• Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • The topper is on and we are going! Topping is hugely important for grass regrowth on the farm and this is how we do it.
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Comments • 162

  • Charlie Kingsman
    Charlie Kingsman 11 days ago

    What does the different colour tape on the tails mean?

  • Terry G Johnson
    Terry G Johnson 20 days ago

    Tom I was watching the video of u toping what is topping

  • New Hampshire Farmer
    New Hampshire Farmer 23 days ago

    Great video as always Tom

  • fendt 724
    fendt 724 23 days ago

    Any update on new grass field yet

  • Bradley Sawford
    Bradley Sawford 24 days ago

    Can u do a calf video like getting calves in and your feeding system

  • Sean Prior
    Sean Prior 24 days ago

    I wonder if the cows burst the bales on the bale triller while you we're moving them out 😂😂

  • Ewan Mcsporran
    Ewan Mcsporran 25 days ago

    Do you need a camera men if so I will do it for you

  • nena Mcsporran
    nena Mcsporran 25 days ago

    Do you need a camera men if so I will do it

  • Farm Life
    Farm Life 25 days ago

    Great video Tom enjoy Austria

  • Vaggine
    Vaggine 25 days ago

    Sorry dumb question, but what is that tractor? Somehow looks like Lamborghini, but it's not???

  • AustriaGamed
    AustriaGamed 25 days ago

    so many things wrong here...

  • nyle1717
    nyle1717 25 days ago

    Jeez you saying about the topping video from last year made me realise I've been watching your vids for well over a year now...

  • adam elders fans
    adam elders fans 25 days ago

    I've heard that topping is like cutting a cumber with a hammer so instead you should cut it with a mower so it's a finer cut and the bounces back better

  • Harry Morrow
    Harry Morrow 26 days ago

    With the back topper you can reverse so you don’t drive on the grass

  • Cj Contracting
    Cj Contracting 26 days ago

    Where are the armrests 🤔

  • Eliasson
    Eliasson 26 days ago

    10:40 Looks like you are topping the grass at sea, going up and down, up and down :)

  • Peter Aernouts
    Peter Aernouts 26 days ago

    I never liked that job we had one straight behind the tractor I never liked the job it did I know its just to cut the top of but still I used the regular mower it did far better job.

  • ian landers
    ian landers 27 days ago

    If you pre mow the grass gets an extra few days to regrow seen as there’s no topper going over it after grazing

  • Matthew Peck
    Matthew Peck 27 days ago

    By the looks of it you’ve got plenty of feed available, whether it be grass or silage.

  • James Parrott
    James Parrott 27 days ago

    What is the name of the song you used in this video and who's the artist. Looked in the credits, but couldn't find. Great video as always.

  • Farmer Boy
    Farmer Boy 27 days ago +1

    When was the first time you drove the tractor please reply

  • tomthumb
    tomthumb 27 days ago

    they do a front mounted flail topper we use a rear mounted flail topper we find it better as chops the grass smaller so it dont leave alot laying on top and it cuts ok were the wheels run

  • Farmer ollie g Gillies

    I remember last year what a budey boy but I must have been whoching you of and on for a year naw haw time fliys ceep up the good werk Tom and the jinjer woreyer

  • simon dyer
    simon dyer 27 days ago

    Another fab video Tom 🚜🚜👍👍

  • Archie Goddard
    Archie Goddard 27 days ago

    Topping is one of the most visually pleasing jobs to do👍

  • Brooke Cable
    Brooke Cable 28 days ago

    Crikey, for once Tom we are in Sync! I've topped about 12 acres a couple days back 😂

    TROS SPONSOR 28 days ago

    It's called mulching you dumb fuck

  • kory league
    kory league 28 days ago

    Great video Tom. I'm really enjoying your music lately. I know why you top we don't do it much here. Do you think topping and your grazing methods are helping to improve your soil health by getting rid of the old dead growth faster?

  • Edward Mulligan
    Edward Mulligan 28 days ago

    Love the videos keep it up also as others say can u pls do a video of u milking love ur videos and u inspire me on my own farm

  • Niall Gilmore
    Niall Gilmore 28 days ago

    "long term hire" 😂😂😂 means he's never gonna see it again

  • Cormac Walsh
    Cormac Walsh 28 days ago +1

    Zetor fiat zetor fiat zetor fiat zetor fiat zetor

  • Fraser Langton
    Fraser Langton 28 days ago

    Hi Tom how many acres, tractors and cows does your family own

  • Job Benny
    Job Benny 28 days ago

    Why don’t you sell the topper and mower and buy one good disc mower Tom

  • William Durrant
    William Durrant 28 days ago

    When the clocks change do you change milking time or keep at 3:30? And if you do keep the same time how long does it take for the cows to adjust?

  • William Durrant
    William Durrant 28 days ago

    When the clocks change do you change milking time or keep at 3:30? And if you do keep the same time how long does it take for the cows to adjust?

  • Jamie Marshall
    Jamie Marshall 28 days ago

    Have you considered topping in front of the cows to make them clean all the grass up and it increases their grass intake great videos mate

    • Jamie Marshall
      Jamie Marshall 27 days ago

      Tom Pemberton Farm Life
      Hi Tom we quite often top in front of the cows over here in NZ once it’s had half a day of wilt on it the cows fair clean it up and because they don’t have to work to eat the grass they can just eat it up it they are able to eat more plus you don’t get cow muck over everything
      Great videos mate keep it up

    • Tom Pemberton Farm Life
      Tom Pemberton Farm Life  28 days ago

      Jamie Marshall Wpuld the way it though, it’s not clean grass?

  • Dejan Brice
    Dejan Brice 28 days ago

    I too love topping! We keep our 'rough' at 8" height and the finish afterwards of it just being lovely and level is so satisfying!

  • Cheese C
    Cheese C 28 days ago

    It was painful watching you try and reverse onto the topper

  • Norm Fergus
    Norm Fergus 28 days ago +1

    Interesting and informative as ever helping to educate the public

  • Irish Green Pastures
    Irish Green Pastures 28 days ago

    The drum beat edit was cool👌👌👍👍

  • Dave McGarry
    Dave McGarry 28 days ago

    Tom what was that the Hürlimann dropped of the 3 point at the start of the vid? A post driver?

  • Damian McCourt
    Damian McCourt 28 days ago

    Thought the new armrests for the hurrlimann came

  • Ethan earle
    Ethan earle 28 days ago

    Topping is purely cosmetic a wast of diesle , get cows out earlier and graze out tight from the start of the year and if you have to much grass take some out for bales

  • Denis Dunphy
    Denis Dunphy 28 days ago

    Good Vid, I ll be glad to receive what I`ve ordered so am glad your getting help with the shop side lol...

  • Yxñg Jãy
    Yxñg Jãy 28 days ago +1

    Well Tom keep up the good work just wondering how much land do you have in total and how many cows have you

  • Tom 30
    Tom 30 28 days ago

    great video tom and we all want to see a milking video please.

  • David Simpson
    David Simpson 28 days ago +1

    How many cows do u have

  • Glen Koopman
    Glen Koopman 28 days ago

    If ya mow before the cows they tidy it up better, that's what we do

  • Colm Kennedy
    Colm Kennedy 28 days ago

    Good video Tom 👍🏻

  • Hamish Kay
    Hamish Kay 28 days ago

    I love topping because of the smell of the freshly cut grass

  • Conor Walsh
    Conor Walsh 28 days ago

    What tractor do ya have that you used to top

  • Hessel Annema
    Hessel Annema 28 days ago

    Did you take the pocket knife of the mower?

  • Simme_Sch .!.
    Simme_Sch .!. 28 days ago

    Koe naar de slacht of binnen houden

  • Victor Cross
    Victor Cross 28 days ago

    The video the other Sunday was very emotional and sort of pathetic asking people to be gentle and not critical. You have to grow a thicker skin if you're selling raw milk and treating scabies with holly. Take the gloves off.

  • lee barber
    lee barber 28 days ago

    Got to get myself one of those t-shirts your wearing mate. Loving the Highland emblem

  • mighty moo
    mighty moo 28 days ago

    off set toppers do a much better job! the grass which you run over on the trailed ones stands back up the next day looks so bad. top vid as always!

  • Martin Clifford
    Martin Clifford 28 days ago +6

    I don't want to be critical Tom, but the thing you really need to invest in (far more important than anything else) is a proper paddock network. 80 cows need 0.5ha per grazing, paddocks should be 3 grazings in size and they should get 3 weeks break between grazings. You're missing out on serious 💷💷 by grazing the fields constantly the way ye are. If ye have a source of stone on the farm for the passages, it's not that expensive and should give the best return than any investment you'd make

    • Nigel Walker
      Nigel Walker 28 days ago

      spot on martin, even put a permanent electric fence along the lane from the yard with a couple of entrances would be a start. He would get some shock the amount of grass that place could grow if it was done well, ie paddocks id go twice what you are talking about and split them with temporary fence, grass measuring and a proper fertilizer plan

  • James SPENCE
    James SPENCE 28 days ago

    Tom do u find the swing out topper handier than the one which just sits behind as I prefer the which sits behind

  • G2-Altair47 ̇
    G2-Altair47 ̇ 28 days ago

    5:16 m name and model tractor?

  • tractortamno1
    tractortamno1 28 days ago


  • Tyler 123
    Tyler 123 28 days ago

    You can get a mchale topper that goes from front to back so you can put on front of tractor

  • Adam Walton
    Adam Walton 28 days ago

    Bullocks in with milk cows standard 😂👍

  • B Meskill
    B Meskill 28 days ago

    Great vid tom i would love to see you do a milking vid I have a Delaval 14 unit milking parlour with an auto washer and I only put 4 years ago

  • mjc278
    mjc278 28 days ago

    Nice to see and hear a piece of machinery built in northern Ireland get a bit of praise. We'll done Tom 👍 your music choices are brilliant 👏👏

  • lubię placki
    lubię placki 28 days ago

    Tom how many cows do you milk??

  • Dairy Farmer3645
    Dairy Farmer3645 28 days ago

    What kind of robot you thinking of getting if you do? We have 2 boumatic robots which would suite your set up perfectly, if you want to have a look at them let me know as their are many pros and cons which need to be discussed

  • Christopher White
    Christopher White 28 days ago

    Little tip with the 3 point linkage... you start from the left arm, so you do left arm, right arm, top link followed by PTO, reason being is your right swing arm is adjustable up and down whereas the left link isnt, so if for any reasons the attachment isn't level you can adjust the right link once the left arm is hooked up

  • Brandon Kaercher
    Brandon Kaercher 28 days ago +1

    I would love to live there in your country and work on a farm.

  • tommy conlin
    tommy conlin 28 days ago

    nice vid tom. we have the same topper over hear its a decent bit of kit

  • Hugh Munro
    Hugh Munro 28 days ago

    Tom judging by your attempts to pick up that topper I would say your 1 year wiser theory needs another year to take affect 🤭

  • nicholas fraser
    nicholas fraser 28 days ago

    Where did the arm rest go ?

  • Robert Mccabe
    Robert Mccabe 28 days ago +1

    Good job on topping give me a shout out

  • what a shambles
    what a shambles 28 days ago

    8:50 fathers son for 10 seconds

  • what a shambles
    what a shambles 28 days ago

    Haha the next time you crash or break something you need to slap yourself 😂

  • Luan Russell
    Luan Russell 28 days ago +1

    Nice topping vid.
    P.s to get the field really nicely topped you need to top in may or June because the grass dosent get as strong. Then the topper will top it a hole lot better and it will stay nice and sweet for a longer time