I Bought A Full Face Of Makeup Blindfolded

  • Published on Oct 25, 2017
  • I bought an entire full face of makeup blindfolded to test fate and see what would happen! What do you think of my blindfolded shopping challenge and my final makeup look? Would you do this?
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  2 years ago +9149

    HELLO FRIENDS!!! i took on your guys' suggestion and tried the buying makeup blindfolded challenge! there were a LOT of bloopers and bumping into stuff that we couldn't fit in the video, but i hope you guys enjoy this!! xox, saf

    • Lil Kid
      Lil Kid 2 months ago


    • Mini Mouse
      Mini Mouse 3 months ago

      Your ideas are amazing

    • Zen Henri
      Zen Henri 4 months ago

      jamezi boi qiiiiiqqeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiioiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiqriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiioiiioiioiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiioiiiiiiiioiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiioiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    • The Sketching Corner
      The Sketching Corner 5 months ago

      Safiya Nygaard YAY!!!

    • Starlight 5007
      Starlight 5007 8 months ago

      Safiya Nygaard omg I love your hair like when you took it down in the end it was so cool

  • It'sJustSimona
    It'sJustSimona 3 hours ago

    Omg ur so smart

  • Zaki Wael
    Zaki Wael Day ago

    please do another blindfold video

  • PumpkinKisses
    PumpkinKisses 2 days ago

    The fact that she knows what the product is with her eyes closed is horrifying.

  • Khadija Farid
    Khadija Farid 2 days ago +1

    Bird box

  • Galactic_ Wolf089
    Galactic_ Wolf089 6 days ago +1

    A caterpillar in heat..... Interesting.....

  • midnight 13
    midnight 13 6 days ago +1

    OMG! Safiya is giving off some strong Sherlock Homes vibes right now

  • Fernanda Van Holthe
    Fernanda Van Holthe 6 days ago

    Safiya using Nazaré’s meme... I’M DEAD 🆘 This is Brazil 🤙🏾

  • Monger Cute
    Monger Cute 6 days ago

    I love the bgm playing in the store... ballet music! ❤️

  • M.E.L.A #Funtimevideos

    You should do a challenge where you try to do a full face of makeup from the dollar store

  • danjanies
    danjanies 9 days ago

    Pls do full face of makeup in the dark!

  • Itz Snowy Gacha
    Itz Snowy Gacha 12 days ago

    0:30 “Touch”
    ~Safiya Nygaard
    *touches Tyler’s man boobs*

  • Hey Bee
    Hey Bee 13 days ago

    I like your outfit!

  • Lauren Sharp
    Lauren Sharp 14 days ago

    Honestly that doesn't seem bad

  • Ruby Animation
    Ruby Animation 14 days ago

    james charles is afraid of right foundation shades

    this must have been a horror movie

  • Elliana Medina
    Elliana Medina 15 days ago +1

    In the liquid highlighter there wasn’t just 4 there was 5 They were just all back there

  • keira cust
    keira cust 18 days ago

    I'm not a makeup guru but it seems to look good on you

  • LPS donut360
    LPS donut360 18 days ago +1

    She should wear the outfit and the make up together go around town and see what happens

  • Megan Zeiner
    Megan Zeiner 18 days ago +2

    Saf at every new display: could this be lip stuff!?
    The addiction is real

  • hangsuan ho
    hangsuan ho 24 days ago

    me : hey! have you heard of safiya nygaard?

    friend : the one who tries the weirdest things ever?
    me : **OFFENDED**

    (this actually did happen though)

  • Noémie Vezina-Gélinas

    Your blue eye-liner is reallyy beautiful

  • Stien Brussau
    Stien Brussau 26 days ago


  • gaz toor
    gaz toor 29 days ago

    U look good but the blue eyeliner ruined it but otherwise its good

  • Nadia Mikulich
    Nadia Mikulich Month ago +5

    Safiya is like that one Aunt that visits twice a year and taught you makeup since age 3.

  • Leen Nasrallah
    Leen Nasrallah Month ago

    i was so hoping she would pick the wrong products like eyebrow pencil or a lip pencil or the wrong shades for the complxeion producst

  • Jade Bella
    Jade Bella Month ago

    the blue eyeliner looks soooooo good!!!

  • Chloe Ralston
    Chloe Ralston Month ago +6

    Safiya:it doesn’t feel like a foundation would only have 4
    Me: *cough* tarte *cough*

  • Alex Shankle
    Alex Shankle Month ago

    I love the eye look!!!

  • Kali Lynn
    Kali Lynn Month ago

    Actually love the eyeliner!!!

  • Lil Monster
    Lil Monster Month ago

    You should have Tyler buy you a full face of make up without you or any pics lol
    Btw happy McDonald's wedding!

  • Keira Perogy
    Keira Perogy Month ago +14

    Saf: OooOh this feels like a tube, it must be foundation
    Me if I did this: Ooh this feels liquidy, it must be blush!

  • Reanna Chretien
    Reanna Chretien Month ago

    You should try this with drunk goggles

  • Cookie kim
    Cookie kim Month ago

    Only NYX? How can that be possible?

  • Bella Bae
    Bella Bae Month ago

    Your videos and voice are addictive. Im surposed to be cleaning 2 hours later im still here watching ya vids lol

  • Rachelle Espartero
    Rachelle Espartero Month ago


  • Ellen Fohrenkamm
    Ellen Fohrenkamm Month ago

    Bruh ive got the first pallet she grabbed lol

  • CarissaEllyn
    CarissaEllyn Month ago

    I love rewatching your videos 😊❤

  • Lindsey
    Lindsey Month ago

    I love how he went “ woah your eye makeup”

  • Court Jester
    Court Jester Month ago +1

    10:01 I happened to realise that PAPYRUS HAS HIS OWN STORE/SHOP?

  • Riana Hamzi
    Riana Hamzi Month ago +1

    Am I the only one that saw that Safiya switched up consealer with highlighter? Like if saw that😉

  • jodie far
    jodie far Month ago

    Eight Mile Plains State School history for prep a.m. in the 80 90s and

  • jodie far
    jodie far Month ago

    Eight Mile Plains State School history in prep a n

  • brittanybalagot
    brittanybalagot Month ago

    just noticed at 15:26... does saf have a septum piercing????

  • Frikka3
    Frikka3 Month ago

    I wanted her to pick the yellow eyeliner so badly XD

  • Harriet Doesnt
    Harriet Doesnt Month ago

    Shes better at picking makeup blindfolded than i am without a blindfold thats how u know im sad 😂lol

  • model_madness123_
    model_madness123_ Month ago

    Yep that’s a whiskey tango foxtrot

  • Kaidence Molina
    Kaidence Molina Month ago

    she got like all nyx products... lol

  • Maria Harrison
    Maria Harrison Month ago


  • Conaday Sweet
    Conaday Sweet Month ago

    Do a little more darker 4 eye shadow

  • Amit Maheshwari
    Amit Maheshwari Month ago

    Her old pink the town blush was the one that one which she got in the "strangers by my makeup".... Did any one notice? ? No??? Ok

  • Matilda Muller
    Matilda Muller Month ago

    Why did Safiya turn into Owen Wilson when she did her concealer lol?

  • macklemoresmytwin x

    please put mascara on your bottom lashes omg makes me cringe

  • Arcadian Artist
    Arcadian Artist Month ago +4

    Am I the only one who thinks this is an incredible skill. Like wtf how is she so good at this

  • Princess Hope
    Princess Hope Month ago

    Daaaaaaaamn you look so beautiful with that blue eyeliner

  • beccamazzini
    beccamazzini Month ago

    holy shiiiit she’s great at it!!!!!!!!

  • J N
    J N Month ago

    this was posted on my b-day

  • Deeaz Family
    Deeaz Family 2 months ago

    She couldnDEF see

  • Yee Yee
    Yee Yee 2 months ago

    Please please please, go to a salon and get the worker to choose a style for you
    Like if you want to see this

  • Yee Yee
    Yee Yee 2 months ago


  • K_S sketchitörerna BFF
    K_S sketchitörerna BFF 2 months ago +3

    That’s looks being like 80’s meets 2017