Space Travel | Science and Star Wars

  • Published on Nov 16, 2017
  • On this episode of Science and Star Wars (paid for by IBM), we explore real-world technologies for traveling the galaxy with astronaut Cady Coleman and take a tour of the International Space Station.
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  • me
    me 3 months ago

    People can tour the ISS with the Occulus Samsung VR. Pretty cool!

  • Lil_Dingle
    Lil_Dingle 10 months ago +1

    This is gæ

  • Deepak Nair
    Deepak Nair 11 months ago

    There is space hotel in 2018 and I have only heard quantum tunneling

  • un seriously?
    un seriously? Year ago


  • Some Guy
    Some Guy Year ago


  • Broken Warhead Studios

    SPAAAAAAAACE -Space Core from portal

  • Julianhak06
    Julianhak06 Year ago

    I love this series too much...

  • Michael Zajac
    Michael Zajac Year ago

    Dear Science and Star Wars,
    I read the book, we stuck on the Earth, but we can't travel in outer space. Let me show you. :(
    What People Need to Survive?
    To survive, humans need water to drink, air to breathe, food to eat and reasonable temperatures. None o these are available on the other planets in our solar system.
    Water is essential for human survival. Liquid water has not yet been discovered on the other planets in our solar system.
    Before we can travel deeper into space, we need to ensure a reliable supply of fresh water for space travellers.
    In space, we need to recreate an atmosphere similar to Earth's. Our atmosphere contains oxygen, which humans need to breathe for survival. The carbon dioxide that we breathe out is taken in by planets. Plants recycle the carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, which goes back into the atmosphere.
    Presently, we take our food with us when we venture into space. However, if we intend to go deeper into space, we must be able to replenish our food supply without relying on Earth.

  • TheUmbrellaCorpX7[エヴ]

    i still dont understand how there exist people who think the Earth is flat and dont think that space exists.

  • Exploding Cow
    Exploding Cow Year ago

    Do you live in a space station

  • Alain Mokbel
    Alain Mokbel Year ago

    It would be cool to have an episode con comlinks and communication in general. Thanks for these amazing videos.

  • aswald45 !
    aswald45 ! Year ago

    I’d be too scared to go to space!

  • Dlol Face
    Dlol Face Year ago

    this is proving that earth is not flat

  • RedJ3di
    RedJ3di Year ago

    Another awesome video. I love learning about the science. Keep up the great work!

  • daffy
    daffy Year ago

    My favourite thing to do is grab a tie and destroy everything I.. I mean save everything!! 😀

  • Gaming Raptor
    Gaming Raptor Year ago

    63 dislikes that’s bad

  • Szymon Kuźmiński

    The guy from 2:29 looks like a Chirrut

  • Jacob Roseberry
    Jacob Roseberry Year ago

    Lol in the part about the ISS, the whole "pretend this is a live convo but it's really recorded" thing, plus the background music, make it feel like some 90s cartoon thing, or like those old documentaries I used to watch in class.

  • green machine55
    green machine55 Year ago

    I really like the part about the research on fighting cancer that was mentioned on this video that’s happening in space cause I’m fighting cancer right now and I’m soon to be a cancer survivor.

  • Jamen .Gallagher
    Jamen .Gallagher Year ago +1

    Do an episode on the senate

  • Green Sun
    Green Sun Year ago

    Cool program:)

  • Martin Craw
    Martin Craw Year ago

    Man I'd love to fly an X-Wing in space or a Tie Fighter.

  • Supun Edirisinghe

    What's the reason they need to do that type of cancer cell research in microgravity?

  • Ezri Dax
    Ezri Dax Year ago

    I wish there was this kind of show but than with Star Trek Technology

  • Spectral
    Spectral Year ago

    I'm pretty sure the things that need to be invented before NASA decides to even think about letting normal people into space is:
    Artificial gravity for ships and stations.
    an easy, fast, and safe way to earth and back.
    Enough fuel per trip.
    a good life support without the use for suits.
    enough supplies.
    any other thoughts?

  • J. C.
    J. C. Year ago

    I have to tell you, Watson is the most annoying part of this show.

  • The Forever Lasting

    In an episode of "Through The Wormhole" hosted by Morgan Freeman, there's a part about a Mexican Professor that has an equation for a warp drive that does not violate the laws of physics. Miguel Alcubierre I think his name is.

  • Darth Kwame
    Darth Kwame Year ago

    No one in Star Wars, as far as we know, has traveled farther than 120,000 or so light-years. And maybe not even that, since it's the length of that Galaxy.

  • mrgreg501
    mrgreg501 Year ago

    Dr Franklin Chang Diaz at 2:18 min ! Costa Rican First Astronaut!

  • Sean Smith
    Sean Smith Year ago

    I got a private tour of Ad Astra in Liberia, Costa Rica from Franklin Chang Diaz himself!! Their facility is so amazing and he is such a gracious person. It was an honor.

  • MoviesRapidShows90's

    Is there a way to make artificial gravity? That would be a BIG help for traveling in space

  • Drawing With Reuben

    Man that’s awesome then when u get to earth u try and fly and your like woah I’m living gravity lol!

  • Vladimir Davydenko

    I am sad to say that I have to unsubscribe from Star Wars channel...
    Knowing full well how the players see micro transactions especially the ones that are pay to win, Star Wars BF2 still had them in the game and then started amending it according to players... greed incarnate and I will not be a part of that... so I am unsubscribing from all things start wars

  • Jerome W
    Jerome W Year ago

    Wow!!! That cable management!!!

  • TheCouncilGaming
    TheCouncilGaming Year ago

    So we can cure cancer! But only in space...

  • Armin Tabari
    Armin Tabari Year ago

    Comr on you sppoes to talk about hyperspace!

  • Samuel
    Samuel Year ago

    Battlefront 2

  • Samuel
    Samuel Year ago

    Its today!!

  • Abdulmajid Nasir
    Abdulmajid Nasir Year ago

    Auction the X Wing for 12,000,000,000

  • Hoolock 52
    Hoolock 52 Year ago

    One of the biggest scientific goofs in star wars is that parsecs are actually a measurement of distance. Think " She's the ship that made the kessel run in less than 12 inches" it doesnt make any logical sense

  • Richard Urbanski
    Richard Urbanski Year ago

    I wish I was smart

  • javier castaneda
    javier castaneda Year ago

    i want that shirt

  • Trapped_In_The_Matrix

    Hey Anthony want to go to space? Sorry I can't help you.

  • Bullestick
    Bullestick Year ago



  • JP Rhea
    JP Rhea Year ago

    nice shirt!

  • zwooop64
    zwooop64 Year ago

    NASA should launch out a lego millenium falcon

  • Hezekiah Rodriguez

    This is crazy! 😂😁👌❤

  • The Dragon Phoenix

    If you want progress in the technology of space travel we have to dismantle the monetary system we live under!!!!!

  • Benosoar
    Benosoar Year ago

    If I ever get up there I will bring my whole lego Star Wars collection and just push them around and finally feel like their actually flying

  • Alec Pflaumer
    Alec Pflaumer Year ago

    Anthony giving up on his pocket at 4:02 r.i.p.

  • Tigger 222
    Tigger 222 Year ago +2

    I wonder if we will see han do the kessel run in solo a star wars story?

  • Joseph Liu
    Joseph Liu Year ago

    why can't they develop that cancer stuff on earth?

  • PrimeNebula 04
    PrimeNebula 04 Year ago

    Man I would give anything just to live in the Star Wars universe!

  • Isaac Gavino
    Isaac Gavino Year ago

    Ah, IBM ads.

  • Trevor Brown
    Trevor Brown Year ago

    Lmao Disney and Star Wars can just do whatever the hell they want now can’t they

  • soccertl
    soccertl Year ago +1

    Awesome episode. That news about the cancer attacking stuff was wonderful. Loved seeing the spheres as well, that looked cool. However, I was blown away by the little room with all the windows. That blew me away. Too bad I am so old now, it would be great to go up in space.

  • James Huffman
    James Huffman Year ago

    I need that shirt

  • NEET Vader
    NEET Vader Year ago

    Need warp

  • SWLoreNerd55
    SWLoreNerd55 Year ago +8

    I wish something of star wars was actually real, any one agree?

    • Natsukashii YT
      Natsukashii YT Year ago

      TheKunLineage94 The Force or Lightsabers and like ACTUALLY.

    • SWLoreNerd55
      SWLoreNerd55 Year ago +1

      TONZA [Official] good....

    • TONZA
      TONZA Year ago +1

      TheKunLineage94 The Force is real, just saying.

  • Katie Dennis
    Katie Dennis Year ago

    I’m also a Katie, awkward moment...

  • Roberto Varela
    Roberto Varela Year ago

    YEAH Franklin Chang.... awesome !!!!!

  • Mandy Horning
    Mandy Horning Year ago


  • Star Wars Thoughts
    Star Wars Thoughts Year ago +14

    I want to know the star wars science behind jetpacks

    • Spectral
      Spectral Year ago

      Probably uses normal gasoline fuel, but would take more to gain a lot of thrust, and probably wouldn't be like how mandalorians would use jetpacks, probably would be like the jetpacks from SW battlefront.

    • Jedi Animation
      Jedi Animation Year ago +1

      Yes that would be awesome

  • Tamra Chizmar
    Tamra Chizmar Year ago

    You guy's have a really awesome looking set you do your show's on! Man I'd just love to smoke my medical medicine there and watch everything and everything Star wars. Ehh, except for anything Lego Star wars. My medicine would have to be a higher grade than usual for those versions of it, and im only subscribed to what the Doctor writes me ;).

  • MinionFan1024
    MinionFan1024 Year ago


  • Adrian Guevara Ruiz

    Franklin Chang in Star Wars!!!! woooo Pura Vida CR!!!

    DPM SWIMMER 15 Year ago

    would you like to live on my space station

  • Iron Spider
    Iron Spider Year ago +7


    • Pavan Aujla
      Pavan Aujla Year ago


    • Do not
      Do not Year ago

      doubt it

  • Lego Pete 3
    Lego Pete 3 Year ago

    This is so cheesy

  • Brooks Hit107
    Brooks Hit107 Year ago

    My b-day is the day after TLJ comes out in theaters

  • Teitur B.Hansen
    Teitur B.Hansen Year ago

    was that it no science whit star wars or what

  • james blatterman
    james blatterman Year ago

    Awesome yes

  • Hania Styszko
    Hania Styszko Year ago

    i am 950 like😄

  • CaptREXs501st
    CaptREXs501st Year ago

    Just noticed the chalk wall has arebush

  • khaynn2112
    khaynn2112 Year ago

    Next episode, could you explain the lack of "star wars coherence" regarding the space travels, and specifically on episode 7 and Rogue One, when all travels between planets seem done in a couple of minutes.

  • GALAXIE 67
    GALAXIE 67 Year ago


  • Michael Dadourian
    Michael Dadourian Year ago +3

    I found it extremely enlightening that they solved the problem of potential muscle atrophy from not being able to do resistance training. Now, they can train, at the station; that's necessary for potential prolonged space stays. #StarWars #NASA #ResistanceTraining

  • Babolat Boy
    Babolat Boy Year ago +3

    Do you live on the space station Anthony

  • RC2999
    RC2999 Year ago

    I think this was the best episode so far.

  • Tommy Estrada
    Tommy Estrada Year ago

    Will someone please ask Anthony to live on a space station?

  • Jack Fonseca Villalobos

    Dr. Franlkin Chang Diaz! amazing.

  • Luis Alberto Pérez Nájera

    We all had high expectations with this show but they always find a way to ruin it.

  • Squasher 04
    Squasher 04 Year ago

    Is that Watson the super computer?



  • Michael Charles
    Michael Charles Year ago

    ¿How to quantum code the faster-than-light mechanics of a quantum computer controlle(re)d eMDrive/StarDrive that can enTangle, shortCut and briefCase hyperSpace.
    QC (Quasi Crystal) code 5 seconds ago, kept reCurrent in quantum memory.

    Quantum computer code 7 seconds ago, kept conCurrent through quantum erasure in quantum memory.
    QC code 7 seconds from now's, bLast off?!!

  • darthkonstantinoz

    what do the astronauts do on their free time? do they watch movies/tv shows? do they have special screenings of movies like those of the star wars franchise, or do they have to return home to watch them?

  • G1 Smokescreen
    G1 Smokescreen Year ago +3

    Could we get a real life X-wing fighter? I heard that the Military are working on releasing a new A-10 Warthog 2 that resembles an X-Wing! 😮

  • Jacob Binsfeld
    Jacob Binsfeld Year ago +6

    I want to buy an X-wing

  • Joe Kerr
    Joe Kerr Year ago +174

    I can't help but notice that the viewport on the ISS looks strangely similar to a TIE viewport😊

    • JøshDaNørwegianMøøse
      JøshDaNørwegianMøøse Year ago

      They did copy practice bawls

    • Joe Kerr
      Joe Kerr Year ago

      leftyfourguns this is very true

    • leftyfourguns
      leftyfourguns Year ago +1

      That octagonal/honeycomb structure is one of the most strong and stable structures that exists in nature. There's a reason its used everywhere from microscopic organic structures all the way to space ships

    • Just a Channel
      Just a Channel Year ago

      should creat a tie fighter wen im old enough or ill just join them

    • J Naydich
      J Naydich Year ago


  • altri
    altri Year ago

    The US socks 😂😂

  • Mr. Fresh - The Boys
    Mr. Fresh - The Boys Year ago +43

    Just wait for it when one day the Death Star appears above earth and we all recognize that George Lucas was no director but a prophet... Hopefully he was right with the weaknesses of the space station...

    • OrbT Snake
      OrbT Snake Year ago +1


    • dn30001
      dn30001 Year ago +2

      With the current state of politics and this world, you can say George was kinda of a prophet already with the prequels' storyline as corny as it may seem

    • Riddizle
      Riddizle Year ago +2

      well thats easy. just look for the son of the big bad dude in that death star

    • Dimitri Petrenko
      Dimitri Petrenko Year ago +2

      But whos gonna be luke?

  • DC Caleb
    DC Caleb Year ago +79

    You know what they say: born too late to explore the world, born too early to explore the universe

    • ESBA
      ESBA Year ago +5

      Born just in time to explore dank memes

    • Lieutenant Nomad
      Lieutenant Nomad Year ago +1


    • SkyStrider
      SkyStrider Year ago +4

      DC Caleb , that's not true at all! There is still so much for you to explore in the world! Even if you aren't the first person to discover them, to explore the wonders of the world is still just as rewarding.
      As for space exploration though, (and I'm as excited for that as anyone), remember that technological breakthroughs usually come when everyone least expects them! (Like say, the light bulb, the airplane, ect.)

    • Hezekiah Rodriguez
      Hezekiah Rodriguez Year ago +1

      DC Caleb I've never heard of that saying, but it seems to true. 😁👌

    • Flaaketopy
      Flaaketopy Year ago

      DC Caleb must be really fearsome to explore the galaxy

  • 797ation
    797ation Year ago +53

    It takes 40 hours to get to the nearest star.

    • O T
      O T Year ago +2

      The nearest star is called The Sun.

    • Jonathan Kysar
      Jonathan Kysar Year ago +1

      Clank bruh, the sun

    • 797ation
      797ation Year ago

      Grand Admiral Thrawn :)

    • 797ation
      797ation Year ago

      Grand Admiral Thrawn Because it's the future!

    • Grand Admiral Thrawn
      Grand Admiral Thrawn Year ago

      how can it take only 40 hours when there's only 700,00 people in the world?

  • Hesse Oosting
    Hesse Oosting Year ago

    Wauw. This is awesome!!!

  • MrDirtMan
    MrDirtMan Year ago +5

    Next do it themed around Droids!!!

  • Merijn Manse
    Merijn Manse Year ago

    fiftyninth, but nobody cares

  • Michael Gustin
    Michael Gustin Year ago +1


  • T Mo T
    T Mo T Year ago +3

    Question: why must that cancer cell experiment be done in space? Can't it be done on Earth?

    • Luis Alberto Pérez Nájera
      Luis Alberto Pérez Nájera Year ago

      Tianhaku Control is key to find correct treatments.

    • T Mo T
      T Mo T Year ago

      Alex Williamson'sadventures But they are doing the research on cancer cells and not on actual humans aren't they?

    • Alex Williamson's blind adventures
      Alex Williamson's blind adventures Year ago

      The reason why is because of a 100+-year-old law. This law prevents scientist from Performing any new kind of cancer research on a human. So if you’re out of earth’s Jurisdiction, No one can do anythingabout it.So When they figure out a way to kill them Completely, all they will have to do is inject The anti-body Into the Part of the body that is effected, then the problem that has killed so many will be solved.

    • Noah Poeta
      Noah Poeta Year ago +1

      Tianna kurz it's probably done both on the planet and in orbit to compare the results.

  • Billy Jeffs
    Billy Jeffs Year ago +8

    Cue the flat earthers....

  • Nathan Parrish
    Nathan Parrish Year ago

    That was very freaking cool! I also love space!