BKCHAT LDN: S4 - EPISODE 6 “I Don’t Want No Man With No Ugly Last Name!”

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019
  • Our cast discuss a Dilemma about who’s last name to use after marriage.
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  • L P
    L P 3 hours ago

    15:30 'let him land'

  • KeKe Nyte
    KeKe Nyte 5 hours ago

    Triggered.....She got the wrong idea....... I don't see him tryna shame her....but RAH....is that what you girls are doing......to just have a perceived loool Protitution and flights to DUBAI........your all going to hell.....futlrthermore only you have to sleep with that knowledge in your system 4ever...🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢👹👹👹

  • Shawn Mendesismylove
    Shawn Mendesismylove 5 hours ago

    you can acc see how uneducated half of these lot are it’s embarrasing fam smh

  • Allumni.b
    Allumni.b 5 hours ago

    What's wrong with them ??? They are comedians right?

  • KeKe Nyte
    KeKe Nyte 5 hours ago

    the sperm decides....once he shoots it's the best sperm who wins and yes it is the man's sperm who determines the sex as females always Carries a female chromosome

  • Shawn Mendesismylove
    Shawn Mendesismylove 5 hours ago

    rahhh marc really thinks he’s that leng 🤢 hope he finds someone to marry because ik well no one would put up with this nonsense

  • Johanna
    Johanna 10 hours ago

    Riva, Gogo, & Shay are probably the most sensible in the history of this show💯

  • Beatrice Inim
    Beatrice Inim 10 hours ago

    I love how Gogo switches to a Nigerian accent when he wants to buttress his point from an African-Nigerian Perspective.. See 25:14

  • MadWorld
    MadWorld 11 hours ago

    Listen yeah if Shay was my boyfriend I'd have none of his BS simply because after watching him on this he seems very level headed open hearted and logical af!.. There'd be zero excuse if he fell short🤣🤷

  • Aaliyah Dancy
    Aaliyah Dancy 11 hours ago

    Lani is so hurt and I mean that in a caring way she really needs to find herself and someone to help her have a heart again, I feel bad 😞

  • Aaliyah Dancy
    Aaliyah Dancy 11 hours ago

    I love Shay he’s so sweet and honest😂♥️🥰

  • Divine Ogidigben
    Divine Ogidigben 12 hours ago +1

    I feel bad for whoever’s gonna end up with Marc.

  • Lansana Kendeh
    Lansana Kendeh 15 hours ago

    You know when shay and riva is agreeing you know that’s smart mindsets agreeing

  • SoExtra
    SoExtra 23 hours ago

    Gogo gives his point of a traditional man , it’s normal

      JAY JAY BINKS 22 hours ago +1

      @SoExtra I still did not get your point. But GOGO is the only responsible speaking one on this show. Even if one disagrees he still illustrates a level of maturity.

    • SoExtra
      SoExtra 22 hours ago

      In the point view of his culture his right , so we can’t say that « it’s not normal » blablabla , period

      JAY JAY BINKS 23 hours ago


  • Scardy Severe
    Scardy Severe Day ago

    Marc is so immature! He is so into himself.

  • Callum Burrows
    Callum Burrows Day ago

    24:01 they way it zooms into his mouth at that part of the conversation cyan be serious

  • Okay Bye
    Okay Bye Day ago

    I don't ever expect anything worth saying to come from mark but for him to disrespect terrell like, and disregard his gender was so un called for PLEASE GET MARK OFF OF HERE

  • Precious Onyeise

    Lani makes no sense

  • From 2000
    From 2000 Day ago

    shay is so qt

  • Lerato Chitjana
    Lerato Chitjana Day ago

    You guys don't respect each other's opinions, I've watched a few videos and every time you attack each other for thinking differently, especially the guy with the muscles. He throws his weight and stature to intimidate and make others feel as though they are wrong. He forces his opinion on others. I like how you all have different views but this topic could have gone deeper into patriarchy and society, equality, respecting your partner's choices, it became childish quickly and you struggled to pull through from there. Besides I love the videos

  • Zozo
    Zozo Day ago

    Im so sorry but... Did anybody else think Gogo and Shay look a like.. o.0

  • Adan Hassan
    Adan Hassan Day ago

    Tara looks like she has no teeth. Looks like a crackhead.

  • Okay Bye
    Okay Bye Day ago +3

    Mark is the epitome of a misogynistic male, he never has no real point other then the fact that his a male, Iliterally can't at this point

  • Jenaya Thompson
    Jenaya Thompson Day ago +1

    Marc acts like a narcissist. He seems so controlling and only thinks about himself God bless his future wife cause .... 😂😂😂

  • Gini n Hermes
    Gini n Hermes Day ago

    "your mindset is a bit to the other side" I AM CRYING!!!!!! I love shay

  • susan k
    susan k Day ago

    This is interesting cuz in Kenyan culture, wives don’t take their husbands last name cuz it’s not that deep and children are given their dad’s middle name instead of last so everyone in the family basically has different last names. And yes, filling out documents is a struggle 😂😩

    SENZU BEAN 2 days ago

    Ferrari is not a dumb name, thanks..

  • Alex Here
    Alex Here 2 days ago

    Aysh Wale the construction worker
    That vest is killing me lol

  • TheManjoe12
    TheManjoe12 2 days ago

    Yasmin coming like one brass from the ends

  • Florina Cretu
    Florina Cretu 2 days ago +5

    I can’t lie Marc is scaryyyyyyyyy 😂😂😂 good luck to however is going to marry him 😂

  • Denrele Odulana
    Denrele Odulana 2 days ago

    marc is a worse version of lucas. never thought there could be anyone worse whew

  • Denrele Odulana
    Denrele Odulana 2 days ago +1

    who is the marc guy :/ ugh ewwwwww

  • Keen Kerry
    Keen Kerry 2 days ago

    Marc is so irritating

  • The TN Talkshow
    The TN Talkshow 2 days ago

    This Marc of a guy is such a dumbo!!!!

  • Baslel Somborac
    Baslel Somborac 2 days ago

    Get Tara off this please

  • Alan Lamba
    Alan Lamba 2 days ago +1

    Just because something is culture or traditions it does not make it right

  • Your Uncle
    Your Uncle 2 days ago +1

    Wale: How many times you been Dubai?!🤣
    I don’t know what Arab is pooing on your face
    2mins later...
    Lami: Dubai reminded me of shit🙅🏾‍♂️😭

  • Stephi RoRo
    Stephi RoRo 3 days ago


  • Thabo Gama
    Thabo Gama 3 days ago

    Only sibling🤔

  • Learn With Mi
    Learn With Mi 3 days ago +1

    Africa is a continent, so can they stop talking for all of the countries in africa. As a south african, the culture is so different to west, north africa ect....

    • georges Tchianga
      georges Tchianga 11 hours ago

      Learn With Mi thank you. These guys are so westernized that, they should not even be discussing these things if they were connected to their so called African culture. They are British.

  • Adonis Blake
    Adonis Blake 3 days ago

    There is no room for your name

  • Rio
    Rio 4 days ago

    Are all the people in this ting African British or are there Caribbean British?... because it may change the answers or at least influence.

    • Rio
      Rio 22 hours ago

      @JAY JAY BINKS Yeah I'm being dead serious bruh..Caribbean black and African black are related but there a definitely cultural differences that effect the way we look at things.

      JAY JAY BINKS 23 hours ago

      @Rio sear down as in "are you serious" or "is that true" or "shocked" or "LOL" ???

    • Rio
      Rio 23 hours ago

      @JAY JAY BINKS What do you mean when you say swear down?...swear down means like truss me..as you get what im saying..but the question mark is throwing me off

      JAY JAY BINKS Day ago

      @Rio swear down?

    • Rio
      Rio Day ago

      @JAY JAY BINKS Well I know Caribbean people, atleast Jamacians aren't caught up on taking the last name of man alone. Hyphenated last names are very normal in Jamacian familes( A woman often times keeps her name and adds jer husbands name too. Caribbean people are descendants of those who were enslaved and received European last names, so it may not hold as much importance as say an African who can trace all their blood relatives and alot of things are tied to the last name.

  • Don ald
    Don ald 4 days ago +1

    Women don’t think dressing like this will attract a “good man”.. dressing like this will attract men who want 60 seconds with you, not forever with you.

  • Linda A
    Linda A 5 days ago

    Personally I think the best solution is to have 2 sons and the 1st carries the husband's family name and the 2nd carries the wife's family name.

    Besides, why marry a man like Marc who listens to the problems affecting your family and says it's not my problem?

  • Kenny Zamor
    Kenny Zamor 6 days ago

    Yasmin so damn thick boi😭😭

  • Queen Mar
    Queen Mar 6 days ago +1

    Why do all those people look so ratchet? What’s wrong with the style? The first and second season people was looking good. Where did they pick those people from the club

  • Zub5y _
    Zub5y _ 7 days ago

    Riva and Gogo are the only smart ones in that kitchen

  • Lois Jesse
    Lois Jesse 7 days ago

    Thuis blond girl is not in her right mind. Someone come and help her please

  • yfm young_forbes
    yfm young_forbes 8 days ago


  • yfm young_forbes
    yfm young_forbes 8 days ago

    wale was LEANIN'!!!!!

  • Solange Edegbe
    Solange Edegbe 9 days ago

    Lani is Nigerian? LOOOL She's definitely getting married

  • Solange Edegbe
    Solange Edegbe 9 days ago

    what is Lani saying bruv?

  • Beach B*tch
    Beach B*tch 9 days ago

    Shay is literally the only person that speaks sense

  • Mizz Regina
    Mizz Regina 10 days ago

    Marc dice solo cazzate
    Never liked liked marc

  • OsitoOne
    OsitoOne 10 days ago

    i have noticed that the africans really thing they know better then the rest. this is sad that they wont even listen to the other

  • Bite TheBait
    Bite TheBait 10 days ago

    2:05 Cuban on his Big Shaq ting

  • Esther Fatuade
    Esther Fatuade 10 days ago +1

    You know Marc said wtf because she’s a transman he tried to style it 🤣

  • Dn Z
    Dn Z 10 days ago

    What is lil Kim and foxy brown doing in this interview?

  • Elijah
    Elijah 12 days ago

    We can do better black people

  • Br0wn Sug4
    Br0wn Sug4 12 days ago

    Can I just please ask Nigerians to stop assuming other Africans think and have the same cultural background as them... Watching this I can see Gogo and Marc (who are of Nigerian descent) use the "as an African" statement.. ... When ppl say as an "African"... Errr there's 54 countries... Which are u referring to.. What are you exactly... Please please we are all different... Can we just respect that PLEEEASE.