• Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • Awesome tips to make delicious meals:
    You understand real happiness when you feel hungry and you are able to enjoy your favorite meal. Everyone loves food and even though it is there to satisfy our basic need for survival it had become one of the most appreciated forms of art in the world. So in this video compilation, we are sharing with you some amazing food ideas, and hacks that will make your meals even tastier as well as prettier.
    1. Egg hacks:
    - How to make mini omelets:
    For this one, you will need two eggs, your favorite omelet filling, and a Soup ladle. Add your eggs into a bowl and mix them together really well. Then coat your soup ladle with oil (make sure it is a stainless steel one and not a plastic one). Add one tablespoon of the eggs you just mixed and swirl it on top of the fire until it cooks. Then add your favorite filling in the middle of the tiny omelet and fold it.
    - How to separate the egg yolk from the egg white:
    Take a tall drinking glass, add a funnel on top and break your egg. Your egg white will go to the bottom of the glass while your egg yolk will stay in the funnel.
    2. Delicious lemon water idea:
    - If you are a fan of lemon water not only because of the taste but also because of the amazing anti-oxidants benefits it has then try this. Take your silicone mold tray and cut both very things lemon and lime slices. Put them inside the tray mold and then filled it up to the top with water. Then place it in the freezer. Finally, when it becomes solid, add it into your jug of water and there you have it, delicious, cold lemon water.
    3. Tasty drinks for detoxing: Add these into your water:
    - Recipe 1: Strawberry / Lemon / Lemon / Kiwi
    - Recipe 2: Strawberry / Cucumber / Orange / Lemon
    - Recipe 3: Strawberry / Peppermint / Cucumber / Lemon / Apple
    - Recipe 4: Peppermint / Grapefruit / Cucumber / Lime
    - Recipe 5: Strawberry / Grapefruit / Orange
    4. How to make your own Delicious pastries with fruit fillings
    - Take a piece of your dough and cut it into 4 small squares. Then, slice it through the middle of each edge but not completely so that it all stays one piece. Then take the left side of each edge and fold it into the middle. Then add some delicious whipping cream on top and then the forest fruit of your choice. Either strawberry, blueberries, blackberries etc.
    - How to make your own Jam Croissant:
    Take a rectangle piece of puff pastry, and cut it in small horizontal down going downwards. Then go on the opposite side and do the same. In the middle add your favorite type of jam and fold each of the lines/pieces you just cut on top of each other like a braid. Finally, bake in the oven.
    0:44 - How to make mini omelets
    1:20 - Awesome egg tip: How to separate the egg yolk
    1:36 - How to make an omelet for beginners
    2:46 - Cute chicken food decorations with eggs
    4:21 - Delicious Lemon water Hack
    5:23 - Detoxing recipes/ways to detox
    6:40 - How to make delicious fruit pastries
    6:59 - DIY blueberry pastry
    7:20 - DIY Jam croissant
    8:18 - DIY chocolate Croissant
    8:40 - How to make latte Art.

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