The Inbetweeners Hilarious Trip Back to School! | The Inbetweeners: Fwends Reunited

  • Published on Jan 27, 2019
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    To celebrate 10 years of The Inbetweeners, the boys head back to their old school for a stroll down memory lane!
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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  11 months ago +637

    Would YOU ever go back to your old school?!
    Watch the FULL EPISODE:

    • Tom Rhead
      Tom Rhead Month ago

      Channel 4 I wouldn’t

    • mac taggart
      mac taggart 6 months ago

      @Ben Webb as Jay would say "ped@" lpl

    • mac taggart
      mac taggart 6 months ago

      With or without gasoline?

    • Scorpio
      Scorpio 9 months ago

      With a Nerf Gun,yeah

    • Howzer The man
      Howzer The man 10 months ago

      Channel 4 none of the schools I went to are here any more my infants school got turned into a play school for under 5s the junior school I went to was knocked down in the mid 90s because it was 200 year old and falling to bits and my senior school was knocked down a couple of years back but before it closed it was used to film scenes for inspector gerorge gently with Martin Shaw

  • Ray Cologne
    Ray Cologne 4 minutes ago

    You can always rely on a smug jackass like Jimmy Carr to take the fun out of anything

    MR REFLEX 6 hours ago

    i could watch those 4 in a car all day. the stuff hey come out with is pure class. they should do a show like car share.

  • Alen Mustlovski
    Alen Mustlovski Day ago

    Man these guys just have natural chemistry. They dont even need scripts to be hilarious.

  • sonny m
    sonny m 2 days ago

    Imagine going to that same school that the Inbetweeners was filmed in

  • Raymond Budd
    Raymond Budd 2 days ago

    Simon is the same

  • Redvelvet
    Redvelvet 3 days ago +1

    These guys are my heros

  • _Addison _
    _Addison _ 6 days ago +3

    Wanker Buses? 😂
    Bus Wankers

  • smokeylee1986
    smokeylee1986 7 days ago +1

    Series one, two and three all covered a term each, then for some reason they skipped over their final term and went straight to them leaving school in the first film. They should have done four series. A third film would be great too, maybe them getting together for the stag night and wedding of one of them, something like that.

  • Cheesyboi
    Cheesyboi 9 days ago

    This laugh track is the worst shit in the world fucking hell

  • Top Man.
    Top Man. 9 days ago +1

    UK comedy gold! 😁

  • Courageous Waffle
    Courageous Waffle 9 days ago

    Britain's excuse. Of retarded. Unaware. Sad. Good laugh you lot. Lol

  • Sam Raymond
    Sam Raymond 12 days ago +2

    U can't deny it. Blake has got style...

  • Robin Johnston
    Robin Johnston 12 days ago

    lol jays the same

  • chooselife3000
    chooselife3000 12 days ago

    what's happened to jays teeth?????

  • Harrison Edwards
    Harrison Edwards 13 days ago +1

    Jay looks like that guy who stole ted

  • Greaser5550
    Greaser5550 13 days ago

    This really, really, really wasn’t funny

  • Not a Persona
    Not a Persona 13 days ago


  • Samantha Bousfield
    Samantha Bousfield 13 days ago +1

    Simon has basically not aged and why is Neil kinda hot

  • Sweetgamergirl4141
    Sweetgamergirl4141 14 days ago

    I went to the school they filmed it at but was only there for year 7&8, the people inside are shitty( don’t ask for the name because I’m not disclosing it)

  • Lewis H
    Lewis H 14 days ago

    Anyone else spot the Tesla at 1:40

  • Luca B
    Luca B 15 days ago +2

    All the roadmen outside the school at the end 😂

  • Is_Boris_ Cyka
    Is_Boris_ Cyka 16 days ago

    Briefcase wanker looking slick

  • achoo
    achoo 17 days ago

    don't cry because it's gone... smile because it happened

  • problematic princess
    problematic princess 17 days ago

    Neil is so fit now

  • problematic princess
    problematic princess 17 days ago

    Well jay looks like a pedo now

  • problematic princess
    problematic princess 17 days ago

    Simon looks the same

  • pyronix
    pyronix 18 days ago +1

    I am still super gay for Joe. JFC.

  • Ontor D. Press
    Ontor D. Press 19 days ago

    Will looks so different

  • Clamb_J
    Clamb_J 19 days ago

    My god, you’re just one movember past puberty!

    ROCHELLE JJ PHIILIPS 19 days ago

    Best ever boys

  • Ashleigh Stark
    Ashleigh Stark 20 days ago +1

    They honestly need to do another inbetweeners it’s a crime not too. It’s what the world needs

  • Stephen Lally
    Stephen Lally 21 day ago +2

    why does jay look like a mexican liam gallagher?

  • papa razzi
    papa razzi 22 days ago

    jay and will dress the same as adults

  • FBI
    FBI 22 days ago +2

    The only one who hasn’t changed is Joe (Simon)

  • If you laugh you sub!
    If you laugh you sub! 22 days ago

    Not aged

  • Jiimy
    Jiimy 22 days ago +3

    At least they still haven’t changed their personality

  • Christian Kiggins
    Christian Kiggins 22 days ago

    Yo, ngl, Simon lookin kinda fresh doe

  • SuperChicken
    SuperChicken 22 days ago +1

    it really looks like simon went to the future and saw the rest of them

  • Harry Godfrey
    Harry Godfrey 23 days ago

    Simon looks like he hasn't aged at all

  • Ellis Dixon
    Ellis Dixon 24 days ago +4

    Why does Simon cooper look *exactly* the same

  • Louis_tko27 S
    Louis_tko27 S 24 days ago +3

    Niel looks like he’s just woken up on a park bench

  • asapfergies nan
    asapfergies nan 26 days ago

    is james wearing pretty green??

  • Multi Verse
    Multi Verse 26 days ago

    Will sounds the exact same

  • Multi Verse
    Multi Verse 26 days ago

    Simon looks almost the same

  • UnfailingElk 8000
    UnfailingElk 8000 26 days ago

    "It felt so much bigger back then"

  • Graham Preston
    Graham Preston 27 days ago

    Best series ever!!

  • Ajay Kazami
    Ajay Kazami 27 days ago

    Will, Jay, Neil and Simon 😂😂😂

  • ssian5678
    ssian5678 Month ago +7

    Blake slid straight back into Neil without missing a beat. Amazing.

  • ssian5678
    ssian5678 Month ago +2

    James: *gets in the car*
    Simon: *giggles uncontrollably*
    Checks out.

  • Gary Agg
    Gary Agg Month ago

    My favourite TV series ever. Oh and Father Ted

  • Joe Nagington
    Joe Nagington Month ago

    Jay look like a nonce p.e teacher in the boy changing rooms

  • FuzzyFuzz
    FuzzyFuzz Month ago +7

    Jay looks like he’s in the video of Strawberry Fields Forever

  • Ben M
    Ben M Month ago +1

    That's my school!!!!!!😀😲

  • Danny M
    Danny M Month ago

    Simon hasn't aged lol

  • Liam White the Nerd

    That pedo tash is retarded

  • Robert Langdon
    Robert Langdon Month ago +4

    5:23 Donovan and his mates waiting outside school for The Inbetweeners lol

  • Ben Russell
    Ben Russell Month ago

    Why hasn’t Simon changed

  • shanthi shourya
    shanthi shourya Month ago

    Bus wankers

  • The N
    The N Month ago

    Jay can still talk his life out as usual!