Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game Announcement!

  • Published on Mar 23, 2018
  • Kickstarter will be LIVE on April 4th, 2018, please consider supporting our project!
    *This is a Re-upload of original version I took down as I was requested by licencors to focus this video to one Franchise only. Yes, we are still working on future upcoming licenses for the Universal Tactics System but will reveal those separately in due time! I've added more detailed models as a bonus on the turntables! Thanks for your support!
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Comments • 963

  • AngryJoeShow
    AngryJoeShow  Year ago +51

    Hey guys,
    I flubbed up on the math in that pre-launch kickstarter page preview. But wanted to be as transparent as possible so making an update here!
    Our manufacturer recently updated us on the costs of producing a $120 pledge level, due to the size and number of painting operations on these highly detailed mini's and the fact that we were including 12 additional free stretch goal miniatures with accompanying 40-card decks for each (more than you're actually paying for, 8 in the set), we were losing money if we unlocked them all for each backer (going negative). Rather than lower the amount of miniatures or reducing the miniatures quality we have adjusted this single pledge level to reflect the realistic cost. The other pledge levels will remain unaffected. As always we strive to be as transparent and as open as possible with our fans & backers.
    We look forward to seeing you for the Kickstarter launch on April 4th!

    • ejaylatino
      ejaylatino Year ago

      Would you ship to Australia if I where to get one

    • Jackson Slade
      Jackson Slade Year ago

      Hey Joe! Don't think I don't see Vegeta and piccolo's colors!

    • Graeme Evans
      Graeme Evans Year ago

      just curious but i noticed something, do you actually have any production quality painted figures that this company is going to be producing? it looks like all the shots of the finished minatures are all cgi. even the shots of the minatures on the game board, they are just cgi too?

    • Dr. Godehard Elsing
      Dr. Godehard Elsing Year ago

      Well it's April 4th! here in Europe (almost over).
      Can't find anything on KS right now.
      Or is it April 4th 2019? :D

  • qwertyman459
    qwertyman459 Month ago

    mortal combat has some shoes to fill you went all in with this game. great job joe.

  • Importman2009
    Importman2009 4 months ago

    Next KS - characters that didn't make it into this and player 2 variants. Cheers

  • hardcoreviolenceshow
    hardcoreviolenceshow 4 months ago

    I am still super hyped to receive this next year. My dad was like $280 for a board game? But the models and decks alone can easily be compared to similar items in the market and in total it's an amazing deal. What I love most is that system you and Alex made, I really like how you tried to smooth out dice roll randomness, and also the multiplayer gang up mechanic.

  • Dragon Nex
    Dragon Nex 8 months ago

    What about dragon ball the miniatures game

  • Haziq Razali
    Haziq Razali Year ago

    Board games are not as popular as computer games in my country. Will there be an online version of this (like PTCGO) because Id very much support it.

  • JTMC93
    JTMC93 Year ago

    Seems almost like you guys need to have this version that is exclusive then a later version with 1 map, 2 characters, and all components necessary for them.
    Like a Versus set that basically breaks the base game out into multiple packages and allows you to collect it piecemeal.
    (Something I plan for my own game.)
    Edit: this also would help people who can't get in on the kickstarter to get the game. Even if it is more expensive and more difficult. It also opens the ability to make future expansions easily.

  • Romeoosso Gaming
    Romeoosso Gaming Year ago

    Won’t be able to buy one right away for financial reasons but later on I’ll absolutely splurge and buy it all.

  • Ori No Game No Sekai

    Where's the link to the game??? >>> I fuc*ing want it

  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones Year ago

    The miniatures look great..the actual board looks so genetic and plain..I'm surprised the board isn't more urban setting..

    NAK3DxSNAKE Year ago

    Dude Joe! You worked on this! You finally get a sub from me.

  • Leon Li
    Leon Li Year ago

    really really happy for u joe
    this is your fan from china
    watch ur video since 2014

  • Chris R
    Chris R Year ago

    Sad to see a small forest here.

  • Vincent Video
    Vincent Video Year ago +1


  • PsiJohnics
    PsiJohnics Year ago

    Is Joe the game designer? Lead designer?

  • Karnage Fails
    Karnage Fails Year ago

    Joe.....this is FUCKING AWESOME!!!! I want one.....NOW!

  • Dahveed
    Dahveed Year ago

    I'm just imagining myself in your shoes right now, I can't imagine how exhilarating and nerve-wracking it must be! Gratz on completing your game, I hope you succeed!

  • Ra Gaming
    Ra Gaming Year ago

    Looks Badass Joe

  • Alex Barlow
    Alex Barlow Year ago


  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown Year ago

    I was skeptical at first Joe. But now I just want to support you and your ambition! The quality in these figures has motivated me!!!!!!

  • K Mir
    K Mir Year ago

    Dude, this is so dope!

  • NinjaBryden
    NinjaBryden Year ago

    Well that was pretty inspirational. FInna make my own minatures game rq brb

  • DarkTeam PVP
    DarkTeam PVP Year ago

    Pls come to Brazil

  • Just Norwegian
    Just Norwegian Year ago

    Why does This pre order thing remind me of The Watch dogs pre order

  • Glenn Urrea
    Glenn Urrea Year ago

    So dope! Can we please get Sodom or Karin in there? I will be forced to purchase this if they are included! Who am I kidding I'll probably get this anyway. SF: TMG II Turbo!!!

  • Valeria Caissa
    Valeria Caissa Year ago

    No Cammy in the entire Kickstarter?

  • iamfiefo
    iamfiefo Year ago

    When's Mahvel? When's Marvel vs Capcom: The Miniature Game?
    In seriousness tho, the figures look really good and I think I would buy it just for that. But I'm in the Philippines so I don't know if I'm eligible to have it shipped here.

  • Del Inuzuka
    Del Inuzuka Year ago

    I see Piccolo!!!! Dragon ball incoming too! :o

  • LegendaryZiggs
    LegendaryZiggs Year ago

    Lol looks like no one noticed that the blurred cards on the bottom right are Dragon Ball Z characters. You can see Vegeta in the centre top and picolo on the bottom left :P

  • John Platt
    John Platt Year ago

    Hi AngryJoeShow just asking about will your Street Fighter minis
    Boardgame be released in Europe and what will it be selling for?.
    Many thanks and best regards for your show and your great Boardgame.

  • Baz H
    Baz H Year ago


  • Ryan Bunce
    Ryan Bunce Year ago

    Awesome job joe. Let’s get started on that mortal Kombat one now ok? 👌

  • Hakusheri
    Hakusheri Year ago

    just heard about this... holy shit this looks good

  • tiago pimenta
    tiago pimenta Year ago

    Im glad for you joe!! This is probably the best channel in youtube!! Tks for all

  • Yolo Swaggins
    Yolo Swaggins Year ago

    I've always wanted to back a kickstarter especially these kind of big projects. This looks phenomenal so I'm in Joe!

  • Atanas Tsanevski
    Atanas Tsanevski Year ago

    Amazing video keep up the good work angry joe 💪💪💪

  • Grabakr Fen
    Grabakr Fen Year ago

    Looks cool

  • keith miles
    keith miles Year ago

    Show some gAme play

  • Sylas Grayson
    Sylas Grayson Year ago

    Will versions with other licenses be cross-compatible with each other? Like how Warmachine and Hordes are compatible with each other.

  • Balogh Mihály
    Balogh Mihály Year ago

    Actually the miniatures alone are worth the price in my opinion.

  • Dumah36
    Dumah36 Year ago

    I don't see a link.
    I have also never done a kick starter before.
    Can I pledge yet or is this just a preview?

  • Errold Tumaque
    Errold Tumaque Year ago

    i love the miniatures

  • liam white
    liam white Year ago

    I had a Hearthstone add before vid lol

  • Evil Deedz
    Evil Deedz Year ago

    What other game you made? You Side you normally review games but now making gameS. What's the street fighter is it a board game or digital download. Free to play/ physical copy on disk?

  • PhoenixOfMight Gaming

    whens it going live today? been checking kickstarter and nothings appeared.

  • Facepalm Jesus
    Facepalm Jesus Year ago

    I wait till I get my Blanca! :) Good luck to your project! I would prefer an MK board game though cause of fatalities! think about it ;)

  • octivia
    octivia Year ago

    I don't know, I'm still not so sure about these HappyJoe videos. GL, I guess, and don't give up on the game reviews please!

  • gr8oone007
    gr8oone007 Year ago

    Are those, by chance, LOOTBOXES I see on that board Joe?!?!

  • Yazuki Wolf
    Yazuki Wolf Year ago

    So is this already approved by Capcom? Or are you planning to get the license after the kickstarter?

  • Jerry Orizal
    Jerry Orizal Year ago

    need that evil ryu and shin/oni gouki for fan service lol this is amazing Joe. ill definitely invest when you tag the link

  • Chronos Vincent
    Chronos Vincent Year ago

    YeaH Karin is there! now Bring us Menat too!

  • Arthur Franco
    Arthur Franco Year ago

    Shipping worldwide? Brazil wants it 🙃

  • Ymcha
    Ymcha Year ago

    What is the situation for orders out side the US (more specifically the EU)

  • Gian Meyer
    Gian Meyer Year ago

    This looks awesome will people outside the USA be able to get it as well

  • runeboyz7
    runeboyz7 Year ago

    figures remind me of Heroclix

  • Scott Johnston
    Scott Johnston Year ago

    I'd prefer if minatures were unpainted so I could do them myself.

  • Wabin22
    Wabin22 Year ago

    80 dollars for the core game? Man that's really cool!
    Looks really amazing :)
    If Blanka's in it - sign me up!

  • Axel Abbott
    Axel Abbott Year ago

    retail option available? Local game store here so want to support but cant without the option :)

  • Nathan Stiles
    Nathan Stiles Year ago

    Joe, I hope you don't forget about Street Fighter I. Birdie and the teleporting ninja Geki are awesome forgotten characters.

  • Damon Byrd
    Damon Byrd Year ago

    No Guile?

  • Cyrosphere 01
    Cyrosphere 01 Year ago

    No joke, I want 2 bonus characters to be angry Joe and corporate commander!

  • Azrael the Grumpy Hedgehog

    Awesome video there is Mortal Kombat your next Project lol

  • Maldus Alver
    Maldus Alver Year ago

    Have you sent any to the Dice Tower or reserved a spot at Gencon?

  • Joe K.
    Joe K. Year ago

    Wish more private individuals did things like this! Nicely done sir!

  • Bladeninja76
    Bladeninja76 Year ago

    Dang, this is a really ambitious project, especially with the quality of those "miniatures" (they don't look miniature).

  • Sterling S
    Sterling S Year ago

    Nice dragon ball cards on the right, especially the piccolo one.

  • Fudge Biscuit
    Fudge Biscuit Year ago


  • Templar Crow
    Templar Crow Year ago

    love the honesty

  • Geeky Heathen
    Geeky Heathen Year ago

    Dude I'm super excited for this! I definitely want this to work so I can see more franchises. Can this be preordered now? Or are you going to share a link to the website on April 4th?

  • xcmon3yx777
    xcmon3yx777 Year ago

    its dumb..............., collector item

  • Patrick D
    Patrick D Year ago

    If you buy the main game for 80 dollars. Can you buy the street fighter 4 expansion seperate. My main charaxter is yuri. Thats why I ask ?? And yes this is amazing :). Even only for the figures I would have bought it :)

  • raymond goodwin
    raymond goodwin Year ago


  • Alex Araiza
    Alex Araiza Year ago

    I hate but love kickstarter because there are so many amazing projects. I will be backing it completely!

  • Alexander Nicklasson

    Fuk man..... I can see how much effort you put in to this and but i can't afford to buy it. Plz don't get sad or think we don't like it if it flops. It proably is because alot of kids watch you or young teenagers who just don't have the money. Love you keep up the great work joe

  • Adam Dufty
    Adam Dufty Year ago

    Looks awesome. First Street Fighter character I ever played as was Blanka, so he'll always hold a special place for me. Hope he makes it into the Kickstarter, and that I have enough cash to afford this by then.
    Would also be nice if Birdie (as one of the originals still in the series) and Cammy (one of the more iconic not from the main SF2 game) can also find their way in.

  • Kotor
    Kotor Year ago

    Looks promising. too bad i dont have money...

  • Johny Andrew
    Johny Andrew Year ago

    Joe I am proud of you . You combined the three things I love . Fighting games , board games and angry joe . I am all in with you man . I love this concept .

  • marlow.e ncna
    marlow.e ncna Year ago

    TB has to get 1

  • Milkiest Cookie
    Milkiest Cookie Year ago

    Blurred DBZ?

  • TRez5000
    TRez5000 Year ago

    Please consider putting up a demo of the game on Tabletop Simulator. I'm sure a modder from the community would be more than happy to help you out. I hardly ever buy a boardgame anymore unless I try it out on Tabletop Simulator first to make sure I'll like it.

  • buasudah
    buasudah Year ago

    great looking stuff

  • Zach Delagarza
    Zach Delagarza Year ago

    ALSO, PLZ add a Cammy Mini! i literally named my fucking dog after her, like i need another Cammy figure in my life. lol

  • Zach Delagarza
    Zach Delagarza Year ago

    im actually really hyped about this. you should go back and redo your review since Arcade Edition came out! especially since the update was free!

  • korofrog
    korofrog Year ago

    Prepainted minis?! Just take my money.

  • UncleMilo
    UncleMilo Year ago

    I hope it succeeds and we get expansions... because I sure as hell want Sakura and Karin!!
    (Oh...I saw them later in the video!! FANTASTIC!!)

    • UncleMilo
      UncleMilo Year ago

      Obviously, I'll be backing it! :)

  • Dan Vercillo
    Dan Vercillo Year ago

    This looks amazing, Joe knows fun! I'm not even good at fighting games. Just having the board and pieces on display is inviting and looks amazing. +1 for Chun Li and those Lotus Blossom trees.

  • Valter Fox
    Valter Fox Year ago

    Corporate Commander character pls.

  • Vichayut Tangoon
    Vichayut Tangoon Year ago

    Im not a fan of board game but this looks so amazing GREAT JOB JOE

  • lovetownsend
    lovetownsend Year ago

    I can't believe you did this! Wow i thought u were sponsering someone but u did this! I'm proud of you Joe :)

    FC3STORMENTOR Year ago

    Congratulations on your success you deserve it. I wish you The very best in your passion projects, set by out sights.

  • Jager Vick
    Jager Vick Year ago +1

    Good luck, man! I'm definitely in!

  • killashark 408
    killashark 408 Year ago

    This games looks sick Joe and the figures look dope I'm definitely in to buy

  • Fortieth Rook
    Fortieth Rook Year ago

    I can't find it on kick starter

  • Eddie Scott
    Eddie Scott Year ago

    Cool I've never played a board game like that. You have me interested

  • Agustín Martinez

    YOU WIN!
    Great job Joe.

  • Jerry Gonzalez
    Jerry Gonzalez Year ago

    Supper expensive fuck that

  • Kevin Moore
    Kevin Moore Year ago

    i'm in

  • I_Be_ Mr.J
    I_Be_ Mr.J Year ago

    cant wait for the DBZ one

  • SynphamyOfficial
    SynphamyOfficial Year ago

    Can i just buy the figures? They look cool as heck, i'm not really a board gamer and i'd never find the situation to actually play this with anyone.

  • Mishpãré Urśhjìlk

    Ok a fighting game, with all the intensity of a slow game of monopoly