• Published on Aug 18, 2017
  • 20kg Anvil + 45m Tower = Destruction.
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Comments • 27 048

  • bunders blunders
    bunders blunders Year ago +3936

    4 days to freeze ?

  • JF Lu
    JF Lu 3 days ago

    为啥标题是中文 哈哈

  • Queen_Of_Savage 313
    Queen_Of_Savage 313 5 days ago

    2 weeks or 1 week to freeze 🥶 the giant ice cube ???

  • OpTiFy_ AnoLaG
    OpTiFy_ AnoLaG 8 days ago

    I'm gonna say at least 3-4 days

  • matthew’s Reptiles

    Giant dart vs. Giant block of ice

  • kavon davis
    kavon davis 9 days ago

    1 week to frezze

  • david lee
    david lee 11 days ago

    i miss the rc cars, please bring them back

  • Miles Brown
    Miles Brown 13 days ago

    Get a crash test dummy to drop.

  • Isaac Giauque
    Isaac Giauque 14 days ago

    So I’m from America and I don’t quite get it but what the fuck is a kilo

  • Magma HQ
    Magma HQ 14 days ago

    A month

  • twitch Zakiz
    twitch Zakiz 14 days ago

    Two weeks

  • John Hettish
    John Hettish 14 days ago

    I was looking for a video to include in my reply to a viewer of my communication/broadcast tower channel when I came across this one. Immediately I saw it wasn't what I was looking for but the opening thumbnail/preview photo showing someone dropping an anvil I had to take a look. At first I was asking myself, "Was this a communication tower he was dropping it from?" Soon into the video I was it wasn't a communication tower but I'm rather curious as to what the structure is actually used for. I would never drop an anvil from a 1000 foot (300 meter) + tower. Why not? I wouldn't expect to find an anvil at that height and more importantly I wouldn't want to carry it that far just to drop it. I do see, however that the anvil was apparently lifted or carried to the top of the structure in the video. At one point there looks like a rope might have been set up for the lifting but it wasn't conclusive. Having said all that I enjoyed the highspeed video effects and can see that you guys at least have a theme in mind. My tower channel is story line based, though it may not always be discernible.

  • simba00784
    simba00784 15 days ago

    how does this have 21mn views? wow. its so boring

  • Candy Mations
    Candy Mations 15 days ago

    3 or 4 days?

  • Thomas Keir
    Thomas Keir 16 days ago

    21 mil views WOOP WOOP

  • Epic Dude
    Epic Dude 16 days ago

    4 days

  • YOSH Haripersad
    YOSH Haripersad 17 days ago

    4days to freeze it🤔🤔

  • Brody Howle
    Brody Howle 21 day ago


    MASTIGADOR 22 days ago

    Like from brazil.

  • Andy Wibb
    Andy Wibb 22 days ago

    Can u or hav u done a bulleye with a anvil haha

  • Jeffrey Yeager
    Jeffrey Yeager 29 days ago

    5 days

  • madison ave studios
    madison ave studios 29 days ago

    4 days, 4 hours and 44 seconds.

  • Tom 339
    Tom 339 29 days ago

    2 weeks to freeze???

  • Joyce Rivero
    Joyce Rivero 29 days ago

    5 days

  • Natã Valério
    Natã Valério Month ago +2

    just watching these old videos, it makes me laugh how they were so amazed by 20 kilos but now they are working with a nearly 100 kilo thor hammer and an almost 200 kilo atlas stone

  • Carter Riebock
    Carter Riebock Month ago

    4 days to freeze the ice block

  • Spirit Spitter
    Spirit Spitter Month ago

    2 weeks

  • Harry Gill
    Harry Gill Month ago

    About a week

  • grand builder
    grand builder Month ago +1

    Do a penny Vs ice block

  • Gabriel Ries
    Gabriel Ries Month ago

    2 weeks and 4 days

  • Riley Lucas
    Riley Lucas Month ago


  • Grace Praxl
    Grace Praxl Month ago

    I went there

  • Will Nielsen
    Will Nielsen Month ago

    6 days

  • Ziah S
    Ziah S Month ago

    Do Thor's hammer bs anvil

  • David Smith
    David Smith Month ago

    5 days to freeze

  • Ciprian Nanescu
    Ciprian Nanescu Month ago

    Stop talking and just do it

  • Theo Wright
    Theo Wright Month ago

    It took 483769399474738919837747575748920109287374657775893929484872762527338 years.

  • Solomon Mayes
    Solomon Mayes Month ago

    Si can someone explain what happened to the fourth guy? I just watched the first one and a few after and their was another guy added to our favorite trio here Can someone give me context?

  • Borgnaf The Cheese God

    Anybody want some shaved ice?
    Eh EH??

  • Keira Dafnis
    Keira Dafnis Month ago

    They lied they only dropped it from about 41.87 meters. using the equation Dy=4.9t^2 I timed it multiple time and the average I got was 2.923 and doing the math aka 4.9 (2.923)^2 I got 41.87. so instead of being 45 m it's only 41m.

  • Georges Youssef
    Georges Youssef Month ago

    Why u don't throw things on the anvil???

  • Andreas Gaming Iversen

    Next time do it on Articale 13

  • Lil search Warren
    Lil search Warren Month ago

    240 hours

  • Matthew Eldridge
    Matthew Eldridge Month ago

    9 days to freeze

  • Andrew Pool
    Andrew Pool Month ago


  • Andrew Pool
    Andrew Pool Month ago

    to morgz

  • Roy Putterill
    Roy Putterill Month ago

    thors hammer vs car
    thors hammer vs captain americas shield
    bullet proof glass vs fridge
    #44 club

  • NNW0526
    NNW0526 Month ago

    1 week i think

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez Month ago

    Xxx tentacion

  • Yusu -chan
    Yusu -chan Month ago

    Algum brasileiro(a) aqui?

  • Raja Hafizin
    Raja Hafizin Month ago +1

    *OH YEAH*

  • sneha joseph
    sneha joseph Month ago

    4:16 This is what you came for 😁

  • psyger tyger
    psyger tyger Month ago

    Anyone notice the screaming face in the ice. Near the bottom corner x

  • Auston Gaga
    Auston Gaga Month ago

    10 and a half days to freeze

  • jeremiahh4
    jeremiahh4 Month ago

    Anvil gets revenge on a block of ice

  • Quenton Walls
    Quenton Walls Month ago +41

    Roses are red
    I bought none
    The big drop
    is at 6:21

    • Almammy sonnie
      Almammy sonnie 19 days ago

      Spoiler alert!
      Tnx anyways😊

    • Not Vencore
      Not Vencore Month ago +1

      Should’ve been roses are red violets are What you guys are looking for is 6:22

    • Dinamiteur Dinamiteur
      Dinamiteur Dinamiteur Month ago

      Quenton Walls thxxxx!
      The other dont care

  • MysteryMan
    MysteryMan Month ago

    it took six days to freeze that ice block

  • No name
    No name Month ago +1

    3 days

  • Skyler Jane
    Skyler Jane 2 months ago

    I always miss the first time u upload it but I love I guys

  • Neora Snitz
    Neora Snitz 2 months ago +3

    You guys should do anvil vs bowling ball

  • Malcolm S.
    Malcolm S. 2 months ago

    one month to frezze

  • Meldonplayz
    Meldonplayz 2 months ago

    1 Week To Freeze?

  • Blake Townsend
    Blake Townsend 2 months ago

    2 weeks 5 days

  • Ryan Posey
    Ryan Posey 2 months ago

    2 days to freeze

  • Crazy Ivan
    Crazy Ivan 2 months ago

    Drop stuff... It's good (and smile) :D great :) greetings from Poland :)

  • Disberonjr the gamer
    Disberonjr the gamer 2 months ago

    Uhh 6 days? To freeze

  • The Legend
    The Legend 2 months ago

    3 hours

  • Brayden Cronin
    Brayden Cronin 2 months ago

    4 days and 4 hours

  • Calvin Good
    Calvin Good 2 months ago

    5 1\2 weeks

  • lanicooke plays
    lanicooke plays 2 months ago

    2019? Anyone?

  • team Ducky bhai
    team Ducky bhai 2 months ago

    Random hour randam minute random second random day

  • black smoke hockey
    black smoke hockey 2 months ago

    6:24 your welcome

  • Onion Soup
    Onion Soup 2 months ago +1

    6:53 "This thing is not at all showing any sort of damages." Anvil is fine.
    7:39 "This thing is pure destruction." Half the base is broken off.
    What the heck did you guys do between 6:53 and 7:39???????

  • Omega Outfitters
    Omega Outfitters 2 months ago

    How about giant ice block vs giant ice block..............

  • Ben Welch
    Ben Welch 2 months ago

    I think 2 or 3 days

  • Savannah Toms
    Savannah Toms 2 months ago

    Just saying i just want u to do the vidro not twlking.

  • A j
    A j 2 months ago

    Anvil vs 2,000 dollar computer.

  • Andrew Benedict
    Andrew Benedict 2 months ago


  • Courtney Ciciura
    Courtney Ciciura 3 months ago

    2 H

  • Daniel Heffernan
    Daniel Heffernan 3 months ago


  • Alexander Willow
    Alexander Willow 3 months ago

    Destroying ice always looks amazing in slow mo. Do a lot more ice.

  • Das 2 te saftige gnu
    Das 2 te saftige gnu 3 months ago

    Hey ihr sprecht schreibt titel auf deutsch aber spricht englich NICE

  • Nevey N0o
    Nevey N0o 3 months ago

    100 hours

  • chukwuezugo's facts and fun

    That anvil falling from 45meters was so cool! can you do an anvil 60m vs a door.

  • Rashid Mostafa
    Rashid Mostafa 3 months ago

    2 days 3 hours.

  • snakey lizard
    snakey lizard 3 months ago

    I think it's weird that the only unit of measurement that the whole world agrees on is time

  • Tage Lorder
    Tage Lorder 3 months ago

    Anvil vs propane tank...

  • Henry Skaggs
    Henry Skaggs 3 months ago


  • Clover Wolf33
    Clover Wolf33 3 months ago

    2 weeks!

  • Ian Monsour
    Ian Monsour 3 months ago

    Well pin ya

  • Sawyer McGarvey
    Sawyer McGarvey 3 months ago +11

    phil swift here, Thats a lot if Damage 6:25

  • Lil Llama dude Barrick
    Lil Llama dude Barrick 3 months ago

    9 days

  • Baby Dawg0714
    Baby Dawg0714 3 months ago

    Anvil on anvil...and get the heck out of the way!!!

  • William Ferguson
    William Ferguson 3 months ago

    Anvil vs fire extinguisher :)

  • Ariana Idk
    Ariana Idk 3 months ago +1

    You should drop a Canon on a shed or something XD

  • Austin Rings
    Austin Rings 3 months ago

    2days 2hrs

  • stupidchristmas1
    stupidchristmas1 3 months ago

    10 days

  • Vanessa L. Valle
    Vanessa L. Valle 3 months ago

    4 days

  • Kason Strahm
    Kason Strahm 3 months ago