• Published on Sep 12, 2018
    BALLADS 1 is out now:
    BALLADS 1 vinyl, CDs & merch available at
    Produced by Patrick Wimberly & George Miller
    Music video directed by Jared Hogan
    Edited by Miles Trahan
    Oct 26 - Vancouver, BC - Pacific Coliseum
    Oct 27 - Seattle, WA - Showare Center
    Oct 31 - San Francisco, CA - Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
    Dec 06 - London, United Kingdom - Heaven
    Dec 08 - Paris, France - Le Trabendo
    Dec 09 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg Oude Zaal (Early Show)
    Dec 09 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg Oude Zaal (Late Show)
    Dec 10 - Berlin, Germany - Festsaal Kreuzberg
    Dec 12 - London, United Kingdom - Heaven
    88 is double happiness
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  • Lonely Darkness
    Lonely Darkness 15 hours ago

    I’ve never felt lonely so lonely

  • Beastmodeked
    Beastmodeked 15 hours ago

    What I think this is about is a faun falling in love with a human girl but he thinks since their different they can’t be together,at least that’s what I think this song is beautiful either way

  • The Ripper
    The Ripper 16 hours ago

    This guy make a hair cake

  • Señor Lechuga
    Señor Lechuga 16 hours ago +1

    Jokes aside, this guy has evolved a fucking lot. His whole life is like an entire motivational speech, and it talks to me at a personal level

  • WetHotDogs
    WetHotDogs 16 hours ago

    I fucking miss him.

  • Didi Lokwa
    Didi Lokwa 16 hours ago

    when u were 9 yrs old and got rejected by ur crush

  • bastenga 101
    bastenga 101 16 hours ago +1

    their kids: 1:05

  • ira ferdhiana
    ira ferdhiana 16 hours ago

    Damn, so massive emotionally 😭

  • Karma Pranks Expiriments

    filty frank wee miss you

  • Sis Anej
    Sis Anej 16 hours ago

    Damnn this is good😍😍

  • stevanus trionanda
    stevanus trionanda 17 hours ago

    I Played this after the raid. Entering area 51 as Frank get out as Joji. 😭

  • Packet Of Force
    Packet Of Force 17 hours ago

    When your got headache after sitting 6 hours straight on the phone

  • Storm Rat
    Storm Rat 18 hours ago

    u can see pink guys face when he does that thing with his mouth

  • We so Lit
    We so Lit 18 hours ago

    Is that filthy frank

  • Sindr0m
    Sindr0m 18 hours ago


    MALAA 18 hours ago

    When we go to Area 51, do u think filthy frank would be there...waiting for us?

  • Izzy
    Izzy 18 hours ago

    I really disliked this guy as filthy frank and as Joji I’m having mixed feelings

  • Sora Gasai
    Sora Gasai 19 hours ago

    Thought this was a filthy frank video ight imma bout to head out.

  • MysticGodtenks Ssj3
    MysticGodtenks Ssj3 19 hours ago +1

    This is what 14 year old girls feel when they see a climate change video but still only proceed to post it on their Instagram stories and not do anything about it

  • Chris Varela
    Chris Varela 19 hours ago +1

    He better not die like x rip xxx

  • Vasily Kamotsky
    Vasily Kamotsky 19 hours ago


  • Arleth Sicairos
    Arleth Sicairos 19 hours ago


  • Tanz
    Tanz 20 hours ago

    You became the very thing you swore to destroy

  • Thelionsinwinter
    Thelionsinwinter 20 hours ago +1

    Why can’t I just listen to some good music without feeling stupid because this type of crap is in the comments: “omg this made me cry. Like if you have depression,” like come on, it’s not that deep. Like at all. Chill.

    • unpopular opinions
      unpopular opinions 17 hours ago

      Thelionsinwinter I mean it’s really deep, the song has a lot of meaning but at the same time it’s also just music

  • Aung phone pyae
    Aung phone pyae 20 hours ago

    Wht a song so fallin down💙

  • Slime Tastic
    Slime Tastic 20 hours ago +1

    Tikati tokati this is tik toks property

  • Isaac Hernandez
    Isaac Hernandez 20 hours ago

    When you don’t wanna remember anymore, but you fall through the tunnel of shattered memories:

  • Shifty
    Shifty 20 hours ago

    My favorite part is 1:02

  • kaylin n
    kaylin n 21 hour ago

    Your tamagotchi after leaving it to die

  • 12 inchesofworm
    12 inchesofworm 21 hour ago +1

    God no wonder he choose this career
    He is such an awesome singer

  • Bradford Arita
    Bradford Arita 21 hour ago

    Evolution of man

  • Mayo Mamas
    Mayo Mamas 21 hour ago +1

    4 year olds after their mom tells them chucks cheese is closing

  • Jose Gomez
    Jose Gomez 21 hour ago +1

    The anime Outro

  • Brian Libby
    Brian Libby 21 hour ago

    I'm old. Just turned 46. I appreciate great music, and this is fucking amazing.

  • Athena of Astora
    Athena of Astora 21 hour ago

    Same person who ate a cake made of his friends actual vomit

  • Befit Halo
    Befit Halo 21 hour ago

    came here from the meme, stayed for the banger

  • Can I get 1000 subs?
    Can I get 1000 subs? 21 hour ago


  • Nesk 510
    Nesk 510 22 hours ago


  • larry gumbrecht
    larry gumbrecht 22 hours ago +1

    such a good song ahhhh I love you Joji.

  • queen_thiccymemes
    queen_thiccymemes 22 hours ago

    This song and music video makes me feel uncomfortable in the best way possible

  • ッJeck Zafado
    ッJeck Zafado 22 hours ago

    Stephen hawking still alive bois

  • Mercedes beanz
    Mercedes beanz 22 hours ago

    Some of y'all making memes out of this but to me this songs genuinely makes me feel this feeling that I love and hate... you know?:/

  • Banana Raptor
    Banana Raptor 22 hours ago +1

    Holy shit tho, this beat/singing/lyrics fire as fuck.

  • Max Johnsen
    Max Johnsen 22 hours ago

    How did Joji go from eating hair cakes to making bangers

  • har project
    har project 22 hours ago


  • Wholesome
    Wholesome 22 hours ago

    Remember when this guy ate a cake with hair in it with idubbbz and maxmoefoe

  • Kkck Osiosi
    Kkck Osiosi 23 hours ago

    Como estaba ese quque crack!!!

  • Joshua LWS
    Joshua LWS 23 hours ago

    I love this

  • mito
    mito 23 hours ago

    My emoji for Joji 🙏

  • renzo egoavil cuestas ooh yea, diamantes

    He is pink guy :c

  • Gavin Babula
    Gavin Babula 23 hours ago

    At 0:15 I get reminded of the ice cream dude from killer klowns from outer space

    J_M GAMEPLAY Day ago

    Im fucker my ilfe

  • Danny Cervantes
    Danny Cervantes Day ago

  • Ian Paul
    Ian Paul Day ago

    CPR! CPR! Medic, Meeediiic! 😫

  • Gloria Guerra
    Gloria Guerra Day ago


  • Frick Yeah
    Frick Yeah Day ago

    Man mad watching this a year after, I remember watching it an hour after it was published stoned aff good times

  • B_Duke_98 !!
    B_Duke_98 !! Day ago +1

    This video is so weird, but I love it...

  • Guilherme Pereira

    Me always Sunday at night

  • Guilherme Pereira

    When you finish steins gate

  • Old Kennygmo account

    It reminds me of stranger things