Budget Gaming Setup CHALLENGE - Scrapyard Wars 8 Part 1

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019
  • HUGE thanks to Honey for sponsoring this season of Scrapyard Wars!
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    Scrapyard Wars is back for Season 8! Can they build six gaming PCs for under $3600? It might sound like a lot, but there's a catch.....
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Comments • 5 842

  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips  27 days ago +1815

    We're BACK!!! Kudos to Honey for sponsoring this season: www.joinhoney.com/scrapyard

    Which team do you think is going to win? Luke or Linus?

    • Sanane Napcan Amq
      Sanane Napcan Amq 3 days ago

      How to win scrapyard wars:
      Go to turkey
      Change canadian rupee to tl
      Buy everything from letgo
      Congulations u win

    • I Hen
      I Hen 3 days ago

      @Scott G. why an asian? linus is canadian and looks to be a dude lolz

    • Human Being
      Human Being 10 days ago

      ag.floats XR same happens to me, *however* _I still use it for price tracking and notifications_ since it allows you to set notifications for price drops by percentage or when a product hits a a specific price. For me that is still INCREDIBLY useful.

    • Human Being
      Human Being 10 days ago

      Linus Tech Tips FINALLY!!!! *Scrapyard Wars is BAAAACCCKKKKK!!!!!!!* _I've been waiting for this for YEARS!_ 👍🤘✅

    • CJ Games.0
      CJ Games.0 12 days ago +1

      Also I think next season maybe challenge bryan of tech yes city. That would be a great series to watch

  • Joel Cajole
    Joel Cajole 2 hours ago

    where is anthony!

  • Airsoft Mitchel
    Airsoft Mitchel 3 hours ago

    linus made every cs fan mad when he said.. "you just point and click"

  • Nkh jk345
    Nkh jk345 3 hours ago

    Wooow , and i though that i a was bad at dirt....

  • Ross Scarlet
    Ross Scarlet 6 hours ago

    wow colton betraying team trees

  • mhaiyy channeltv
    mhaiyy channeltv 7 hours ago

    Merry Christmass ..can i have it you scrap cpu. .🙂

  • WingRat !
    WingRat ! 8 hours ago

    Dude looks like stifler from american pie

  • StaticMS
    StaticMS 8 hours ago +2

    Linus when he couldn't get a deal:
    "I'm sick, I woke up sick. I've been sick for the past 3 days. First thing I did this morning was sneeze, I did 3 times."

    EPIC GAMER MOMENTS 9 hours ago

    What M car does Jake have?

  • Ravi Sharma
    Ravi Sharma 11 hours ago

    Canadian Rupees.. Hell Yeah :D

  • William Mackay
    William Mackay 18 hours ago

    I feel like everyone in LTT’s area is eventually going to know who they are, and this game will get impossible. Will be fun to see if that ever happens though, lol.

  • jared burns
    jared burns 19 hours ago

    That look on Linus's face when he's the third-best and not the first in every game

  • James Brown
    James Brown 21 hour ago

    @linustechtips who's white Subaru BRZ is that at 24:32?

  • Christopher Ball

    jake over here with a corsair sweater that probably cost more then the powersupply lowballin xD

  • john sims
    john sims Day ago

    Linus' split screen phone is SO obnoxious.

  • Maikel van Roessel

    Jake is indeed a jerk, i like that

  • KillDeer
    KillDeer Day ago

    Alex: "We only need one mouse"
    *leaves with 2 mice*
    Linus: "He forgot to take a mouse so he's on his way back there to get it"

  • KillDeer
    KillDeer Day ago

    Linus thinking CRTs would be cheap shows how out of touch he is. CRTs arent being made anymore, nobody is buying them new, thus there is almost zero used market anymore. It's not like in 2012 when people were finally upgrading to LCD panels and had CRTs to offload cheap. All of those monitors are gone or bought up.

  • KillDeer
    KillDeer Day ago

    Why would you make the first episode have a different thumbnail???

  • MicHaeL MonStaR
    MicHaeL MonStaR Day ago

    Would've been funny Jake went like "I wanna give my little brother or nephew or whatever...", not even being that specific about who it's for. XD

  • Alex
    Alex Day ago

    "smells like weed" he said looking like he's contemplating the benefits of twix over snicker bars

  • MicHaeL MonStaR
    MicHaeL MonStaR Day ago

    James is way too married to be good at games...


  • DeadPool2231
    DeadPool2231 Day ago

    Too bad Honey does not work outside of North America

  • TheHermitArcana
    TheHermitArcana Day ago +1

    5:23 ah yes, my favorite scriptures from the LTT Bible

  • cowpker4life
    cowpker4life Day ago +1

    Should of went group b at poland. One the fastest and hardest stages. Germany could of been funny from dnfs from running into rocks.

  • Seth Shaffer
    Seth Shaffer Day ago


  • V
    V Day ago

    Jake might want to grow some morals. When you lowball an already agreed price you're using the desperation of the seller against them, especially when the entire premise of you buying it in the first place is plain lies.. It's a plain shitty way of doing things.

  • Orion Rigel
    Orion Rigel 2 days ago

    Still watching this, but commenting while watching. Isn't it against the rules to get stuff from people when they know it's an LTT project? (Keyboards Colton gets)

  • Domenic Streck
    Domenic Streck 2 days ago

    25:05 Is that a E90 M3?

  • Nugget Pug
    Nugget Pug 2 days ago

    Do they realise they can let go of the accelerator on a racing game?

  • f4z0
    f4z0 2 days ago +1

    21:06 Linus: Is that even a good dildo?

  • M1tsu
    M1tsu 2 days ago

    3:23 All cs players cringed at Lunis' comment about csgo

  • Cin Lung Chen
    Cin Lung Chen 2 days ago

    I need someone like colton to help me run my business.

  • Mahfuz Ahmed 47
    Mahfuz Ahmed 47 2 days ago

    3:52 *ahaha that's hot, that's hot*

  • lenon1980
    lenon1980 2 days ago

    Ford ST, a sports car ? ... I say no.

  • Eieieei Iekew
    Eieieei Iekew 2 days ago

    Fuc yes

  • Jason Biehn
    Jason Biehn 2 days ago

    Jason Biehn
    2 minutes ago (edited)
    LMAO You know he does he probably walks around on singing Hakuna Matata all dame day I like Linus pretty dame cool he knock you out that boy got's skills and move I've never since I don't even think that guy is human tell him to do a magic Mike for you blow you out of the water bro i bet he a dick head or asshat off set hell who know right I enjoy his video taught me a lot computers learn more here .I actually did School...?....:)

  • Jason Biehn
    Jason Biehn 2 days ago

    dude 600 dollars gaming PC...?WoW...!!.You guys are so lucky because I could build gaming PC for 200 Dollars blow you guys out of the water send Magic Biehn Plane ticket show you how its done you going to take Red pill or the Blue Pill baby fallow rabbit show you whatup...Hakuna Matata,Hakuna Matata

  • scyborn
    scyborn 2 days ago

    wtfwas that thing at 19:45

  • Costas Papadopoulos
    Costas Papadopoulos 2 days ago

    Chair and desk shouldn't be included to be honest~ Your home could have at least 1 extra chair and plastic desk you could use if it was that desperate.

  • FJK
    FJK 2 days ago

    Alex is far too cute!
    I just want to crack a whip next to him and watch him jump

  • beezito
    beezito 2 days ago

    Thank god dbrand gave because so did we :/

  • Cory Sennett
    Cory Sennett 2 days ago

    Jake is scum. Fire him

  • Joe M
    Joe M 2 days ago

    that 7ft tranny dude thing was the real mvp in this ep

  • sleaf6
    sleaf6 2 days ago

    The helpful fan i worry a little about, those ribs poking through, try to eat a little more you know.

  • SuspiciousStuff
    SuspiciousStuff 2 days ago


  • Professor Chaos
    Professor Chaos 2 days ago

    Let me find out Linus signed off on this series of storage wars so that he could tell his old lady that he needs to play video games for work.

  • 75hilmar
    75hilmar 2 days ago

    This is so random. Like a mix of container wars and whacky races...

  • Supreme_Court
    Supreme_Court 2 days ago

    Jesus, just my monitor was $700.

  • viraltaco
    viraltaco 2 days ago

    Nobody’s gonna point out that Luke got fat?

  • Joshua Walker
    Joshua Walker 2 days ago

    Yoooo 24:30 who's brz is that 👀

  • Chaotic Neutral Scooby

    So funny to see Linus play dirt rally

  • morcova
    morcova 2 days ago

    19:22 Everything there smells like weed you say?

  • Daniel Claudio
    Daniel Claudio 2 days ago

    Focus ST = Hot Hatch

  • Wail Faridi
    Wail Faridi 2 days ago +1

    Did he really call a ford fiesta a sportscar 😂

  • Thomas Caswell
    Thomas Caswell 2 days ago

    19:00 thats deffo a dude in a dress lmfao

  • flyingARMADILDO
    flyingARMADILDO 3 days ago

    HAHA it's Asian Andy xD 23:44

  • Skooma Gnark
    Skooma Gnark 3 days ago +3

    i know im late to the party, but: who needs a chair and a table, without having sound of some sort for a gaming PC? xD 32:40 yeah, sound! :D

  • francisco villarreal

    The only deal i need to find well is a cpu mother board and ram to up grade

  • francisco villarreal

    Id like to say i got a evga 1060 6gb last year for 120. 😂 so yeah could have done 150. I even got a pc with a x58 motherboard and xeon w3565 build with a 570 4gb for 200. So yeah possible. I swoped out the graphics card to match. So those deals arent to bad just takes time to find. My brother now has a pc and i do also