Italy allows migrants in, breaking Salvini’s anti-immigration measures

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019
  • #Italy has allowed #migrants to disembark from a rescue vessel on to it's territory for the first time this year signalling a break from the hardline immigration policies imposed under Matteo #Salvini, the country's former interior minister.
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Comments • 287

    NGOZ ABORIGINE 2 days ago

    Italy contributed to kill Gadhafi, destroy Libya. This is the price of letting NATO use your base to destroy Libya. Ask yourself where is Sarkozy or France, David Cameron UK and NATO... now Italy need help

    NGOZ ABORIGINE 2 days ago

    Mafia still make money.

  • Eduardo Espinoza
    Eduardo Espinoza 6 days ago

    Italy for italians!!!!!!!!

  • JeepDan777
    JeepDan777 14 days ago

    First it was the fall of Rome, now is the fall of Italy, they’ll be 3rd world living in no time if this continues

  • Swedish House Boss
    Swedish House Boss 20 days ago

    Very good news! thank god you got rid of that Racist Salvini! Long live open borders for Italy

    HUMAN BEING 24 days ago

    You will push the people to react

  • gianni depalmas
    gianni depalmas 28 days ago

    I am from Italy and I can tell you that in general we feel a relief to dont have Salvini at the government... he was having a misthique crisis asking a madonna's power and showing the "rosario" to everyone and willing a full power over Italy...under his profiles was plenty of fascists that they were blaming about monarchy etc.. episodes of racism are increased and it could end like Brexit.. thanks God we were helped by the constitution. Democracy will never stop in Italy.. we are italian but first of all we are the European founders... thanks to Rossi, Spinelli, Alcide de Gasperi etc.

  • Meer 48
    Meer 48 29 days ago

    Ceaser...please come us..

  • Kelp Farming
    Kelp Farming 29 days ago

    The NATIVES of Italy are learning that the JUDICIAL ACTIVIST ACTIVELY seeking to ERASE you and the africans wont stop coming until YOU say ENOUGH

  • moon flower
    moon flower Month ago


  • Billy Mclauchlan
    Billy Mclauchlan Month ago

    sink the ngo. with everyone on board

  • A Thund
    A Thund Month ago

    If these migrants do not represent a health treat then why is it that the authorities are wearing masks and contamination suits? What happens when they are turned loose among the population?

  • Kelp Farming
    Kelp Farming Month ago

    This is all the hands of ELitist COurts daily trying to suffocate the will of the majority. THey seek the complete blending of every nation so that they are distracted with each other whilst the Noble elitists TAKE YOUR MONEY and PROPERTY to bail out the dysfunctional nations. And as a hint..those nations NEVER GET OUT OF dysfunctiona because its couched as "part of their culture". SO YOU become the slave.

  • joseph george
    joseph george Month ago

    If Italy was desperate to allow migrants they could have chosen more peaceful migrants like Tibetans ( Buddhist) but they have Choose hard-line raping and looting Islamic migrants who firmly believe that it's their duty to humiliate and kill Jews and Christians according to the rules of the Quran.

  • depdark1
    depdark1 Month ago

    italy gave me hope. now is all gone . whyyyyyyyy

  • Justice Warrior
    Justice Warrior Month ago +1


  • Jesse H
    Jesse H Month ago

    Bye bye Italy

  • Anon Wibble
    Anon Wibble Month ago

    it's going to get much worse under the lisbon treaty.

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog Month ago

    Well, Italians are part black anyways. Moors (Blacks) will again conquer Italy and further taint their blood.

    • Pinky678
      Pinky678 16 days ago

      I usually don't reply to silly ethnich speeches, but your comment is a real nonsense. Italy was NEVER conquered by Moors, it was only Sicily. I'm from northern Italy, my ancestors mixed with white people like French and Austrians, you'd better educate yourself as your comment is ridiculous.

  • nea caisa
    nea caisa Month ago

    Everyone who likes salvini is an idiot, why is rt still showing this clown?

  • Alison Hilll
    Alison Hilll Month ago

    Research Barbara Spectre , George Soros and IsraAID , blood Zionist , open borders for Israel !!!!! .

  • peter pan
    peter pan Month ago

    according to Christianity we all are kids of adam and eve, according to islam we all are kids of adam and hawa(eve) hawa is the islamic name of eve

  • Don't Destroy America

    It’s not out being racist it’s about being smarter! Don’t be so politically correct that you end up dead?

  • Tiwaz Skyson
    Tiwaz Skyson Month ago

    Ghey. The Italians should be going full Yellow Vest. Why aren't they? Why are the French the only ones with balls?

    • Pinky678
      Pinky678 16 days ago

      Tiwaz Skyson, Italians are already taking the streets to protest. I don't consider yellow vests to be the ones with balls as in my opinion using force, damaging stores, people, police, doesn't mean having balls.

    • Don't Let Her Speak
      Don't Let Her Speak 29 days ago +1

      France is 15% Muslim, has the highest Islamic population of all of Europe (10 million) and has a Rothschild commie as their leader. The French are the biggest pussies in all of Europe and will likely be the first nation in the continent to be conquered.

  • ferrum draconem
    ferrum draconem Month ago

    Italy your are fighting for your existence. Europe, you are fighting for your existence. Europe is a hardware, not just a software. I am offended what you are doing to yourself. I am hurt by what you are doing to yourself, and me and many others are doing what we can to stop this tragedy. I don't care if many don't like, I don't care if I am called racist, I love Europe so much.

    Understand, this is an invasion. This is how war can now be fought now, and your enemies don't have to admit it to do it. They will work hard to throw up a smoke screen and label you bogus terms such as racist or bigot. White guilt is all they have against us. That is all they have ever had. Also, quit going to war for those who will bring this kind of war to your shores.

  • MICH
    MICH Month ago

    Salvini has enough support

  • Tony V.
    Tony V. Month ago

    Even the Italians have become moronic fruitcakes!!!

  • Stand4 Liberty
    Stand4 Liberty Month ago +1

    Open borders to Israel .

  • svatinek
    svatinek Month ago +5

    If you don't become racist after a morrocan steals your gold chain of your neck than you deserve it.

  • RedCapitalist
    RedCapitalist Month ago +2

    form militias and eliminate all illegals

  • franklin murillo
    franklin murillo Month ago

    Karma is a bitch take that Italy we’re coming for you next EU!!

  • skyi nuri
    skyi nuri Month ago

    The time will be come☺

  • mimun e
    mimun e Month ago +1

    Time for anti (((globalist))) war!

  • ☠MrHairyNutz☠
    ☠MrHairyNutz☠ Month ago +1

    Send them all in, Europe needs more people.

  • Conrad Gaarder
    Conrad Gaarder Month ago

    Now let’s here from the other 97 islanders.

  • V B
    V B Month ago +1

    EU sellouts ....Salvini for Prime Minister !

  • Matija Vezotzkin
    Matija Vezotzkin Month ago

    Globalists are using those migrants as a biological weapon towards europeans.

  • Ntuli Ntuli
    Ntuli Ntuli Month ago +1

    🤔🤔 lm seriously wondering why the Europeans are doing this 🤔🤔

  • Nekminute
    Nekminute Month ago +2

    Unacceptable !

  • Jamie Kitchell
    Jamie Kitchell Month ago +2

    salvini was in on this from the start

  • Mattiu Luis Lamann
    Mattiu Luis Lamann Month ago +3


  • Apparatchic
    Apparatchic Month ago +31

    "As long as the whole of Europe is ruined, not just our country, it's fine" - Italian Interior Minister.

  • Irish Patriot
    Irish Patriot Month ago

    great, he was a traitor in disguise

  • david fasterer
    david fasterer Month ago

    so long as they are mainly hookers and bring plenty coke this will just give more power to the government. they dont understand economics the junkie whorehounds.

  • Bill W
    Bill W Month ago +6

    Time for worldwide revolt, govts have one thing in common.
    Debt based fractional reserve banking.

  • bitbatbutttiktaktuk

    We should either torpedo or impound all thes ships involved in human trafficking there is no excuses for trafficking people (while the boats are empty) its as if someone is handing out leaflets in Africa telling them alll to come up here this is not natural or organic i smell fishy ness and suspect the gates foundation along with the Vatican and a few other globalist organisations who are doing some sinister things bio testing and all sorts in Africa where there’s no laws to stop or scrutinise them !!! The truth is these people come from a decent life some of them are lawyers doctors and all sorts and come here to be cleaners taxi drivers or most likely homeless and jobless and then that leading into crime migration is racist !we can easily keep the people where they live its called fair trade deals with anti curuption clauses lets finally fix the broken system ! I suspect the elites would prefer everyone to move out of Africa so they can keep Africa empty so they can go on their little safari trips and all their elites crap maybe they’ll even make a West world type world there who knows

  • Scott
    Scott Month ago

    No you idiot economic migrants do not have a right to just flood into other peoples countries !! But you are such cowards you will say nothing until you become the ethnic minority of your own country surrounded by 70IQ sub Saharan Africans

  • meninist
    meninist Month ago +3

    europe is being invaded and people don't have half a brain to see it. they may not feel the repercussions from this uncontrolled immigration now but give it more ten years and.....

  • Peter Panino
    Peter Panino Month ago +1

    Di Maio is stupid because these invaders add to the long-term INVASION OF EUROPE.

  • Jt Williams
    Jt Williams Month ago

    Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile.

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin Month ago +4

    RIP Italy

  • Johnny Notech
    Johnny Notech Month ago

    Ocean Viking, George Soros' NGO vessel. Surprise, surprise.

  • xpto41
    xpto41 Month ago +29

    how is possible to allow minorities to go to your country not knowing that they are dangerous people ...

    • Kelp Farming
      Kelp Farming Month ago +2

      Ask the fcking COURTS. They are the number one reason these people are REPLACING native europeans in europe

  • Mr Fisher
    Mr Fisher Month ago +8

    Hmm to bad nobodies got any real balls around there no one willing to send a real message.

  • Katsuchiyo
    Katsuchiyo Month ago +1

    Start shelling the boats and shoot any trespasser on spot, simple. It's European sovereignty that is at stake.

  • Peanut Pete
    Peanut Pete Month ago +1

    Stupid Italy

  • Brian Brau
    Brian Brau Month ago +1

    Europe is fucked. We can only fight for our lives now

  • DAVIDFOX 205
    DAVIDFOX 205 Month ago +5

    The end is coming thanks to communism. Nice.

  • Phantasmagoria
    Phantasmagoria Month ago

    Did they take the major share? NO. DAMN GLOBALIST!

  • braingain1
    braingain1 Month ago +1

    Italy is making a mistak