American Horror Story Season 9 Teaser Trailer | The Woods

  • Published on Apr 10, 2019
  • Ryan Murphy is bringing slasher vibes to Season 9 of FX's American Horror Story. The new season, titled AHS: 1984, will premiere this fall on FX.
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Comments • 315

  • Olivia Snyder
    Olivia Snyder 8 days ago

    honestly cant they just end this show already

  • Pls nerf low-rez
    Pls nerf low-rez 15 days ago

    If the music is actually apart of the real teaser it feels really off
    It’s like they stuck Billie onto it cause she’s popular right now
    At least pick a better song and change it up a bit to make it eerie at least

  • Cooking With Soul
    Cooking With Soul 25 days ago +1

    I hope this season is good I've enjoyed all the other seasons the theme for this season seems kinda cliche cabin in the woods, helpless victims, and a serial killer I wish they would've been more original instead of using themes from 80's horror movies it just feels like it's gonna be somethin I've already seen

  • KingAch
    KingAch 26 days ago

    Just discovered this is a song of Billie Eilish 🤣

  • Ryan T.A
    Ryan T.A 29 days ago +1

    _YES!_ *I am excited!*

  • Ladarrius Arrington

    I yelled "Shit" When that knife when through the door😂😂😉

  • Kleber Rodrigues
    Kleber Rodrigues Month ago


  • Kevin Velozo
    Kevin Velozo Month ago

    Alguien me podría decir cómo se llama la canción de fondo 😂

  • Kevin Velozo
    Kevin Velozo Month ago

    Alguien me podría decir cómo se llama la canción de fondo 😂

  • New York Superbowl Football Giants

    People assume it's inspired by one killer. This season's theme is classic SLASHER. Jason + Mike Myers etc. etc.

  • Karen Weldon
    Karen Weldon Month ago

    I was born in 1984 so excited 🙂

  • Rebecca Mhagama
    Rebecca Mhagama Month ago

    When does this season come out?

  • DimWinterss sss
    DimWinterss sss Month ago +1

    I can't tell if this a real teaser or fan made trailer, the music throws it off

    • RAMREY
      RAMREY Month ago

      Its real I think but the music choice is weird

  • Strangerthingsfan
    Strangerthingsfan Month ago

    Are they actually using BILLIE EILISH!!! P.S they should have used bury a friend or all the good girls go to hell r something! WHERE ARE MY BILLIE EILISH FANS AT!!

  • Savannah Pagan
    Savannah Pagan Month ago

    Evan Peters would have been great in this one, sad to see him go, he’s my fave😢

  • Nic Wiecznego
    Nic Wiecznego Month ago

    Maybe something from George Orwell?

  • The FirstPolishName

    Ha! To ten służący Fiony Goode z trzeciego sezonu "Coven"!

    P1ONEER NUT Month ago

    doesn't seem real but idk

  • Noe And The Roses
    Noe And The Roses Month ago +1

    The masked killer, I Girl running from it
    Ryan is this scream queens AHS version
    cause I wouldn’t be to mad

  • Tracee
    Tracee Month ago

    This show is one of my top 10 favs of all time. I'm sincerely hoping this next season doesn't disappoint🙂

  • Mimis Agkolli
    Mimis Agkolli Month ago +2

    Billie eilish giving me more reasons to watch this season

  • marce landia
    marce landia Month ago

    Qué miedo, me mié

  • XxGacha_ PlaysxX
    XxGacha_ PlaysxX Month ago +1

    Put more murders and blood! It makes it so much more interesting

  • Janah Marie
    Janah Marie 2 months ago

    i’m gonna miss evan

  • Brad Miller
    Brad Miller 2 months ago

    OMG it's slasher film themed! Not as good as Orwellian dystopia themed, but should still be good!

  • Dylan Granado
    Dylan Granado 2 months ago +2

    I love that Billie is feat. But it doesn’t go with it

  • Victor S. S. de Oliveira
    Victor S. S. de Oliveira 2 months ago +1

    why the guys does not like Evan Peters and why is not he in this season?
    Sorry my bad english, i am from Brasil

  • Lil Ambo Rose
    Lil Ambo Rose 2 months ago

    That last bit luv ... caught me off guard 😳

  • Sun Tzu
    Sun Tzu 2 months ago +2

    AHS hasn't been good for years.

  • lily mendez.
    lily mendez. 2 months ago +1

    i feel like the music balanced out the creepines with billie's soft voice

  • chelle grrl
    chelle grrl 2 months ago

    So its gonna be a texas chainsaw remakes in to a show

  • jungshook
    jungshook 2 months ago

    but what about season 6???????? this theme is old?????????? roanoke is basically woods and murder?????????

  • jungshook
    jungshook 2 months ago +4

    wow... they really used billie eilish for a trailer? i-
    this is the most unfitting thing i've ever seen.

  • Oka Msp
    Oka Msp 2 months ago +1

    Is Evan Peters just not in the 9th Season or isn‘t he in the 10th Season too? I Hope he will be in the 10th Season bc he is the reason why i watch this Show :(
    Sry for my Bad english im from Germany, can anyone pls answer me ? ;(

    • Debopam Deb Roy
      Debopam Deb Roy Month ago

      @jungshook check google

    • jungshook
      jungshook Month ago

      @Debopam Deb Roy proof?

    • Debopam Deb Roy
      Debopam Deb Roy Month ago

      @jungshook you're wrong.. there is a 10th season coming

    • jungshook
      jungshook 2 months ago

      there is no 10th season, sorry to break this to you. 9th season is the last season and was confirmed.

  • T Posers
    T Posers 2 months ago +1

    Main question: when’s the next teaser?

  • Athena Zend
    Athena Zend 2 months ago +1

    This ad scares me

  • Athena Zend
    Athena Zend 2 months ago +1

    Billie eilish

  • Disgustin Fuckinwanehyeez
    Disgustin Fuckinwanehyeez 2 months ago +1

    BILLIE!!!! Yes Ahs

  • Brayden Henderson
    Brayden Henderson 2 months ago

    Ik this is real but this feels like a fan made trailer with the slow motion shots and the weird music

  • Caleb Ellis
    Caleb Ellis 2 months ago +4

    I think this season should be postphoned for next year so we have Evan and Sarah again

  • Clark Richard Bueno
    Clark Richard Bueno 2 months ago +1

    gay killer!? Hello...

  • Clark Richard Bueno
    Clark Richard Bueno 2 months ago

    Si vice gamda pag sasaksakin mo

  • Clark Richard Bueno
    Clark Richard Bueno 2 months ago +1


  • preferably undead
    preferably undead 3 months ago

    Could someone fix the trailer by using music that, I don't know, doesn't fucking suck?

  • Mrs. Beast
    Mrs. Beast 3 months ago

    Keddie cabins murders took place in 81. And that case is unsolved. Perhaps the murderer comes back for more??

  • ShpookyBear369
    ShpookyBear369 3 months ago

    I like how the music starts off being sweet and sad, and the BOOM the killer arrives. Now that's true horror.

  • Tamara Springer
    Tamara Springer 3 months ago

    Murphy usually bases his horror stories on actual places or events in American history. I don't think it will be as simple as just slasher flicks.

  • Christian Arts
    Christian Arts 3 months ago +2

    SONG: Billie Eilish - Six Feet Under

  • Babel vanitas
    Babel vanitas 3 months ago +1

    Excuse me, What is the song please?

  • Joseph Munoz
    Joseph Munoz 3 months ago +6

    I’m kinda of disappointed. I saw the title and got really excited because a season taking place in a dystopian Orwellian setting would have been very interesting actually

  • Teigan Mccann
    Teigan Mccann 3 months ago +1

    We Stan Billie

  • Chevaun Moodley
    Chevaun Moodley 3 months ago

    why they didnt play a violin song to make it sound shit scary

  • Frantic Fandoms
    Frantic Fandoms 3 months ago

    i deadass thought this was fanmade bs because of the song and the shitty slowmo

  • Jaden ZombieSlayer
    Jaden ZombieSlayer 4 months ago +1

    The killer is look like jason in this one

  • Jaden ZombieSlayer
    Jaden ZombieSlayer 4 months ago +2

    Friday the 13th reference

  • madsqgardensnyk
    madsqgardensnyk 4 months ago

    Not trying to be too critical...but the music doesn't fit for shit. Someone needs a talking to.

  • Chow Mein Rainbows
    Chow Mein Rainbows 4 months ago +12

    Some people love Peanut Butter with Jam. Others love Salt with Vinegar. I love Billie Eilish and AHS

  • Josh Burlison
    Josh Burlison 4 months ago

    Say what you will, but this feels like AHS. It feels like it has something the last few seasons have been missing.

  • CaribbeanSimmer *
    CaribbeanSimmer * 4 months ago +1

    I’m on season 8 fist started it today. I can’t wait for season 9! I love this series idk what took me so long to watch ti

  • Just My Opinion
    Just My Opinion 4 months ago +2

    Song-Billie Eilish -Six feet under

  • bryan monat
    bryan monat 4 months ago


  • Eli Guerra
    Eli Guerra 4 months ago +1

    wait wait wait, i fully stan billie eilish and ahs, ive known both forever. 1, im so shocked that once again a tv show is using thE QUEENS MUSIC. but- my second thing is that like, 6 feet under is a really deep and beautiful song and yeah six feet under like zombies but- it doesnt fit

  • Maya Luna
    Maya Luna 4 months ago

    At first I thought my Spotify was on but they rly did Billie ok I get it

  • Lillie McKee
    Lillie McKee 4 months ago +1

    AHS and Billie Eilish 😍

  • General kenobi
    General kenobi 4 months ago

    The music didn’t really match the trailer

  • Angel HDZ. Del Rey
    Angel HDZ. Del Rey 4 months ago

    This song???

    • Yata-Garasu
      Yata-Garasu 4 months ago

      Billie eilish: Six Feet Under

  • Jessie Blue
    Jessie Blue 4 months ago +1

    Why does this look like it was made by a five year old

    • preferably undead
      preferably undead 2 months ago

      It was, at the very least, made by someone with the IQ of a five-year old.

    LOVELY 4 months ago

    New season of Stranger Things looks great

  • Anthony Rivera
    Anthony Rivera 4 months ago

    A season I have been looking forward to since season 8 ended. I've watched every single one but the constant past to present to future thing is getting on my nerves. 1984? Really?

  • An Old Man's Receding Hair



  • Molly-Kate Britton
    Molly-Kate Britton 4 months ago


  • VincentAntoine
    VincentAntoine 4 months ago +2

    This looks so good,the 80s are iconic for Horror 👍🏻 yasss

  • Ryan4891s
    Ryan4891s 4 months ago +1

    “Big brother is watching you”

  • Ash James
    Ash James 4 months ago

    American horror story make the best promos but the show itself has been lacklustre for years. As a slasher movie, 1980s horror fan, I hope this isn't a repeat of that format.

    • cena
      cena 4 months ago


  • Moonkin
    Moonkin 4 months ago +23

    This looks like a cheap fanmade trailer lol wtf