Hibernian 0-1 Rangers | Late Penalty Drama Gives Rangers Important Win | cinch Premiership

  • Published on Nov 30, 2021
  • Kemar Roofe's 85th minute penalty sealed an important win over Hibs.

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Comments • 744

  • John S
    John S Month ago +167

    Ryan Porteous, the gift that keeps on giving

    • G_GlasgowRFC
      G_GlasgowRFC 15 days ago

      @Aero 250 We're top of league and the reigning champions. That's a little bit better than reaching a league cup final. Are you insane?

    • G_GlasgowRFC
      G_GlasgowRFC 15 days ago

      @Phobetor lol.

    • OzricAurora
      OzricAurora Month ago

      @XIrezIX Because the spfl saying they're the same club doesn't mean they are. They say that for business reasons. It has no sway over business and tax laws

    • XIrezIX
      XIrezIX Month ago

      @OzricAurora care to explain further as to why it doesent make any difference?

    • OzricAurora
      OzricAurora Month ago

      @XIrezIX like I said, that makes no difference

  • Iain MacLennan
    Iain MacLennan Month ago +15

    To be fair, good defending at both ends. Getting your head in the way of a Kent screamer takes some stones. And how Goldson somehow avoided putting into his own net ...? was top class

  • Gary Stevens
    Gary Stevens Month ago +10

    Looked an obvious penalty at first view, then I saw a couple of replays and I was convinced it was a dive, but then the final angle from behind the goal shows clear contact. Penalty.

    • ProfRogers
      ProfRogers 8 days ago

      I tend to agree with original poster Gary. The ONLY thing in debate would be if he was already ON the way down before the contact was made, which would mean he was looking for it, but maybe you have to do that to get it awarded! Depends if ENOUGH contact was made to warrant penalty.

    • CraigD1872
      CraigD1872 Month ago +2

      ​@rab nile You talking about the one v aberdeen? That wasn't a stonewaller like this one. And if your trying to allude that rangers constantly benefit from dodgy decisions I suggest you look at celtic's goal tonight, where kyogo's entire body is offside. You win some and you lose some. Rangers have been the one's calling for VAR so unsure how the rest of the league can complain so much.

    • Gary Stevens
      Gary Stevens Month ago +1

      Watch the replay after penalty is scored. Absolutely Crystal clear contact

    • Nico Guidi
      Nico Guidi Month ago

      There was no contact I u look at it closely. No penalty

    • OzricAurora
      OzricAurora Month ago

      Contact alone does not constitute a penalty. Learn the rules.

  • 20thCenturyPox
    20thCenturyPox Month ago +16

    If anyone has an explanation for McGinn not being booked for freaking out and screaming in the ref's face when the penalty was awarded, I'd like to hear it. Maybe it's a pro-Hibs conspiracy.

    • Calum Buchanan
      Calum Buchanan 26 days ago


    • ben collins
      ben collins Month ago

      Then he should’ve booked Kent when he sprung right off that diving board for the pen! 😂

    • J B
      J B Month ago +1

      Maybe because Beaton knew it was a bit of a dive and didn't want to draw extra attention to it?

    • DaViEbh0Y Celtic
      DaViEbh0Y Celtic Month ago +3

      Explain why Goldson wasn't booked for wiping a player out on the halfway line in the first 15 minutes after being skinned?

  • Kurtrussells thingbeard65

    Porteous looks happy

    • Ryann Gungadin
      Ryann Gungadin Month ago

      @Steven Where is the commemorative T Shirt for this? Pricks 😂

    • Kathleen McKelvie
      Kathleen McKelvie Month ago

      @conor byrne looking forward to getting hammered by Celtic is he? 😂

    • John Mcmillan
      John Mcmillan Month ago

      @Darren Smith true bud fgau

    • John Mcmillan
      John Mcmillan Month ago

      @conor byrne has he ever won the league ? Didn't think so

    • Darren Smith
      Darren Smith Month ago +1

      @Steven if a had the choice would rather loose in the semi then the league but rangers priority and hibs are different use will never win the league so your chance of silverware is the cups.

  • Cruzr1872
    Cruzr1872 Month ago +32

    Not the prettiest game, not the most impressive display, but a win is a win

    3/3 under Gio, but still a few things that need to be worked on.

    PS, Porteous didn’t look too happy after the penalty

  • Richard Gill
    Richard Gill Month ago +21

    First thought was stonewall penalty, then in slow mow it’s a dive, then on final angle a stonewall penalty again… tough job these refs have

    • JustYouCalmDownSon
      JustYouCalmDownSon Month ago +1

      Kent is already on his way down at the point of contact, if it can even be called that. Contact is made after Porteous pulls out of the tackle. I agree, tough decision, we need VAR with competent officials.

  • Mr Hok
    Mr Hok Month ago +12

    Must’ve been too cold for the hibs fans to come out of their squats!! 💉💉🧡🇬🇧

    • Badly_Dubbed
      Badly_Dubbed Month ago +1

      You'd think they would enjoy the warmth of all huddling together. Opportunity missed I say.

  • Rob W
    Rob W Month ago +67

    Brother Beaton to the rescue again!!!

    • Badly_Dubbed
      Badly_Dubbed Month ago

      @Derek Weir well don't assume I'm from Glasgow and uneducated and you'll not get shown up for your appalling grammar. How does that sound?

    • Derek Weir
      Derek Weir Month ago

      @Badly_Dubbed so I dropped the *e, you remarking on it shows how pathetic you are, that your only come back is a typo.

    • Stuart C
      Stuart C Month ago

      @Derek Weir *you're

    • Douglas Mackay
      Douglas Mackay Month ago +1

      Absolutely . Well done John. Good refereeing again

    • Linda Gray
      Linda Gray Month ago

      @G B Calm down, G B. Graeme is obviously uneducated, he’s a Ranjirs fan 😁

  • Allan Carswell
    Allan Carswell Month ago +2

    Newell just about in line wi roofe as he takes the penalty lol

  • Kevin Davis
    Kevin Davis Month ago +38

    Ffs its a penalty aye hes tried to pull his leg away and Kents made the most of it but who doesnt, happens every week in every game, but its still a penalty end of

    • Ryan Farrell
      Ryan Farrell Month ago +2

      Don't worry mate, we'll smash em come the next old firm. Another penalty at 85 minutes won't be enough to save a 3-0 loss

    • john logan
      john logan Month ago +4

      Demarai gray got a yellow card in the liverpool derby for the same dive

    • shugmcc mcconnell
      shugmcc mcconnell Month ago +1

      One all day long

  • Ozzy Online
    Ozzy Online Month ago +9

    Renalty to Pengers!

  • SD VOL
    SD VOL Month ago +3

    The game i watched was a penalty no doubt . Beaton let too much go last night - Newell’s mugging, Porteous usual antics. Porteous ought to go check for concussion protocol after that Kent rocket. McGinnis lucky no red card .

  • Janice Mackinnon
    Janice Mackinnon 26 days ago

    Clear contact by ryan still always a pen tho

  • R.M
    R.M Month ago +20

    The highlight after the penalty shows there was clear contact for the pen. Anyways, Hibs fans awfully quite tonight. Where are you?

    • Dylan
      Dylan Month ago


    • Simon Mullaney
      Simon Mullaney Month ago +1

      @John Early bird!catches the match… 😂👍🏻

    • Simon Mullaney
      Simon Mullaney Month ago

      @James Just you get back The BFG son…

    • Simon Mullaney
      Simon Mullaney Month ago

      @john logan Next you’ll be talking about Jelly and Ice Cream. Champions. Onto the next one…. 👍🏻💙⚽️🇳🇱🇬🇧

    • TN bling
      TN bling Month ago +2

      They were all in the bathroom burning their spoons and then came back dressed up as empty seats

  • Jamie Hardie
    Jamie Hardie Month ago +1

    Ryan Porteous doesn’t look very happy 🤔

  • Joe McCallum
    Joe McCallum Month ago +13

    Does he look happy? Does he look settled?

    • Ryann Gungadin
      Ryann Gungadin Month ago

      @Steven Where is the commemorative T Shirt for this? Pricks 😂

    • Steven
      Steven Month ago +2

      Settled and happy in the cup 😚

  • Scotia Jinker
    Scotia Jinker Month ago +27

    Nice to see the hibs fans turn up in there 10’s … toy town club. And these “fans” want half the of the cup final tickets 😂😂😂😂😂

    • JBigjake
      JBigjake Month ago

      Hibs are averaging 13,000.
      Drew 17,000 last night, which includes 4,000 Rangers fans filling their end.

    • Ray Richards
      Ray Richards Month ago +1

      It's the hibs way. They've been doing it for years. More empty seats than people in Fester Rd every game but when they reach a final think they should get half the tickets 😂

  • Chris Miller
    Chris Miller Month ago +11

    Just came for the Celtic... We are getting cheated brigade. Wasn't disappointed. Obsessed.

    • Alfie Stephens
      Alfie Stephens Month ago +1

      @DaViEbh0Y Celtic Makes sense, I never thought Rangers vs Hibs had the word Celtic in it 😂

    • DaViEbh0Y Celtic
      DaViEbh0Y Celtic Month ago

      You're only here for Celtic, you said. Ya daft 🌚 🐺🍊🥜💼

    • Alfie Stephens
      Alfie Stephens Month ago +1

      @Naw Bolt... Mind the gap mate. 4 points and growing game by game

    • Naw Bolt...
      Naw Bolt... Month ago

      Just thinking for you to say your only here for the celtic fans cheat that means you yourself thinks its not a pen cause if it was a stonewaller you be pumping sister not on here 😉

    • Naw Bolt...
      Naw Bolt... Month ago +3

      I just came to watch a club who thinks there rangers....Rent free you keep singing about Celtic obsessed 🤡👈🤣👏🇮🇪

  • Broonzied
    Broonzied Month ago +1

    Those fans know how to celebrate a goal.

  • PJ
    PJ Month ago +4

    Just been told it was the Rangers company that was put into liquidation! Does that mean Craig Whyte still owns the club? I'm confused 😕

    • PJ
      PJ Month ago

      @Stuart C lmao 🤣 the only folk that refuse to see the truth is yourselves. Begging the Queen not to liquidate the club with online petitions, giving liquidation the red card. Protest outside ibrox ect only to try and convince it was a company that was liquidated 🤣 bye bye 👋

    • Stuart C
      Stuart C Month ago

      @PJ Not that hard to see you're so blinded by hate you refuse to see the truth. Cheerio.

    • PJ
      PJ Month ago

      @Stuart C Yes and it says formerly called Rangers football club. See, that wasn't hard. 👍

    • Stuart C
      Stuart C Month ago

      @PJ See your post just confirms what I said. "In liquidation" not liquidated, but in liquidation. The process hasn't finished so it's not been liquidated.

    • PJ
      PJ Month ago

      @Stuart C Yes it's called. The Rangers football club.
      The Commissioners for HM Revenue and Customs and Murray Group Holdings Ltd and RFC 2012 PLC (in liquidation) (formerly The Rangers Football Club plc) others: FTC/15/2013

  • Gee Simpson
    Gee Simpson Month ago +56

    Hibs fans doing their best impression of dressing up as seats again I see. They are good at that tbf.

    • Craig Vance
      Craig Vance Month ago


    • Broonzied
      Broonzied Month ago

      Ha ha, you beat me to it.

    • Shooter McGavin
      Shooter McGavin Month ago

      @Jim McLeod Can't be arsed arguing with this braindead argument that a neutral cup final shouldn't be neutral but out of interest, where has this 6000 at the semi number come from? It's a completely made up number and yet I keep seeing it.

    • John Mcmillan
      John Mcmillan Month ago

      @Jim McLeod agree 👍

    • Gaz N Amy
      Gaz N Amy Month ago

      @Jim McLeod facts 👍

  • Sameoldfitup
    Sameoldfitup  Month ago +1

    Up The Gers 💙❤️

    • Calum Buchanan
      Calum Buchanan 26 days ago

      Your like the only rangers fan here bro up you teddies

  • Bryan Miller
    Bryan Miller Month ago +3

    THE ROOOOOFE is on 🔥

  • John White
    John White Month ago +1

    Soft penalty, very soft.

  • Patrick Pomphrett
    Patrick Pomphrett Month ago

    That penalty was even more obvious than the one against hearts. The ref was a yard away and could clearly see the lasoo wrapped around his legs. Embarrassing for the spfl refereeing team

  • Chris Scott
    Chris Scott Month ago +2

    Must b brutal claiming conspiracy’s when brother madden gives yous 2 yards offside goals 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • zak marsden
      zak marsden Month ago

      yes and their linesmen have been worth at least 20 points per season for decades, Imagine that shower of cheats talking aboot refs!! You couldnt redden their necks with a blowtorch,!!

  • Don aldo
    Don aldo Month ago +2

    Q =Porteous " Do I look happy " ?.....
    A =Ryan " SUPERMAN" Kent ......Naw i made ye look stupid !🤭

  • FO5T3R1888
    FO5T3R1888 Month ago +1

    Another penalty to bail uz out yet again

  • TIBI
    TIBI Month ago


  • Banter Bot
    Banter Bot Month ago +10

    Porteous comes across as a manic nutter playing Rangers. Screaming at Roofe to “miss” the penalty 😂😂😂😂

    • No.55 Broke Them WWTC
      No.55 Broke Them WWTC Month ago +2

      He's trying to be the new scott brown, thing is at least brown had some talent when he was at hivs. This guys just a muppet.

    • Megaslothtoes
      Megaslothtoes Month ago +1

      He's there top 🤡

  • Jim Reilly
    Jim Reilly Month ago +1

    Thats the fifth dodgy penalty that lot have been handed this season ! The same bluenosed ref's are responsible for all of them William Beaton, Madden Walsh and Dallas. There was absolutely NO contact made by Porteouse.

    • Alastair Law
      Alastair Law 22 days ago

      @elrobertodudebro a certain penalty

    • elrobertodudebro
      elrobertodudebro Month ago

      Yes we get it Rangers aren't allowed penalties every one has to be down a masonic conspiracy. lol moonhowler.

    • Robert Bell
      Robert Bell Month ago

      Stop smoking crack pal

    • fanculo il papa
      fanculo il papa Month ago

      Talk about bitter 😂😂😂

  • Craig Brown
    Craig Brown Month ago +20

    YAAAASSSSS! 7 points clear 😆

  • B10H4CK3R
    B10H4CK3R Month ago

    Pure theatre right there 💩

  • NBA Tudy 🌪
    NBA Tudy 🌪 Month ago

    00:38 Ianis 🇷🇴

  • Stuart Simpson
    Stuart Simpson Month ago +1

    Are ye happy now Ryan 🤣🤣

  • Euan Johnstone
    Euan Johnstone Month ago +8

    Loving the fact that Porteous is living rent free in the Rangers fans heads 😂

    • CraigD1872
      CraigD1872 Month ago +1

      Not sure u could say he's living rent free in their heads when he's been at fault for our last 3 league wins v hibs. Seems like the other way around to me.

    • No.55 Broke Them WWTC
      No.55 Broke Them WWTC Month ago +4

      What just like rangers getting penalties does in yours?

  • Off Task
    Off Task Month ago +1

    Rangers got a penalty?!?!?!

  • Chris Scott
    Chris Scott Month ago

    Massive conspiracy in Scotland Celtic won 9 in a row the first one they’re closet rival got deducted 15 points then sent down the leagues so they could b unchallenged and the last one they won it was literally just handed to them all that’s fine not a problem but somehow I know it sounds mad but honestly rangers get to many penalty’s n no enough people sent aff defo conspiracy! You’ve got to laugh at these clowns that actually believe that wasn’t a penalty and that “brother Beaton” a rangers man when you can literally b any race or religion and b a mason it’s actually hilarious the level of delusion on display

  • neil lynch
    neil lynch Month ago +1

    Why buy players and play well ? Just buy a ref ?

  • TheMasterblaster32
    TheMasterblaster32 Month ago +18

    Brother beaton the gift that keeps on giving 👏.

    • David
      David Month ago

      @jon mckee does that fall into the timeline I pointed out??

    • Don aldo
      Don aldo Month ago +1

      That couldn't have been a penalty....Kyogo wasn't even playing 🤣

    • YCV1981
      YCV1981 Month ago +4

      Ahh the sellik way , its a concpiracy 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Thomas Wigfield
      Thomas Wigfield Month ago +2

      @Banter Bot
      Always greetin’ when they’re beaten!

    • jon mckee
      jon mckee Month ago +4

      @David are you delusional you got a penalty that never was against Aberdeen at ibrox a few weeks ago to cheat the dons out of 3 points

    COLIN CRICHTON Month ago +3

    Stonewaller what yous moaning for 🤣🤣

  • wuoi zuiu
    wuoi zuiu Month ago

    Hibs fans doing their best impression of dressing up as seats again I see. They are good at that tbf.

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo Month ago

    Hibs fans doing their best impression of dressing up as seats again I see. They are good at that tbf.

  • ALDO RFC 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    Morelos is slowly frustrated me time for new blood

  • Linda Gray
    Linda Gray Month ago +2

    As usual, John Beaton, Ranjirs 12th man. The obligatory penalties to win games in final minutes is cringeworthy to say the least 😖 Ranjirs shouldn’t be playing in red socks, should be playing with red faces,,,,,,in embarrassment!!!! 😄

    • Linda Gray
      Linda Gray Month ago

      @Rex Kramer Rex, I’ve no idea if you watched Celtic v Hearts tonight but,,,,I’ll swear blind that Kyogo wasn’t a yard offside when he scored 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Craig Gordon didn’t half take a hissy fit over it 🤪 Ach it’s all swings & roundabouts Rex🤷‍♀️ xxx

    • Rex Kramer
      Rex Kramer Month ago

      @Linda Gray Oh i hear ya! But in all fairness, i've did the exact same thing watching Shelic guessing when their penalty would be awarded over the years... Thing is, with both the old firm - we have the quality and attacking ability to naturally have lots more action in the box. With more action in the box, the lesser players... make more errors, which result in what some would see, disappropriate, amounts of penalties. Did ya see the antics of those hibby scum bags? They spent more time rolling on the floor from phantom touches, to chasing the ref around brandishing "Air Cards" towards him, suggesting he book Rangers players. Replays showed, more often than not, there was little to no contact! Jesus, even the Ref ended up having a word with them, and mysteriously enough.... it all stopped. Pretty pathetic tactics from Jack Ross, who i rate highly :)

    • Linda Gray
      Linda Gray Month ago

      @Rex Kramer Three of us watched the game last night hoping Hibs would win👍 With 10 mins to go, we all picked the minute Beaton would give the obligatory penalty. I lost, I picked the 88th 😄 We all agreed Ranjirs are never BEATEN if the ref is BEATON 🤪 I’ll be fair tho, if it was JOTA who’d gone down, every Celtic fan including me would have screamed for a penalty!! 💁‍♀️😄💁‍♀️😄💁‍♀️

    • Rex Kramer
      Rex Kramer Month ago

      @Linda Gray Im sure he has it stashed in the grand hall lol. Actually, no i wasn't left red faced, Was it a soft penalty? Perhaps. But was it a penalty, by the letter of the law... Yes! :)

    • Linda Gray
      Linda Gray Month ago +1

      @Rex Kramer Where, on Beaton’s sash? 😁 I bet even you had a red face when he gave the penalty 🤣👹🤣

  • spider pig
    spider pig Month ago

    GIO gaat gewoon weer prijzen pakken

  • Jamie Macphee
    Jamie Macphee Month ago +13

    Porteous costing hibs points yet again

    • Jamie Macphee
      Jamie Macphee Month ago

      @Mark Liddell Did you watch the highlights?

      Who lost Morelos for his missed header? Ryan Porteous.

      Who lost Goldson for his headed chance from the corner? Ryan Porteous.

      Who conceded the penalty? Ryan Porteous.

      He is absolutely honking

    • Rex Kramer
      Rex Kramer Month ago

      @Mark Liddell He is nothing but a cheating, rat faced little clown. Made the penalty even sweeter :D hahahhaa #56

    • Thomas Ferguson
      Thomas Ferguson Month ago

      no he did not. well played laddie

    • Mark Liddell
      Mark Liddell Month ago +1

      He played pretty well actually. And he was a bit unfortunate with that penalty going against him. He plays on the edge at times but he's got real potential and a strong character. He'll mature into a quality centre back.

  • spectrums
    spectrums Month ago

    RP clips him right in front of the ref (who takes a sec to think to be sure), just cant do that and expect to get away with it, dunno what the complaints are about cos any team on the receiving end of that would be screaming stonewaller.

    • Na Ha hahahaha
      Na Ha hahahaha Month ago

      Literally any player wether it’s a pen or not complains to the ref😂

  • Cleitinh_Pereira
    Cleitinh_Pereira Month ago

    Boa!vamos ser campeão da liga.

  • XIrezIX
    XIrezIX Month ago +4

    Find aw the tims on here funny asf 🤣😂 you can keep your diddy premier sports cup that nets you about 5 grand for winning the damn thing were continuing to carry Scotland on co-efficient yet again which also gets us more money than winning any cup in Scotland 😋

    • XIrezIX
      XIrezIX Month ago

      @paul gallagher so we gonna go broke if we don't win 2 grand aff the premier sports cup 😂🤣😂🤣 nae IQ whatsoever with you lot 🤣

    • Rex Kramer
      Rex Kramer Month ago

      @paul gallagher Oh, ya must be another that has access to our financial records.... More tears please timmy hahhahaha

    • paul gallagher
      paul gallagher Month ago

      Helps service the debt.

  • steph
    steph Month ago +2

    Got to laugh at the spoon burners wanting half the tickets for the diddy Cup final when they can't fill their ground when the champions come to town

  • Calum Buchanan
    Calum Buchanan 26 days ago

    Guys I'm a rangers fan but I disagree with ref never a pen same time still got the 3 points

  • Don aldo
    Don aldo Month ago +5

    That couldn't have been a penalty.....Kyogo wasn't even playing 🤣

    • Linda Gray
      Linda Gray Month ago +1

      @Don aldo 💁‍♀️🍻💁‍♀️. xxx

    • Don aldo
      Don aldo Month ago

      @Linda Gray Good on you Linda 👍 I hope you have a fantastic time 😘 🍺🍻🍸🍹🥃

    • Linda Gray
      Linda Gray Month ago

      @Don aldo Yeah, hope you and yours have a great Christmas / Hogmanay Don 😍 I’m 74, live on my own, unvaxed but I’ll be in George Sq wi a bottle of Bacardi in my bag regardless 🍹🤪 xxx

    • Don aldo
      Don aldo Month ago

      @Linda Gray Now That sounds like a party 👌

    • Linda Gray
      Linda Gray Month ago +1

      @Don aldo Banter I enjoy,,,I always post in wind up fun to Ranjirs fans. Anyway, if Sturgeon the tyrant 👹 allows us, I hope we can all have a great time at Christmas & Hogmanay. Be great to see old firm fans dancing together having fun in George Sq at the bells 💃🏻🤪🕺 💁‍♀️xxx

  • Marley 67
    Marley 67 Month ago +4

    And yet again penalty to rangers

    • Rex Kramer
      Rex Kramer Month ago

      Aww, bless your little cotton socks. :D #56

    • Don aldo
      Don aldo Month ago +1

      That couldn't have been a penalty....Kyogo wasn't even playing 🤣

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star Month ago +1

    Im sure Porteous isnt happy or settled anymore

    • Steven
      Steven Month ago

      @Rex Kramer so you’re telling me again that if you did win it you wouldn’t be happy then? Why were rangers fans so raging about being put out then?

    • Rex Kramer
      Rex Kramer Month ago

      @Steven My point is, we dont get our knickers creamed up, at the "thought" of winning a wee wanky trophy..... :D

    • Steven
      Steven Month ago

      @Rex Kramer your point ?

    • Rex Kramer
      Rex Kramer Month ago

      @Steven ya do realise Rangers have the most league cups wins in Scotland with 27, right? Celtic come a close second on 19.... Hibs have..... hahahhahaha

    • Steven
      Steven Month ago

      @Ben7991 they are yes ?

  • Kaiden Boyce
    Kaiden Boyce Month ago +40

    Usual, when rangers are struggling, the penalty comes in

    • Andrew Jackson
      Andrew Jackson Month ago

      Has Beaton got a season ticket for Ibrox..

    • Don aldo
      Don aldo Month ago +2

      There's little green men outside mowing the grass , Quick Timothy grab your tin hat 👽

    • BIG
      BIG Month ago

      @YCV1981 do u really think rangers would have caught Celtic that time rubbish

    • Conner
      Conner Month ago +2

      Everytime 😂

    • YCV1981
      YCV1981 Month ago +2

      Aye and sellik gt handed leagues with 9 games to play pmsl is that the masonic sfa again 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • martin Morgado
    martin Morgado Month ago +4

    The premiership is going to came down to penalties, how many rangers get in the season

  • Colin Kelly
    Colin Kelly Month ago +4

    Was this game behind closed doors?

    • Jake Burns
      Jake Burns Month ago

      Hobbits dressed as seats AGAIN!

  • STEF M
    STEF M Month ago +1


  • CB 454
    CB 454 Month ago

    mental that if hibs tried like they do against rangers every single week they would probably be close to both celtic and rangers themselves instead of sitting in the bottom half, tinpot mentality from a small club, playing rangers is better than a cup final last 2 games have proven that. also are spoonburning junkies

  • Brian Harkin
    Brian Harkin Month ago

    Referees quick to blow the whistle.

  • Dougie Loughridge
    Dougie Loughridge Month ago +4

    Just here for the comedy value comments from the obsessed 😅

  • Johnny Smith
    Johnny Smith Month ago

    Scottish football is good

  • Suzie Wallace
    Suzie Wallace Month ago

    Haha am in this after penalty tellin them back 2 funny

  • TOWE 1872
    TOWE 1872 Month ago +17


    • Rex Kramer
      Rex Kramer Month ago

      @John Perhaps you should wipe the jizz out of your eyes fella.... ANY CONTACT AT ALL, and it's a penalty. letter of the law! Deal with it sweetheart :D #56

    • John
      John Month ago

      @Colin Neale might need get yer eyes test auld yin

    • Colin Neale
      Colin Neale Month ago

      Just saw it 100% defo a penalty well done Mr Beaton 👏 nae luck ya hibees beeeeeeeeep🤭🤣🤣

  • Bob J
    Bob J Month ago

    Same old Rangers

  • Adnan Abdullahi
    Adnan Abdullahi Month ago +4

    I was there as steward , awful from hibs fans to be honest.

  • Ian
    Ian Month ago +8

    End of the month The Rangers will not have had a domestic red card for........2 YEARS!
    Brother Beatton to the rescue again last night, just as his brethren Clancy tried to help Aberdeen.
    NOBODY is winning this league except The Rangers, by hook or by crook! (Pun intended)

    • Ian
      Ian Month ago

      @mr super ger I think you mean (possibly) 2 son!

    • Ian
      Ian Month ago

      @Alex Bowman is that how that stuff works?
      Getting educated from a junkie! 🤣

    • steph
      steph Month ago

      Boo hoo 😢😢😢

    • mr super ger
      mr super ger Month ago +4

      Its great, isn't it. ? Ha-ha-ha-ha ! # 56

    • Don aldo
      Don aldo Month ago

      Soooo Saltyyyyyyyyyyyy 🤣

  • Adam
    Adam Month ago +11

    Penalty FC

  • cotewatp
    cotewatp Month ago +25

    do we look happy?🇬🇧

    • Liam O'Prey
      Liam O'Prey Month ago

      Might look happy the now just remember yer out of the treble hahaha COYBIG🇮🇪🍀🇮🇪

    • Aero 250
      Aero 250 Month ago +1

      Naw you got pumped by hibs and can't get past a semi

    • Macfie
      Macfie Month ago

      Out the cup..

    • jddrummy37
      jddrummy37 Month ago

      When yous are going on with yere sisters ye do

    • Cameron Bierman
      Cameron Bierman Month ago +5

      Enjoy Hampden ya riddy 🤣

  • Kurtrussells thingbeard65

    Look at all the raging Timmy's

  • Johnboy67 Gor
    Johnboy67 Gor Month ago +1

    Either a pen or playing 10 men.

    • Rex Kramer
      Rex Kramer Month ago

      Super, smashing, great :D lol.... #56

  • Lord TALES
    Lord TALES Month ago

    Brasileirão é melhor

  • Weg
    Weg Month ago +1

    Imagine how The Rangers would be doing if they never had 12 men every game.

  • m m
    m m Month ago

    Morelos needs to get on the treadmill as he is a much better player when he is 100% fit.

  • Malky McMillan
    Malky McMillan Month ago +8

    Penalty. Of course... how else were they going to win?

    • Rex Kramer
      Rex Kramer Month ago

      @Malky McMillan " I think" - must be true then! lol #56

    • Don aldo
      Don aldo Month ago

      That couldn't have been a penalty....Kyogo wasn't even playing 🤣

    • Simon Mullaney
      Simon Mullaney Month ago +1

      @Malky McMillan “I think”. Football’s all about opinions after all… 👍🏻⚽️

    • Malky McMillan
      Malky McMillan Month ago

      @Simon Mullaney The statistics tell their own story. This is a team that relies on penalties more than any other in Scotland, I think.

    • Simon Mullaney
      Simon Mullaney Month ago

      So it wasn’t a penalty?

  • Jenko Balenko
    Jenko Balenko Month ago +7

    Defo a penalty. Contact made for sure, from a Celtic fan. Porteous Calm down son. ☘️

    • Jenko Balenko
      Jenko Balenko Month ago

      @1991 What is it I’ve said that has angered you.

    • 1991
      1991 Month ago +1

      @Jenko Balenko God you're beyond embarrassing

    • Jenko Balenko
      Jenko Balenko Month ago +2

      @1991 Aye, but sure your just a knob, everybody knows that. 😂😂😂

    • 1991
      1991 Month ago +3

      Where's your half n half Celtic/Rangers scarf ya embarrassing halfwit🙄

  • Billy
    Billy Month ago +6

    7 league defeats in a row for Hibs. Do they look happy?

    • antony meechan
      antony meechan Month ago

      @Billy they beat st Johnstone the weekend before this game?

    • Billy
      Billy Month ago

      @Ian Thomson Whoever wins the SPFL gets a guaranteed spot I. The Champions League group stages next season, Ian. Rangers have been the best performing Scottish team in Europe for the last four years so you can thank them for raising the coefficient.

    • Ian Thomson
      Ian Thomson Month ago

      @Billy where is this guaranteed champions league money coming from? You got pumped by malmo lmao

    • Billy
      Billy Month ago

      @antony meechan They won a game in a Mickey Mouse cup. Meanwhile, Rangers continue the charge to 2IAR and £30m of guaranteed Champions League money. Levels.

    • Badly_Dubbed
      Badly_Dubbed Month ago

      What....they didn't win the league last week?😂

  • Archie McGregor
    Archie McGregor Month ago

    Do we look happy

  • Dylan
    Dylan Month ago +2

    Rangers and hampden don’t go

  • DB Composing
    DB Composing Month ago +2

    27th October: Celtic 3 Hibernian 1
    21st November: Hibernian 3 Rangers 1
    1st December: Rangers 1 (pen) Hibernian 0

    Trailblazers 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • UnionGER15
    UnionGER15 Month ago +1

    Your only here to see the rangers u lot 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧obsessed

  • Lawless Gecko
    Lawless Gecko Month ago +1

    I heard there was a heroin shortage in Leith last night so the majority of the Hibs fans couldn't make it

  • chill_vibes
    chill_vibes Month ago +3

    Penalty to Rangers, nothing to see here. North Korea style league 😂😂

    • chill_vibes
      chill_vibes Month ago

      @Rex Kramer *#2 😂😂

    • Rex Kramer
      Rex Kramer Month ago

      Aye, and half league titles awarded hahahha #56

    • Ross
      Ross Month ago +3

      Mate the person on yer profile picture dives about like a fish out ae water

    • CheeZ
      CheeZ Month ago

      Clear penalty….

  • james dalton
    james dalton Month ago +1

    same auldl Beaton Always Cheating

  • smcliffhanger492
    smcliffhanger492 Month ago +9

    LOL I see the big gay # 5 gave away a penalty. The gift that keeps on giving.

  • Mike Fraser
    Mike Fraser Month ago +1

    Par for the course

  • Keiran Walker
    Keiran Walker Month ago +1

    What a surprise, Rangers with another late penalty, shocker

  • Ben7991
    Ben7991 Month ago +1

    Playing poorly and still winning, the league title is staying at Ibrox

    • OzricAurora Gaming
      OzricAurora Gaming Month ago

      It's easy enough when you've got the refs gifting you penalties all the time

    • OzricAurora Gaming
      OzricAurora Gaming Month ago

      It's easy enough when you've got the refs gifting you penalties all the time

  • John Lindsay
    John Lindsay Month ago

    Putting on a show for you

  • Simon Reynolds
    Simon Reynolds Month ago +2

    Its always late penalty drama with these muppets

  • Alan Partridge
    Alan Partridge Month ago +4

    Anyone fancy a couple of days in France next week for a wee friendly since Rangers are already through with a game to spare 😎 champions, 7 points clear, terry Munro deed, 56 on the way and right into the champions league group stage 🇬🇧🇬🇧 but aye it’s all about the cups in Scotland all of a sudden 😂 nobody cared about them last year and nobody cares about them this year.

    • Ryan Hayes
      Ryan Hayes Month ago

      @Rex Kramer nimrod! They could still get pumped by Lyon and if Sparta best brondby enough they’ll be in play offs instead. Either way their not guarantee past group stages yet 😂

    • Ryan Hayes
      Ryan Hayes Month ago

      @Rex Kramer their in the play offs at best. 😂

    • Alan Partridge
      Alan Partridge Month ago

      @David angry little man look at ye in that picture 😂😂😂😂😂 pure weapon

    • steph
      steph Month ago

      Quality 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    • Rex Kramer
      Rex Kramer Month ago +4

      @Ryan Hayes Actually, yes they are ya nimrod! We have a better head to head with sparta..... Nice try tho.... hahahahah! #56

  • Yvonne Livingstone
    Yvonne Livingstone Month ago +2

    New it rangers would get a penalty cheats

    • Rex Kramer
      Rex Kramer Month ago

      @Yvonne Livingstone What about when both clubs play in Europe? Who is against celtic then? There really isn't a agenda against Celtic. This nonsense is actually getting pretty long in the tooth!

    • Yvonne Livingstone
      Yvonne Livingstone Month ago

      You know it's true they don't want celtic to win . What should happen to make it fair use english refs not scottish refs

    • Rex Kramer
      Rex Kramer Month ago

      Aww bless. Well at least you try to understand football lol

    • Don aldo
      Don aldo Month ago

      That couldn't have been a penalty....Kyogo wasn't even playing 🤣

  • Badly_Dubbed
    Badly_Dubbed Month ago

    Do I look mental, do I look like my medication has run out. Well....don't ask me silly questions then.

  • Mojo Risen
    Mojo Risen Month ago +1

    Usual, saved by brother Beaton. No surprised there. Rangers can't ride that luck and corrupt behaviour forever. Time is coming.

    • Rex Kramer
      Rex Kramer Month ago

      Hahahahah! More tears please, timmy! #56

  • Valo Clipz
    Valo Clipz Month ago

    Giooooo giooo giiooooo

  • Ross
    Ross Month ago +1

    More angry fans than actual Rangers fans. Embarrassing

  • Poop Goody
    Poop Goody Month ago +2

    Do I look happy

  • Primetime
    Primetime Month ago +4

    Hibs fans can’t even fill there stadium,utterly embarrassing.