Putting Weird Things Through A Water Filter #2 (TEST)

  • Published on Oct 22, 2018
  • We're putting more weird things through a water filter! GMM #1405
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Comments • 18 533

  • Sam Can
    Sam Can 8 hours ago

    It is bathroom not bedroom

  • jump up
    jump up 9 hours ago

    I'm very surprised the drinks taksed so different

  • Hanief D
    Hanief D 11 hours ago +1

    Send me the link to the website I want to buy it

  • Creeper Queen
    Creeper Queen 23 hours ago

    I hope after the pigs blood you throw away that waterfilter

  • RiotandCaptainRandom RCR

    I'm crying in dscust that you think blood

  • Anika Singer
    Anika Singer Day ago

    Why does everyone hate nickleback so much

  • jr distorter
    jr distorter Day ago


  • jr distorter
    jr distorter Day ago

    Chocolate milk

  • JäyΔr
    JäyΔr Day ago

    Try Bleach

  • Logan Dial
    Logan Dial 2 days ago

    I drink lemon juice

  • Little Kay
    Little Kay 2 days ago

    Probably legit.......😂

  • TheChaoticShadowKnight

    Link: You all are a twisted bunch!
    Me: you know us so well. :3

  • Shalera Davis
    Shalera Davis 2 days ago


  • xgaberiellee
    xgaberiellee 2 days ago

    Do you change for new filter every time ? And if so, what do you do with the old one ? I'd be sad if you just threw it away... :(

  • FrostyErica
    FrostyErica 3 days ago

    How about using a juicer for an episode called, "Will it Juice?"

  • Kaylee Sanders
    Kaylee Sanders 4 days ago


  • Nattalie Elkington
    Nattalie Elkington 4 days ago

    I drink just Lemmon juice

  • LpsStellar
    LpsStellar 4 days ago

    Wow who knew that hairspray had residual whhiteness

  • Ara Sobrevinas
    Ara Sobrevinas 4 days ago

    the guy on the right without a beard is sooo discusting/gross/uncomfortable🤢🤮🤮

  • Inna Lapin-Vitruk
    Inna Lapin-Vitruk 4 days ago

    Not all filters are made the same. I’ve had PUR for a while, until i realized that the water was worse after than before filtered.
    Speaking of which, what filter are they using here?

    • LpsStellar
      LpsStellar 4 days ago

      Inna Lapin-Vitruk I think it’s a brita

  • Hey look i’m a cat

    I got a machine: washing machine

  • Why Not?
    Why Not? 5 days ago

    Put stuff through a distiller

  • Beastie2006
    Beastie2006 5 days ago +1

    I went to a church that gave me real wine and I’m 11

  • M. Kate Warner
    M. Kate Warner 5 days ago +1

    The hairspray could have reacted with the other stuff in the filter

  • Ryan Giorgianni
    Ryan Giorgianni 5 days ago

    Will it waffle

  • 2006imari
    2006imari 6 days ago

    you're not Human if you dont Love GMM

  • Airbear
    Airbear 6 days ago

    Wow I’m so confused, I thought I watched on “Hack My Life” that using a water filter with wine made it taste like more expensive, better quality wine

    • Airbear
      Airbear 6 days ago

      Maybe it was vodka...

  • Ozmataz Groves
    Ozmataz Groves 7 days ago +3

    Grapes are purple. Plums. Eggplants. Flowers. Clams. Fish. Birds. Bugs. Educate yourself on the world of purple Rhett.

  • Rebecca Jamison
    Rebecca Jamison 7 days ago

    I drink lemon it dosnet effect me

  • Dyslexic Duck
    Dyslexic Duck 7 days ago


  • Michael John
    Michael John 7 days ago

    Do YT comments talk?

  • Leisha Clark
    Leisha Clark 8 days ago

    Has Rhett never seen a Concord grape?

  • Golden Harvest Farming

    Blender blender blender blender blender!!!

  • Danny Ocean
    Danny Ocean 8 days ago

    It’s all about particulates brothers
    Mmmmmmm particulates 🤤

  • Zach Applegate
    Zach Applegate 8 days ago

    The nickelback ref🔥

  • Mateusz Dudzinski
    Mateusz Dudzinski 8 days ago

    Put stuff through a coffee machine

  • Emiliy Kelley
    Emiliy Kelley 8 days ago

    If you brew Butterfly Pea Tea it can go from blue to a dark purple.

    • Emiliy Kelley
      Emiliy Kelley 8 days ago

      I also do lemon juice shots of straight juice it is my juice like people have their apple juice

  • AnimeGirl IRL
    AnimeGirl IRL 9 days ago

    can cod milt be put through one of those things ... .o.

  • Gage Bublitz
    Gage Bublitz 9 days ago

    i kinda want to know who "The ambassador of the Divided States of America" is.

  • ACE FamouzxAR15 Xx
    ACE FamouzxAR15 Xx 9 days ago

    Horse pee

  • Sommer Rodgers
    Sommer Rodgers 9 days ago

    U guys r both so funny and cute 😊

  • Xeryun
    Xeryun 9 days ago

    Its a *water* filter. It won't filter out ethanol or plasma, which is why the wine and blood were left with plasma and ethanol still present.

  • Isvely Severino
    Isvely Severino 9 days ago +1


  • Emma Gilbert
    Emma Gilbert 9 days ago

    Why y'all always using pigs for thing.
    Pigs blood, Pig anus, and other stuff ?

  • Poison Tsuki
    Poison Tsuki 9 days ago

    Put a milkshake in it

  • Madelyn Baum
    Madelyn Baum 9 days ago

    Microwave !

  • Filippo Monni
    Filippo Monni 9 days ago

    SPACE VALLEY got stolen

  • Jonathan Betz
    Jonathan Betz 9 days ago

    I would not consider wine as a weird thing

  • mukhriz arshad
    mukhriz arshad 9 days ago

    Oh my god can u filter melted 🍨 ice cream

  • Jason Taylor
    Jason Taylor 9 days ago

    Cows blood

  • Aayla Karczmarczyk
    Aayla Karczmarczyk 10 days ago

    You should filter milk 🥛

  • Rachael Hartmann
    Rachael Hartmann 10 days ago

    Lemon juice is probably hydration’s friend because it’s so sour it makes you want to drink a lot of water to wash it down.(oh and btw I drink lemon juice straight up so umm like don’t judge)

  • Thomas Vath
    Thomas Vath 10 days ago +1

    It’s gonna drip!!!!!😂😂😂😂

  • Coltfpv
    Coltfpv 10 days ago

    1:12 am I the only one who sees him shaking?

  • Torben Gaitzsch
    Torben Gaitzsch 10 days ago +1

    Nov 6th is ma bday

  • John Wick
    John Wick 10 days ago

    Wdym... i've seen a purple grape irl... like irl, irl... not vr, irl.

  • TheAppleman352
    TheAppleman352 10 days ago


  • Button Top
    Button Top 10 days ago

    Yup rockstars are tough they are so sweet they melt your face off your body

  • Blue
    Blue 10 days ago

    Am I the only person on this comment section who can drink lemon juice straight and enjoy it ? XD

  • Xaniss
    Xaniss 10 days ago


  • Cole keeley
    Cole keeley 11 days ago

    Is it weird that I like to drink lemon juce

  • Jimmy Himmerson
    Jimmy Himmerson 11 days ago

    I old my mom have a good mythical morning she said huh I said do you love me

  • Random Moments
    Random Moments 11 days ago

    The water filter in your fanny pack

  • Elizabeth Bottoms
    Elizabeth Bottoms 11 days ago

    “Lemon juice is made of clouds.” Link 2018

  • Olivia Smith
    Olivia Smith 11 days ago

    Where do you even buy pigs blood?

  • jacklyn caudill
    jacklyn caudill 11 days ago

    but i love nickelback

  • Unicorn Lover12
    Unicorn Lover12 12 days ago


  • Dracon Uchiha
    Dracon Uchiha 12 days ago

    If you guys have a play button from TheXvid maybe you could make a video about it. I don't know what sort of stuff you could do but I know you and the crew could think of something wierd.

  • Bhrg Jxjfhf
    Bhrg Jxjfhf 12 days ago

    poop that's waky that's crazy

  • ticci toby
    ticci toby 12 days ago

    I used to have a water filter but it is now destroyed by my cat

    ANDREW CHEN 12 days ago

    try sewer water

  • Lorn_0h 123
    Lorn_0h 123 12 days ago

    Ppl take rockstars to class 😂👌

  • RheanApplePie Lolz 2
    RheanApplePie Lolz 2 13 days ago


  • MusicFabulousTuberGaming

    I'll be nice to you guys you should try water with it

    The water is from a lake :)

  • American Patriot
    American Patriot 14 days ago +1

    But can it purify flex glue?

  • Cody Minshall
    Cody Minshall 14 days ago

    Eww, let's not talk about that!

  • Bill Fellow
    Bill Fellow 14 days ago

    I thought you were going to drink the hair spray lol

  • Sergey O'Neill
    Sergey O'Neill 14 days ago

    Uh excuse me, Wine is amazing!

  • monkeyfuel69
    monkeyfuel69 16 days ago

    Juice man juicer with animal parts

  • ebomb5212
    ebomb5212 16 days ago +1

    Skip to 11:55 for the actual video

  • ebomb5212
    ebomb5212 16 days ago

    IT'S ABOUT TO DRIP!!!!!!

  • jose ivan noyola
    jose ivan noyola 16 days ago

    we are heartless

  • Eva Hamaker
    Eva Hamaker 16 days ago

    washer and dryer

  • Cody Davis
    Cody Davis 16 days ago

    Where do they get all their pig blood?! Do they have a pig out back?

  • Leia trying to be beautiful Flips

    The pigs blood looks more like wine than the actual wine does😂😂😂🐩🐀🐩😑😧🤢🤢🍕😑🤦‍♀️😬

  • cyandsteph
    cyandsteph 17 days ago

    You should do pickle juice

  • björn yushimara jr. 1

    Wtf you guys never saw a Purple grape?

  • Secret Account
    Secret Account 17 days ago

    Plus , is it really a must for you to drink those blood?

  • Secret Account
    Secret Account 17 days ago

    Dude! Guys! Bro! So! You guys are not going to use that filter anymore for drinks right?

  • Jayda Crossan
    Jayda Crossan 17 days ago

    Whats funny is that i am eating grapes and thay did grape rockstar

  • Norow bro
    Norow bro 17 days ago


  • Joseph Mason
    Joseph Mason 17 days ago

    Here is my ass eating saltines and watching GMM at 1:34 in the morning

  • Thicc Chungi24
    Thicc Chungi24 18 days ago +2

    I think it’s funny watching older videos because they have slowly began to sit closer together

  • Bryce Atwood
    Bryce Atwood 18 days ago

    Lol why did I like Nickelback a few years ago that’s why I knew the song 😂

  • Teryk Tilley
    Teryk Tilley 18 days ago

    moon grapes

  • CashTheEpicGamer L
    CashTheEpicGamer L 19 days ago

    Put water in it and then put the filtered water in the filter again lol

  • Bananateil Birb
    Bananateil Birb 19 days ago

    Would you like to know what makes lemon juice cloudy the lemon 😱😱😱😱😱
    So amazing

  • Josh Gross
    Josh Gross 19 days ago

    You should put weird stuff in a dishwasher

  • Chris Vassos
    Chris Vassos 20 days ago

    Piss and saliva

  • buttery1toast
    buttery1toast 20 days ago

    10:49 lol