Makayla Phillips: 15-Year-Old Receives Golden Buzzer For "Warrior" - America's Got Talent 2018

  • Published on Jul 11, 2018
  • The teenager from Canyon Lake, CA performs "Warrior" by Demi Lovato. Watch as she earns the coveted Golden Buzzer from Heidi Klum, which sends her straight to the live shows at the Dolby Theater.
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    In season 13, NBC's America's Got Talent follows Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel, and host Tyra Banks in their talent search, showcasing unique performers from across the country.
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    With the talent search open to acts of all ages, "America's Got Talent" has brought the variety format back to the forefront of American culture by showcasing unique performers from across the country. The series is a true celebration of the American spirit, featuring a colorful array of singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, jugglers, magicians, ventriloquists and hopeful stars, all vying for their chance to win America's hearts and the $1 million prize. Follow judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel, and host Tyra Banks in their talent search!
    Makayla Phillips: 15-Year-Old Receives Golden Buzzer For "Warrior" - America's Got Talent 2018
    America's Got Talent
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Comments • 12 841

  • Makkun
    Makkun 54 minutes ago

    Why were everyone in sync at 2:48? Weird (´-﹏-`;)

  • 이윈디
    이윈디 Hour ago

    This is probably my favorite!!!!!

  • Synrilla Tv
    Synrilla Tv Hour ago

    2:05 😫😫😫

    Rima DERRADJI Hour ago

    i'm looking to her eyes untill I can see more of her character.

  • FlatRabbit
    FlatRabbit Hour ago

    This girl is my choice to win.. She's good

  • Maverick
    Maverick Hour ago

    Aren't there other shows and platforms just for singers..... America's got talent more like America's got singers

  • Ashley Gomez
    Ashley Gomez Hour ago

    Wowwww 😍

  • Genesis Lopez
    Genesis Lopez Hour ago +1

    They should’ve given it to the Hispanic kid in the last episode in my opinion. They seem racist because he sang wayyy better than anyone else

  • Mariana Anguiano
    Mariana Anguiano Hour ago

    Hmm. She's not bad. But I feel like she could have passed like a regular contestant. She sounds like any other singer... Maybe Demi...not hating just noticing the obvious. Well we'll see what happens. Loving the dance crews this year though;).

  • Falling Autumn
    Falling Autumn Hour ago

    5.6 K Dislikes
    Wow, that is a lot of janitors!

  • erick BS
    erick BS 2 hours ago

    The new star has born..

  • Jan Turkenburg
    Jan Turkenburg 2 hours ago

    She lacked the emotional backstory, therefore she won't win...

  • it's lissa
    it's lissa 2 hours ago

    cant wait to see her next performance

  • tin tức biển đông

    cute girl

  • Josiah Abena
    Josiah Abena 2 hours ago +1


  • Rosanna Turunen
    Rosanna Turunen 2 hours ago

    Wow what a voice

  • Y.S
    Y.S 2 hours ago

    small ariana grande lool who guess that ?

  • Niarah Music
    Niarah Music 2 hours ago

    To my mind she's an amazing singer for sure, but singers shouldn't be part of this show because YES this is a talent but there are so many shows for singers so we gotta let the place for other skills ...

  • Franka ._.
    Franka ._. 2 hours ago

    Heidi Sitz da warscheinlich nur so : " uhh my Germanys next top model i vote for her"

  • Anthony Jonathan
    Anthony Jonathan 2 hours ago

    what a technique!!!

  • Sydney Bryant
    Sydney Bryant 2 hours ago

    Oh my gosh. She is sooooo good

  • Joe Tabone
    Joe Tabone 2 hours ago

    That was the definition of “perfect”

  • Gina Maddlyn
    Gina Maddlyn 2 hours ago


  • deepjyoti boro
    deepjyoti boro 3 hours ago +1

    Deserved it 💣

  • Renaldi Priyatna
    Renaldi Priyatna 3 hours ago

    speechless 💞💞💞

  • Sommer Ace
    Sommer Ace 3 hours ago

    Y’all who are mad she got the golden buzzer, where’s your video of you singing like this?

  • chickenwizard07 kong
    chickenwizard07 kong 3 hours ago

    So much auto tune sheesh

  • Mohammed Abdo
    Mohammed Abdo 3 hours ago

    My name is Mohamed
    I am 29 years old
    I have graduated from faculty of education department of English.
    I am from Egypt and I have difficulty conditions my mother died😔😔😔😔 and I have five sisters and I don't have income or money to live what should I do please help me I have my passport but I can't found a job am seeking for a job 5 years ago and still searching please help me please help me to get a job in your country😔😔😔😔😔

  • Bethany Hubbard
    Bethany Hubbard 3 hours ago

    I mean 1st view

  • Bethany Hubbard
    Bethany Hubbard 3 hours ago

    1 vjew

  • sam c
    sam c 3 hours ago

    lol wtf just happened

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat 3 hours ago

    autotune should not be used in singing competitions

  • darth minecrafter
    darth minecrafter 3 hours ago

    there where parts that sounded like they had autotune in it

  • Justin Holliday
    Justin Holliday 3 hours ago

    She is a Great Singer For Her Age It Juss Felt Like Something Was Missing ? Maybe I’m Wrong 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Turtle1923
    Turtle1923 3 hours ago

    GG Makayla! Also #50 on Trending at the moment. (7/16/18)

  • Liya Tesfaye
    Liya Tesfaye 3 hours ago

    Her singing kinda reminds me of Ariana Grande ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • unicornawsomness4242
    unicornawsomness4242 3 hours ago

    2:07 its great that contestants get to go out here and showcase there talent but a shame that the show feels the need to atotune there microphones

    WOLF_GIRL B.T 4 hours ago

    UGH i thought u were my roblox sis :( But yay!)

  • Giovanni A
    Giovanni A 4 hours ago

    beautiful girl😍😍😍

  • nimmi minni
    nimmi minni 4 hours ago

    Why does she remind me of shailene woodley

  • Luc Daphne
    Luc Daphne 4 hours ago

    Queen of runs

  • apoh nyo
    apoh nyo 4 hours ago

    So clean, nice voice

  • Wazz Wesley
    Wazz Wesley 4 hours ago

    Damnnn...she’s beautiful and my hearts frozen in place now...HELP!!!

  • Mikayla Wallace
    Mikayla Wallace 4 hours ago

    Yasss queen

  • Ashutosh chaudhary
    Ashutosh chaudhary 4 hours ago

    not worth golden buzzer

  • That one Girl
    That one Girl 4 hours ago

    I’m shook

  • Kaitlyn Deets
    Kaitlyn Deets 4 hours ago

    2:17 gave me goosebumps on my goosebumps

  • Emma Renee
    Emma Renee 5 hours ago

    Her vocal sounds a lot like Perrie Edwards...

  • Flavia Gallucci
    Flavia Gallucci 5 hours ago

    Warrior - Demi Lovato

  • Marcris Bernardo
    Marcris Bernardo 5 hours ago

    what is title of the song please

  • Bergen Dyer
    Bergen Dyer 5 hours ago +2


  • XHollyNoble X
    XHollyNoble X 5 hours ago

    Talent these days are up and above the top...I was going to say my head but I’m hurt 😭

  • Manu Dadali
    Manu Dadali 5 hours ago

    enak banget suaranya

  • jamebonez
    jamebonez 5 hours ago

    Heidi is so boring

    TAYLOR _ QUEEN 13 5 hours ago +1

    Better than singrs 😍💜

  • Jasmine Reupenny
    Jasmine Reupenny 5 hours ago

    Yessssuhhhh sing it girl!!!

  • Captain Stop
    Captain Stop 5 hours ago

    Hope she wins this AGT

  • BbbradiCP
    BbbradiCP 5 hours ago

    she reminds me of ariana grande for some reason

  • Joyce Gabrielle
    Joyce Gabrielle 5 hours ago

    Is it her own song?

  • DaggerNL
    DaggerNL 5 hours ago

    Www2r22w 21euro 11wqq8q weer 1q1q1www wettigt qg iigy1hwu1h

  • Gummi Bear
    Gummi Bear 5 hours ago

    She's a great singer but I've easily heard it before. There's really no new sound to her at all or anything unique.

  • David Adams
    David Adams 5 hours ago


  • Robi Slankers
    Robi Slankers 5 hours ago

    This girl has nice sound, And i love

  • Frina Erindriani
    Frina Erindriani 5 hours ago

    amazing so good

  • Jo
    Jo 6 hours ago

    Wow!!!! 😍😍😍😍

  • 4musketers
    4musketers 6 hours ago +1

    It’s always singers that get the golden buzzer like I understand it’s talent and there good but by the end of the show it becomes a singing contest and I personally find that boring so I stop watching

  • Ben Sokolowski
    Ben Sokolowski 6 hours ago

    Ye good stuff

  • Elhan Argasae
    Elhan Argasae 6 hours ago

    Perfect pitch

  • Josymar Tchoyi
    Josymar Tchoyi 6 hours ago


  • Daisy Taylor
    Daisy Taylor 6 hours ago

    This gave me goosebumps

  • Alex Nicole.
    Alex Nicole. 6 hours ago

    Why do the always auto tune them. They don’t even need it

  • Ben tong
    Ben tong 6 hours ago


  • SARA
    SARA 6 hours ago +1

    She looks like ariana grande😳

  • Eldwin lim
    Eldwin lim 6 hours ago

    I thought I saw Ariana Grande being reborned 😯💪

  • MawMaw 13
    MawMaw 13 6 hours ago

    DEFINITELY a winner whether it be on AGT, but a winner for certain, and such beautiful God given talent 💗❤️💞👏🤗💖

  • Haylie L
    Haylie L 6 hours ago

    Her, grace and Darcy lyn are my fav

  • Cora Leigh
    Cora Leigh 6 hours ago

    Didn't realise I was crying until tears dropped on my phone. I love this song do much and this was beautiful 😍

    FITTO CHITATO 7 hours ago

  • regina ampoloquio
    regina ampoloquio 7 hours ago

    Birdy's sister

  • Richard Berton Sihombing

    Shopia turner :D

  • Cording karma
    Cording karma 7 hours ago

    Slide into your dms like, what up baby.
    Makayla: I'M A WARRIOR

  • Meme Z
    Meme Z 7 hours ago

    She’s so damn pretty wowww

  • Nafees Ali
    Nafees Ali 7 hours ago

    singers got talent

  • TheDudeWhoDoesStuff
    TheDudeWhoDoesStuff 7 hours ago

    She should win

  • Im manda
    Im manda 7 hours ago

    I hope can have sound like this ❤

  • Jomar Bautista
    Jomar Bautista 7 hours ago

    She looks like ariana grande even the way she sing!!!

  • Saw Pea
    Saw Pea 7 hours ago

    15 years old and a chic one. When I was 15 I look like my grandma.

    EDWARD DUBIN 7 hours ago

    Like the singing but will she go far is to be seen.

  • Madeline Lilley
    Madeline Lilley 7 hours ago +2

    god she's going to go far in this world.

  • Cak Supri
    Cak Supri 8 hours ago


  • 汪洋
    汪洋 8 hours ago

    good voice,i like this girl,she looks
    is so happy

  • Ranjith Piyasoma
    Ranjith Piyasoma 8 hours ago

    kotva nmvamg pama

  • Adrian nzr
    Adrian nzr 8 hours ago

    I love she, i hope she can to be my wife"😞😞😞

  • a Mess
    a Mess 8 hours ago

    And there'll be a new artist!!! 😘😻

  • Missing Swag
    Missing Swag 8 hours ago +3

    She's really pretty.

  • Genuine Person
    Genuine Person 8 hours ago

    Why are you so beautiful???😎

  • bal ipaenin
    bal ipaenin 8 hours ago

    Beautifull sing, I love U

  • mitu y
    mitu y 8 hours ago

    Beautiful singing voice

  • MissMeatballs
    MissMeatballs 8 hours ago

    I wouldn’t buy her record