Chef Serves Gordon Grilled Lettuce - Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Jun 10, 2015
    After being initially confused by the restaurants style and intentions, Chef Ramsay cannot believe what he is seeing on the menu at Park's Edge: grilled caesar salad. Including grilled lettuce. He has to sample it, and the results are exactly what you would expect. It's a grilled piece of lettuce - what could go wrong?
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  • Guacamole Kawaii
    Guacamole Kawaii 4 hours ago

    *King foot grilled lettuce*

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob 5 hours ago

    He's so full of shit. Who hasn't seen grilled romaine?

  • Ahomo Sectual
    Ahomo Sectual 5 hours ago

    1. Ami is a baddie.
    2. What the fuck was with that bartender dude? Fuckin weirdo.

  • Gary Shepard
    Gary Shepard 6 hours ago

    Interrupts the entire restaurant. Being a DICK is Gordon’s Shtick.

  • Kevin Bertrand
    Kevin Bertrand 9 hours ago

    She is sooo cute

  • Mr Shrimp
    Mr Shrimp 9 hours ago +1

    1:40 IDK why ,but she is soo fckn hot

  • hshshshshshshs
    hshshshshshshs 9 hours ago

    That's the first attractive black female I've seen

  • Luna_Dei
    Luna_Dei 10 hours ago

    I cooke lettuce all the time. Its fantastic shreeded in light noodle soups and amazing on a BBQ, grilled romaine is a very popular dish in parts of Italy and I know for a fact that some Michelin starred chefs have served it.

  • l e i l a n i
    l e i l a n i 11 hours ago

    asian and indian are the same lmao πŸ’€

  • IDK Nan Molla
    IDK Nan Molla 12 hours ago

    The thumbnail is just cursed...

  • Artsy Ho
    Artsy Ho 15 hours ago

    Well now you can’t complain when it’s raw

  • Sif the great grey wolf

    Not gonna lie every food that Gordon has ever reject, somehow are the type of food that looks tasty to me.

  • rawdog42
    rawdog42 17 hours ago

    And for desert I'd like fried ice cream.

  • Vitaly Greddy
    Vitaly Greddy 22 hours ago


  • M. S.
    M. S. Day ago

    Every once in a while you gotta just head back to the grilled lettuce video...that's as ridiculous a culinary move as it gets

  • Triple D
    Triple D Day ago


  • Corndog
    Corndog Day ago

    Why don’t they just cut the lettuce after they grill it to make it a salad

  • rio verde
    rio verde Day ago


  • I_Need_Money
    I_Need_Money Day ago

    One episode of Hells Kitchen, Gordon has grilled lettuce on his menu

  • Banghowdy08
    Banghowdy08 Day ago

    I smoke bus tickets

  • KIBO The last bald otaku

    What the fuck why grill a fking lettuce

  • Gods Child
    Gods Child 2 days ago

    Why the waiter act like he was picking up forks just to be noisy

  • Sanath Hegde
    Sanath Hegde 2 days ago +1

    Fusion confusion πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • intergalactic24
    intergalactic24 2 days ago

    This is what they do at the restaurant I work in now,, lmao, I think ima quit,, they literally grill a romaine lettuce,

  • Acrobatic Jesus
    Acrobatic Jesus 2 days ago

    Grilled 99% H2O

  • KinkyPancake
    KinkyPancake 3 days ago

    Kevin is a prophet

  • The AWSOME Girl 91
    The AWSOME Girl 91 3 days ago +1

    You can never go wrong *cough cough* right with grilled lettuce....

  • Danielle Dawn
    Danielle Dawn 3 days ago

    Sounds like you need an idiot sandwich

  • Deniz D.
    Deniz D. 3 days ago

    Im confused. Isnt this supposed to be grilled for ceasar salad? Testkitchen grills it too (cooking vids on here)

  • I kick life's ass
    I kick life's ass 4 days ago +2

    Apparently you can go wrong with fried lettuce

  • SkKeezey KeeZ
    SkKeezey KeeZ 4 days ago

    0:51 dude in background looks like Russell from gorillaz.

  • Rober
    Rober 4 days ago

    How idiot is Gordon Ramsay... poor rich empty life.

    • snunja
      snunja 2 days ago

      How idiot is your grammar lol...why you mad cuz your poor??

  • Alex Gutierrezbruh
    Alex Gutierrezbruh 4 days ago

    That waitress is super cute ❀️

  • T C
    T C 5 days ago

    Amy a snack her damn self

  • Eric Tirado
    Eric Tirado 6 days ago

    Just another customer or a world class chef? Hmmmm

  • Erik Cnating
    Erik Cnating 6 days ago

    Wtf was the bartender doing?

  • Thủy Ds
    Thủy Ds 6 days ago

    How could The camera man get into their kitchen? They let them in?

  • Foxuniverso
    Foxuniverso 7 days ago

    Ok well now i MUST see this ep

  • thornsx
    thornsx 7 days ago

    Kevin just looking for a reason to come over lol

  • The Ouchiegiver
    The Ouchiegiver 7 days ago

    Why is everyone commenting on Ami’s skin? Has no one ever seen a black woman?

  • Josh Peter
    Josh Peter 7 days ago

    0:59 WTF πŸ€” why is the bartender come to chef gordan

  • Vegan Game Changer
    Vegan Game Changer 7 days ago +4

    Actually a grilled lettuce can be awesome if prepared with love and knowledge.

  • hdarken
    hdarken 8 days ago

    That's how spongebob made his salad.

  • FuckUrPoliticalBs
    FuckUrPoliticalBs 8 days ago

    How could you work there and never question the grilled lettuce lol

  • gherallldo rivverieeraa

    lol classic Kevin

  • vinayak singla
    vinayak singla 8 days ago

    After watching kitchen nightmares I will never eat in a local restaurant located in America!!πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  • Exquisite Mind
    Exquisite Mind 8 days ago +1

    The waitress is hot

  • hadi halimeh
    hadi halimeh 8 days ago

    Ah... Really...?
    A grilled salad...
    And also uncleaned...
    Pretty big mess around there !

  • m happy
    m happy 9 days ago

    I sold the hell out of a roasted romaine salad, with blue cheese, walnuts, grapes, red vin & evoo.

  • Desmond Ciauri
    Desmond Ciauri 9 days ago +1

    Guys want to have sex with that waitress

  • Roy Berg
    Roy Berg 9 days ago

    I work at a restaurant that serves a grilled Caesar it's pretty good

  • DeeDer Howser
    DeeDer Howser 9 days ago

    I will say I was in Dominican Republic and they were grilling the lettuce for hamburgers, it was soooooo good on one of the best hamburgers I’ve ever eating hands down.

  • potter9006
    potter9006 9 days ago

    And now grilled lettuce has become a gourmet thing

    DON SWANSON 9 days ago +1

    Black dude reminds me of Gus friend from breaking bad

  • David Rheinhardt
    David Rheinhardt 9 days ago +1

    Lets grill the grill

  • Samir_champion Xd
    Samir_champion Xd 9 days ago


  • Sidney Black
    Sidney Black 9 days ago +1

    How do nice employees end up working with horrible co-workers or horrendous bosses.

  • EH HEEE7
    EH HEEE7 10 days ago

    Clicked on one Gordon Ramsey after half of a year not watching this

    Ah shit here we go again

  • NotSamuelEJO
    NotSamuelEJO 10 days ago

    What kind of retard grills salad?

  • Lexi Walker
    Lexi Walker 10 days ago

    Like he is so judge like of a person like some people like it and everyone can’t be oh I am Jordan Ramsey no everyone is different and everyone likes different things so he needs to stop acting like everything needs to be a 5 star corse meal

  • zalan zalan
    zalan zalan 10 days ago +1

    2:32😏😏... Her necklance is pretty nice.....

  • Jack
    Jack 10 days ago +1

    Chinese? Mexican? Asian?
    Sounds like confusion.

    • Joker P5
      Joker P5 6 days ago

      Jack the fusion was confusion in gordons words

  • Perry Robles
    Perry Robles 10 days ago


  • Zaywig Wigfall
    Zaywig Wigfall 10 days ago +1

    She is beautiful!!!!

  • Yato Kun
    Yato Kun 10 days ago

    Im 14
    And i dont grill a fucking vegetable
    Yeah, basically grilling a vegetable is basically a statement that you have a low iq

  • FNCV 777
    FNCV 777 10 days ago

    Theres a MaFiA behind Gordon's seat

  • Nolan .T
    Nolan .T 11 days ago


  • Bloop
    Bloop 11 days ago

    NINOOO should have grilled the salad

  • Si Filey
    Si Filey 11 days ago

    But grilled or pan seared baby gems are good.

  • Russ TheMuss
    Russ TheMuss 11 days ago

    Can’t go wrong with grilled lettuce

  • Chace Shinohara
    Chace Shinohara 11 days ago +1

    Grilled lettuce
    $20 dollars

    SUPERMILI_ 10 11 days ago

    Waiter was so beautiful

  • InTACTProduction
    InTACTProduction 11 days ago

    Ami fine AF

  • Sarah Long
    Sarah Long 11 days ago

    Fusion confusion lol

  • Lyro witzgag
    Lyro witzgag 11 days ago

    That's nothing! Nino will grill anything that he sees.

  • Nura 5
    Nura 5 11 days ago

    0:46 that chick in the back is looking quite suspicious πŸ˜‚

  • Jose M. Figueroa Jr.
    Jose M. Figueroa Jr. 11 days ago

    Grilled lettuce?!?

  • Your response Doesnt Matter

    Lol such a turn on their company's food

  • Jun Daniel Gyu Lee Kim
    Jun Daniel Gyu Lee Kim 12 days ago +1

    Can i grill oil XDDDDD

  • BTS_ SF9
    BTS_ SF9 12 days ago +1

    I am confusion...

  • Juliette Hacking
    Juliette Hacking 12 days ago

    Ramsay's own cookbook has grilled lettuce in it...

  • neesan γƒ…
    neesan γƒ… 12 days ago

    fine dining

  • Toby Tribbitt
    Toby Tribbitt 12 days ago

    grilled lettuce actually sounds good

  • Putri Nuzullina
    Putri Nuzullina 12 days ago

    I like fried cabbage, but i never heard grilled lettuce

  • Chad Booker
    Chad Booker 12 days ago


  • Chad Booker
    Chad Booker 12 days ago

    Aimy blushing

  • xox comtery
    xox comtery 12 days ago

    i think they tried to be creative but it just didnt work well

  • Chike Chovis
    Chike Chovis 12 days ago

    Staged garbage

  • GeorgiaMadeJB
    GeorgiaMadeJB 12 days ago

    Sub for a subπŸ’―β€οΈ

  • Magdalena Lukač
    Magdalena Lukač 12 days ago

    Hes so fucking extra all the time it annoying

  • Lorraine Carrrington
    Lorraine Carrrington 12 days ago

    Oh hell no! I ain’t never heard about a grilled salad nor Caesar wtf is going on in peoples’ brains like come on u can do better fr

  • Phei Hafwen
    Phei Hafwen 12 days ago

    Trump's face *ORANGE*
    Gordon's face *RED*

  • Gaming Titan
    Gaming Titan 12 days ago +25


    Chef: Its grilled seasoning

    Gordon: It needs more seasoning
    I love gordon

  • prison mike
    prison mike 12 days ago +5

    Gordon: destroys lettuces
    Gordon: why is this salad hideous looking

    • SS I.
      SS I. 11 days ago +1

      Don’t drop the soap! DONT DROP THE SOAP!

  • Orlando Pineda
    Orlando Pineda 12 days ago

    That bitch got some nice Titts and cute face

  • Chris K
    Chris K 12 days ago

    Can't you wear a nice shirt when you go to a restaurant. What are you 15 years old.

  • Lobsterkid18
    Lobsterkid18 13 days ago

    *Grilled Lettuce: Vegans Favorite meal*

  • phorse
    phorse 13 days ago


  • PointFaeez
    PointFaeez 13 days ago

    I've had grilled salad and I loved it it tastes very crispy

  • Penguin Gomez
    Penguin Gomez 13 days ago

    Chef: *takes a sip of water* JESUS FUCKING CHRIST ITS FUCKING BLAND!!!!