• Published on Dec 15, 2018
  • Minecraft - SECURE NUKE BASE! (NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER)
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  • TheAtlanticCraft
    TheAtlanticCraft  9 months ago +1238

    Who wants to be in my $1000 tournament!?

  • Colton Kenney
    Colton Kenney Day ago

    I would help my mom get a new house

  • Unstable
    Unstable 3 days ago +1

    26:00 nuke goes off

  • alex Janse Van Rensburg

    Atlantiens i like this vidios

  • Bek Oliver
    Bek Oliver 6 days ago

    You should try the mod quarcked plus

  • Adam Daily Jr.
    Adam Daily Jr. 9 days ago

    You need to add picolas to this and make him the god

  • Brooke Harrison
    Brooke Harrison 14 days ago

    No!! I can not survive

  • Chadly playz
    Chadly playz 15 days ago

    No I can't survive

  • Rodel Tagod
    Rodel Tagod 15 days ago


  • asma arif
    asma arif 17 days ago

    Me mom
    Mom what
    Me I broke the tablet
    Mom why
    Me I smashed the like button to cody

  • Cooper Stibbard
    Cooper Stibbard 18 days ago

    just dig to bedrock then build down there.

  • mira sol invicible
    mira sol invicible 18 days ago


  • prince george hacks
    prince george hacks 19 days ago +2

    hehe i can't even survive normal tnt haha 😂 😂 😂

  • lps pawstar
    lps pawstar 20 days ago

    Give money to humane susiaty

  • Gamingwith Me
    Gamingwith Me 20 days ago

    *dies of radiation poisoning*

  • Onyx Craze
    Onyx Craze 20 days ago

    Why couldn’t y’all make it out of cobble stone

  • GeneralPurposeVehicl
    GeneralPurposeVehicl 23 days ago

    That is wrong. The crater would not be that big, I am mostly certian.

  • Nathan The Karate Kid
    Nathan The Karate Kid 24 days ago

    Just use bedrock

  • Alex Gris
    Alex Gris 25 days ago

    you will win pro I will survie a nuke

  • james calver
    james calver 26 days ago


  • Jackson Wrobel
    Jackson Wrobel 26 days ago

    If I won $1,000 I would give it to my parents to help them pay for my sister's and my tuition this school year

  • Matthew Stringer
    Matthew Stringer 27 days ago


  • Zach Paulson
    Zach Paulson 27 days ago

    I dont think I could survive the nuke I know I could

  • Liaan Kleinhans
    Liaan Kleinhans 28 days ago

    I won't ever survive

  • Kristle Miller
    Kristle Miller Month ago

    I'll give it to the pore

  • saletinian boy
    saletinian boy Month ago

    Why don't you use bedrock

  • The Bogyeman
    The Bogyeman Month ago +1

    If you are with that base in a nuclear blast you have 0,0000000000000000000000001 chances to survive becaus radiation will pass the glass and concrete

  • The Bogyeman
    The Bogyeman Month ago

    They are not roaches they are radRoaches

  • April Williams
    April Williams Month ago

    )()()()()@$;:)&6567776]}{{}{{{}{ rrrrrre|~~\##}*#^##}^#%%%#%%#}##

  • April Williams
    April Williams Month ago


  • April Williams
    April Williams Month ago

    I'm Unknown 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽!?[][][][][]

  • April Williams
    April Williams Month ago

    Hi man

  • Spider World
    Spider World Month ago


  • Cynthia Myers
    Cynthia Myers Month ago

    Just build your base out of bedrock

  • The Noobs Dudes :D
    The Noobs Dudes :D Month ago

    Build a house outta cameras you'll survive

  • LiL ChoPpeR
    LiL ChoPpeR Month ago


  • LiL ChoPpeR
    LiL ChoPpeR Month ago


  • splatoon boiii
    splatoon boiii Month ago

    For survival probably

  • Christophe Beaudoin

    This guy is building a nuclear shelter mere _meters_ aways from the bomb itself and the first he builds is a _tower_
    Priorities = *STRAIGHT*

  • Margaret Adams
    Margaret Adams Month ago


  • Shean Briget
    Shean Briget Month ago

    I would

  • ajeet singh
    ajeet singh Month ago

    I can not survive I will just sit and masterbate

  • Max Votruba
    Max Votruba Month ago

    A glass is gonna destroy by a NUCLEAR BLAST

  • Amanda Ramirez
    Amanda Ramirez Month ago

    Pro haves the best base

  • Amanda Smillie
    Amanda Smillie Month ago

    Same+ps 5

  • Rachel Farby
    Rachel Farby Month ago

    I love your videos keep it up
    Videos of Paul the best

  • Infinite Games
    Infinite Games Month ago +3

    hey you live in EST (Eastern Standard Time) Cool! Also I Live In Florida So If You Wanna Meet Me? It Will Be A Great Idea!

  • Nae Tay
    Nae Tay Month ago

    I love your vids soooooo much keep up the good work👍

  • Gacha Berry
    Gacha Berry Month ago

    I made ur profile picture on Minecraft😅😊

  • Jserie Womble
    Jserie Womble Month ago

    Use infinety armour next time

  • we are not alone
    we are not alone Month ago


    Wait are you trying to loose glass really glass of all things glass?I do not care how strong it says it is you aren't even a mile away from the nuke and the best idea you can come up with is glass man you don't think sometimes but I still love your channel for some reason

  • Assanatu Olaniyan
    Assanatu Olaniyan Month ago

    ._. Noob
    (._____.) Hacker

    😐 god

  • W Johnston
    W Johnston Month ago

    The ones from Men In Black or actually worms

  • W Johnston
    W Johnston Month ago

    I'd solve world hunger

  • Justina Sanchez
    Justina Sanchez Month ago


  • Justina Sanchez
    Justina Sanchez Month ago

    Buy a animal kingdom banshee because I never got to get 1one and donate money to the poor :e

  • Lindsey Moeller
    Lindsey Moeller Month ago

    what if you also added a team called cheater

  • T-Pose Pewds
    T-Pose Pewds Month ago

    20:05 i was about to be saying that

  • jemrules
    jemrules Month ago

    yes I can win

  • Darren’s Toys & Games

    I would buy the world