What If We Detonated All Nuclear Bombs at Once?

  • Published on Mar 31, 2019
  • Sources: sites.google.com/view/sourcesallthebombs/
    What happens if we make a huge pile from all 15,000 nuclear bombs and pull the trigger? And what happens if we make an even bigger pile?
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  • nemotyrannus2
    nemotyrannus2 51 minute ago

    Conclusion : Be careful of birds when storing nuclear weapons

  • Raygio Vanno
    Raygio Vanno Hour ago

    Can you make a video about if the earth have no forest

  • Lee Bagley
    Lee Bagley 3 hours ago

    Great, now tell me what happens if we do this in the mariana trench

  • Skeppy the ok
    Skeppy the ok 4 hours ago

    In short terms, this is basically Kim Jong Un's dream

  • DrDress
    DrDress 6 hours ago

    This is the Great Filter in front of us. Fermi paradox solved!

  • Noname #lol
    Noname #lol 7 hours ago


  • Ninja fortnite
    Ninja fortnite 8 hours ago

    Would it destroy bedrock
    *bedrock* 🤯
    *also bedrock* vaporises
    *memes* wait that’s illegal

  • Ninja fortnite
    Ninja fortnite 8 hours ago

    Love vid

  • gemmS
    gemmS 8 hours ago

    but... why here on brazil??

  • m4ti140
    m4ti140 11 hours ago

    I don't know what I expected

  • Shy Gal Comic
    Shy Gal Comic 12 hours ago +1

    Let’s put this in Minecraft perspective
    Let’s pull the lever, 3,2,1
    Stage 1. Our TNT Bomb starts to lag, it lags so much some players are booted out of the system, the frames will drop so low to the point where you can only move 1 block a minute. It’s so laggy that even being in the nether you will experience the drops of frames.
    Stage 2. The TNT bomb finally explodes, destroying all blocks to get to bed rock level, it’s so strong that it destroys obsidian, any mobs near the blast by 1,000 blocks are vaporized instantly. The TNT starts to spread fires, anything past 1,000 is set on fire.
    Stage 3. The fire would spread, destroying all the wood in the Minecraft world, even at night the sky is so bright that mobs won’t spawn, and with too much fire friendly mobs don’t spawn
    Stage 4. If any players are still alive, they will meet a fiery waste land, like the desert, nothing valuable. They would eat up all their food until they die, or enter the nether as their new home and kill zombie pig men for survival
    Stage 5. How ever Minecraft it’s self, can care less, after months the servers fires will de-spawn and mobs will start to spawn, even the bad ones, but with no trees
    Stage 6. If new players start to join, they will only find small amounts of loot on the floor, giant craters, no trees, and nether portals everywhere. They would probably be very confused....

  • Leslie Callihan
    Leslie Callihan 12 hours ago

    6:02 nice fallout reference

  • CnCF 0878
    CnCF 0878 12 hours ago

    Maybe this is Fallout 4 Billion. (The power armor plus the vault)

  • AwesomestGamer
    AwesomestGamer 13 hours ago

    "did you do it?"


    "what did it cost?"

    "a pile of bombs and a planet."

  • Jinnyboiii v69
    Jinnyboiii v69 15 hours ago

    After seeing Good Omens, I think we would all know what would happen.

  • mr.J
    mr.J 15 hours ago

    4:46 : boom!!!!!!!!!!
    Graystillplays: Flex tape won't be fixing that and ludicrous speed crash my game again

  • Juan García
    Juan García 15 hours ago

    This video was really incredible!
    Kudos to the illustration and animation team for making this video as gorgeous and pleasant to watch. You guys as a team are the best!

  • mr.J
    mr.J 16 hours ago

    But what happens if you smash every planet into the sun

  • Sam Tovan
    Sam Tovan 17 hours ago

    Ice age with Radio active

  • trashbag baby
    trashbag baby 19 hours ago

    what if this already happened once, obviously any sign of life would have been burned and most uncovered fossils would have been destroyed, so we wouldn't know. life would have to start all over again.

  • Impulse
    Impulse 22 hours ago

    What if you blew up a nuclear bomb the size of the biggest planet A: and the biggest galaxy B: If your really want to be cool then what if you blew up a nuclear bomb the size of the observable universe: C... Now I bet nobody knows lol...

  • Impulse
    Impulse 22 hours ago

    1200 hours to finish, hmm I dont think so...

  • Black Ricky
    Black Ricky Day ago +1


  • NoobsailerRBH
    NoobsailerRBH Day ago +1

    "What if you detonated a Nuclear Bomb in the Mariana Trench?" plus "What if we detonated all Nuclear Bombs at once?" equals the biggest question:
    *"What* *if* *we* *detonated* *all* *Nuclear* *Bombs* *at* *once* - *in* *the* *Mariana* *Trench?"*

  • Alex 07
    Alex 07 Day ago

    There used to be 70.000 nuclear bombs in during the Cold War!

  • Blade AMV
    Blade AMV Day ago

    Bird: Ooh! What is this button? 2:32

  • Andrew Gutmann
    Andrew Gutmann Day ago +1

    No one else is going to talk about how thicc the bird at 7:20 is?

  • DragonFury 1738
    DragonFury 1738 Day ago

    Sets atmosphere on fire

  • Arnov Jakaria
    Arnov Jakaria Day ago +4

    This video is so well made! WOW! And 60fps looks BEAUTIFUL

  • Joshua S.
    Joshua S. Day ago

    I suggest a new title: “How to stop Global Warming”

  • Hadana Nurul Furqon

    Human on 2019: that's absolutely will never happen, silly!!
    Human on 2035 (probably): *loading nuclears* what?

  • Wendy
    Wendy Day ago

    The 100 will become reality

  • Fett Fisto
    Fett Fisto Day ago

    That was soooo cool but why should we explode the planet? How about if we can create a black hole

  • Bird Up
    Bird Up Day ago

    Nuclear weapons are testament to human stupidity. We try to turn everything we find into a weapon to kill one another. The fact that our greatest enemy are members of our own species ought to be a wake-up call for word peace.

  • Black Sergal
    Black Sergal Day ago

    Tsar bomba

  • Orca Dorka
    Orca Dorka Day ago

    Amazing video

  • Eric0225 gaming
    Eric0225 gaming Day ago

    Would be interesting if the new intelligent life found human life (yoir theory on bunkers and that) and that humans eventually grew up with the new intelligent life causing (maybe) a race war
    Idk tho lol

  • maggie
    maggie Day ago

    yall are truly amazing

  • Crony_Games
    Crony_Games Day ago

    Kurzgesagt im brazilian so im actually kind of sad you choose to do a HUGE nuclear boom in Brazil

  • 1randommuslimboy ?

    Fallout mother fucker

  • Teresa odosi
    Teresa odosi Day ago

    So we will go instinct 😱😰💀

  • Tiziano
    Tiziano Day ago

    All the uranium in the earth can be used to power the humanity for about 2000 years, or to build millions of nuclear bombs... Uhm... I think i know what we will do...

  • SniperXD12345
    SniperXD12345 Day ago +2

    And those were Hiroshima type bombs not even tsar bombs

  • 메다유튜브
    메다유튜브 Day ago

    Can you calculate by any chance that 1,000 asteroids measuring 90 meters in diameter fall to Earth?

  • Seedanie Vinod
    Seedanie Vinod Day ago

    If aliens will attack we will needed to use all of the nuke to blow up the alien planet

  • Lucas Yu
    Lucas Yu 2 days ago

    Pls cheack my channel it is not very good cuz I gust started but pls give me a chance

  • doe3879
    doe3879 2 days ago

    ya, take that nature!

  • Isaac Lepischack
    Isaac Lepischack 2 days ago

    Bedrock... destroyed? ThAtS iLlEaGeL

  • Loli Hunter
    Loli Hunter 2 days ago

    We can make a movie out of this

  • Dicky Wibowo
    Dicky Wibowo 2 days ago

    The Shivering Begin.

  • Astrocat
    Astrocat 2 days ago

    *K R A K A P O W*

  • Raihan Ahamad
    Raihan Ahamad 2 days ago

    A small crater about 10 Km
    Very small

  • Fabio Gonzales
    Fabio Gonzales 2 days ago

    5:27 me after i leave a village

  • Yng Azyn
    Yng Azyn 2 days ago

    Lets nuke Antarctica to lower the temperature

  • Dhananjay Dhakne
    Dhananjay Dhakne 2 days ago

    WOW. That's really very Beautiful.

  • ravi
    ravi 2 days ago

    What happens if you do this in the Mariana Trench?

  • Natyus E Colvin
    Natyus E Colvin 2 days ago

    1,200 hours / 40 Hour work week = 30 Work Weeks. Impressive.... Most Impressive.

  • Christopher Yan
    Christopher Yan 2 days ago

    I've been watching this channel for a while, and still amazed at the animation. These guys deserve all the raises.

  • Blooky the mememan.
    Blooky the mememan. 2 days ago

    Humans: *Blows up the entire land of South America with 1 billion heroshima bombs*
    Cockroaches: Number 1 victory royale lmao

  • Nico Cathelot
    Nico Cathelot 2 days ago

    I like your treehouse!

  • Aidnb Inc.
    Aidnb Inc. 2 days ago +7

    All of this is false.

    *No matter how much TNT you have it wont destroy bedrock*

  • Sam Jones
    Sam Jones 2 days ago

    metro 2033

  • börekli peynir
    börekli peynir 2 days ago

    2:33 birth of a meme

  • Premiium
    Premiium 2 days ago +1

    Some evil villain is gonna go out there and mine all the uranium now that he watched this video

  • Ammar Sherazi
    Ammar Sherazi 2 days ago

    1:35 is no one going to talk about that angry birb squashing that poor flowery thing?

  • BestXx GamerXx2
    BestXx GamerXx2 2 days ago

    I like the Fallout reference

  • bruno santos
    bruno santos 2 days ago

    Hey, I am from Brazil !!! Kkkkk

  • Sunilkumar biradar
    Sunilkumar biradar 2 days ago

    Is it possible to split earth in two halves using controlled explosion?

  • Ahmed Nabaz
    Ahmed Nabaz 2 days ago

    Nice 😹

  • when is carson streaming

    Imagine the lag if you done this.

  • Asteroid
    Asteroid 2 days ago

    Cool? Well I think so?

  • Filip starcevic
    Filip starcevic 3 days ago

    best video yet

  • Gregory Aggressive
    Gregory Aggressive 3 days ago

    Who else are waiting for the fireworks visible from mars too?

  • Jessica Kennedy
    Jessica Kennedy 3 days ago

    I loved your inspiration of all of your vids

  • ship another ship
    ship another ship 3 days ago

    Some one hates South Americans lmao