Beverly Hills Police Responding x10

  • Published on Sep 12, 2017
  • 10 Beverly Hills Police units are seen responding (code 3 and code 2) to a 459 (burglary) in progress along the lines of 800 N. Rexford Drive.
    Beverly Hills, CA - 9/11/17

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  • Oh my Lanta!
    Oh my Lanta! 16 days ago

    Wait, you mean Bad Bad Boys, watcha gona do doesn't play when they respond?

  • Sandman FG
    Sandman FG 19 days ago +1

    Shout out to the Bentley In the beginning

  • Danny 09
    Danny 09 27 days ago +1

    I watch this video just for 00:52 with that Caprice sending it in oncoming traffic blaring the siren 😍🔥

  • qprice83
    qprice83 Month ago +1

    0:04 the best takeoff ever with a V8

  • Stewart Snape
    Stewart Snape 2 months ago

    Cool siren on I’m guessing impala around 1:00. 0k thanx I’ve never heard a siren like that before it’s almost like a type of rumbler

  • rambosperm
    rambosperm 6 months ago +1

    Of course the first car I see is a Bentley....

    SEAN CURRAN 6 months ago


  • MegaJohnhammond
    MegaJohnhammond 6 months ago

    probably just some jew locked her keys in her car.

  • Grey Jay
    Grey Jay 7 months ago +3

    Love those Crown Vics. Nothing sounds quite like them.

  • John Roberts
    John Roberts 7 months ago

    They're going after Charlie Sheen , Winning !!! 😁😂

  • r_ elentless01
    r_ elentless01 8 months ago

    There was a noise complaint

  • angela_baby TRAN
    angela_baby TRAN 8 months ago


  • Jaydoggish
    Jaydoggish 8 months ago

    Love the crown Vic’s.2011 last year and dept still keeping them as much as possible. Also the new Chevy Caprices are amazing fast. Those sirens are wicked awsome tones.

  • Ahmad Nammari
    Ahmad Nammari 9 months ago

    Well I would like to ask. do NYPD still use crown Victorias nowadays?

    • Jack Thompson
      Jack Thompson 3 months ago

      Ahmad Nammari I haven’t seen them in a while. They mostly use Ford Police Interceptors (both the Taurus and the Explorer) and Fusions.

      VEHICLE VIOLENCE 9 months ago

      Yeah they still do =D.

  • Thomas brunkle
    Thomas brunkle 9 months ago

    Code 99 all units respond

  • K
    K 9 months ago

    The burglary in progress was at the Clampett's mansion. Granny took em' out with her frying pan!

  • Christian Haselwanter- Grasl

    BMW motorcycles and no US_ American one ?! cool for BMW and Germany but..... *hhhmmm*

  • John Schuster
    John Schuster 10 months ago

    When a celebrity gives birth

    SIX GEAR 10 months ago

    I like that Bentley in front of that Prius.

  • Poppa Wheely
    Poppa Wheely Year ago

    And 2 think all this for having no registration!

  • iluvmusic62
    iluvmusic62 Year ago +2

    Axel Foley's got the bad guys held up in a garage somewhere and needs backup .

  • Christian Haselwanter- Grasl

    BMW motos ? cool, no US product :-(

  • Pedodewi LSRPdewi

    d e w i4 3 5 1 2

  • Grey Jay
    Grey Jay Year ago +1

    Nice selection of cruisers in that department. Love the sound of that Vic 4.6, winding up.

  • tuebor1837
    tuebor1837 Year ago +1

    That first warhorse P71...omg.

  • West LA Response Videos

    Awesome Catch @ 1:15 lol

  • Derrick Huckaby
    Derrick Huckaby Year ago +2

    Love the dog barking as the K-9 unit comes out of the garage. He knows they are going after a bad guy.

  • JAKE W
    JAKE W Year ago +2

    OMG that Tahoe! I love BHPD sirens and fleet. Especially as I stated earlier That Tahoe! Lol

  • A.T.U Soldat
    A.T.U Soldat Year ago +1

    Copy im gonna be in a 10-80 with a black coup license plate reads ocean ocean Charles delta 489

    • A.T.U Soldat
      A.T.U Soldat Year ago

      @90210FireBuff copy that requesting additionals

    • 90210FireBuff
      90210FireBuff  Year ago

      10-4. It returns to a 29V. Straight stolen out of LAPD Wilshire Division

  • Karim Pike
    Karim Pike Year ago

    Why where all these units responding out of station. Not on patrol?


    I love the usa

  • Luis Ceja
    Luis Ceja Year ago

    Crime is based on wealth. Reduce income inequality, reduce crime.

  • Kyle  Torres
    Kyle Torres Year ago

    Why didnt anyone play the Robocop theme?

  • loud
    loud Year ago

    I like the sirens, code 3 mastercom Bs

  • Jake Meyer
    Jake Meyer Year ago

    Someone got thrown through a fucking window

  • Rod Giacoleetch
    Rod Giacoleetch Year ago +1

    That darnn Axel Foley is up to something.

    • 90210FireBuff
      90210FireBuff  Year ago

      Rod Giacoleetch Haha indeed he is! Thanks for watching!

  • robertfiles
    robertfiles Year ago

    Muzyka dla ucha

  • Anggo Untoro
    Anggo Untoro Year ago

    What siren type they use

  • Stephan Cunningham
    Stephan Cunningham Year ago +1

    GTA 5.

  • Choppmonster7
    Choppmonster7 Year ago +16

    10-13’s in the area all hell broke loose

  • Okay_Then
    Okay_Then Year ago +3

    That’s the police station in Gta 5.

    • Nextarity
      Nextarity Year ago

      Okay_Then its near the LSC lol

    • 90210FireBuff
      90210FireBuff  Year ago +1

      Okay_Then Yes it is. Thanks for watching!

  • Mr. California
    Mr. California Year ago +2

    Blue Lives Matter 🚔

  • prankmonkey650
    prankmonkey650 Year ago +1

    Like the Tahoe!

  • 14Adam27
    14Adam27 Year ago +6

    BHPD was always an agengcy I thought was very professional. WLA, Wilshire Division and West Hollywood LASD made them an island in a cesspool. Well, WLA Division wasn't so bad. KMA.

  • jonny brAvo
    jonny brAvo Year ago

    What camera is this?

  • Kareem Desir
    Kareem Desir Year ago

    What siren is that at 54:00

  • ComplexBlackness
    ComplexBlackness 2 years ago +1

    A cat in the tree

  • 中華人民共和國統一工作部

    Why I suddenly remember the jewellery store job in GTA5?

  • fillup316
    fillup316 2 years ago

    3 of them didn't even have their headlights on

  • Mirko F
    Mirko F 2 years ago +1

    this looks so cool, i'm a fan of this US LA Police stuff :)

  • Nick Jordan
    Nick Jordan 2 years ago +1

    Oh no, Kardashian damaged a fingernail?

    • 90210FireBuff
      90210FireBuff  2 years ago

      Nick Jordan She broke her fingernail so badly that she needed 10 cops to respond to her house lol

  • Советский Союз

    Life in cali

  • RTobi (Rummeltobi)
    RTobi (Rummeltobi) 2 years ago +1

    Awesome video!! :)

  • Mini Driver/south Sweden
    Mini Driver/south Sweden 2 years ago +4

    damn they must have run out of dohnuts or something the whole shift seems to respond to that call. In sweden you are happy if one unit show up.

  • Odessa Rescue
    Odessa Rescue 2 years ago

    this awesome

  • The Rusty Hubcap US
    The Rusty Hubcap US 2 years ago +5

    The roar of that Crown Victoria made my heart race! Still cool that a city of always progressive work they still have old CVPIs running the streets

  • Jhkbbvjbjnknk Knknoig
    Jhkbbvjbjnknk Knknoig 2 years ago +1

    Holy moly one after the other eh?

  • dcentral
    dcentral 2 years ago +60

    Departments in Cali still love their discontinued Crown Vics.

    • joker2008
      joker2008 3 months ago

      If they're not broken and still run well...

    • Jason
      Jason 5 months ago +1

      Cali also has great weather. Keeps the vehicles in shape longer. To me it also says something about the department when i see them driving crown vics. It says they take good care of their vehicles.

    • rambosperm
      rambosperm 6 months ago +1

      The only reason there's still crown vics in these large departments is because nobody drives them unless the SUV's are all taken. My department is literally switching out Ford Explorers at a faster rate than the remaining crown vics because the remaining crown vics now have fewer miles on them.

    • Ken m
      Ken m 7 months ago

      @crown Victoria lifestyle well it's not that far fetched, there is still a high demand for crown vics, they trade them across multiple agencies and are sought after as the last enforcement sedans, plus ford already brought back the Ranger this year, ford always like to stop making certain models and then bring them back, many officers don't care for the dodge chargers, with one chp officer being quoted "the charger is nice, but it's no Crown vic" The charger is very cramped, and it's not that fast with a v6, you'll find that not a single department in this state has the ones with V8s. in fact a chp officer demonstrated that the crown vic takes off way faster than the charger with it's strong torque and v8 engine.

    • Ken m
      Ken m 7 months ago +2

      my town has 7 crown vics right now, three are all black four are black and white. Some of the officers just prefer the crown vics, and they run like new after they restored them last year, I think the Crown Vic is here to stay for years to come.

  • 14Adam27
    14Adam27 2 years ago +12

    You have to respect the fact that the patrol units all responded in compliance with the California Vehicle Code and they were real black and white police cars.

  • AJ Deere T680
    AJ Deere T680 2 years ago +1

    Love the echo at the start!