Editor Edition 2 | Dude Perfect

  • Published on Aug 12, 2019
  • Our video editors star in another EPIC video and go BIG!
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Comments • 12 686

  • ニコラ・テスラ
    ニコラ・テスラ 3 hours ago


  • Sandy Universe
    Sandy Universe 4 hours ago +1

    Come on dude, playing to badminton.

  • Omi In a hellcat
    Omi In a hellcat 4 hours ago

    This is so so so terrible

  • Jonathan Carrisoza
    Jonathan Carrisoza 4 hours ago

    Suban videos más seguidos

  • Rahul Sharma
    Rahul Sharma 4 hours ago +1

    For next video, you should do a second airsoft royal battle

  • Shea McEwen
    Shea McEwen 5 hours ago

    Honestly, I would rather watch the 10 hour repeat of the Overtime theme song than watch another Editors edition. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Psalmuel Bayta
    Psalmuel Bayta 5 hours ago


  • Psalmuel Bayta
    Psalmuel Bayta 5 hours ago

    I don't know is the end of the video

  • Ashley LeivA
    Ashley LeivA 6 hours ago +1

    It’s honestly amazing how far dude I’ve come , I was subbed to them since they were at 5 mil

  • Sara Stephens
    Sara Stephens 7 hours ago +1

    I couldn't make it to the show.
    Who is Panda? 💁‍♀️

  • JemGemstone
    JemGemstone 7 hours ago +2

    wheel unfortunate ULTIMATE: spin the wheel 3 more TIMES!!! Like so dp can see

  • Elijah Shepley
    Elijah Shepley 7 hours ago +2

    please do a knife throwing edition (maybe with Adam celandine?)Like
    if you agree

  • Francisco Londono
    Francisco Londono 8 hours ago +1

    # editor life

    GHOST BRUMMETT 8 hours ago +1

    The big one? THE BUG ONE!

  • Brandon Konechny
    Brandon Konechny 8 hours ago

    Is everyone okay after the fir

  • Jameson Melo
    Jameson Melo 9 hours ago +1

    panda edition

  • Luke Shaddick
    Luke Shaddick 9 hours ago +1

    Ayy Panda

    • xoobo vola
      xoobo vola 8 hours ago

      next video: overtime 11 with cool not cool, wheel unfortunate, absurd recurds and judge dudy

  • ritisawhney
    ritisawhney 9 hours ago +1


  • Thunderlicious1969
    Thunderlicious1969 9 hours ago

    Have you guys ever thought about making a cartoon trick shot video or a cartoon battle. When you see superheroes do cool shots that are so cool and perfect or cartoon ninja shots?

  • Cam Wow
    Cam Wow 9 hours ago

    I made a mistake my sentence fast I’m down for fast I’m gonna fix it they were using a stick and a string attached to a ping pong well technically a girl I am not a hater I love the travel is awesome but they’re just fake

  • Pizza Panda
    Pizza Panda 9 hours ago

    Guys IK What Dude Perfect Next 2 Videos Will Be
    Overtime 11
    And Camping Stereotypes i

  • Brady Clark
    Brady Clark 9 hours ago

    your next video is camping stereotypes.
    Cory you told me this at the park

  • Ondřej Dejm
    Ondřej Dejm 10 hours ago

    Make a panda edition.

  • Lazar Yeet
    Lazar Yeet 11 hours ago +1

    Dude perfect are the best !!!!!. Please make the button blue if you agree.

  • Lazar Yeet
    Lazar Yeet 11 hours ago

    Dude perfect are the best !!!!!😊. Please make the button blue if you agree.

  • Lazar Yeet
    Lazar Yeet 11 hours ago

    Dude perfect are the best !!!!!😊. Please make the button blue if you agree

  • Jean-marie Chaanine
    Jean-marie Chaanine 11 hours ago +1

    Nerf fortnite legendary supply

  • Mason McCullar
    Mason McCullar 12 hours ago

    I'm ready for a DP Editor channel

    MVG CLAN 12 hours ago

    I subscribed and have the bell rung may I please have a shoutout thank you

  • Fortnite mobile
    Fortnite mobile 12 hours ago

    WE WANT EDITOR EDITION 3! if you know you know

  • Thomas Messier
    Thomas Messier 12 hours ago

    next video: overtime 11 with cool not cool, wheel unfortunate, absurd recurds and judge dudy

  • Kill_Ä_IH TV
    Kill_Ä_IH TV 12 hours ago

    Jukt kein lul!

  • William Thatcher
    William Thatcher 12 hours ago

    Subscribe to wills explosion and silent rocket

  • Travis Turner
    Travis Turner 12 hours ago

    Did you know that Panda is C***

  • SnipeSlaxer 098
    SnipeSlaxer 098 13 hours ago

    Take this in how long does it take to film this

  • FB Abe
    FB Abe 13 hours ago

    Plastic golf battle 2 is what I want

  • Mohamed Hagyousif
    Mohamed Hagyousif 14 hours ago

    Paper Airplane Trick Shots 2? You never know.

  • david richardson
    david richardson 14 hours ago

    They should stick to editing

  • Ильсаф Шайхлисламов

    Лайк если русский!

  • evan schubert
    evan schubert 14 hours ago

    I just realized that Tim said, "Pound it. Noggin. See ya!" when pulling out the reactor. 😂😂

  • Ash von Flip
    Ash von Flip 15 hours ago

    my brthday is aug 4

  • kursatgorkmbaz
    kursatgorkmbaz 15 hours ago

    DudePerfect perfect system and setup

  • Info Tv
    Info Tv 15 hours ago

    1 out of 12k . Who see this.
    An amazing day

  • 王杰
    王杰 16 hours ago


  • Diouri
    Diouri 16 hours ago

    *I am an idiot who is doing video in French*

  • Ben York
    Ben York 16 hours ago

    I just want those dual wide screen monitors!

  • Heath Cameron
    Heath Cameron 16 hours ago

    Coby will win

  • King Arch
    King Arch 16 hours ago


  • King Arch
    King Arch 16 hours ago

    Do trampoline park stereotypes

  • Ravikant Singh
    Ravikant Singh 16 hours ago


  • davut akbulut
    davut akbulut 16 hours ago

    videolara Türkçe altyazı koyarmısınız

  • Henrique Domingues
    Henrique Domingues 16 hours ago +1

    song @ 7:01 ?

  • Mayed Vector
    Mayed Vector 16 hours ago

    Butterfly knife tricks?

  • Russo Sheryl
    Russo Sheryl 17 hours ago

    you should do school stereotypes

  • Aly Acvl
    Aly Acvl 17 hours ago

    Yo se que no tiene nadaa q ver con el video pero ustedes como influencers deben ser nuestra voz nuestros gritos al mundo para ayuda con el Amazonas necesitamos q alguien se ponga al frente y poder hacer algo por favor q este medio de comunicacion sea la base para tomar acciones!!

  • Jay 321
    Jay 321 17 hours ago


  • Logan Gupta
    Logan Gupta 17 hours ago

    You should do hat trickshots

  • sajid shah
    sajid shah 17 hours ago

    This is very very very boring

  • Michael Campbell, MD
    Michael Campbell, MD 17 hours ago

    Hi tim chad and will

  • Crazy Bridget
    Crazy Bridget 17 hours ago


  • Piano Blasters
    Piano Blasters 18 hours ago +1

    It's been a week and no new video of dude perfect...... I am dying
    ( °° )

  • Mega Garchomp
    Mega Garchomp 18 hours ago

    This is so cool. Keep the work up dude perfect.👍👍 You have inspired me to do cool trick. (I did some crazy tricks but sadly did not get them)

  • TheSuperDuper David10101

    Imagine a dude perfect and MrBeast crossover where the competition is to make the most obscure world records

  • The Collapsed Uploader
    The Collapsed Uploader 18 hours ago +1

    Super brothers

  • Mujahid Syed
    Mujahid Syed 18 hours ago +1

    Plot twist: Will is actually Ryan Higa

  • Mujahid Syed
    Mujahid Syed 19 hours ago +1

    School stereotypes please!!!

  • Mohan Permal
    Mohan Permal 19 hours ago

    What video is this?

  • Robert Isaac West
    Robert Isaac West 19 hours ago

    Dude panda should do a face reveal

  • The Amazing Boy
    The Amazing Boy 19 hours ago


  • The stickbot Guys
    The stickbot Guys 19 hours ago

    Give us more editer edition plz

  • izzicrasher 7
    izzicrasher 7 19 hours ago

    dude perfect if your reading this I think you guys should make a hotwheals trick shot video, please consider this idea

  • Fairoze Ahmed
    Fairoze Ahmed 20 hours ago

    My favoitate

  • Tracey Gibson
    Tracey Gibson 21 hour ago

    Everyone Subscribe to PewDiePie because he's nearly there to getting 100 million subscribers

  • ตะหลิว Channel


  • Darcy Pekaar
    Darcy Pekaar 23 hours ago

    When are you going to make a new video?