How To Turn Off MyCircle Network Lock (100%)

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • ****DISCLAIMER**** Do this at your own risk almost 80% of the time it should work but otherwise you are playing with ip's.

    ipconfig /all

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  • ez
    ez Year ago +67

    MyCircle its a destroy life machine 😖

  • Lachlan R
    Lachlan R Year ago +52

    Everyone drop him a like and a subscribe. This guy just saved a bunch of peoples internet and just said he doesn’t really mind if you don’t drop a like. He just helped all of you so that’s the least you guys can do

  • ZJRemix
    ZJRemix  +7

    My guy restored balance to the world just like a hero. Everyone give this man a sub fr, he’s a legend to people who have circle

  • Ben Schwartz
    Ben Schwartz Year ago +12

    Bro Thank you so much I tried this whole long code before this little did I know it was this easy, subbed

  • Hexcede
    Hexcede Year ago +7

    Here's a few tips for those on wireless connections based on my own testing/experimentation:

  • HIGH
    HIGH  +2

    Respect to this guy, this shit works without any problems! THANK YOU

  • egyptian hieroglyphs
    egyptian hieroglyphs Year ago +11

    i am in highschool and have had this shit for years. im responsible enough to go to bed on my own and i stated multiple times to my mom it's doing nothing other than pissing me off. so thank you.

  • Cole Lambson
    Cole Lambson Year ago +4

    Worked perfectly, I'd figured it was an IP based system but wasn't sure. Thanks for steering me in the right direction

  • DanNozzer
    DanNozzer Year ago +7

    I don’t even know what it does lol

  • CoolDS
    CoolDS  +3

    You are a lifesaver thank you!!!!!

  • vtnm
    vtnm  +4


  • Nigel Smith
    Nigel Smith 2 years ago +13

    For those of you who don’t understand what is going on:

  • Jack Near
    Jack Near Year ago +5

    this worked so well, どうもありがとうございます お兄ちゃん

  • Mr Iguigy
    Mr Iguigy Year ago +1

    No fucking way how did you figure this out? It worked for me, even though the part where you put in the custom code didn’t show up! Liked and subbed bro, you deserve it. Edit: do you have to do this every time you log on?

  • ZuluZubek
    ZuluZubek Year ago +3

    You no joke deserve a award

  • Dylan Connelly
    Dylan Connelly Year ago +12

    Legend, this wall used to block restricted content too. Thank god it’s gone...

  • m1keey
    m1keey Year ago +1

    bro thank you, this is a lifesaver

  • P3rmafrost
    P3rmafrost Year ago +7

    TYSM my man mycircle pausing wifi for the whole DAY HAS BEEN KILLING ME TY

  • Ryzura
    Ryzura  +1

    Still works, thanks bro

  • Lifelongcartoon
    Lifelongcartoon Year ago +2

    Thank you so much bro! I appreciate this video so much!