Putting Weird Things Through A Water Filter #2 (TEST)

  • Published on Oct 22, 2018
  • We're putting more weird things through a water filter! GMM #1405
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Comments • 18 754

  • Dave Stanley
    Dave Stanley 11 hours ago

    Do a video were you put things in a soda stream

  • Dave Stanley
    Dave Stanley 11 hours ago

    Try cow blood

  • Death Man
    Death Man Day ago


  • damian nichols
    damian nichols 3 days ago

    Who else used to drink the lemon juice all the time as a kid lol

  • Morne Coetzee
    Morne Coetzee 3 days ago

    I love lemon juice

  • Firetree Productions

    Wine and shampoo man. They’re not consistent

  • Gray _
    Gray _ 4 days ago


  • youtube chicken
    youtube chicken 6 days ago

    Rhett: maybe youll have better taste in music
    That boyfriend from that one episode: YOU TALKIN' ISH ABOUT NICKELBACK?

  • Valko Rusev
    Valko Rusev 9 days ago

    Ohh, so that's how they make La Croix

  • Sawyer Huneycutt
    Sawyer Huneycutt 10 days ago


  • Ziadice XD
    Ziadice XD 14 days ago

    Link: ITS ABOUT TO DRIP!!!!!!

  • DJyownder 109
    DJyownder 109 14 days ago

    Were i come from we would actually boil the pigs blood and then you could eat it with some added stuff like garlic and parsley

  • Piano Stream
    Piano Stream 14 days ago

    my little sibling drinks straight lemon juice

  • Doggo McDoge
    Doggo McDoge 15 days ago

    It's 8:15 PM. But who cares, am I right?

  • Michael Esteve
    Michael Esteve 17 days ago

    Try using a blender.

    MISCHIEF 19 days ago +3

    *Runs water through filter*
    "This water tastes better than normal water."
    You don't say...

  • Beckham The Crazy Gymnast

    put pee through the water filter

  • 1337 Skins
    1337 Skins 20 days ago

    Put pinnaple juice through it

  • Scott The Gamer
    Scott The Gamer 24 days ago

    I wish I was at a point in life where I could do all the weird stuff I want to for a living like this

  • Youssef Dirani
    Youssef Dirani 27 days ago

    can u fry bacon on a curling iron?

  • Andrew Scarborough
    Andrew Scarborough 28 days ago

    I knew the lyrics but don't drink rockstar

  • C2.CaitoMXD
    C2.CaitoMXD 29 days ago

    It should be cooked not drink.
    Damn that's disgusting.

  • T Gilman
    T Gilman 29 days ago

    And then filter it.

  • T Gilman
    T Gilman 29 days ago

    Plz do it.

  • Melanie Patterson
    Melanie Patterson Month ago

    Put things through a sparkling water machine.

    DEPRAVITY X Month ago

    Links commitment to the blood and rockstar! 😂😂 YES!

  • PattummaDaphne
    PattummaDaphne Month ago

    11:22 the ambassador of the divided States of America? Gosh haha

  • T Gilman
    T Gilman Month ago

    You should put squid ink in coffee and soy sauce

  • Diana Mora
    Diana Mora Month ago

    Anyone else gag at the pigs blood?

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia Month ago

    Milk. Filter milk

  • TheJigoChigo
    TheJigoChigo Month ago

    Swine Rockstar drink slogan:

    "Ready to go ham?"

  • MastersofPokemon
    MastersofPokemon Month ago

    Use a dishwasher

  • TJ _
    TJ _ Month ago

    You drink filtered first

  • Aterhallsam
    Aterhallsam Month ago

    Rockstar + Pigs blood is a big thing in Europe. We call it ”Porck Star”.

  • Vash Matrix
    Vash Matrix Month ago +1

    Mulberry is naturally purple, & delicious.

  • Ha Ha Your A No Skin H

    I’m Vietnamese and my Parents EAT IT BY COOKING IT OR DRINK IT RAW and it’s NASTY

  • Mostafa Shalaby
    Mostafa Shalaby Month ago

    I got the Hainashshhawushhs when he poured the lemon

  • HotDommy
    HotDommy Month ago

    I've always wanted to do this.

  • Charlie Power
    Charlie Power Month ago

    human blood :)

  • JakeDaShep
    JakeDaShep Month ago

    They turned wine into water

  • Jenn Vix
    Jenn Vix Month ago

    "I'm goin' hard tonight!"

  • That Guy999
    That Guy999 Month ago

    November 6 is my birthday

  • Noah Meloche
    Noah Meloche Month ago

    What do you call a pig's wine...


  • Canadian Syrup
    Canadian Syrup Month ago


  • Christian Rodriguez

    Salt water or swamp water

  • DawnNinjaFX
    DawnNinjaFX Month ago

    Some liquid must be filtered 2 or 3 times to be a normal water

  • Allan Aguilar
    Allan Aguilar Month ago

    What water filter is this? It looks like its doing an amazing job

  • ThatGuySiro
    ThatGuySiro Month ago

    My mans really shot at nickleback

  • Shailey Trahan
    Shailey Trahan Month ago

    13:13 “uok..” -Link

  • ilovelijah 420
    ilovelijah 420 Month ago +1

    Do piss.

    • Jenn Vix
      Jenn Vix Month ago

      I was just thinking the same thing, and they should use a fresh filter.

  • emily power
    emily power Month ago

    K but who else ships Rhett and Link? Rhett the handsome lumberjack and Link... the one I always call Zelda for the lolz.

  • Dominic Loxton
    Dominic Loxton Month ago +1


  • Glipper
    Glipper Month ago

    put a fresh lava rock in a washing machine

  • avada
    avada Month ago

    What? No plain coffee?

  • poptart6662012
    poptart6662012 Month ago

    I drank an upsetting amount of pigs blood one halloween. its iron-y but also....greasy?

  • Sehaj Grewal
    Sehaj Grewal Month ago

    Imagine drinking pigs blood with rockstar

  • Lauren Smith
    Lauren Smith Month ago

    Lemon juice:good for your body
    Lemon juice:IT'S BAD FOR YOUR TEETH

  • The Flying Pika
    The Flying Pika Month ago

    Difference between lemon juice and lemonade

  • ShadowCaptain85
    ShadowCaptain85 Month ago +9

    “We’ve Created Water.” amazing

  • Bhuvanesh Bhuvanesh

    instead call it water maker