What If We Detonated All Nuclear Bombs at Once?

  • Published on Mar 31, 2019
  • Sources: sites.google.com/view/sourcesallthebombs/
    What happens if we make a huge pile from all 15,000 nuclear bombs and pull the trigger? And what happens if we make an even bigger pile?
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    AGUSTIN SORIA 3 hours ago

    Porque tirarlas en America?

  • Pete Davies
    Pete Davies 5 hours ago

    So... it solves climate change? 😂

  • Cat gaming
    Cat gaming 6 hours ago

    Me: hears about how we could destroy all of the cities in the world at once and we wloud still have nukes left

    Also me:Dear lord

  • Shuriver Gaming YT
    Shuriver Gaming YT 7 hours ago +1

    Here's where it gets epic
    Part 1: 2:27
    Part 2: 4:43

  • Niwton Daniel soares lopes

    Me brazilian

  • Isac Mutta
    Isac Mutta 12 hours ago

    Sooooo... let’s not do that

  • C1800
    C1800 14 hours ago


  • José Aquiles Garza Longoria

    Fallout easter egg nice 6:06

  • Snowboat392
    Snowboat392 18 hours ago

    I’m down to build that big square nuclear box

  • Niko Zorić
    Niko Zorić 19 hours ago

    Fallout 4

  • Irthiza Ahmad
    Irthiza Ahmad 20 hours ago

    Knight Rider

  • Vibe _
    Vibe _ 22 hours ago

    what if.. 8 million years ago... there was a giant bomb like here... and everyone died... then we emerged... then we do the same thing and more smart life emerges 😳

  • Mac-HD
    Mac-HD 23 hours ago

    How come South America has to be Ground Zero? I think Trump has something to do with this video? 🤦‍♂️🤣🤣


    Interesting videos for sure. (Evolution is a lie)

  • AceGunner
    AceGunner Day ago

    krl logo no brasil

  • DotDash Gaming
    DotDash Gaming Day ago +1

    4:47 oof

  • Mary Boulos
    Mary Boulos Day ago

    people watching the explosion from mars: "They really like firewo- OMY MY GOSH THEY'RE DEAD

  • Mohammed Zaid
    Mohammed Zaid Day ago

    Sounds so crazy

  • Kuba Sok
    Kuba Sok Day ago

    You miss Iran

  • TheCancerousDead

    This sounds like something I would do when I'm bored in gmod

  • getnaenaed
    getnaenaed Day ago

    How to stop global warming, start a nuclear winter

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi Day ago

    I kinda want this to happen to see how we would cope

  • Arden Nielsen
    Arden Nielsen Day ago

    yes of course one gigaton. how about 500 quintillaton's FINISHED!

  • Ma. Cecilia Obligado

    Please do what if all the bombs detonated inside the earth

  • GoD DoG
    GoD DoG Day ago

    Me:Installs nuke mod in minecraft

    Finally I found a way to break bedrock in survival mode!

    • Daveret Brunet
      Daveret Brunet Day ago

      Server admin: *downloads nukes for gmod server*
      The server: Allahu akbar

  • TheDarkRaptor
    TheDarkRaptor Day ago

    No disrespect but I doubt an 8 minute animation takes 50 full days to complete, with research and all.

  • The Surviver2000

    It wasn’t funny it was a little bit funny no it wasn’t It was

  • ridho mohammad
    ridho mohammad Day ago

    *Banghattan* sounds so good to visit

  • Mark Jaycob
    Mark Jaycob Day ago

    Ya let's not do this

  • Daniel’s Cinema

    So global warming solved

  • Michael Richardson

    No one:
    Kurzgesagt: *WHAT IF WE BLEW IT UP*

  • Matthew Holland
    Matthew Holland Day ago

    4:34 mf made an extinction brick

  • Mr Blin man
    Mr Blin man Day ago

    The power armor tho

  • buddermonger2000
    buddermonger2000 2 days ago

    When they made the comment that ending half of the world is a little overkill I said overkill is just the right amount of kill. Now I know they just got bored to go so overboard they decided to do the math on all uranium on the planet into bombs so now I have to rethink my position on the right amount of kill.

  • MetallicaLife4
    MetallicaLife4 2 days ago


  • Bone Rattler
    Bone Rattler 2 days ago

    So that explains why shiver star looks like earth

  • Kinda Simpson
    Kinda Simpson 2 days ago

    Nuclear weapons are horrible indeed but after watching this I actually feel it’s not enough. I mean some theories suggest the civilisation level can be measured how much energy we can harness from the sun, if we are progressing, one day we will have the energy to make a planet completely crushed or completely rebuilt. That’s where we are going I think, making the Earth unliveable for a few hundreds years is nothing compare to that.

  • James Eckhardt
    James Eckhardt 2 days ago

    We should do it

  • Exempty
    Exempty 2 days ago

    Ps, 1200 hours is 2 months

  • Red Carnage
    Red Carnage 2 days ago

    6:05 Do you think it's a T-45 or T-60 helmet ?

  • Cristina Kulczynski
    Cristina Kulczynski 2 days ago

    Esses vídeos são maravilhosos!

  • Federico Villalobos
    Federico Villalobos 2 days ago

    Could you do a video on the krebs cycle plz

  • Musa Abdur Rehman
    Musa Abdur Rehman 2 days ago

    Well pakistan has 200+

  • Nothing here lol.
    Nothing here lol. 2 days ago

    Its Fallout 5 Trailer!!

  • Disbelief Papyrus
    Disbelief Papyrus 2 days ago +1

    *Mr. Beast has left the chat.

  • Nishant Thakur
    Nishant Thakur 2 days ago

    Even with current neuclear weapons detonated at once will almost make human extinct because of food scarcity that will follow due to decrease in temperature caused by stratospheric cover of ashes and debris.

  • noah haris
    noah haris 2 days ago

    i feel smart now

  • Taco Cat101
    Taco Cat101 3 days ago +8

    Amazon Rainforest: *exists*
    Kurzgesact: Do you want to E X P L O D E

    28 STAB WOUNDS 3 days ago

    If we all go extinct, and rebirth is real, the population can be filled up real quick.

  • Omar Lafri
    Omar Lafri 3 days ago +1

    We Can have light for 2000year yay yay wait de Can Do a Big explosion o good Idea yay yay 5 min later no humans

  • Thom, a alma de Allumynus

    Save amazon rainforest

  • Wang Jun YixinEducation

    U wanna kill us u idiot

    Idiot is me favorite words

  • Wang Jun YixinEducation

    We die u idiot


  • Luxonexo2
    Luxonexo2 3 days ago +1

    That's how u get the spider

  • Inquisitive_Transient

    1 Hiroshima bomb was 15 kilotons = 0.015 mega tonnes of TNT, so
    10,000,000,000 (10 billion) Hiroshima bombs is 150,000,000,000 (150 billion) kilotons = 150,000,000 (150 million) mega tonnes of TNT
    For reference, the largest nuclear weapon ever tested was the Russian Tsar Bomba topping out at 50 mega tonnes.

  • Anxhelo Gjinaj
    Anxhelo Gjinaj 3 days ago

    *_No Bedrock is unbreakable!_*

  • Christiandudeow0 Hi
    Christiandudeow0 Hi 3 days ago

    Bedrock would be vaporised...
    Minecrafters:That ain’t right

  • Timothy Gilbert
    Timothy Gilbert 3 days ago

    Australians would probably be just getting tan

  • Autistic Boiii
    Autistic Boiii 3 days ago

    I just come here to read comments thank you very much.

  • Ryan D
    Ryan D 3 days ago

    Thank you for making this video. Very intersting how the earth may heal itself. But i heard damages to the atmoshpere do not heal. Will earth return to the global warming situation we are in now?