Ilhan Omar Targeted By Donald Trump's Rally Chants | The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • During Donald Trump's Rally in North Carolina, he roasts four congresswomen also known as, "The Squad" over the "send her back" tweet tirade.
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Comments • 385

  • Freedom 4all
    Freedom 4all Month ago

    So it's acceptable for Omar to marry her brother, fraudulently claim student loans and enter The USA fraudulently under a different name.... Oh my!

  • M G
    M G Month ago

    Trump is the man! America needs a real man in charge. Trump 2020!

  • Dean Human
    Dean Human Month ago

    "Some people did something" - Ilham Omar.

  • Dean Human
    Dean Human Month ago

    I'm sorry but is this Comedy Central or the politics show??...

  • Kawaii Warlord
    Kawaii Warlord Month ago

    02:14 "Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?"
    - Kevin Malone, The Office (2013).

  • nie ooi
    nie ooi Month ago +1

    It wasn't a racist chant...stop censoring all and any valid criticism on a POC with this fallacy....

  • Block matts
    Block matts Month ago +1

    I feel like Trevor Noah doesn’t like white people....there’s a word for that starts with an R

  • claire bigelow
    claire bigelow Month ago +1

    Nothing to do....???? sounds like the last 2 years of his administration!!! to much time ? to say Mohammed Bin Salman ? Kim Jong Un ? Xi Jin Ping ? but he cant say Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ? what a loser

    POWER IN SILENCE Month ago +2

    Send her back

  • Amy Ruf
    Amy Ruf Month ago

    You words are jerky

  • Hamidkhan Abdullakhan response to the chant "send her back"...democrats should start chanting "show us his tax returns"...that will shut him up for sure...

    • Dean Human
      Dean Human Month ago

      He already has and you found nothing.

    • nie ooi
      nie ooi Month ago

      It wont. What does he has to fear ? He is as honest as any other mogul.

  • John Stamatiadis
    John Stamatiadis Month ago

    Ileana’s deserves it.

  • Digne Glatzel
    Digne Glatzel Month ago

    Ilhan is misspelled

  • Hossein. Sh.
    Hossein. Sh. Month ago

    BooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooBiezzzzzzz XD

  • Matthew Stein
    Matthew Stein Month ago

    3:52 Wait, Trevor, are you saying they can read?

  • nickrich56
    nickrich56 Month ago +1

    Looks like a giant lynch mob.

  • Voldemort 23V
    Voldemort 23V Month ago +2

    Trump 2020

  • Doris Hruska
    Doris Hruska Month ago

    Loved the old yeller title! Kudos.

  • Violet Durovic
    Violet Durovic Month ago

    Cause she is African, that is why he does not know her.

  • Stewie Dark Child
    Stewie Dark Child 2 months ago +13

    Trump been upset about America since day one. Why hasn't he left?

    • Dean Human
      Dean Human Month ago +1

      Why leave when he can just deport people like you?

  • William H. Baird
    William H. Baird 2 months ago

    Trump is a disgrace and an American blemish that must be removed! DUMP CHUMP 2020

  • EPhantomify
    EPhantomify 2 months ago +1

    Experiment with a collective GRAY ROCK. GRAY ROCKING Donald Trump is how to defeat him. He is a narcissistic emotional vampire and thrives off of the energy, attention and emotion of others. "Gray Rock is primarily a way of encouraging a psychopath, a stalker or other emotionally unbalanced person, to lose interest in you. Psychopaths are addicted to drama and they can't stand to be bored."

  • Moha Amip
    Moha Amip 2 months ago +1

    Big love and support for Ilhan Omar, I think the title and the clip are kinda different

  • Christopher Stone
    Christopher Stone 2 months ago


  • Bluewren Reilly
    Bluewren Reilly 2 months ago +1

    Trevor Noah don't you realize you are on the wrong side. You should get to know Candice Owens.

  • Mohamed Deyab
    Mohamed Deyab 2 months ago

    Is this what America is all about? ... what a disappointment ... At some point in my miserable life ... I thought they are better humans than my miserable self :( ... I am a Muslim Arab after all .. what worse profile someone can have.

    But man, those people make me feel I am way superior. My homeland Egypt absorbed so many cultures, we accepted Romans, Greeks, Byzantine, Africans, Christians, Jews, Asians, Meditteranians, Arabs and so many more ... those people are failing to accept some Rashida's and some Ilham's.

    I think I have more to be proud of as Egyptian than those racist freaks. We've been there for 7,000 years, your likes came and go, and we stayed. Maybe we are in a state of shatter. But, things change. We are coming back one day.

  • Anthony George
    Anthony George 2 months ago +1

    Trevor Noah??? Never heard of him. Looks like just another Stone. Cold. Loser. #SEND HER BACK

  • Katharine E
    Katharine E 2 months ago +1

    "The Squad" is pushing socialism, open borders and the abolishment of Homeland Security. This is not going to work with moderates, conservatives and even many democrats in America. His tweets were offensive, no doubt, and cast shame on migrants, but people will still vote Trump, as a means of voting for capitalism over socialism.

  • Francis Bell
    Francis Bell 2 months ago +1

    Problem is this cut is subjective trump is an interesting person he uses different tactics

  • Trepp
    Trepp 2 months ago

    When her past comes out she will be deported in a blink of an eye thank god! Tax fraud,multiple marriages.... o yes,its all coming out!

  • iceage iceage
    iceage iceage 2 months ago +1

    They did not boo her because her name sounded like it could have been their daughters, neighbours or family member, friend, mother name. They were just too familiar with the name and having pressleyas your last name conjures memories of Elvis Pressley. Pressly's name did not sound foreign to them.

  • UberNoodleX
    UberNoodleX 2 months ago +6

    His whole thing about AOC's name is just more of his racism that he intentionally does not respect her ethnic naming convention.

  • Dale Dawson
    Dale Dawson 2 months ago

    AOC is an Idiot

  • Rex Rex
    Rex Rex 2 months ago +6

    Hey Trevor go back to your tree monkey. I'm not a racist, you really look like a monkey and your mother too😂😂😂

  • Luke Jezza
    Luke Jezza 2 months ago

    border guards are right wing unlike you who is a cuck

  • Abdul84 Ali
    Abdul84 Ali 2 months ago +1

    Trump = NINCOMPOOP

  • Abdul84 Ali
    Abdul84 Ali 2 months ago +2

    Trump= a person who acts unwisely or imprudently; a silly person.

  • mrSamie2012
    mrSamie2012 2 months ago

    It's spelt Ilhan Omar

  • Socratease 1
    Socratease 1 2 months ago

    Good satire.

  • junior boy
    junior boy 2 months ago

    This comedian criticises trump 24/7 which makes him a very bad and corrupt comedian.

  • Lisa Burton
    Lisa Burton 2 months ago +1

    We have an idiot in chief and it’s sucks.

    • Dean Human
      Dean Human Month ago

      Get use to it cupcake! You've got another 4 years of this, buckle up c**t chops.

  • Henry Smith
    Henry Smith 2 months ago +1

    Ronald ramp instead of Donald Trump.

  • Josianne Ash
    Josianne Ash 2 months ago

    Trump supporters: We believe Trump, not our lying eyes! 🙄

  • Steven M
    Steven M 2 months ago +1

    All of those "pro Confederacy" Trump supporters can leave any time they want.

    • Steven M
      Steven M Month ago

      Why?...the Confederacy fought against the United States, they fought for a white supremacist belief based on slavery...they lost, but the GOP voter base now loves the Confederacy given that the now Trump White Nationalist Party is in if they still believe that than leave the United States, you know, the winners???@Dean Human

    • Dean Human
      Dean Human Month ago


    • Steven M
      Steven M 2 months ago

      like all of you hypocrites said in 2012?...I ain't gong anywhere, if you think Trump can get re elected relying on his all white, all rural, trailer park dwelling base ONLY than I have some beachfront property in Idaho I'd like to sell you.@Ash Muntz

    • Ash Muntz
      Ash Muntz 2 months ago

      i got a feeling you will be moving in 2020...oh no thats what said in 2016...was it canada

  • corb
    corb 2 months ago +1

    this guy is a lib pos

    • Ash Muntz
      Ash Muntz 2 months ago

      no the four band members are

  • IH H
    IH H 2 months ago +1

    I stay away from trump supporters because they,not only condone his actions, they like it.

    • IH H
      IH H 2 months ago

      Which part?

    • Ash Muntz
      Ash Muntz 2 months ago +1

      now thats just rascist and bigoted...

  • Bigbradwolf
    Bigbradwolf 2 months ago +1

    Send Trevor and Omar back to Somalia please. Trump 2020. Leftists need to move on or move back to where they came from if they hate the USA so much. Get over yourselves you moaning leftists.

  • hamish themack
    hamish themack 2 months ago +1

    Meanwhile Trevor Noah refused to apologize for his racist comments about women of colour, still waiting

  • wegder
    wegder 2 months ago +1

    Democrats should make Omar speaker of the house, that will show the Republicans

    • Ash Muntz
      Ash Muntz 2 months ago +1

      you are handing trump 2020....look at the of you think the military will vote for ilhan...go seek help

  • Noway B
    Noway B 2 months ago

    Trump's supporters are so dumb. The really are deplorables. Trump's turds

  • Andrew Kal-el Jr.
    Andrew Kal-el Jr. 2 months ago

    I love Trevor and I watch him daily, but I'd genuinely want to know Trevor's take on Rep Omar's BDS stance. I can't help but notice he's intentionally avoided making comments/his opinions on it.

    • jaama20
      jaama20 2 months ago

      whats wrong with BDS , ? Israel and former white-South Africa are both racist states and they should get the same treatment , or are you saying the Zionist are above the law?

  • Kegga Puusi
    Kegga Puusi 2 months ago

    Impressive life you've lived Don. You are the best ever at something -- being a worthless loser -- despite extreme efforts to convince us otherwise.

  • hynixx
    hynixx 2 months ago +3

    They didn’t boo because the name didn’t sound foreign ( within red america )

  • Val De Maar
    Val De Maar 2 months ago +1

    Trump is goooood. Sup from Vlad!

  • Huib Wetzel
    Huib Wetzel 2 months ago

    The OrangeEmptyHead Legion !

  • Amiga Amigo
    Amiga Amigo 2 months ago +1

    Propaganda that’s all Trevor is.
    Take the red pill goys

    • Zrdgrjrfccdhjzr Jilzdsfegnzrvbu
      Zrdgrjrfccdhjzr Jilzdsfegnzrvbu 2 months ago

      What a red pill Olga do you mean the pills what you take in your troll gulak center in eastern Europe i love trump but hate sneaky paid troll's like you you should know nothing can change with your attacks on the western comment side if the people have the same opinion they don't need the sneaky way to change something via internet people are not idiots so don't think anything changes because of your comments here it's change because people live with that problems everyday and trump is ok he let my country alone since he is on the throne we have peace on our country unlike the past regime's that made alot of trouble with our border enemies in Africa now it's peaceful so it's useless to provocate the Members of the comments sections

  • Legion of The Damned
    Legion of The Damned 2 months ago +1

    There is nothing wrong with banging a pornstar

  • Amiga Amigo
    Amiga Amigo 2 months ago

    She needs to go, marriage fraud tax fraud immigration fraud.
    She’s only been in the country 10 years how can you be a senator.

  • Behnam Keshavarz
    Behnam Keshavarz 2 months ago can see extreme right and left behind trump... funny

  • Black Gold
    Black Gold 2 months ago +7

    Send him back to Germany, and his wife back to Slovenia.
    His underlings are the dumbest people on earth.

    • Black Gold
      Black Gold 2 months ago

      @BlueChild2022 germans wouldn't want trump, so Yes, they would close the border to traitors.

    • Black Gold
      Black Gold 2 months ago

      @Ash Muntz antifa are fa, same people but with masks on so you don't see them at the trump rallies.

    • BlueChild2022
      BlueChild2022 2 months ago

      I assume if Trump wants to go " back" to Germany they close the border on the spot. 😂

    • Ash Muntz
      Ash Muntz 2 months ago

      says you with a base like boarders...communism...look in the mirror...drop out of college and get a trade