Morrisson Explains 'Shots' To A Classical Music Expert | Classical Kyle | Capital XTRA

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • Morrisson's huge track 'Shots' has been one of the most talked about tracks of the year, so he had to pass by Capital XTRA and reveal what it's all about to Classical Kyle.
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Comments • 1 426

  • Mixedbxtch 100
    Mixedbxtch 100 10 hours ago

    2:04 Take a shot every time he says shots😂

  • jamie urquhart
    jamie urquhart 14 hours ago

    he got the classical lute GONE

  • jamie urquhart
    jamie urquhart 14 hours ago

    Morrison treding on a very fine line what he says u can clearly see it

  • Kim Jong hun Is my nan
    Kim Jong hun Is my nan 16 hours ago

    Yes morrisson a trap house is definetly that 100 billion% not where u sell drugs tut tut

  • Shamsu Deen
    Shamsu Deen 2 days ago

    The white and black rappers sound "alike" talking about how the express themselves and this is unique to UK RAP. Evolution!

  • Brexit Is Brexit
    Brexit Is Brexit 2 days ago

    Why Morrison look like my guys kid ?

  • Abir hussen
    Abir hussen 3 days ago +1

    Give it your best shot 😂😂😂😂

  • DiCasso Beats
    DiCasso Beats 3 days ago

    Lol Morrison is a G'd up Del Boy but actually succsesful lmao

  • Azzp 'Dubzy production's aka azzp m34 Azzp

    We all know what the song means. But manz getting famous now. CAN'T SAY TO MUCH. 😂 work it out for your self basicly haha. This guy is cold tho.

  • Matt Taylor
    Matt Taylor 4 days ago +4

    This show should be called how to lie about your lyrics

  • Jongdaesaurus Rex
    Jongdaesaurus Rex 4 days ago

    I’m living for how much these rappers are bullshitting Kyle so they don’t incriminate themselves😂

  • DirtysOnHisGrind
    DirtysOnHisGrind 4 days ago

    Morrison is one of the tough dogs hes big lad

  • Kio George
    Kio George 4 days ago

    Why ya talking about 10 grand for, I spent 10 grand on my floors and doors - English Frank

  • Envy Power
    Envy Power 5 days ago

    This shits too crease

  • Twig
    Twig 5 days ago

    “The food is sprayed”
    Wrong food Kyle

  • xx.badboy gunna.xx
    xx.badboy gunna.xx 6 days ago +1

    “What’s a shorter”?🤣🤣 kmt this guys hilarious

  • trolly mctrollus
    trolly mctrollus 7 days ago

    Lmao I’m dead

  • Jamie Bounds
    Jamie Bounds 9 days ago

    Morrison is so crease🤣🤣

  • ITz HaMZz
    ITz HaMZz 10 days ago

    When He Ask About the Trap House I was dead

  • S SY
    S SY 10 days ago

    It seemed Morrison was ashamed of his own work.

  • Tommy Reusse
    Tommy Reusse 11 days ago

    10:58 lmao that was the best thing ever.

  • Tommy Reusse
    Tommy Reusse 11 days ago +1

    He's looking half anxious half super proud while the man is listening. so cool

  • John McDevitt
    John McDevitt 11 days ago

    How awkward is Morrison 🤣🤣

  • Neu Metah
    Neu Metah 12 days ago

    Morrison trying so hard to not bait himself out

  • slp hazza
    slp hazza 14 days ago

    Morrison looks like a pe teacher

  • Jacob Bruges
    Jacob Bruges 15 days ago

    He made it... He licked it... I feel happy for him 😂

  • Terlz
    Terlz 15 days ago

    Kyle goes over the lyrics like a dad

  • Theo Foster
    Theo Foster 16 days ago +1

    look man said the ting means “give it ur best shot”😂😂😂ok

  • Volvic water
    Volvic water 16 days ago

    This mug just talks about the instrumental

  • Ricci-Dean Willis
    Ricci-Dean Willis 17 days ago

    Would make way more sence for him to meet producers

  • Raj Kaur
    Raj Kaur 19 days ago +1

    Whats are shots?
    "shots in all sorts of directions shots there shots that way shots there"😭😂😂

  • Ben Adams
    Ben Adams 21 day ago

    Morrison is Hench and all but mans got full on boobs

    • ot monkeyrapper
      ot monkeyrapper 13 days ago

      What happens when you get hench? Stop being a dickhead why you rating mans body over what the videos about you suburban battyman

  • Odhrán O'Donnell VEVO

    I love the way morrison is making everything sound better sound nicer then what it actually means

  • Lucas Donegan
    Lucas Donegan 24 days ago

    pure waffle

  • Ben
    Ben 26 days ago

    This is so fucking awkward
    Kyle is a complete cunt I wna smack him lol

  • Skin2012UK
    Skin2012UK Month ago

    My man looks like John mcginn....... Wounded

  • Golden Movies
    Golden Movies Month ago

    Weird looking man he thinks he’s hard ey I’ll show him who’s hard when I get the mafia on him little weasel

  • Bond
    Bond Month ago +1

    bro he looks like he never swallows that sip he takes

    • Danbeast 48
      Danbeast 48 29 days ago +1

      Bond nah I’m dead he actually doesn’t

  • Active #HSG
    Active #HSG Month ago +1

    The way Kyle gasses up classical music 😂 nowadays the most you get is a cold emoji🤣

  • ANDREW Heron
    ANDREW Heron Month ago

    Love the part when the singing started,, wow there it is 😂 looks baked off his head

  • Galaxy Clan
    Galaxy Clan Month ago

    He chats so much😂😂😂

  • Midget man King
    Midget man King Month ago +35

    When he faked making his own “food”
    😂😂😂😂 and the trap house “you can get trapped init” “the food is all sprayed” I’m dying 😂😂

  • A -OL
    A -OL Month ago +1

    Is my nigga drinking shampoo

  • Specter Erfz
    Specter Erfz Month ago +1

    He's waffling so calmly 😂

  • Ricky Boss
    Ricky Boss Month ago

    Crop= growing my own Veg 😭😭😭

  • Richard Pachebat
    Richard Pachebat Month ago

    Morssion is a lad

  • Joe Sheridan
    Joe Sheridan Month ago

    Most of you guys probably haven't even realised the posh guy isn't English, he's south African, so he probably doesn't fully understand half of this stuff

  • wibbles
    wibbles Month ago +5

    2:31 when someone snitches on you at school and the teacher reads their report to you

  • Kenaplays Roblox
    Kenaplays Roblox Month ago

    man like morrisson

  • Alan Arbelaez
    Alan Arbelaez Month ago

    0:05 this guy is EXTREMELY happy to meet Morrison. mouth open and all

  • jude allen
    jude allen Month ago +1

    His explanation was so bad😂😂😂

  • TheWWEfanatic93
    TheWWEfanatic93 Month ago

    He is gorgeousss

  • Adam Taylor1950
    Adam Taylor1950 2 months ago

    growin tomatoes hahahah herbs hahaha herry hahaha

  • Lazarus the late night gamer

    Trap house definition: being trapped in a house fucking g lol

  • kdotk
    kdotk 2 months ago +1

    The trap house lol 🤣

  • Princess Rose
    Princess Rose 2 months ago +2

    This is the most awkward one yet

    YORGO VUITTON Jr 2 months ago +1

    Classical needs to become a journalist and do videos where he spends a day with rappers the UK, I don’t think my chest could take it😂

  • matt pe
    matt pe 2 months ago +2

    a trap house is a house on the estate where dealers hang and possibly grow and do business 😂 this guys fake as fk

  • r1ngs_0f_ h0r5epow3r
    r1ngs_0f_ h0r5epow3r 2 months ago +1

    LMFAO guy legit straight face told him wrong meaning of trap house

  • Jason Singh
    Jason Singh 2 months ago +2

    Morrison looks a like kid who just done some banging work watching his teacher mark it giving him bare ticks