The 25 Games That Defined The Decade - #25

  • Published on Dec 1, 2019
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Comments • 490

  • Sercio
    Sercio 4 days ago

    It's been years since I watched a nerd cubed video and I've missed this.

  • Elyse Spark
    Elyse Spark 21 day ago

    Let's go!

  • Danny Synnes
    Danny Synnes 22 days ago

    "The Decade be going for almost ten years now!"

  • DinoDoesStuff
    DinoDoesStuff Month ago

    “This last decade has gone on for almost 10 years now!”
    Yes dan the floor is made of floor

  • edgajam
    edgajam Month ago

    3:22 You're welcome

    CXRVER Month ago

    G-gta 5?

  • comyuse
    comyuse Month ago

    go was hot garbage, but massive impact yeah

  • iamalongusername
    iamalongusername Month ago

    BOTW should be a contender..

  • David JR
    David JR Month ago

    3:24 Start

  • Brendan Risney
    Brendan Risney Month ago

    If botw isn't a decade definer, changing an over 25-year old standard for a famous franchise so drastically, then I don't know what is.

  • Billy Pollit
    Billy Pollit Month ago

    Skyrim???? 2011 release maybe

  • pit-bull 41
    pit-bull 41 Month ago

    Dan says I was 20 when this decade started and I'm sitting here leaving the decade at 20

  • Kerbett
    Kerbett Month ago

    number one is minecraft right? its minecraft. #1 is minecraft. amazing game. had a huge splash on the market, litterally changed the course of so many games in ways were still seeing

  • dengar
    dengar Month ago

    Remember when Nerd was good? Back when he still said Hello procrastinators.

  • D4Ncc1
    D4Ncc1 Month ago

    it's rewind time everybody!

  • Woouh ツ
    Woouh ツ Month ago

    **downloads pokemon go**

  • Matt Bryce
    Matt Bryce Month ago +1

    Breath of the wild isn't on this list?

  • Tallen Smith
    Tallen Smith Month ago

    Welcome to Tallen Disagrees:
    Pokémon Go was huge, but did it influence the gaming industry at all? Is there A Yu-Go-Oh or a Digimon Go? No. Pokémon Go was huge but it was far from influential, and only inspired Let's Go Eevee. Far from generation defining.

  • Starry Sunrose
    Starry Sunrose Month ago

    glad to hear the honorable mention for FNaF; it may not be everyone's cup of tea but it certainly had a big effect on horror games as a genre

    • Starry Sunrose
      Starry Sunrose Month ago

      like, i would've put it higher on the list than Pokemon Go, but. your call. no two people would make the same list for this lol

  • Kirbs Lamarre
    Kirbs Lamarre Month ago

    I forgot that tf2 is before this decade bruh

  • August Martin
    August Martin Month ago

    The truth no one will accept is fortnite will make this list

  • August Martin
    August Martin Month ago

    holy shit i forgot dishonored was released this decade

  • Lasse Adriansen
    Lasse Adriansen Month ago

    “The countdown to not actually the end of the year but the bit just before that we like to do” might be my new favorite description of Christmas

  • BoN BoN
    BoN BoN Month ago

    Thank you, I’m lactose intolerant

  • Nata1014
    Nata1014 Month ago

    Holy shit what was I even doing 10 years ago? And why does it feel like it was yesterday?

  • Champy heteromer
    Champy heteromer Month ago

    ummmmmmmmmmmm happy wheels

  • Arpegius octavia
    Arpegius octavia Month ago +1

    Dragon's Dogma and Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen that is all. It paved the way for many games today. Aswell as the game basically being a mixture of Dark Souls, The Witcher 3, Breath of the Wild and Monster Hunter! It's severely underrated but made what many games were today.

    • comyuse
      comyuse Month ago

      has it? what has dd really influenced?

  • Trenton Pottruff
    Trenton Pottruff Month ago

    ME2 didn't make the list?
    *Angry collector noises*

  • Bondis
    Bondis Month ago

    skyrim witcher 3 and monster hunter worlds are going to be the top 3 arent they

  • okow tina
    okow tina Month ago

    If Stanley parable isn’t on this imma throw hands

  • Florpface Jinglefribbins

    #1 will be Minecraft

  • James De Witt
    James De Witt Month ago

    GTA V for number 1

  • Poopmir
    Poopmir Month ago

    He reads it as if someone else made the list and he was disappointed and complaining to that person

  • Bodge moto
    Bodge moto Month ago

    Just realised I’ve been watching dan for 8 years. Still remember finding his mine craft buildy thingy. Where did the time go

  • Natasha McEwan
    Natasha McEwan Month ago

    I never got to play this... for some reason it refused to work on two different phones (one of which being a flagship, so not just a weak phone problem)..

  • Vladimir Deev
    Vladimir Deev Month ago

    Pokemon GO is basically the only reason for me to go outside these days. Like a fitness tracker but actually fun.

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan Month ago +6

    “This decade has gone almost 10 years” - Dan (end of) 2019

  • can_you_sherk_it ?
    can_you_sherk_it ? Month ago

    Just cause 3 best be on this list

  • mikea hiooi
    mikea hiooi Month ago +3

    “This decade has gone almost 10 years” - Dan (end of) 2019

  • Donal Rafferty
    Donal Rafferty Month ago

    Pokemon Go was a test run at intruding on people's privacy in the real world. A way to test if it's possible to literally shape people into going to a specific place. It was only ever a test, never a game. It was never designed to be sustained for any longer than it existed. Disappointed to see it on this list, it isn't something that should be encouraged to exist ever again.

    See Zuboff's piece on this in her latest book. Eye opening.

    • Shauka Hodan
      Shauka Hodan Month ago

      I really hope spelunky is on this list

  • Malakath the Red
    Malakath the Red Month ago

    In 2016 GO dropped and the world saw two weeks of peace and love

  • boff
    boff Month ago

    mafia 2

    • mikea hiooi
      mikea hiooi Month ago

      Euro truck simulator needs to be on this list

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss Month ago

    I hope that in ten years I'll be watching a new one of these

  • Savana Moon
    Savana Moon Month ago

    We all know Sims will be on here somewhere

  • neejoy sola
    neejoy sola Month ago

    I hope Star Wars Battlefront 2 made this defined the decade in its own way after all.

  • James Orr
    James Orr Month ago

    Pffft Pokemon go. I played that for a month when it came out... What do you mean hundreds of people still play it and other games were spawned off of it that others still play base off of other series such as Harry potter

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss Month ago

      "flip me over and feed me just the green one from the quality street tin." What the actual fuck sort of catchphrase is that?

  • Ali Shaikh
    Ali Shaikh Month ago

    Remember children, make sure to Pokemon GO to the polls!

  • sullgass
    sullgass Month ago

    I'll admit, I played this game for a little while, but once the novelty wore off I really grew to despise it. It could've been so amazing, but it's a watered-down shell of what most of the other games are.

    • neejoy sola
      neejoy sola Month ago

      bruh if they just made it so you could battle other people with your team to level your dudes up it would’ve been the worlds best mobile game

  • Hannah Atkins
    Hannah Atkins Month ago

    Actually doing the IV's for my Pokémon in Pokémon GO whilst watching this video!

  • c c
    c c Month ago

    I can remember being in Athens when Pokemon GO just came out. One of the surrealist moments was when I was in a park, and I could see this massive circle of people. it was so weird because the circle was dense with people, then just cut off with nobody and yet the people in the circle weren't consciously forming a circle. I realized that the edge of the circle was where the free wifi ran out... hundreds of people just playing Pokemon go

  • Keilar Bijec
    Keilar Bijec Month ago

    Pokemon: GO was also a weapon of mass destruction.

  • riaan spamer
    riaan spamer Month ago

    Omg guys the decade has almost been 10 years!!!

  • Quasi
    Quasi Month ago +1

    I’m pretty sure Minecraft’s gonna at least be in the top 5

  • bilias hour
    bilias hour Month ago

    I hope Star Wars Battlefront 2 made this defined the decade in its own way after all.

  • Christopher L
    Christopher L Month ago

    I really hope spelunky is on this list

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones Month ago

    I will probably go and play every game on this list, please god make some more of them free/cheap...

    • Tom Jones
      Tom Jones Month ago

      @bilias hour ahhh shit that means I need to buy a PS4...

    • bilias hour
      bilias hour Month ago

      calling god of war as #1

  • Seribean44
    Seribean44 Month ago

    Euro truck simulator needs to be on this list

  • Joshua Miranda
    Joshua Miranda Month ago

    Ten Ed when dan made Minecraft yea god damn I’m old

  • bio shockfan333
    bio shockfan333 Month ago +1

    Love all your vids so much

  • jep0rox
    jep0rox Month ago

    I'm gonna take a guess that portal is on this list and if half-life 2 isn't it should be