Letting my best friend decide what I eat for 24 hours...

  • Published on Jun 16, 2019
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    Letting my best friend decide what I eat for 24 hours...
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Comments • 881

  • Camy fiver 5
    Camy fiver 5 Day ago

    Why does Luca not have an 8 pack yet kinda disgusted ngl

  • oisin owens
    oisin owens 3 days ago +1

    Your friend is a hobo

  • Jamie Still
    Jamie Still 8 days ago

    at the end of that intro i cracked up

  • Will Manley
    Will Manley 12 days ago

    Use the Lemon!

  • gaming master
    gaming master 15 days ago

    Bro it's the nicest thing I wish I can eat it all day

  • Xtreme Angler
    Xtreme Angler 15 days ago

    Matt:Like because it's fathers day and I'm a father and if you don't your punching Luca in the face.

    Me:Outstanding move.

  • Connor Mccleary
    Connor Mccleary 17 days ago

    He just sucked a hard willie.
    Edit: On fathers day.

  • Jack France
    Jack France 18 days ago +1

    7k of 1mill

  • All Things Nice
    All Things Nice 19 days ago


  • Fahrudin Nakicevic
    Fahrudin Nakicevic 20 days ago

    Dunno about you all - but look at Lucas core! That beautiful boy is going places! You are quite literally a role model Matt, and you have gained a follower for life! Love the content mate, keep it up!

  • Adam Ramirez
    Adam Ramirez 21 day ago

    All that seafood looks very good

  • Lunar Queen
    Lunar Queen 21 day ago +1

    Does anyone know what that thing he puts on his torso when he’s reaching a limit is called? Sorry I’m kind of an idiot

    • Tom Barlow
      Tom Barlow 20 days ago

      Lunar Queen its called a lifting belt, it reduces stress on the spine when you lift heavy weights

  • antony kulik
    antony kulik 21 day ago

    "Enjoy buddy" .....that was evil...lol

  • Lucas Jackson
    Lucas Jackson 21 day ago

    At 9 minutes u were so close to dropping them on your foot

  • antony kulik
    antony kulik 21 day ago

    Love oysters

  • antony kulik
    antony kulik 21 day ago

    Eels un Aspic......gross...

  • Freda Ke
    Freda Ke 21 day ago

    Imagine Matt on Hot Ones

  • Michael Ferrante
    Michael Ferrante 23 days ago

    Raw oysters are amazing

  • footballstar757
    footballstar757 23 days ago +1

    Omar: "Good Willies?"
    Matt: "I've had better"

  • Katherine Blue
    Katherine Blue 23 days ago

    Surely meal worms aren’t vegan 😂😂

  • Chicken sniper
    Chicken sniper 24 days ago +1

    I love ur videos and Luca i think he should be in more videos

  • B BB
    B BB Month ago +1

    arent theese "24 hour challenges" only 12 hours or so if you start on the in the morning xD

  • Martin Gorton
    Martin Gorton Month ago

    If anyone aver hit your son I'd hunt them down, shit in a bag, light it on fire, knock on their door and then shoot them. You have the most adorable son in the world. I am also a father but your son's cuteness trumps my kids any day. Keep Luka (prob wrong spelling) in your into's because he is just adorable.

  • DrBogan
    DrBogan Month ago +1

    “Good Willy’s?”
    “I’ve had better”

  • Andoni Augoustatos
    Andoni Augoustatos Month ago +1

    Is it me or is Matt really fussy

  • Ni Komang Duriani
    Ni Komang Duriani Month ago

    Could u put the subtitles please, so i can understand what luca said .. thank you

  • J G
    J G Month ago

    🐛 🐛 🐛 🐛

  • kingofmonra
    kingofmonra Month ago

    He eats worms but he's vegan?

  • SKG Plasmalord
    SKG Plasmalord Month ago

    When you said oma it reminded me of my oma that died😭😭 (oma is my great gran who lived in Poland)

  • Esle' Le Roux
    Esle' Le Roux Month ago

    Let luca control your diet for a day PLEASE

  • Davis Family
    Davis Family Month ago +1

    When u have no problem eating meal worms but practically throw up because of a creamy latte??? Hahah

  • Giovanni Jimenez
    Giovanni Jimenez Month ago

    the girl in the back at 19:17 is me

  • Martine O
    Martine O Month ago

    Those are not mini pancakes they are called "poffertjes" haha

  • Swordswipe W
    Swordswipe W Month ago

    What are mins it’s called minuets

  • Samuel Edwards UK
    Samuel Edwards UK Month ago

    What’s the belt for?

  • tylycia Hancock
    tylycia Hancock Month ago

    😂😂 I love your channel .

  • Real Seamus
    Real Seamus Month ago

    Matt: *offers his vegan friend crab*

  • Isabella Puff
    Isabella Puff Month ago

    You should not have drawn on Luca with marker.

  • Beth Winstanley
    Beth Winstanley Month ago +1

    I thought ur friend was vegan and he knows every type of fish 🤣

  • Neela Farid
    Neela Farid Month ago

    Your son is the cutest & funniest! I’m a new subscriber & literally bench watched sooo many of your videos! I love your family💕

  • Isac Hamre
    Isac Hamre Month ago

    The Intro was gooooold

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith Month ago

    you need a new friend 😂😂

  • Sam Anderson
    Sam Anderson 2 months ago

    @MattDoesFitness I’ve already watched this video but watching it ago over 2 months later and I just want to say you are a absolutely trooper, can’t believe you are all that seafood for lunch hahahaha.

  • Arianne Emslie
    Arianne Emslie 2 months ago

    His friend isn’t vegan if he is giving him mealworms and suggesting he eats sea food 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Skylar Swartz
    Skylar Swartz 2 months ago

    So his friend is most definitely not vegan 😂

  • SkyeBoo13
    SkyeBoo13 2 months ago +1

    I love how amusing omar found you eating the seafood😂

  • Catherine Turner
    Catherine Turner 2 months ago

    That lunch is my idea of heaven

  • Deep Thought 101
    Deep Thought 101 2 months ago

    22:09 we not gonna talk about how cute Luca is here

  • TL C
    TL C 2 months ago

    Are mealworms vegan? Serious question

  • tammy ramsden
    tammy ramsden 2 months ago

    Matt that's probably healthiest meal I'm your life enjoy sea food is good for you

  • Olivia Charlotte
    Olivia Charlotte 2 months ago +3

    Omg if he is eating mealworms that’s not vegan

  • Linda Hodgson
    Linda Hodgson 2 months ago

    Let luca decide what you eat for 24 hour's

  • Tony Mccartan
    Tony Mccartan 2 months ago

    Crisps or biscuits for a day

  • Tony Mccartan
    Tony Mccartan 2 months ago

    Hahaha the fish had me laughing my head off

  • Niklas Dohrmann Termansen

    Vegan food Are STUPIT expensive !🤢

  • Ethan 01
    Ethan 01 3 months ago

    Look on the thumbnail above the 9 it says the actual price it’s £25.23 not £126.99

  • CoasterCrazy
    CoasterCrazy 3 months ago

    I thought your head was going to blow up at 24:00 !! lmao

  • XxSlayerProxX 01
    XxSlayerProxX 01 3 months ago

    Vegan = eats mealworms

  • oliver tyas
    oliver tyas 3 months ago

    19:16 why is there a dead child ?

  • Knieper 04
    Knieper 04 3 months ago

    A 500 pound deadlift 💀 my max is 320 😂