Cardi B Goes Undercover on Reddit, Twitter and YouTube | Actually Me | GQ


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  • Tanya's Daily Vlogs
    Tanya's Daily Vlogs 13 minutes ago

    I like how her reactions end up being her comments on the twitter thingy imma start doin that i admire that

  • Pizza God Kappa
    Pizza God Kappa 20 minutes ago

    I didn't know Cardi a blood.

  • Akshata Bodke
    Akshata Bodke 27 minutes ago

    I find her weird ... 😐

  • Noah Maranduik
    Noah Maranduik 34 minutes ago

    Cardi b get a nose job and she will be a bomb shell

  • Hi it's Patty
    Hi it's Patty 37 minutes ago


  • The Real Simpson's Vlogs
    The Real Simpson's Vlogs 58 minutes ago

    She looks so beautiful in this video

  • Starbucksgirl
    Starbucksgirl Hour ago

    Why do I love her voice

  • You'reMyLightningBolt

    Does my name sound like a spell? *says mysteriously* Belcalis Amanzar

  • - iipeanutii -
    - iipeanutii - Hour ago

    Cardi B you look so pretty :)

  • 이예원
    이예원 Hour ago

    Who else looked for these comments? Just me? Aw..

  • Lauren Reise
    Lauren Reise Hour ago

    Only 25?! God

  • Taehyung's Wifey
    Taehyung's Wifey Hour ago

    She looks so fking pretty

  • Eddy Baroncelli
    Eddy Baroncelli Hour ago

    So much wake up

  • Sophia Metallaoui

    But she runs it like cardio

  • Angeline Joesph
    Angeline Joesph Hour ago

    I died when they started spelling out her weird noises phonetically ...😂

  • agv1265
    agv1265 Hour ago

    Cardi in TheXvid comment that is me I wish Incould tell my brain stop with the noises ppl think I’m weird but who cares I weird and what

  • Roman Rivera
    Roman Rivera Hour ago

    Can't stand her accent.

    CKNATION 2 hours ago

    You know u came here for the typing sound

  • Mariajose_45
    Mariajose_45 2 hours ago

    My queen 😍😍❤️

  • Shisui UchiGOAT
    Shisui UchiGOAT 2 hours ago

    1:40 I think that's called schizophrenia... 🤣

  • marvin
    marvin 3 hours ago

    Okayy your hairr looks popping girlll

  • CheckYaz
    CheckYaz 3 hours ago

    0:06 That was weak 😂

  • BoyoG
    BoyoG 3 hours ago +1

    Go go go mode.... sleep sleep sleep mode

  • Min Suga The first
    Min Suga The first 4 hours ago

    *alright what is this? HELP ME*

  • Mariah bolden
    Mariah bolden 4 hours ago

    Omg I love her so much she so funny she makes my day

    RPG FLAMEZ 5 hours ago

    if i saw her stripping in the club, id leave

  • Alpha smurf
    Alpha smurf 5 hours ago

    WHY IS she tryn to look so white, she looks better darker

  • Swey moe
    Swey moe 6 hours ago

    Why is cardi so calm

  • Amber Farndon
    Amber Farndon 7 hours ago

    fully love her even more after watching this, ugh, okkkkkur.

  • arrow 777
    arrow 777 7 hours ago

    Cardi looks stunning in this video

  • Yonderbiscuit - Fortnite

    She’s so clearly not even typing the messages lmao there’s no way she’d type her exact words

    • Jamoi
      Jamoi Hour ago

      Yonderbiscuit - Fortnite Oh I misunderstood my bad, and yeah they must've she's not known for being good with words😂

    • Yonderbiscuit - Fortnite
      Yonderbiscuit - Fortnite Hour ago

      Jamoi I know the accounts are real and yes she’s reading the comments but I’m saying someone else must be typing the comments for her cause first of all the grammar is perfect and her replies are written exactly how she says them which is weird

    • Jamoi
      Jamoi Hour ago

      Yonderbiscuit - Fortnite All her account links in description my man

    • Yonderbiscuit - Fortnite
      Yonderbiscuit - Fortnite Hour ago

      Jamoi where

    • Jamoi
      Jamoi Hour ago

      Yonderbiscuit - Fortnite she did, go check

  • Genesis Kravitz
    Genesis Kravitz 8 hours ago

    Lmfao @ the typed out random sound she made at 1:48 “asieifhasfghaowpiejfasd” ☠️☠️☠️

  • Simone W.
    Simone W. 8 hours ago

    Omg yaaaaaas! I luv her hair I love her music omg she amazing!!!💕🤪🥔

  • Jared Couch
    Jared Couch 8 hours ago

    Cardi b is actually brain dead

  • Mr. Ethan
    Mr. Ethan 9 hours ago

    1:47 💀💀💀

  • Ilianna Segovia
    Ilianna Segovia 9 hours ago

    My death wish is 2 meet cardi

  • Diana Fernandez
    Diana Fernandez 10 hours ago

    my women body starting to come out🤣 Love Her

    KNG KLUTZ 10 hours ago

    I was hoping she was gonna stick her tongue out

  • Nicolas Diaz
    Nicolas Diaz 11 hours ago

    She types fast

  • Mia Suarez
    Mia Suarez 11 hours ago

    Her hair looks so good in this video

  • Fupa Prince
    Fupa Prince 11 hours ago

    “Comedian at heart” pretty sure it’s just Tourette’s syndrome

  • Naeema Kual
    Naeema Kual 12 hours ago

    Your name is unique but ... it sounds like a spell

  • Seth #traplife#ytlg
    Seth #traplife#ytlg 13 hours ago +1

    "Im a comedian at heart" you are actully toxic cancer at heart

  • Seth #traplife#ytlg
    Seth #traplife#ytlg 13 hours ago +1

    Death to her

  • prettycoolPJ
    prettycoolPJ 13 hours ago

    I love Cardi with all my heart!! Sweetheart, for sure!

    GOLF WANG 13 hours ago

    Do Tyler the creator

  • spazvapes
    spazvapes 13 hours ago

    You know those tonight shows that ask ppl to point out a country on the map, or name a book? I want them to do that with celebrities. No offense to cardi b because i do like her; i like that she doesn't pretend to be someone she's not. Whether or not she could name the title of a book, i'm not too sure

  • Rap andGuitar
    Rap andGuitar 13 hours ago

    She actually sounds like her songs

  • Lavar Ball
    Lavar Ball 13 hours ago

    How much y’all wanna bet she didn’t type any of this.

  • Noemi Herrera
    Noemi Herrera 13 hours ago

    I just love her hair on this video 😍

  • Daniel Seavey
    Daniel Seavey 13 hours ago

    Cardi b just is amazing person
    And her hair looks amazing

  • David Ricamora
    David Ricamora 14 hours ago

    “My brain functions differently “ that is what u call autism

  • E Fryer
    E Fryer 14 hours ago +1

    CardiB is better then Nicki Minaj in my opinion

  • Ana Rodriguez
    Ana Rodriguez 14 hours ago

    I love how she’s realistic not like other celebs doing drugs and bad things and she is saying that striping helped her a lot but she also doesn’t recommend it to everyone

  • Steven DeLong
    Steven DeLong 15 hours ago


  • tunez boi
    tunez boi 16 hours ago

    She 100% did not type one word.

  • Lano Raikhan
    Lano Raikhan 16 hours ago

    I like her do much

  • Rania Betrouni
    Rania Betrouni 16 hours ago

    Does Cardi B do Cardio?
    I was hoping she’d say Cardi no

  • Ashly Sabillon
    Ashly Sabillon 17 hours ago

    Your really pretty like if you agree

  • Veronica Cooper
    Veronica Cooper 17 hours ago

    I love her

  • Aaliyah Anderson Baptiste

    1:47 😂😂😂😂😂 MEEEE

  • Aliza Nazir
    Aliza Nazir 17 hours ago

    Tbh, the fact that she doesn't care about what other people say about her music really does make her a queen. U GO CARDI!!!!

  • victorianator
    victorianator 17 hours ago

    Cardi b is beautiful

  • I made you read this
    I made you read this 17 hours ago


  • Riley Zawrotuk
    Riley Zawrotuk 17 hours ago

    love the blond hair

  • Fancy AF
    Fancy AF 17 hours ago

    We got the same last name sis love it ❤️

  • Gracey Anderson
    Gracey Anderson 17 hours ago

    She looks so gorgeous here😻

  • Amber Rose
    Amber Rose 17 hours ago

    Thats acually a good look for Cardi

    MAJIN MEMBER 18 hours ago

    1:55 666 the devil

  • Freddy Robinson
    Freddy Robinson 18 hours ago

    Cardi is looking so good these days love the hair ❤

  • UPC Drumlife
    UPC Drumlife 18 hours ago


  • Darly Galvez
    Darly Galvez 18 hours ago

    I like ☺️☺️👌🏻

  • Iblaila T.P
    Iblaila T.P 18 hours ago


  • Peyton Souvannavong
    Peyton Souvannavong 19 hours ago

    Who knew that that she would have a kid with offset

  • Jupiter Stars
    Jupiter Stars 19 hours ago

    Really? as a star I thought you had to workout for body appearance

  • Darling Jimenez
    Darling Jimenez 19 hours ago

    Love you cardi!

  • Jazmyn Morales
    Jazmyn Morales 19 hours ago

    “do you think cardi b will be the queen of rap” SHE IS NOOW 🤩🤩

  • Isabel Cooper
    Isabel Cooper 19 hours ago

    She is such a donny I love her so much

  • SushiPanda
    SushiPanda 20 hours ago +2

    I love you cardi b! Your so funny and you make great songs!

  • Randy Barrientes
    Randy Barrientes 20 hours ago +1

    What a smart young talented young lady that's why you're at number one spot God bless...

  • IAM Flaco
    IAM Flaco 20 hours ago

    But is Cardi Puerto Rican ?

  • IAM Flaco
    IAM Flaco 20 hours ago

    This was hilarious

  • Keke B
    Keke B 20 hours ago

    You yong

  • Landy Solange
    Landy Solange 21 hour ago

    She lookkksss soooooooo prettyyy here oml

  • Ogpink Tv
    Ogpink Tv 21 hour ago

    She can't deliver cause it's not her thoughts 👌🏼🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Should been comedian if u gone have a song writer

  • akino darrell
    akino darrell 21 hour ago +1

    It's me, Cardi B.

  • Onen Dogs and trees
    Onen Dogs and trees 22 hours ago


  • Francois Levitt
    Francois Levitt 22 hours ago

    Your voice sounds like kitten dying

  • Łejsek
    Łejsek 22 hours ago

    Hahah shes gold lmaoo

  • TajeCommercals
    TajeCommercals 22 hours ago

    3:20 "I don't recommend stripping...", but here are the pros!

  • Nicole Deaquino
    Nicole Deaquino 23 hours ago

    Anyone notice Illuminati Symbol? 😂 Ummm... 2:15 - It's her cursor.

  • Jayra Saili
    Jayra Saili 23 hours ago

    I still love u cardi b

  • SimplySeavey
    SimplySeavey 23 hours ago

    Her hair looks freaking bomb

  • ForeverJas13
    ForeverJas13 23 hours ago


  • Kylee Fosmark
    Kylee Fosmark 23 hours ago

    CARDI UR HAIR 😍😍😍😍

  • cupcakescupcakes 25
    cupcakescupcakes 25 23 hours ago

    The Jimmy Fallon one was freaking hilarious ,😂 help me Lord

  • AppleTrix
    AppleTrix Day ago

    I like how it said undercover on Reddit Twitter and youtube but there is different sites too

  • Markus Hendrickson

    Cardi b sucks the only good song she has is money moves

  • Jenny Garnica
    Jenny Garnica Day ago


  • Lucid Luc
    Lucid Luc Day ago

    anyone catch the illuminati mouse?