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  • Browntable
    Browntable  8 days ago

    Ignore me when I say the movie used temp music, Director Christopher McQuarrie has stated that no temp music has been used. I'm guessing composer Lorne Balfe's score sounded like Hans Zimmer's work since Balfe studied under him. Zimmer's composing likely inspired Daft Punk's Tron soundtrack, which is what I compared it to in the video.

  • Incredible Inverts
    Incredible Inverts 5 hours ago +1

    I don't think a film has EVER made me more tense the first time I watched it the film was SUBLIME

    • Incredible Inverts
      Incredible Inverts 5 hours ago +1

      Also completely lost track of time m, forgot it was a 2.5 hr film

  • Shamsul Arefin
    Shamsul Arefin 13 hours ago

    It was great, really enjoyed it. Perfectly action movie.

  • Jeff Lee
    Jeff Lee Day ago

    3:42 ur drawing is pretty good

  • Senate Shakya
    Senate Shakya 2 days ago

    The Rock can learn so much from Tom Cruise.

  • Jaymin Baraiya
    Jaymin Baraiya 2 days ago

    One of the best action actor is Tom curise.

  • Nilo Yapchiongco
    Nilo Yapchiongco 5 days ago

    The fact that there's no buildup towards the HALO jump made me appreciate it significantly less. It also made it feel very generic. But it can't be helped considering it's at the beginning and there's not much significance to it other than illustrate Henry Cavill's character as a dick. The last moments of the movie really lacked impact , with Henry Cavill's character being so obvious and then with the Helicopter chase sequence which was really fun to the crash which felt generic. We've seen similar stuff from Kingsmen and Spectre. Only difference is that was mostly CGi. And the end where they defuse the bomb, it just feels like "That's it?".
    I think it has something to do with the fact that they weren't completely working on a proper script and just make it up as they go. So it didn't feel as balanced as the other movies.
    It was innovative, fun and a solid movie but felt a little below Rogue Nation and Ghost Protocol.

  • logan meraki
    logan meraki 8 days ago

    I would still put ghost protocol ahead of this, brilliant film one the less

  • Jonathan Ye
    Jonathan Ye 12 days ago

    Note: The composer for the score has said in multiple interviews that Christopher McQuarrie did not use any temp music

  • Brenden Greenwood
    Brenden Greenwood 16 days ago

    Fallout was exhilarating at parts but stylistically it was very derivative and overly sentimental. The praise the media gave it felt disingenuous.

  • Bruno De Marques
    Bruno De Marques 24 days ago

    I believe they were trying too hard to give everyone something to do but it came out as rushed. I liked the previous better

  • Guitar Heave n
    Guitar Heave n Month ago

    Looking at MI3, 4, 5 they have really spectacular stunts, but for me, the final fight/chase was never the most spectacular/thrilling piece of the movie. MI6 did that absolutely right, the fight was spectacular, the setting was gorgeous it was just superb

  • Ryan Austin
    Ryan Austin Month ago

    This movie had me on edge in awe from start to finish. Cruise is just brilliant in it

  • XOVO
    XOVO Month ago

    this or iw? I'd go with mi6

  • drjwww
    drjwww Month ago

    My response to Fallout was a big, giant Meh. Really, there were two movies here-- the set pieces and the plot, and, wow, the plot-movie was pretty jaw-droppingly bad, as if it was written around the set-pieces instead of being integral to it. And, yikes, some of the dialogue was a atrocious, especially in the airport scene where poor Alec Baldwin got saddled with such crap I actually felt genuinely sorry for him. And the supporting performances were, at best, functional but unremarkable, while Ving Rhames seemed almost worrisomely ill (and he too got saddled with wretched dialogue that's, of course, all about Ethan Hunt and selling his character to us in manipulative exposition or summary). And I tired of Simon Pegg very quickly, though I usually like him quite a lot.
    As for the set-pieces, they've just become so ridiculous that I can't see them as anything more than ridiculous. If anything, I find myself thrown OUT of the movie because of how extreme and ridiculous they are as my brain goes, "Ah, here comes Tom Cruise showing off again" or "Ah, here comes Tom Cruise trying to kill himself on screen again. Ooooh, what a daredevil!" I guess they're impressive in their own way(s), but I found myself completely uninvolved by any of them, perhaps because the plot and character work was so flimsy, perhaps because I never believed there was any jeopardy attached. Maybe I'm just tired of watching Tom Cruise's vanity projects.
    For me, this was a jumping of the shark movie. I just don't care about Hunt, or any of his team. That's down to the writing, which was just risible in so many ways. I don't hate the movie. But I don't think it's a good one, either, not by a long shot. So, yeah, a big, giant Meh. From me, anyway.

  • Dave Katague
    Dave Katague Month ago

    Ive watched so many of your sarcastic ones i dont know which one is real

  • SevenPhotons
    SevenPhotons Month ago +2

    I think it's time for a JackieChan-TomCruise movie.

  • Earumamaadu
    Earumamaadu Month ago

    You're over selling it

  • jewelcrystal
    jewelcrystal Month ago +1

    i love how you reference Boku no Hero Academia by getting Plus Ultra in your narration.

  • Jäcky van Maaßtricht

    Alrighty, but it's not available in Germany anymore, and not really in English. I'm gonna have to watch it online.

  • Samurai Kibiji
    Samurai Kibiji Month ago +1

    This movie was so damn amazing. When I see any cgi, green screens, and shaky cam, all I can think of is this movie and it’s greatness now

  • Kachigga
    Kachigga Month ago

    Pretty sure they said they didn't use any temp music for this film.

  • Ostravski Ostravak
    Ostravski Ostravak Month ago +1

    This movie was indeed great in many ways. Absolutely incredible choreography of all action sequences - hand to hand combat, weapons handling, chases; great camera work and very good story as well as absolutely fantastic cast.
    And the cast part brings me to stunning Rebecca Ferguson. Literally every time she showed up to fight alonside Cruise my mouth stayed wide open after the scene was finished (that does not apply for the final scene..that made me paralyzed for good 5 minutes since the titles started rolling). After Rogue Nation I really could not imagine the next M:I movie without her and yes, I was so glad she was included in Fallout as well. There's this chemistry going on between her character Ilsa and Cruise's Ethan, which is actually very much influencing what Ethan does and how he does it. He is facing his own past and all the problems he had and all the trouble he feel guilty for causing, but at the same time he wants to do what is right for everyone else's sake and the peace on his own soul as he knows that this is why he left his wife. And all this is all the time influenced by his feelings towards the misterious yet beautiful Ilsa as he tries to do whatever he possibly can to set her free (from the Syndicate and Solomon Lane in Rogue Nation and from MI6 in Fallout), because as Luther told Ilsa "Ethan cares about her more than he can admit" . I'm really loving this duo. Very dynamic and proffesional. The background is kept in the dark until the very end of Fallout, but the actions of those 2 characters - Ilsa is always there to help Ethan out of a bad situation or easily, to save his life, and he is always there to do the same for her and even something more while being massively afraid of hurting her in the process (the first thing he asked her when they met after he rammed her bike with the old BMW was "are you ok? I'd never...). All this suggests that they both feel deep concren about one another. And it is a good thing as it shows the human side of the character that simply cannot live a normal life. This is some sort of fuel for them, as even if the situation was really bad and there would be almost like nothing to fight for, they would at least fight for each other. Really cool.
    Not only the best action movie of the year, but as well probably the best action movie I've seen. Now I just can't wait for M:I 7.

  • JiNzX115
    JiNzX115 Month ago

    MI6 is a great action movie 8.5/10, the plot twists are a little too much and overwhelmingly complicated at times, it's got problems here and there and there's no perfect action movie.
    This was another stupid attempt to overrate a movie. Sigh...this channel is beyond salvageable. Your previous attempt to defend an objectively poorly made movie known as The Last Jedi just showed how little knowledge you have about filmmaking in general, as for the details of any movie, you have totally no clue what the heck you're talking about.

  • Ken45
    Ken45 Month ago

    No mention of Rebecca Ferguson? And I honestly don't get the hype over Mad Max: Fury Road. I've seen it, thought it was a good movie, but people hail it like the best movie ever made, and I honestly just don't see it... Anyway, I really hope that female cop is mentioned in your spoiler video, because that scene was amazing.

  • J.F.L. Bousquet
    J.F.L. Bousquet Month ago

    I watched the movie, and I still don't get the hype. It's a good action movie, cinematography is good, actors are ok, but it's basically a "Tom-Cruise-saving-the-world-movie"(once again), he does amazing stunts, he rides a bike, he fights the baddies and he saves the day, as usual... but come on. Far from perfect. It doesn't add anything new or exciting to action movies.
    There are so many dumb moments in this movie. The "diving out of the plane", seriously? Why do they need to do that extremely dangerous jump? They need to go to PARIS, in France, not to a super secret location in the middle of nowhere. Can't they just get on a plane, land and then go to the party? The atomic bomb... with a clock, so they can know how many time they have to disarm it. Oldest cliché in the book. You know from minute 1 that Henry Cavill is the bad guy (come on, can that "I''m-the-bad-guy-moustache" be more obvious?)... The bad guys on the club you can spot a mile away... cliché after cliché after cliché.
    Entertaining movie, but immediately forgettable.

  • Orlando1130
    Orlando1130 Month ago

    The red hair guy , showtimes the borgias ... watch it !!! Fucking amazing .

  • Rudy Cooper
    Rudy Cooper Month ago

    Having real mustache not CGI was everything needed for this movie to be great.

  • domo
    domo Month ago


  • racewiththefalcons1

    This is a commendable effort for modern day action cinema, but I would hesitate to rank it alongside the greats of the genre, like Die Hard, Terminator 2, Predator, etc. I'd place it one step down. It's easily the best action movie since Fury Road.

  • Murilo Cruz
    Murilo Cruz Month ago +3

    This movie just blows Infinity War to bits. No amount of Infinity Stones can compete with the legend that is Tom Cruise.

  • Murilo Cruz
    Murilo Cruz Month ago +2

    Goodness gracious can we just find the fountain of youth so that Tom Cruise can exist forever?

  • Mohd Nazri
    Mohd Nazri Month ago +2

    Cavill's character may seem wooden but honesty i think it fits perfectly for someone that's suppose to be the CIA's top dog who happens to be an assassin and follows order to the point

  • Collin Shaw
    Collin Shaw 2 months ago

    THANK YOU FOR BRINGING UP THE SCORE! For me, this is the best part of the movie, and that’s saying a lot. The movie is so close to perfect, but there are a few small problems.

    CHICKEN KURRY 2 months ago +1

    Tom jumped out of a fucking plane...... Favorite actor

  • Nelo Simps
    Nelo Simps 2 months ago

    M:I > MM

  • David Anthony Atienza
    David Anthony Atienza 2 months ago

    this movie was so great. good move on bringing back old characters such as Solomon Lane and Ethan's wife making it more emotional thus increase the stakes even more....

  • Sam Galea
    Sam Galea 2 months ago

    This movie was actually garbage. Other than that bathroom fight scene in the beginning of the film, I didn't like a single other thing about it.

  • Tony M
    Tony M 2 months ago

    I thought Rogue Nation was better. More action scenes and more intense. IMO

  • CabinDoor
    CabinDoor 2 months ago

    But it's ... terrible. Sure, the action is pretty neat and it sure moves along at a blistering pace. But I can't care because I cared about noone and none of what was happening, because everything is just so incredibly dumb. Not in a fun way dumb, in a dumb way dumb. I had to give it 3 sittings to make it through.

  • Rudolf Janse van Vuuren

    Loved this movie. Well made in every way.

  • serback1
    serback1 2 months ago

    I was so disappointed, I expected to be good but it just couldn't, the villain was so weak for me and the story kinda rush.

  • calum brown
    calum brown 2 months ago

    I have to admit the new cia director has to be the best actress from this to 911.

  • calum brown
    calum brown 2 months ago

    Loved this movie.

  • Lee Lorenz
    Lee Lorenz 2 months ago

    Man, somone is getting paid to write all these great reviews about such a mediocre movie. Did you ever really think Tom or the world was in any real danger? I mean, great fighting, great motorcycle riding but i preferred the last one. this one wasn't even as good as number 1 or 2. or 3. Remember Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jon Voight? Get real.

  • Jacob Collins
    Jacob Collins 2 months ago

    it was brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tyler Baumgardner
    Tyler Baumgardner 2 months ago

    This movie was so good!

  • Leo Enduro
    Leo Enduro 2 months ago

    The moment the mission impossible theme came in you knew this was the real deal best mission impossible and best action movie ever. I love this movie so much

  • Bryan
    Bryan 2 months ago

    I think it's good but it's overrated and by no means the best MI film.

  • Dave Simkus
    Dave Simkus 2 months ago

    I didn't like this movie. Many character relationships were super complex that made it difficult to follow at times. The forced laughter bits from Simon Pegg seemed to be thrown in. Luther randomly got emotional and teary-eyed while talking about Ethan Hunt to some girl. Then at the end Ethan gets emotional in a bed. It seemed so fake and out of place. The cinematics like when Ethan skydives out of the airplane were really impressive. The locations were impressive. But the movie overall didn't feel cool as it should be. It was missing professionalism and seriousness of tone. I'd say it was just a typical generic action movie with impressive camera work.

  • Eric B
    Eric B 2 months ago

    Glad my opinions are reinforced by someone who can articulate why it's so damn good

  • Stéphane Brandes
    Stéphane Brandes 2 months ago

    I liked the video just when I heard the Moustahce joke

  • dollayx8
    dollayx8 2 months ago

    Tom : make a good review and embrace me much

  • Samrat Mukherjee
    Samrat Mukherjee 2 months ago

    Why Tom is doing online marketing so much after making such a story less shitty one more sequel of our so favorite franchise why

  • lukhanyiso mzimela
    lukhanyiso mzimela 2 months ago

    Definitely agree the action scenes were amazing and so was the story. absolutely loved tom cruise and henry cavill chemistry

  • The Stig
    The Stig 2 months ago

    Tom cruise at his best
    My favourite actor ... bring on TopGun 2 😎

  • gaurav chaturvedi
    gaurav chaturvedi 2 months ago

    Perfect , it is nowhere near perfect. This film feels like mashup and ripping of other action films there were hardly anything new,plot was predictable.

  • ΔΙΞ X
    ΔΙΞ X 2 months ago

    I watched it but not in Imax 😔

  • Christos philippos
    Christos philippos 2 months ago

    It was like seeing inception, casino royale and skyfall all at the same time. Epic

  • Salah Zayn
    Salah Zayn 2 months ago


  • Ankit Sherigar
    Ankit Sherigar 2 months ago

    Vanessa Kirby is in The Crown, one of the best shows on Netflix IMO and she's amazing in it.

  • Jonathan van Zuijlekom
    Jonathan van Zuijlekom 2 months ago

    I was blown away by this movie! Best action/thriller I've seen in years.

  • Shourov Chakma
    Shourov Chakma 2 months ago

    I'm lucky that I was in Yokohama when this movie got released. And it was imax.

  • hermanmern
    hermanmern 2 months ago

    Tom is so bad ass and he will make all the other actors think twice when making an action movie with CGI... I watched this and skyscraper after that and it makes me cringe just to watch the rock running.

    MATEO MANYU 2 months ago

    Rumors that he might play green lantern...I'm very excited for it

  • Caleb Films
    Caleb Films 2 months ago

    This was the greatest movie I’ve ever seen

  • Saw Laweh Soe
    Saw Laweh Soe 2 months ago

    The halo jump SHOOKED everyone in my theater

  • zak x aria
    zak x aria 2 months ago

    This is the best mission movie and best action movie and best movie of 2018 soo good 😍

  • Eemeli Kuusela
    Eemeli Kuusela 2 months ago

    I would have wanted a bigger end battle w superman and superTom but still great

  • JK Vose
    JK Vose 2 months ago

    Best movie I’ve seen 2018, sorry infinity war

  • Darrell smith
    Darrell smith 2 months ago

    Best ever- nothing compares to this

  • TeddyPESO
    TeddyPESO 2 months ago

    This movie was hellaaaaaa gooood!!!! But where was Jeremy Rennera Character Brandt????

  • Sub Roy
    Sub Roy 2 months ago

    Hell Yeah it is!

  • Rinaldi James
    Rinaldi James 2 months ago

    Watched this movie in an imax theatre in Bangalore, India. Wouldn't recommend. It had a humongous screen but not louder sound and the seat vibrations weren't intense.
    Not all IMAX theatres are mind blowing.
    Dubai's vox cinemas imax with laser was better. Not a humongous screen but big enough if you sit closer to it (recommend you purchase VIP seats, not balcony or standard)(and make sure it's booked at the center of the VIP seating map)

  • Michael Cain
    Michael Cain 2 months ago

    It was better than Mad Max. Way better.

  • Michael Cain
    Michael Cain 2 months ago

    She’s Princess Margaret in The Crown. And yes, she was so good.

  • Michael Cain
    Michael Cain 2 months ago


  • Kareen Gino John Paul Modequillo


  • andyhoov
    andyhoov 2 months ago

    The whole Paris sequence is incredible. Like with Fury Road it's one of the few times I wondered how they made a scene without killing multiple stunt performers.
    As for the music, I found it pretty dang good. I especially like the many ways in which the reincorporate the main theme throughout the movie. Oftentimes it's really subtle.

  • Jeremiah Rodriguez
    Jeremiah Rodriguez 2 months ago

    At 4:45 he didnt break his foot he broke a few ribs and there was an Easter egg to it at the end of film when hes in the hospital bed and he says hes fine just a couple broken ribs

  • Luke Schroeder
    Luke Schroeder 2 months ago

    Could not agree with you more, Browntable. I LOVED the score and the way it had an underlying homage to the original theme. I LOVED the action scenes even in its ridiculousness. And I just loved how it was easy to follow yet complex and kept me on the edge of my seat. All of this is just more of a pleasant surprise since I haven't really cared for many of the other ones before this one, but wow, is this one so good.

  • Vojin Milojkovic
    Vojin Milojkovic 2 months ago

    *Maximum Effort Plus ULtra

  • Ben Jauncey
    Ben Jauncey 2 months ago

    This film is the greatest action film there ever will be, I don't think anybody can top this not even someone of the likes of Nolan

  • Jeremy Joslin
    Jeremy Joslin 2 months ago

    The movie blew me away

  • Blackwatch
    Blackwatch 2 months ago

    I saw the movie... but not in IMAX...
    Should I watch it again? I honestly can't decide...

  • Rocky Pingale
    Rocky Pingale 2 months ago

    I think the ending was little disappointing, too much unnecessary and forced scenes. Also the helicopter chase was way too long

  • Romain Van Kerckhove
    Romain Van Kerckhove 2 months ago

    I loved that movie but am I the only one who was kinda dissapointed by the story? The directing was beyond awsome and the action scenes were breathtaking. But for me it felt like they had ideas for setpieces and tied them with a generic story.

  • Scarce Hyperion
    Scarce Hyperion 2 months ago

    Was Solomon Lane played by the same guy as last time? He sounded exactly the same but he looked completely different, and not just because he had a beard.

  • Tycho Botter
    Tycho Botter 3 months ago

    That acrtes plays prinses Margret in The Crown

  • Saif Chowdhury
    Saif Chowdhury 3 months ago

    I decided to go and watch this movie with my dad and little brother on a whim and was SO glad I watched it!

  • Moon MC
    Moon MC 3 months ago +3

    Such an epic movie..luv mission impossible

  • GatorGirl04
    GatorGirl04 3 months ago +2

    Great Review! Love reviews that touch on the fantastic details like lighting, the score and plot devices. Fallout was incredible!

  • obsidian
    obsidian 3 months ago +2

    Practicality definitely plays a big role in the final product. Having Tom Cruise perform these stunts makes all the difference. The Mission Impossible franchise just keeps getting better and Tom Cruise is a big part of that.

  • kreative Oras
    kreative Oras 3 months ago

    i enjoyed every bit of this movie, you know how visual fx can take away suspense from a movie becos yeah u know its vfx, but for this i was really scared for his team

  • Jari Fuller
    Jari Fuller 3 months ago +2

    i've seen it 2x

  • Lover of everything
    Lover of everything 3 months ago

    Honeslty the movie gives you enough time to Breat there are to many conversations unlike ghost protocol when the action never stops

  • Skies the Limit
    Skies the Limit 3 months ago +1

    I’ve never seen a MIP movie before yesterday but good Fallout was fucking amazing! The fighting Fantastic, the music amazing, characters very noice, vertical sit ups (in previous movie) holy shit he’s not over 50!

  • Mike H
    Mike H 3 months ago

    A little pee came out of me when I watched this movie in imax.

  • Aescius
    Aescius 3 months ago

    Wow! The new GTA VI trailer looks great!