• Published on Oct 20, 2019
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Comments • 701

    RANDR 8 days ago

    Who was is who give dave the wrong fights at the wrong time ??

  • Paul Harvey
    Paul Harvey 9 days ago

    Lol 😂 Hearn king of boxing .... have to admire him, against some dubious decisions...the bread is driving boxing. That’s life, boxing is in great shape because of that. Hearn is like the bank manager 🤣

  • Christopher Jennings
    Christopher Jennings 11 days ago

    Dave Allen, has the iq of a budgie.

  • Sun lad
    Sun lad 12 days ago


  • Northy
    Northy 12 days ago

    He's not a heavyweight, to small plain & simple. Needs to drop down.

  • Declan McCartney
    Declan McCartney 13 days ago

    Is this a make a wish video or something

  • Simon Coventry
    Simon Coventry 14 days ago

    Is Dave talking slower these days? Concerning if he is, he shouldn't plan on staying in boxing for much longer...

  • Louis Moore
    Louis Moore 14 days ago

    They know better than you coz uve been hit in the head to many times dave.....quit before you get hurt mate...

  • Rambo FPV
    Rambo FPV 15 days ago

    Does he actually think he can beat Dubois? That’s scary man

    • Rambo FPV
      Rambo FPV 15 days ago

      “I want the best for Dave Allen”
      LOL 😂

  • Vinnie Queenan
    Vinnie Queenan 15 days ago

    he's slurring his words.. not good. Eddie is actually protecting him putting him in against mid level fighters - "i want to see him actually have a good win."

  • frank jason associates inc

    Eddie I respect you but do not be disrespectful to Ghanaians. When you lower yourself like that then you no longer command any respect

  • Martin McGrath
    Martin McGrath 16 days ago

    We are now watching the early stages of brain damage and allowing it to continue.

  • Dazzyc1976
    Dazzyc1976 16 days ago

    Dave starting to sound a bit punchy.???

  • Brookfield 84
    Brookfield 84 17 days ago

    He has to be the thickest fighter iv seen. Does he ask Ed how do I tie my shoes..... I honestly carnt believe he is a boxer in this day and age

  • Terry Watts
    Terry Watts 18 days ago

    Dave Allen should turn it in for health sake
    Looks punch drunk

  • Vantheman12 Welshman
    Vantheman12 Welshman 19 days ago

    Slurring his words now

  • danielbrookfield
    danielbrookfield 19 days ago

    Dave Allen needs to commit, drop weight and drop decision. Seems like he has all the will but no discipline.

  • SCFC47
    SCFC47 19 days ago

    Huey Fury Fury v Allen would make sense for everyone ,( except the viewer) easy winnable fight for Fury ... yet with zero chance of Allen getting any more brain damage !!! more chance of him sustaining a heart attack chasing Fury around the ring !!!

  • MyseryModz
    MyseryModz 19 days ago +1

    Is Dave Allen just taken spice

  • SCFC47
    SCFC47 19 days ago

    I think a fight against Dubois could be the one ensures serious life changing damage to Dave Allen , the only saving grace is that with Dubois power Allen might be stopped with one shot , saving him from a worse, more sustained beating from a less powerful but still superior fighter .

  • Atif MIr
    Atif MIr 19 days ago

    Hearn is right, jumping into a Dubois fight is silly. He knows that Allen isn't right and when that happens, higher chance that something bad can happen in the ring. Dubois can serious hurt him.

  • Paul Drinkwater
    Paul Drinkwater 20 days ago

    He already sounds punch drunk - & he's only a young fella..... Not enough dedication.... Will end up a clownish journey man.

  • Tommy Dunne
    Tommy Dunne 21 day ago

    Eddie the chin Hearn the cockney spiv who would sell his own mother for a quick buck or too further his so called career.

  • 462904
    462904 21 day ago

    I like Dave Allen but Es gone punchie he's not the same do reporting DAVE forget those punches to the head no good if you've loads of doe but no brains

  • cj Hac
    cj Hac 22 days ago +1

    Who even is Dave Allen and why ?

  • K2 JNR
    K2 JNR 22 days ago

    This guy nearly died after his last fight why is Eddie Hearn talking about him fighting again. He's obviously forgotten about the fake tears he shed the other day for that poor unfortunate fighter Patrick Day. He is a disgrace.

  • Richard Pinkham
    Richard Pinkham 22 days ago

    Don’t we all want a retirement payday?

  • geoff a
    geoff a 24 days ago

    johhny vegas in background ?

  • Topper shots
    Topper shots 24 days ago

    Please please please don't fight dubois we have had to many deaths in boxing this year

  • bill duke
    bill duke 24 days ago

    fuckin love Eddie........ ' u cant keep flying over Ghanaians '...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • bill duke
    bill duke 24 days ago

    listen to Uncle Eddie .... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • San Amar
    San Amar 24 days ago

    Household name? 😂
    What fucking planet is Hearn on saying that? Like his old man, he is full of shit.

  • dom howe
    dom howe 25 days ago

    fuckoff eddie your boring mate

  • imadad bestjobintheworld

    Dave I loved supporting you but I'm shocked hearing your slurred speech if it's from drinking.......sorry but if it's from the hits.........please retire buddy

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B 25 days ago +1

    Is it me or is there always something wrong with Dave . His never focused

  • indiana146
    indiana146 25 days ago

    Before he fights again allen needs a brain scan his words are slurring slightly early signs of brain damage im may b wrong but i would err on the side of caution

  • Fabu Linus
    Fabu Linus 25 days ago

    Allen sounds terrible....that’s actually scary.

  • ManiSuReal
    ManiSuReal 26 days ago

    eddies face @ 3:39 lmaaaaao

  • martin randles
    martin randles 26 days ago

    Dave looking punch drunk there or pissed out his head ☹️

  • TJ
    TJ 26 days ago

    For the sake of the boys ego it’s better he loses a fight than win one... once he wins one he literally acts like the second coming of Mohammed Ali ... loses and he act like Dave Allen

  • Man Like Sanaan
    Man Like Sanaan 27 days ago +1

    What’s bossman piping up his arse at 3:48

  • Daniel-Jordan Dominique

    i do love ifl but you would think with the size of the channel that kugan would be a little bit more professional at times

  • martin barry
    martin barry 27 days ago

    Sorry to say but he ain't ready for Dubois

  • Matthew Fraser
    Matthew Fraser 27 days ago +1

    whys this fool even relevant when hes pulling out of fights in Newcastle on sky yet talking to frank warren.? its cus he knows if he loses to a bum the dubois money goes

  • Unleashed Potential
    Unleashed Potential 27 days ago

    Eddie is a sound bloke

  • CR7hg
    CR7hg 27 days ago

    0.19.. face that Adam makes when lurking in the woods waiting for next victim

  • Dan B
    Dan B 27 days ago

    Nicely saved Eddie. Almost dobbed yourself in saying Dave ain’t smart enough to negotiate.

    RFL RSS 27 days ago

    This has proven Eddie truly is looking out for his fighters

  • boxing8831
    boxing8831 27 days ago +1

    Allen needs saving from himself, his slur is getting worse by the day, damn shame..

  • Big Bosh
    Big Bosh 27 days ago

    Eddie talking bullshit as usual. Dubois is only going to get better so this shit about "Dave should wait till he's ready" is nonsense and potentially dangerous.

  • Daniel Tomkins
    Daniel Tomkins 28 days ago

    He’s punch drunk

  • Sharkeyes 980
    Sharkeyes 980 28 days ago

    Got brought right back down to earth by Price he was getting abit carried away and big headed

  • Chris 2020
    Chris 2020 28 days ago

    Dubois is a stupid fight for dave allen at the moment, personally I think spilka that chisora beat would be a good match up both need a win

  • StarFight Express
    StarFight Express 28 days ago

    Sign DDD Ed 🤑

  • Anthony Helm
    Anthony Helm 28 days ago

    Dubois would destroy allen ed is advising him well ..if price smashes you up what do you think a young lion would do yo him .DDD is the most dangerous fight out there with the exception of wilder .these guys hit hard

  • Ozzy 616
    Ozzy 616 28 days ago

    Hearn is totally right - unless Dave's just looking to cash out and retire.

  • stigs hairy chest
    stigs hairy chest 28 days ago

    does anybody fucking care about this ? its getting boring now

  • The joys Of life
    The joys Of life 28 days ago

    Dave Allen aka rocky is punch drunk he should buy himself a lil business and put his feet up

  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith 28 days ago +2

    I’ll look after you Dave fight Ortiz for peanuts ok Eddie

  • James Day
    James Day 28 days ago

    Love the 🦏,but coming back could be a bad idea