I Bought A Full Face Of Makeup Blindfolded


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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +8241

    HELLO FRIENDS!!! i took on your guys' suggestion and tried the buying makeup blindfolded challenge! there were a LOT of bloopers and bumping into stuff that we couldn't fit in the video, but i hope you guys enjoy this!! xox, saf

    • Daniela Quintanilla
      Daniela Quintanilla 7 days ago

      Safiya Nygaard can you do a week of different colors in your outfit,makeup,and accessories ?

    • Jorja W
      Jorja W 10 days ago

      Saf can you do a stitch fix video
      Love ur vids

    • Antea Shehaj
      Antea Shehaj 23 days ago


    • Σοφια Τροχι
      Σοφια Τροχι 25 days ago

      Ελληνιδα εισαι???

    • mags zqx
      mags zqx Month ago

      I love ya safiya yo the best

  • Kendal Lanz
    Kendal Lanz Day ago +1

    Bird Box has left the chat.

  • Lydia Austin
    Lydia Austin Day ago

    “They have been worst”
    First thought flashback Mary

  • deirdre truver
    deirdre truver 2 days ago

    wow she sure got to the bird box challenge fast

  • - Yexikk -
    - Yexikk - 2 days ago

    Birdbox 2

  • It’s Freya Mitchinson

    I love how you filmed this video whilst the app chose your outfit ,I was actually dying when I saw your outfit

  • Mallorie Walker
    Mallorie Walker 4 days ago


  • Peters palace
    Peters palace 5 days ago

    Bird box looks great

  • Amabella mora
    Amabella mora 7 days ago

    you look great with bright colours on your face!

  • Audrina Suazo
    Audrina Suazo 8 days ago +1

    Do ur makeup blindfolded 😂

  • Procrastination 101
    Procrastination 101 9 days ago

    I learnt a valuable life lesson from this video.... before you put eyeliner on your eyes put it on your boobs

  • Yur Gurl
    Yur Gurl 9 days ago

    Am I the only one binging Safiya's videos?

  • Phoebe Dally
    Phoebe Dally 9 days ago +2

    Safiya:did I just bump butts with someone

    Reached behind to touch “the butt”

  • Taylor Hook
    Taylor Hook 9 days ago

    bird box?

  • Grace Sanders
    Grace Sanders 9 days ago

    I think the fact that she's this good at picking up makeup blindfolded shows just how addicted she is to makeup. Safiya, this is an intervention. Put the hilighters and liquid lipsticks down. You have a problem and we're here to help you. 😂

  • Abby Lee
    Abby Lee 9 days ago

    Buying makeup: *Birdbox Edition*

  • random fandom
    random fandom 10 days ago

    love the eyeliner

  • BrieAvakin
    BrieAvakin 11 days ago

    2:53 I am so happy that she passed on that one 😂😂

  • Angelica Carlson
    Angelica Carlson 11 days ago

    Sandra Bullock has left the chat.🐦📦

  • Anna Carter
    Anna Carter 11 days ago

    The og bird box

  • zzadin041
    zzadin041 11 days ago

    Birdbox Challenge?

  • Cattuong Duong
    Cattuong Duong 12 days ago

    Any of you fans her from the pureple video thing?!?

  • Guinevere kappos
    Guinevere kappos 12 days ago

    She is blessed with eyebrows

  • april Hayes
    april Hayes 13 days ago

    i must be hungry when you showed the commments i thought it said pizza

  • x ameekiz
    x ameekiz 13 days ago

    i live mb

  • Gaming WithPhoebe
    Gaming WithPhoebe 14 days ago

    You should do this again except with wish

  • Aarya Express
    Aarya Express 16 days ago

    Safiya's videos are more organized than my school locker

  • Molly Moss
    Molly Moss 16 days ago

    If her air was orangeish brownish in pigtails with this makeup she would look like circus baby

  • Molly Moss
    Molly Moss 16 days ago

    I think Youre Going To Look Like Circus Baby Im At The Checkout Part

  • Sueswang
    Sueswang 17 days ago

    Wow, she was so accurate to where everything was !!! Her knowledge on makeup is amazing !!!

  • Spursy No.1
    Spursy No.1 18 days ago

    You should do this again BUT send someone else in for u!!!!!!!!

  • InaRae Bitter
    InaRae Bitter 18 days ago

    The eyeliner looks great!

  • Erika K
    Erika K 20 days ago

    A couple of my co-workers use blue mascara every day 🙈

  • Shay Berman
    Shay Berman 20 days ago

    "there's your whiskey tango foxtrot" AHAHAH

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte 20 days ago

    *James Charles has left the chat*

  • Emily clanton
    Emily clanton 21 day ago

    This video predicted bird box 😂

  • Lauren Caris
    Lauren Caris 21 day ago

    I love how safiya is so comfortable without wearing makeup in a video

  • DudeItsJun
    DudeItsJun 22 days ago

    Foreshadowing a challenge that Netflix took to Twitter in order to keep consumers from not killing themselves, a year before a hit Netflix Original Movie premiered creating a challenge that Safiya foreshadowed a year earlier.

  • Frances Keane
    Frances Keane 22 days ago

    my teacher wears blue mascara

  • Lulu Leitao
    Lulu Leitao 23 days ago

    12:47 the way she says it tho

  • Trinity Mullins
    Trinity Mullins 23 days ago

    Is the thing on your wrist/arm a hair tie type thing?

  • Stephanie Lynn
    Stephanie Lynn 23 days ago

    These brows actually look really good. A lot more natural than very dark.

  • Faded_ Ocean
    Faded_ Ocean 24 days ago

    At 3:54 she said it was eyeliner but she didn’t get it..

    • Lulu Leitao
      Lulu Leitao 23 days ago

      ye but she wanted liquid eyeliner not a marker or pencil

  • The Madison Zone
    The Madison Zone 24 days ago +2

    We use the exact same eyebrow pencil but not color(the eyebrow stuff you got in this video)

  • Hello Cadence
    Hello Cadence 25 days ago +1

    You look like snow white

    • Hello Cadence
      Hello Cadence 20 days ago

      +Lulu Leitao Ok lol

    • Lulu Leitao
      Lulu Leitao 21 day ago

      +Hello Cadence ok i need to stop

    • Hello Cadence
      Hello Cadence 21 day ago

      +Lulu Leitao oops

    • Lulu Leitao
      Lulu Leitao 21 day ago +1

      Hello Cadence

    • Hello Cadence
      Hello Cadence 21 day ago

      +Lulu Leitao

  • Mikayla Johnson
    Mikayla Johnson 25 days ago

    Bird box makeup challenge

  • Brian Lauridsen
    Brian Lauridsen 25 days ago

    Bird Box?

  • myoui uwus
    myoui uwus 27 days ago

    you look so steampunk

  • Jennifer Androes
    Jennifer Androes 27 days ago

    You are freaking amazing. Or you spend a lot of time at NYX. Both, you are ARE amazing :)

  • Crystal Rose
    Crystal Rose 27 days ago

    Safiya and Sapphire... Coincidence??

  • My_lil Glasses
    My_lil Glasses 27 days ago

    *i bought a full face of makeup, doing the bird box challenge*

  • JunoTune
    JunoTune 27 days ago +1

    She was on the bird box challenge before it even existed.

  • Cady Smallwood
    Cady Smallwood 27 days ago

    You could look like a bleached cleapatra

  • ILoveBrendon Urie
    ILoveBrendon Urie 29 days ago

    16:09 honey your middle nail I’m sorry😂

    • Lulu Leitao
      Lulu Leitao 22 days ago

      +ILoveBrendon Urie well look it up and ur questions will be answered ;P

    • ILoveBrendon Urie
      ILoveBrendon Urie 22 days ago

      Lulu Leitao nope

    • Lulu Leitao
      Lulu Leitao 22 days ago

      have you not seen her ONLY nail art video?

    • Lulu Leitao
      Lulu Leitao 22 days ago

      +ILoveBrendon Urie sorry just stating the obvious

    • ILoveBrendon Urie
      ILoveBrendon Urie 22 days ago

      Lulu Leitao I’m not dumb... I just have OCD and her nail is killing me

  • Danielle Frenken
    Danielle Frenken 29 days ago

    omg i think blue eyliner acually suits you. at least i like it!

  • Tacobubbles1 _YT
    Tacobubbles1 _YT 29 days ago +1

    Bird box who?

  • Sarah N
    Sarah N 29 days ago

    i love the eye liner

  • Teresa Heesen
    Teresa Heesen Month ago

    The whole video I was thinking about how impressive her deductive reasoning was through the whole store! I feel like that would have gone far differently in a Sephora! 🤡

  • MelinaLovesCats 123

    12;14 why did she change shirts

  • Gacha_Cupcake122
    Gacha_Cupcake122 Month ago

    this was before birdbox....

  • Discontinued Channel

    You should do this again but your not allowed to open any testers or not it will be fine

  • Gabby Fox
    Gabby Fox Month ago +1

    I'm going in the 6th grade in 2 weeks. I want to know what is the best makeup. I come from a very wealthy family. My budget is 1000 get creative thanks!

    • Fuffy Slime
      Fuffy Slime 28 days ago

      Gabby Fox i reccomend urban decay makeup its very good quailty and also fenty beauty its the best makeup you'll every try in my oppinion, good luck picking out makeup.

  • angie_la liu
    angie_la liu Month ago

    the original birdbox challenge

  • Lemi Cat :3
    Lemi Cat :3 Month ago

    *bird box*

  • Isabela Crespilho
    Isabela Crespilho Month ago

    OMG!!!!! Safiya is just using a brazilian meme

  • Kyle Roberson
    Kyle Roberson Month ago

    *safiya inspired bird box*

  • !?
    !? Month ago +1

    Bet the bird box makers saw this and were like 😃

  • asia black
    asia black Month ago

    It would of been hilarious if you choose a foundation that was meant for someone with very dark skin.

  • Kimberly Humes
    Kimberly Humes Month ago

    These feel like double sided sumin-sumins 🤣🤣🤣

  • fork
    fork Month ago

    birdbox taken to the next level

  • Movie Clips
    Movie Clips Month ago +1

    6:48 7,8 Ms in my bank account

  • Poko0Chan
    Poko0Chan Month ago

    i watched this now, wow, your eyes where very bright with this eyeliner

  • Julie Alvarado
    Julie Alvarado Month ago

    The blue eyeliner looks good on Safiya

  • Katelynn Shortridge

    This is what inspired bird box😂

  • Corrissa Helicopter

    The original bird box challenge

  • lilly-may pude
    lilly-may pude Month ago


  • Fire Lass
    Fire Lass Month ago

    She can literally do her make-up blind folded better than I could any day 😂

  • Angelica Guerrero
    Angelica Guerrero Month ago

    I actually really love that eyeliner!

  • Karla P
    Karla P Month ago

    I can't believe Safiya invented Bird Box 😍 what an icon

  • Kaelin J
    Kaelin J Month ago +1

    *I call this Fourth Of July*

  • Melina Regoord
    Melina Regoord Month ago

    she looks really shiny/oily

  • Sami Verdi
    Sami Verdi Month ago

    Safiya created the original BirdBox challenge 😅

  • Kim Scott
    Kim Scott Month ago

    This would have been perfect for the bird box challenge

  • EvieLaughsalot
    EvieLaughsalot Month ago

    I REALLY like the lipstick (on its own)

  • Sassy Anonymous
    Sassy Anonymous Month ago

    Safiya: *Is Blindfolded*
    Also Safiya: This Is An Eyeshadow Palette, In The Color "Royal Caribbean Blue"

  • Trinity Lowe
    Trinity Lowe Month ago

    Before birdbox! We love an original queen

  • localserena
    localserena Month ago

    saf would do great in bird box

  • mollball16
    mollball16 Month ago

    Bird box could never

  • Mia Kington
    Mia Kington Month ago +1

    You should do Tyler blindfolded 😂

  • Ayesha Ahmed
    Ayesha Ahmed Month ago +1

    Birdbox before birdbox

  • vidhi patel
    vidhi patel Month ago +1

    Do people see u in public and be like eeee
    Imma big fan ....


    Imma a big



    Ya biggest sounds right.

    Imma the biggest fan of u

    • Lulu Leitao
      Lulu Leitao 23 days ago

      looks like ive got competition

      but you probs won seeing i live on the other side of the world

  • Jenna Cody
    Jenna Cody Month ago

    saf created bird box

  • Trxppy. Ryleigh
    Trxppy. Ryleigh Month ago +1

    I wanted her to pick the yellow liner😭🤣

  • Natalie Fensler
    Natalie Fensler Month ago

    You were cheding u new light from dark u are a lusbo

  • logann
    logann Month ago


  • Sophia Borst
    Sophia Borst Month ago

    can you do a video were you do your makeup blindfolded

  • Trish Garmon
    Trish Garmon Month ago

    Bird Box 😊

  • Jessamyn Anderson
    Jessamyn Anderson Month ago

    Bird box challenge

  • A touch too crazy.
    A touch too crazy. Month ago

    Because of the comments I paused the video to go watch the Bird Box trailer then came back after it to hear Safiya say, "Double-sided sum'n sum'ns"