Can You Trust Kurzgesagt Videos?

  • Can you trust our videos? How do we research them nowadays? And what about our older videos?
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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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    • Ben Dover
      Ben Dover 5 days ago


    • 1000 subs no vids
      1000 subs no vids 10 days ago

      Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell can you trust a kerzgesagt video telling us if we can trust you?

    • ernesto che guevara
      ernesto che guevara Month ago

      ur fan from iraq ❤❤❤
      i can trust this channel

    • Ice Cream Wolf 1
      Ice Cream Wolf 1 3 months ago

      Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell I cannot make a bird :(

      AGEN RAHASIA 4 months ago

      I like your videos but I’m confused how you came up with the name kurgezagt

  • X_24GA gh56
    X_24GA gh56 5 hours ago

    Uhhmm idk..

  • Jeffrey Steelman
    Jeffrey Steelman 9 hours ago

    Is it possible to clone ourselves and the do a head transplant to live longer on the clones body?

    SHRABIDY _ 16 hours ago

    The fact that you made this video makes you trustworthy in my eyes

  • James Thyparambil
    James Thyparambil 17 hours ago

    Love the videos... Keep up the Good Work... Cheers!!!

  • Daniele Cantini
    Daniele Cantini 19 hours ago

    The best Channel I found since I born

  • mintydog06
    mintydog06 19 hours ago

    I trust the birds implicitly

  • Tully Cockerham
    Tully Cockerham Day ago

    Why re-search?

  • David H
    David H Day ago

    I love you guys

  • C-yA
    C-yA Day ago

    There was not one time I didn't trust you, Kurzgezagt

  • SevenDeMagnus
    SevenDeMagnus 2 days ago

    Cool, I love how Kurzgesagt take responsibility and that's humility.

  • Josny13
    Josny13 2 days ago

    1:08 And somehow you still missed the fact that there are many people who live alone and are happy as it is. Portraying it as thought loneliness is something you need to snap out of by being social. No you don't. So introverts don't need to feel pressured to have to interact with others. You can snap out of it and be happy alone as well.
    1:52 Heh.. Got me there.
    *It makes me incredibly happy to see that you understand very well that sensationalizing a topic, might get more views and people might be entertained, but don't help at all.* This is one thing the shows in the usa get wrong constantly. Leading to a lot of misinformation through shows that do very well, keeping them in business. It doesn't help that facts are often boring. But putting in the effort to make the information entertaining to absorb means you care more about making the truth more appealing, than appealing alone.

    SEYREK OYUNCU 2 days ago


  • Rodney Johnstone
    Rodney Johnstone 2 days ago

    I trust the birds.

  • Rodney Johnstone
    Rodney Johnstone 2 days ago

    Every entity should continually be self reflecting and evolving. I am so glad Kurzgesagt is not only doing so but also communicating about it's necessity for trust.

  • Carry Zheng
    Carry Zheng 2 days ago

    we trust you!

  • Druid10
    Druid10 2 days ago +1

    Kurzgesagt is clearly biased, but still useful

  • HappyOttere
    HappyOttere 3 days ago +2

    Yes, you can trust them.

  • James Clune
    James Clune 3 days ago

    What if they just said no

  • Oof Lol
    Oof Lol 3 days ago +1

    Plot twist

    You cant

    • gold ingot
      gold ingot 2 days ago

      @Oof Lol [Proceeds to write a novel sized article are explaining why you are wrong]

    • Oof Lol
      Oof Lol 3 days ago

      Jk it’s a joke please don’t yell at me

  • 백백
    백백 3 days ago

    0:02 yes!

  • Anfrew
    Anfrew 3 days ago +2

    image of Obama giving himself a medal

  • Nazim Badani
    Nazim Badani 3 days ago +1

    I like how you are so objective

  • Champions of the World.

    0:36 thicc

  • Jawad Bin Towhid
    Jawad Bin Towhid 3 days ago

    I’ve always loved watching kurzgesagt videos. They put complex and critical contents in a very short and yet with no integrity loss videos into our feeble perspectives.

  • Арнур Кудайберген

    Ну что вы? У вас самый качественный видео и 100% информация.Я вас смотрю из Казахстана, не знаю англиский язык смотрю с субтитрами)) Пользы больше чем смотреть клипы)

  • Joy Majumdar
    Joy Majumdar 3 days ago

    You people are doing well. Always try to improve. You can also toddler and us science and geography etc. So that we learn with simplicity. Keep it up guys

  • Movie Trailers
    Movie Trailers 4 days ago +1

    Lot of effort 🤔

  • LANO
    LANO 4 days ago

    I spent like 10 minutes rewinding the first 5 seconds trying to learn bow to pronounce the channel name 💀

  • Chavez Joseph
    Chavez Joseph 4 days ago +1

    I clicked to hear how the channels name is pronounced

  • T
    T 4 days ago

    It's great that the vidos have a translation. ❤️👍

  • T
    T 4 days ago

    I follow you from Syria and trust you and you explain in a wonderful way👍

  • Vandana Singh
    Vandana Singh 4 days ago

    Whivh software do u use for animation

  • Lazy Username
    Lazy Username 4 days ago

    Ah yes, "Can you trust Kurzgesagt" made my Kurzgesagt.

  • Gabriel Pech
    Gabriel Pech 4 days ago

    i hopefully if translate all videos for others languages, especially for child's of others countries

  • Abhijit Sai Mandava
    Abhijit Sai Mandava 4 days ago +1

    I trust you whole-heartedly!! Hell! You guys are the most credible sources of information I've ever seen on TheXvid and you guys are honest about your mistakes too! That's something extremely rare these days. Thumbs Up and hats off to your effort and a big THANKS to all involved in these videos.

  • Lil sawblade
    Lil sawblade 4 days ago


  • ECAL Panticnic
    ECAL Panticnic 4 days ago

    I trust kurtzpel too

  • Aikon Latigid
    Aikon Latigid 4 days ago

    It just video anyway, you can simply believe or ignore

  • Kronos_Gaming
    Kronos_Gaming 4 days ago

    Please don't ever change the person talking, I will be heartbroken :(

  • Charles Hartmann
    Charles Hartmann 4 days ago

    its not a nutshell

  • Bellybob
    Bellybob 4 days ago

    The most honest channel in youtube

    You have my respect

  • Pandora Atlas
    Pandora Atlas 4 days ago


  • Annette Hollis
    Annette Hollis 5 days ago

    Kurzgesagt is great

  • haroon nazar
    haroon nazar 5 days ago

    I Believe without watching this episode

  • Mun Jatkumo
    Mun Jatkumo 5 days ago

    Hi team Kurzgesagt. And especially Philipp.
    I apologise for having taken part in the Coffee break-mob over a year ago. I wrote you people one comment "Hey, I saw the Coffee break-video.", a mean spirited gotcha.
    I didn`t realize back then that I was taking part in a cancellation mob. I instead thought we were just a bunch of people who were fairly criticizing a big TheXvidr for a cock-up. I didn`t realize that maybe the whole thing might affect (not just Philipps, but all of) your mental health badly. I hope nobody sent you death threats.
    It would`ve been much better if I had instead commented Stephen that maybe he should talk about this privately with Philipp, and left your video alone.
    I`m sorry.

  • solobaru1
    solobaru1 5 days ago

    Thumbs up for Kurzgesagt's honesty about previous videos

  • Kürşad Gültekin
    Kürşad Gültekin 5 days ago

    This might be the best video I've ever seen. Keep up to good work !!! Please. World needs this kind of views.

  • Sendy Setiawan
    Sendy Setiawan 5 days ago

    I trust you because you make the video with awesome animation on it. Imagine a random youtube channel give us a hoax or fake information with a cool animation, that Will be the dumbest thing i ever see.

  • sohail Mazz
    sohail Mazz 5 days ago

    The anwer is NO

    REGAN LY 6 days ago

    Video: can you trust this video?
    Me: ????????

  • Jack Huang
    Jack Huang 6 days ago

    you give me so much information

  • Jack Huang
    Jack Huang 6 days ago

    I trust you man

  • Sonia Sultana
    Sonia Sultana 6 days ago

    I Trust YOU

  • Anh Minh Nguyễn
    Anh Minh Nguyễn 6 days ago

    i trust Kurzgesagt

  • Pure PerLie
    Pure PerLie 6 days ago

    "We want to be proud of our work."
    It's touching.

  • Pang Porno
    Pang Porno 6 days ago

    Yea i trust :)♥

    PACIFIC GAMER 7 days ago

    the birds are cute who animated this?

  • Sheena Violet
    Sheena Violet 7 days ago +1

    We love you Kurzgesagt.....and we do appreciate the hard work done by cute little Birds

  • Ryan Nguyen
    Ryan Nguyen 7 days ago +1

    I imagine sending a teleporter to Bill Gates containing the script made by birds

  • joy freg
    joy freg 7 days ago

    dat bird had a buttox.

  • Tristan Griffitts
    Tristan Griffitts 7 days ago

    Can u trust kurzgesagt made by kurzgesagt.

  • {Janiez Fun}ØwO
    {Janiez Fun}ØwO 7 days ago

    Well, it says "in a nutshell"... Soooo....

  • BlazingShadowSword
    BlazingShadowSword 7 days ago

    I'm looking forward to your new and improved addiction video. As someone prone to addiction I'll look forward to the information and (highly unlikely) correct some things.
    It's never so simple, addiction, but it is misunderstood.

  • Zach Davey
    Zach Davey 7 days ago

    So did you not think confounding factors and funding bias counts as contradictory research?

  • jakobi
    jakobi 7 days ago +1

    12 months ago

  • ContinuousPursuit
    ContinuousPursuit 7 days ago

    If everyone would do it that way we'd be a type 2 civilisation already👅

  • Yurie Nikifirov
    Yurie Nikifirov 8 days ago

    The idiots who claims to know more than kurzgesagt, you should go fucking do ur own research you dumb fucks

  • that random coffee addict

    I love you guys, I get sad a lot, but in a weird way, these videos really cheers me up

  • Seza Fink
    Seza Fink 9 days ago +1

    I am literally tearing up at how proud I am of these strangers :'l

  • Ben Putman
    Ben Putman 9 days ago

    i like it

  • Parzivale Seris
    Parzivale Seris 9 days ago +1

    0:29 why is the birb *thicc*?

  • Hong Seng Chan
    Hong Seng Chan 9 days ago

    I trust you

  • Sebastian Rock
    Sebastian Rock 9 days ago

    Answer: no shit.

  • Dhaniel Arya
    Dhaniel Arya 9 days ago

    is the narrator a duck or a bird

  • Aziz Al Ameen
    Aziz Al Ameen 9 days ago

    Such hard work. Appreciation

  • armyonceuu
    armyonceuu 9 days ago

    I just watch because of ur voice

  • Daniel Catan
    Daniel Catan 10 days ago

    I trust your videos without this information.

  • Dhaniel Arya
    Dhaniel Arya 10 days ago

    how can I trust this video huh!

  • Ian Turley
    Ian Turley 10 days ago

    if they could be trusted,
    why would they be trying to prove that they could be trusted??