊

    • promit banerjee
      promit banerjee 4 months ago +1

      Do visit India soon..

    • Dixie
      Dixie 4 months ago +1

      Paul, have you ever flown KLM?

  • Corn Fed
    Corn Fed 9 days ago

    I'd like to see a review of United's new Polaris on an international flight.

  • planes spotter and railfanner

    Oh I recently flew on a UAL B777-200.

  • SAFWENE stefane
    SAFWENE stefane 29 days ago

    the name of the sound track in the video please at minute 3:24 ????

  • Genocide King
    Genocide King Month ago

    I’m getting on this same exact plane and flight in September

  • First Class Flyer
    First Class Flyer Month ago +1

    Doesn’t it look like it’s glowing??? Just me? Ok...

  • Paul Avalon
    Paul Avalon Month ago +1

    love united!

  • joan smith
    joan smith 2 months ago

    Newark NJ. The armpit of the east coast.

  • Virgin LOve 8
    Virgin LOve 8 2 months ago +1

    Thank you your review I'm a flight attendant at United. I will send this to corporate. We merged and I want to believe its getting better I'm from the Continental side. 🤗

  • Alec Morris
    Alec Morris 3 months ago

    I fly United Transcon 2-3 times a year. I will always prefer the 757 over the 777 (unless the new Polaris seats are present.) I know the 757 are outdated and have shown some wear and tear, but I like the feeling of a more personalized cabin.
    The meals have been hit or miss, I am continually disappointed with the beef option. I’ve had better entrees on domestic first than I’ve had on this route.

  • Lee Shand
    Lee Shand 3 months ago

    FYI - Just a useless bit of info. But did you know SanDiego to Newark is not Transcon. So this means, if you are United Platinum, this is the only West Coast Major city route you can use your free upgrade on!!

  • Delta 001 & Qatar 001
    Delta 001 & Qatar 001 3 months ago

    United is good but I think Delta is better.

  • Thomas Gronowski
    Thomas Gronowski 3 months ago

    United is not my airline of choice. I've had some less than pleasant experiences with them. I prefer Alaska and Delta whenever possible.

  • Lily Djurvann
    Lily Djurvann 3 months ago

    Well, since you asked...:) I felt United had become a bit busily commercial on my last two flights. But no complaints other than aesthetics.

  • Tyler Pratte
    Tyler Pratte 3 months ago

    You should try their new Polaris class on the 777-300 or 200ER, 767, or the 787-10

  • Mr Jakoobian
    Mr Jakoobian 3 months ago

    I love your channel

  • PST National Network
    PST National Network 3 months ago +1

    I love United. They were the first flight I remember having. BUT, I have never flew with them in economy. Only economy plus.

  • Someone in the Galaxy
    Someone in the Galaxy 3 months ago

    8:04 I see u r watching the Simpsons

  • Miles Matthias
    Miles Matthias 3 months ago +1

    I fly United 2-3x a month out of Denver and have always had great experiences. The updated 757 seating in business is actually pretty nice. The bulkhead on the left side have foot storage for your backpack. The 777 is always fun, I try to fly it as often as I can. Flying the 767 for the first time next month.

  • Frank Snapp
    Frank Snapp 3 months ago

    Paul. Thank you. Please keep telling the truth. Americans suffer so much from Stockholm Syndrome that we won't otherwise get it together to force better conditions BACK into being after nearly forty years of civilization degradation.

  • mcgoo721
    mcgoo721 3 months ago

    The old fashioned is one of my favorite cocktails, but it seems a little boring for a signature drink.

  • FudgeGames
    FudgeGames 3 months ago

    I'm gonna from SFO to EWR on United 777-200 business class too later in June 😂

  • Chana Rifky Levovitz
    Chana Rifky Levovitz 3 months ago

    JetBlue Mint

    UNCLE ALBERT 3 months ago +1

    I've been watching trip reports and reviews or whatever you wanna call them for about 1 year now,and my top 3 goes as follows.1.paul lucas.2.jeb Brooks. And 3.nonstop Dan. I'm a huge plane nut however I've only ever been on 1 plane.in 1986.from Southampton to Jersey. Yeah I flew half way around the world didn't I. Lol.but thanks to these videos when I do eventually do get the chance and privilege to fly,I know who the best airlines are and that's deffo a brucie bonus.✈👍

  • Jerry
    Jerry 3 months ago +1

    I fly United every week for business and I’ve had a great experience with them.
    American is dreadful.

  • Ascot Berks
    Ascot Berks 3 months ago +1

    Great experience on United. Thank you for sharing. I appreciate your thoughtful review.

  • Andrew Dressler
    Andrew Dressler 3 months ago

    This is very encouraging! Looks like United has turned it around and are stepping up their game. Glad to see that as I would like to try their business class at some point on some upcoming trips.

  • asife00
    asife00 3 months ago

    Dude, stop grabbing the toilet seats with your bare hands. Come on, that's nasty. *-----Q-----*

    • asife00
      asife00 3 months ago

      @Wingin’ It! Paul Lucas Toilet paper, paper towel. It's OK man, I enjoy you videos. *-----Q-----*

    • Wingin’ It! Paul Lucas
      Wingin’ It! Paul Lucas  3 months ago

      How do you raise toilet seats then? Magic?

  • Tim Duggan
    Tim Duggan 3 months ago

    Hey! At @3:57 the name "Larry Kellner" is a former Continental Airlines executive. So I'll go out on a limb and say that the airplane you rode on was "legacy" Continental. IF I could have seen the N-Number or Ship number then it would be definitive. It's been over ten years since I've retired and I don't know how much (or how well?) the two employee groups have integrated. But, EWR was a major hub for CAL, whilst of course ORD major for UAL. During my career I did fly EWR-SFO many a time....
    (Gonna edit) to say? If the cabin crew gave good service, then it's likely they were mostly, if not all, "legacy" CAL...(just a guess).

    • Justin Cui
      Justin Cui 3 months ago

      The tail number is N77019. Now that United has gotten a new livery, this would be a great candidate, along with N78001 or a 767-424, to become a retrojet for the Continental 1991-2010 livery.

  • Dean E
    Dean E 3 months ago

    Doesn't look to bad actually, the United Club at SFO, however, looks like something out of the 90s, yuck. Great report as always!

  • ArthurDentZaphodBeeb
    ArthurDentZaphodBeeb 3 months ago +8

    Ha, United crushed Delta. Gonna make some Delta fanboi head's explode....

  • Jimmy c
    Jimmy c 3 months ago +2

    My God was trying to forget that 757 trip

  • Daniel Clooney
    Daniel Clooney 3 months ago

    The food on this flight did look good Paul. Glad you had a better experience. I still resent United offering meals for purchase on an 8 hr non-stop from IAH-HNL. They ought to try that stunt on all their international flights that are lengthy and see how it goes over. They are very stingy on their portions. I just watched another review and the salad seemed to be one piece of red lettuce and some corn. They really don't care about offering a good product if the seats are full. Happy customers are not one of their priorities.

  • Captain Jagger Reed
    Captain Jagger Reed 3 months ago

    When are you uploading the delta trip report

  • David Peirona
    David Peirona 3 months ago

    Good review of United. I like to fly United, but their airfares are a bit on the experience side, (coach).

  • Albertus Drost
    Albertus Drost 3 months ago

    Please, add more views from the window!!!

  • Luke Sutherland
    Luke Sutherland 3 months ago

    I dare you in one of your reviews to fly coach especially on spirit lol I'm just kidding about spirit lol but It would be neat to see you do coach lol

  • Roger McGrath
    Roger McGrath 4 months ago

    Paul you have to try the 787-10 it's fantastic I flew it from Lax to Newark great ride I would love to see your review on it. I was in 2L

  • Wade
    Wade 4 months ago +1

    For 5am, very bright eyed and bushy-tailed

  • Eric
    Eric 4 months ago

    Paul, I do from Bosotn to O'hare Chicago all the time (airbus jet). Service is standard on UNITED. I like DELTA Better for service. It's more quicker. Flight attendants are better looking.
    I use Delta to Florida (tampa, sarasota, Miami) I went through Atlanta once I woman I spoke to works for FED EX thats a hub for them.

  • BJ McKay
    BJ McKay 4 months ago

    Yay United! 777 transcon👍

  • LittleBoyRy
    LittleBoyRy 4 months ago

    I haven’t had a great track record with united. I’ve flown them a few times and every time Ive had problems. With bags being lost one time:( service was ok for them but I wouldn’t recommend them. Anyone else have similar experiences?

  • Andreina Rangel
    Andreina Rangel 4 months ago

    Only United can f-up an Old Fashioned.

  • Phil Cordingley
    Phil Cordingley 4 months ago

    I’ve always flown United in Economy both Trans-Atlantic from Manchester and internally. Both products were broadly similar although I don’t like going stateside on a 757 as they’re just too cramped for me. The food I’ve generally found pretty awful, especially compared to comparable flights with American and Aer Lingus. However the staff were always great. Sadly my experiences of BA mean I won’t use them unless I have no choice.
    In more recent times I always prefer to fly from my local airport (Leeds/Bradford is just 15 minutes door to door) and have started to use connecting flights from there via Heathrow or Dublin to expand the options of flying stateside. KLM is another option via Amsterdam). I wouldn’t say that United are off the radar as I find them ok but there are better carriers out there for me.

  • Aviation Ireland
    Aviation Ireland 4 months ago

    Could you fly out of derry again

  • DragonZ s
    DragonZ s 4 months ago

    Go to japan on the shinkansen

  • Brian O'Connell
    Brian O'Connell 4 months ago

    Your experiences are quintessential United. Inconsistency is the name of the game. When it’s good it’s good, but when it’s bad... oh boy

  • Chana Rifky Levovitz
    Chana Rifky Levovitz 4 months ago

    That you have is the one of the best videos out there

  • AeroAlex
    AeroAlex 4 months ago

    Can you go on a cruise

  • Delta 001 & Qatar 001
    Delta 001 & Qatar 001 4 months ago

    Yes! You are flying Delta. Delta is an awesome airline!

  • James Dougherty
    James Dougherty 4 months ago

    United was all right but nothing special.

  • German Aviation
    German Aviation 4 months ago +2

    United isn’t great at service, but United as outstanding pilots!

  • Ben Haslego
    Ben Haslego 4 months ago

    Paul books 787-10 in Polaris and then ends up on triple 7 😂🧐

  • david wall
    david wall 4 months ago

    Great video Paul , any chance you review Manchester - MCO with virgin Atlantic 747 -400 series , I fly this every year and would love to see you review this 🙈

  • manu bird
    manu bird 4 months ago

    Aloha e Paul no Hawai'i Nei! You asked for comments on United. I probably can't contribute much since I've flown United only 5 times in the past 15 years. (Well, 5 round trips with a zillion take-offs and landings.) All flights were between Honolulu and Yap in the Western Caroline Islands, amounting to about 50,000 air miles. My last Island Hopper flight to Guam 3 months ago was pure torture. Because of delays and bad weather, through passengers like me were kept cooped up in that B737 for 14 hours! This time we weren't allowed to get off at the many stops to stretch our legs as is normal. Thank God I was seated up front and had access to many beers! I've flown this route for 43 years now. Unfortunately, United has never provided the friendly service and comraderie which were hallmarks of the pre-merger Continental Air Micronesia flights. Still, I hope that some day you'll be able to experience this unique and fascinating air route. If you ever get the chance, please contact me beforehand. (I'm a patreon guy.)

  • Train Spotter
    Train Spotter 4 months ago

    Paul when are you doing the New Caledonian sleeper train

  • Vibesvibesvibesmemesmilkmemes

    great video

  • Megan Rosenfeld
    Megan Rosenfeld 4 months ago

    Thanks for mentioning Cedar Rapids!! That’s where I live!!

  • Chris Flores
    Chris Flores 4 months ago

    Fun fact, the sushi place thats across from the Peets Coffee at 1:46 is HORRIBLE. If you're in SFO and craving sushi like I was, dont even consider going there. Mistakes were made.

  • Plane Sense
    Plane Sense 4 months ago

    Another Great video Paul!! just one thing, you said that the 777 is regularly used as part of the transcon fleet, maybe sparsely but Not generally. 90% of the time you are going to get a narrowbody 737 or A320 going cross country.

    • Wingin’ It! Paul Lucas
      Wingin’ It! Paul Lucas  4 months ago

      There are no transcon 737 or A320s on the “true” transcons with PS though. United doesn’t consider any other routes transcon.