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    BLACK CAT WOMAN 14 minutes ago

    Cardi b hair su pretty

  • AlphaShooter Call of duty y más

    She is very beautiful

  • Angelina Sandhu
    Angelina Sandhu 3 hours ago +1


  • skylanders the cool boy and roblox 2.0

    Illuminati confirm

  • Jhariii !
    Jhariii ! 6 hours ago

    bet she made more money back when she was a stripper

  • z a
    z a 8 hours ago

    Do BTS/ BAP next

  • Ca'Shaun Fogg
    Ca'Shaun Fogg 9 hours ago

    Whos Watching in 2018?

  • Mikey Mike
    Mikey Mike 15 hours ago +1


  • Dank vader
    Dank vader 16 hours ago

    I had no idea she was blonde

  • tulsipatel97
    tulsipatel97 17 hours ago


  • OneLazyLlama
    OneLazyLlama 22 hours ago

    I love her omg

  • Aivery Connors
    Aivery Connors 23 hours ago

    Between cardi and nicki I vote for cardi

  • Christina Perez
    Christina Perez Day ago

    Is it just me or is that typing noise just so satisfying

  • Rebecca Tebbutt
    Rebecca Tebbutt Day ago +1

    Every like I get it how many 👅I'll add

  • Marie Oneofakind Jones

    Iove cardi b I feel as if her music helps me and express my feeling especially in a relationship way.. I wish I can see her in person omg tears would never stop rolling.😘😘

  • María Rodríguez
    María Rodríguez 2 days ago +2


  • nate and bri Hernandez
    nate and bri Hernandez 2 days ago +3

    I love when she dose the weird sounds

  • nate and bri Hernandez
    nate and bri Hernandez 2 days ago +3

    Your hair is pretty

  • Angel Castro
    Angel Castro 2 days ago

    cardi b. The another. Cadib. Making. Fun. Of. You

  • you're mom
    you're mom 2 days ago


  • Cookie P
    Cookie P 2 days ago +1

    You look pretty with this hair

  • Leighan Swanya
    Leighan Swanya 2 days ago +2

    This is such a good weave

  • TAS
    TAS 2 days ago +1

    Cardi is gorgeous... 😊

  • Ayuub Xasan
    Ayuub Xasan 2 days ago +1

    Who is dancing as she is talking

  • Mati Pasztaleniec
    Mati Pasztaleniec 2 days ago

    Cardi looks really nice here.

  • Kay Jay
    Kay Jay 2 days ago

    So pretty! I love the hair girl!

  • Ayee 213
    Ayee 213 2 days ago +1

    Aye anyone notice that at 2:16 the little mouse thing is a Illuminati sign?!

  • cashmoney
    cashmoney 2 days ago

    I’m tryna smash, simple!

  • Lil pump
    Lil pump 2 days ago

    Wow her hair in this ♥️♥️💎

  • Lucas McIntyre
    Lucas McIntyre 3 days ago +1


  • Luis Girard
    Luis Girard 3 days ago

    do liam payne

  • Just Being Us
    Just Being Us 3 days ago

    spot the difference
    like if you found it

      Simona LOZOVATSKAYA 3 days ago

      I found it 😕
      also anyone notice how good Cardi's punctuation is?she put comma's where they needed to be and spelled everything correctly

  • Sara.j.m.m 666
    Sara.j.m.m 666 3 days ago

    I love her. N her hair is poppin.

  • Tzù Nano
    Tzù Nano 3 days ago

    Can anyone find these posts?

  • Grace Bediako
    Grace Bediako 3 days ago

    She has too much confidence in herself she not all that. She’s annoying

  • Emanuel Potocean
    Emanuel Potocean 3 days ago

    You neeeeed tooo geeeeet EMINEM!!!!!! PLEASEEEE... LIKE PLEEEEAAAASEEE

  • kaleabe daniel
    kaleabe daniel 3 days ago +1

    I swear I love this girl so much she ain't fakeitt fakeitt fakeitt she is real and she is so unique and I love that about her

  • Gabriela Av Moreno
    Gabriela Av Moreno 3 days ago

    I clicked because she looks hella good

  • Jenna Kiker
    Jenna Kiker 3 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks she is really beautiful

  • MaryJane Duncan
    MaryJane Duncan 3 days ago

    My name is Maryjane and everybody just calls me weed

  • Syd Ye
    Syd Ye 4 days ago


  • LightNxture
    LightNxture 4 days ago

    like, "auhgoghaohgoajojgkajlkjl"
    honestly that's me all the time

  • Jordan nigga
    Jordan nigga 4 days ago


  • Couldnt come up with name Dont JUDGE me

    I acc love cardis personality 😊

  • crystal whitaker
    crystal whitaker 4 days ago

    I want this wig!

  • Luis Eduardo RS
    Luis Eduardo RS 4 days ago

    Erotica by Madonna. Yeah baby!

  • Terresa Taylor
    Terresa Taylor 4 days ago

    0:05 OOHH CRRRR

  • Wonderful Life
    Wonderful Life 4 days ago

    She is so pretty

  • Royal Sam
    Royal Sam 4 days ago

    She a ho and she knows it.

  • Hudson Harris
    Hudson Harris 4 days ago


  • sofea kookie
    sofea kookie 4 days ago +4

    Your hair look really great cardi ...just like always

  • Nibikora Maniraha
    Nibikora Maniraha 4 days ago

    She look white

  • Galacticboy2009
    Galacticboy2009 4 days ago

    So I guess we just don't get to see the tweet she's responding to at 1:10? xD
    I think that was a mistake in editing, guys.
    Accidentally deleted/lost a layer there.

  • Lala Diaz
    Lala Diaz 4 days ago

    U Rock
    I love
    Your songs
    Your really pretty tho 😁
    I wish I was pretty like you. 😔

  • Emily Shaw
    Emily Shaw 5 days ago

    she is BEAUTIFUL

  • Super Saiyan MONSTER

    She sounds dum

  • carolyn yates
    carolyn yates 5 days ago


  • Amina D.
    Amina D. 5 days ago +3


  • Jose Almaguer
    Jose Almaguer 5 days ago

    "ok what is this, um ok help me." IM DEAD

  • Siddharth chetan
    Siddharth chetan 5 days ago

    Haha so funny and photogenic

  • mr goose
    mr goose 5 days ago

    I love cardi best female rapper they hating on cardi cause they ain't her and they're a wanna be

    UNICORN DREAMZ 5 days ago


  • Joebib Nurmagamedov
    Joebib Nurmagamedov 5 days ago

    cardi b is like the hood version of camila cabello.

  • Ivanthegopnikpolskiman

    Cardi actually seems like a chill person well my perspective has changed

  • Queen Mia Slays
    Queen Mia Slays 6 days ago

    Cardi b is so pretty

  • Angie ;c
    Angie ;c 6 days ago


  • destiny camacho
    destiny camacho 6 days ago

    I love you so much I know every song you made💕💕💞💞💞❤

  • Misty Bryson
    Misty Bryson 6 days ago

    Cardi B!

  • Blasian Squad
    Blasian Squad 6 days ago

    Omg 1:46 had me dead😂😂😂

  • Svetlana Yushuvayeva

    ѕнe'ѕ тнe qυeen oғ rap...nιĸĸι мanaj ιѕ oĸay..

  • Nermina Aliu
    Nermina Aliu 6 days ago


  • Scott Crosby
    Scott Crosby 6 days ago

    Very weird individual

  • D Mane
    D Mane 6 days ago

    Thought this was Ariana Grande

  • Jaylyn Webster
    Jaylyn Webster 6 days ago

    CardiB and post molon

  • ZanFlix X
    ZanFlix X 6 days ago

    *throws shoe*

  • D'mia Hibbert
    D'mia Hibbert 6 days ago +4

    That fast typing tho....

  • Lucinda Wilkinson
    Lucinda Wilkinson 6 days ago

    Cardi b you look like the most amazing woman I’ve ever seen. So beautiful

  • Thanh Nguyen
    Thanh Nguyen 6 days ago

    Gotta love her glowing personality. Hope it wont blind some lol

  • Gaming withMarwah
    Gaming withMarwah 6 days ago +4

    That hairstyles amazing

  • XxKay KayxX Guzman
    XxKay KayxX Guzman 6 days ago


  • Tiffany
    Tiffany 6 days ago

    I finally found your TheXvid comment in that Jimmy Fallon video!

  • ItsHolly
    ItsHolly 6 days ago

    I love her song I like it like that

  • Citlhalik Olguin
    Citlhalik Olguin 7 days ago

    She is the cutest most beautiful personality I LOVE HER SO MUCH 😍😍😍

  • Anders Lindberg
    Anders Lindberg 7 days ago

    Hey look its Cardigan Backyardigan.

  • Ella Nikola Flindt Banjas 7BD Munkekærskolen

    omg she is soooo Lovely

  • Yara . H
    Yara . H 7 days ago +2

    She really looks good !

  • Nilda Pacheco
    Nilda Pacheco 7 days ago

    Her hair looks pretty👸🏻

  • king of toads
    king of toads 7 days ago

    she doesnt write this fast does she wtf

  • charles janus berba
    charles janus berba 7 days ago

    Camila cabello and cardi b look the same

  • Diana Montes
    Diana Montes 7 days ago

    Love heeeerrrrrrr

  • 瘋狂伊文
    瘋狂伊文 7 days ago

    Anyway, Minaj is trash

  • Aniyah Campbell
    Aniyah Campbell 7 days ago

    she so pretty

  • Cutie Bunny
    Cutie Bunny 7 days ago

    Shes just a person like us yall stop saying mean things about her shes beautiful

  • Red Fx
    Red Fx 8 days ago

    Keep that blonde hair of yours dont dye it

  • RedRiley89
    RedRiley89 8 days ago


  • RandomAsmr Yt
    RandomAsmr Yt 8 days ago

    This is actually me okrr

  • Gaming For clash smith

    One day I'm gonna make a song with her and a show aka cartoon

  • Saras Fairuz
    Saras Fairuz 8 days ago

    She's unfiltered. I love her.