AngryJoe Previews MXM!

  • Published on Jan 8, 2017
  • Check it out Here:
    AngryJoe Previews a New Upcoming MOBA in this Promotional video!
    We participated in the 1st Competitive Tournament but also the most recent Alpha Test and have been really loving this one! Keep your eye on it and certainly give it a try! More on this in 2017!
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Comments • 1 379

  • Kirby Dizon
    Kirby Dizon Year ago

    Why the dislikes?...

  • braf zachland
    braf zachland Year ago

    i love this game....what is it called again..."smite the heroes of the league of dota"?

  • braf zachland
    braf zachland Year ago

    heroes of the storm = characters from successful games with current populations
    MxM = characters from failed IPs or ones they killed to the rage of their fans, and then had the balls to add to this game.
    NCsoft ...lulz... gl with that game

  • Gh0stR
    Gh0stR Year ago +1

    my experinece with this game so far: this is leagues better than LoL... pun intended. needs a LOT more attention. it has huge potential. and IMO if given a chance, it could de-throne LoL.

  • Invecklad
    Invecklad 2 years ago

    Holy fuck the game's changed

  • Bree Peng
    Bree Peng 2 years ago

    we should play, mr. joe.

  • gigaswardblade
    gigaswardblade 2 years ago

    I really love how the only 2 blade and soul characters in this game are ones who I dislike. Well, jinsoyun isn't that bad, but pohoran can just go screw herself.

  • MrSuperStarGr
    MrSuperStarGr 2 years ago

    the game is amazing

  • lady milady
    lady milady 2 years ago

    :D ♥

  • renaud techer
    renaud techer 2 years ago

    i dont like this game. even if it has good graphics.

  • gr33n Tech
    gr33n Tech 2 years ago

    Guild Wars is not under the same publisher.

    • Bocahj
      Bocahj 2 years ago

  • Her Slave
    Her Slave 2 years ago

    as someone who played dota , dota2 , smite , hon and LoL I can say that this game is so good has tons of FREE content and its so Fun so If u are a fan of MOBA and u want something new give this game a try

  • trevor
    trevor 2 years ago

    this game would actually look fun if they made all the skins medieval themed instead of this scifi horseshit. the only particle physics i want to see is real shit like, blood spatter, debris, fire, weather effects, etc. and NOT fairy dust sparkles gay shit this anime bullshit is using

  • Hlias Unknown
    Hlias Unknown 2 years ago +1

    the first think i didn't like is that we can take 2 characters for me this is bad

  • Jon K
    Jon K 2 years ago

    3 red bulls??? im scared i would start foaming after drinking two

  • 2ddude96
    2ddude96 2 years ago

    omg o.o i sooooo fuck with this game. i like that mini boss thing bot lane. you just take that out and get to roam. Nice to see some difference in this and not just the same ol basic thing

  • dingding12321
    dingding12321 2 years ago

    MXM closed beta was fun! I can't wait till the game's official release.

  • Ian from Space
    Ian from Space 2 years ago +1

    Oh it's overhead camera style MOBA? Awesome! I've lost all interest because my right click is almost broken already. MOBAs are garbage :D

  • powerpowww
    powerpowww 2 years ago

    Game look good

  • AngelYuki
    AngelYuki 2 years ago

    Its just a better heroes of the storm.

  • Andreas Jensen
    Andreas Jensen 2 years ago

    The best player is the one playing mid? :D What?? :D

    • Andreas Jensen
      Andreas Jensen 2 years ago +1

      Im sorry but you dont seem to get it.. Carry potential is in the choice of hero NOT the actual lane.
      Mid lane can be used to boost a hero who can snowball very quickly but is otherwise not considered a late game carry hero
      Also the one who has to carry isnt always automatically the best player.. Thats just stupid
      He might be the best on his team to play a carry hero but put him on support and that might no longer be the case
      Moba games have a variaty of roles that needs to be filled for team success and claiming the BEST player HAS to go mid is simply just bollocks :D
      If you are a carry player and wants to go mid then sure.. But dont claim you are the best just because you picked a hero who can lategame carry
      Typical carry player mentality. Support players and junglers might just be as good as you or even better at their role or even YOUR role... You dont really know do you?

  • HundredDoor
    HundredDoor 2 years ago +2

    don't trust nc soft with games they always fail and go pay to win

  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez 2 years ago

    WHAT THE?? I felt at sleep in the last angry joe video and when I woke up and I was in this video

  • Obscure2099
    Obscure2099 2 years ago

    Mondo Zax? That's from Wildstar...
    I'm confused.

  • Brian G
    Brian G 2 years ago

    y would u put it up now even though u made it 11/25..............

  • Janky Spanky Gaming
    Janky Spanky Gaming 2 years ago

    I know this comment is a few weeks late and someone's probably already said this, but shout out to A.J. listening to "Ascend to the Throne" on Spotify. I searched up the song and only got two results, one by Rise to Fall and the other by Orient Fall. They're both pretty hardcore so if A.J.'s listening to either of the ones I found then he has some pretty crazy and awesome taste in music

  • john xiong
    john xiong 2 years ago

    Who's waiting for Best Games Of 2017

  • Ett Gammalt Bergtroll
    Ett Gammalt Bergtroll 2 years ago +1

    Another one of these games? Le sigh...

  • Edward Loftus
    Edward Loftus 2 years ago

    I love joe's sound effects

  • Scissorfuk Bax
    Scissorfuk Bax 2 years ago

    What's with all these people whining about how it's "just another MOBA?" Personally I'd like to see the genre take a leap in a new direction with PvE. It is totally understandable why people are frustrated with all these LOL clones but MOBAs are fun and challenging and it ain't gonna die out any time soon.

  • Auxkom
    Auxkom 2 years ago

    I was watching this, wondering when the ad was finally over. welp, it lasted almost 24 minutes.

  • derindel
    derindel 2 years ago

    moba? more like nobruh

  • Sheepity
    Sheepity 2 years ago

    Angry Joe fan logic: Downvote anything that isn't a review

  • Matchitehew
    Matchitehew 2 years ago

    this game looks hella fun!

  • TragicLegend
    TragicLegend 2 years ago

    Guys think about him as a person put yourself in his shoes

  • Gheert
    Gheert 2 years ago

    I can't believe we sacrificed Project Hon for this. Isn't the MOBA balloon a bit full at this point?

  • Nury Mykael
    Nury Mykael 2 years ago

    Minute 2:15 ,isn't that Aion Spiritmaster's fire "summon"?

  • Mheljeane Macorol
    Mheljeane Macorol 2 years ago

    Do you play Dota 2 joe?

  • Brian M
    Brian M 2 years ago

    AngryJoe i think you would like the MOBA Paragon. I cant remember if you have tested it or not. I tell ya i had a TON of fun playing it. It is a beautiful game and combat is great.
    OH i forgot to mention Paragon is FREE!
    Here is a link:

  • jbdragonlance
    jbdragonlance 2 years ago

    I dislike MOBAs, worst kind of game. FPS or RP games are better.

  • kingkukujiao
    kingkukujiao 2 years ago

    4:38 tfw you have to act like you're having fun cause you're getting paid

  • MasherMedia
    MasherMedia 2 years ago

    pretty awesome game, WAY better than that kids game LoL

  • Lucas T
    Lucas T 2 years ago

    sellout sellout sellout.

  • Ilike Analpoopoo
    Ilike Analpoopoo 2 years ago

    too many Moba games.

  • Rigbone 64
    Rigbone 64 2 years ago


  • DoggedFrog
    DoggedFrog 2 years ago

    Yay new video! Well it's new to me, I'm a few days late on these. This looks really fun but I would die a lot if I played it.

  • Light Yagami
    Light Yagami 2 years ago

    The dislikes are from this being a promotional video, not because this isn't a review. The only ones I see in the comment section are these kids complaining about the dislikes lol.

  • i2Shea
    i2Shea 2 years ago

    I understand the dislikes if he wasn't honest about it being a paid video but the first words out of his mouth was that it was a paid video. It will only help his channel so pipe down ya knuckleheads!

  • Dimitrisgr98
    Dimitrisgr98 2 years ago

    Angry Joe playing MOBAs ?!

  • dantheman1998
    dantheman1998 2 years ago

    Can you play with remote?

  • Phantasm HQ
    Phantasm HQ 2 years ago +1

    Sadly for me any moba that have mirror heroes in the match is a nono. Same if the game doesn't have last hits or deny on mobs.

  • Chris
    Chris 2 years ago +1

    This generation of self-entitled, ungrateful, narcissistic, ignorant, and spoiled people is frustrating. The guy immediately started the video with honestly telling us that the video is a paid promotion so you know he is not fake. I can see why he enjoyed the game because it really does look fun. He is not pretending to praise it because he is getting paid. I would want to play this game after watching this because it looks unique among the many mobas out there. Just be grateful, to all the dislikers, to Joe for posting all these gaming videos. I'm happy he is getting paid because he deserves it for making quality videos.

  • Soundscape Journey
    Soundscape Journey 2 years ago

    Now that Angry Joe channel has grown so popular, it attracted Angry Review zombies and just toxic youtube community, who press the dislike button on every video of Angry Joe, that is not review. That's just stupid.

    THEunSAFEHAVEN 2 years ago

    man, strife is crying in the corner of forgotten games

  • Inspiración Original
    Inspiración Original 2 years ago

    I like the alpha of this game.

  • VitalyNimorov
    VitalyNimorov 2 years ago

    so i guess this channel doesnt do game reviews anymore. fking movie review channel. im out. fuck this shit

  • Holly
    Holly 2 years ago

    This game wont get a chance with the moba esport...

  • Bane Pepe
    Bane Pepe 2 years ago

    Build the wall

  • confused dino
    confused dino 2 years ago

    so... ncsoft thinks they are blizzard now

  • Shivu
    Shivu 2 years ago

    Can't believe you didn't choose Rytlock.

  • Bansky
    Bansky 2 years ago

    looks like LOL right ?

  • Knight Commander
    Knight Commander 2 years ago

    so many mobas :(

  • Taldza
    Taldza 2 years ago

    shitty league clone

  • Adam
    Adam 2 years ago

    No thanks, I won't play this cashgrab that has NOTHING on LoL or DotA 2.

  • Doctor Boot
    Doctor Boot 2 years ago

    so it's a coop topdown shooter? ok...i guess everything is a moba now

  • Bandit
    Bandit 2 years ago

    Why are you all acting like children. Both sides. Fucking ridiculous.

  • Drugs Bunny
    Drugs Bunny 2 years ago

    Nope this game is not worth a look.

  • TheNoirMirror
    TheNoirMirror 2 years ago

    Ugh, it's going to be MOBA spam this year {2016-17} and its going to suuuuuck.

  • Nils Freesemann
    Nils Freesemann 2 years ago

    It's not the first moba to have PvE and story mode.^^

  • hard2get81
    hard2get81 2 years ago

    fuck off mobas!!!!! am i the only one who dislikes these games???

  • Boone Elledge
    Boone Elledge 2 years ago

    Joe, will you please consider doing Persona 5 as an April review?

  • Larry Miller
    Larry Miller 2 years ago

    No towers? Is there legit roles in the game? I.E. Carry, defender, etc.

  • Daniel Mikell
    Daniel Mikell 2 years ago

    This looks awesome! Might actually reignite my Arena fighter desire. As long as it stays as active combat as it looks. Alot less cool down based and more sped up.

  • cxz215
    cxz215 2 years ago

    These mobas are like mmos from the past everyone has to make a shit game...

  • Ken Hayward
    Ken Hayward 2 years ago

    I have no issue with this being a paid promotion because he stated at the beginning what the video is. As stated in previous comments, he needs to make a living. My only issue with the video is that, in the name of full disclosure and for viewers who miss the first few seconds, it should be noted in title... even at the end in brackets that I have seen others do.

  • the true Star
    the true Star 2 years ago

    Everyone knows what Ahri does outside of the rift

    • the true Star
      the true Star 2 years ago

      And the announcer lady sounds like Project Ashe

  • Aramey
    Aramey 2 years ago

    Singleplayer in a MOBA just seems out of place. I expect it to have shallow storytelling and repetitive gameplay. And since it's NCsoft it'd probably turn into classic tidious korean grindfest really fast.

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris 2 years ago

    This could be a winner guys ^_^

  • whitemagmacro
    whitemagmacro 2 years ago

    holy shit is that voyboy the KID, D God.

  • CHi
    CHi 2 years ago

    PvE and hero switching both sounds cool, although... MOBA overload. But considering that there are only that small number of people that can be at the top of a game, more MOBAs likely makes for more tournaments - I guess there will always be room for em... despite my general lack of interest in them. Mostly their toxic community.

  • Rad McCool
    Rad McCool 2 years ago

    I know its promotional but im glad this vid exists, i did not know this game existed and now need it in my body.

  • Darksummerswind
    Darksummerswind 2 years ago

    So why is there a Blade and Soul character in the roster?

  • Genesis ü
    Genesis ü 2 years ago +2

    This is legit fun. I saw the adc using automatic guns. I like it.

  • Christopher Polanco
    Christopher Polanco 2 years ago

    i love when people use joe's advert money as reasoning for this not being free content. the point is YOU don't pay for it, jackass. so as far as you're concerned, it is.

  • Fetal Pig
    Fetal Pig 2 years ago

    New Angry Joe fans are fucking impatient dick bags who should fucking kill themselves

  • KrossShadow
    KrossShadow 2 years ago

    Normally I'm not into mobas but I like this.

  • Toby Dion
    Toby Dion 2 years ago

    Dead Island Epidemic had PVE that I liked a lot. Goodbye Dead Island Epidemic :( Miss you buddy.

  • Tenshi Lord
    Tenshi Lord 2 years ago

    You people are being so childish. Just let the man live his life, I personally enjoy all of his content, from game-play to reviews. Stop bitching and enjoy what he puts out for him. If you dont want to watch it you can just leave and let him do him

  • Neopa
    Neopa 2 years ago

    JOE JUST STICK TO THE FUCKING REVIEWS!!! YOU ARE SO MUCH PROFFESIONAL IN YOUR NATURE TO DO THAT! Every one who didn't knew you was listening to you no matter what because you got some freak ass facts! PLEASE DO WHAT WE ALL FALLED IN LOVE WITH!!

  • MrHumme
    MrHumme 2 years ago

    Strife did the story mode thing too pretty well

  • XAndroid1
    XAndroid1 2 years ago

    You know what other moba like game has PVE? Battleborn

    M NAWFAS 2 years ago

    like battlerite, but this looks promising.

  • fredEVOIX
    fredEVOIX 2 years ago

    I'm always good with promotional videos, there are so many too many games out there (same with music movies tv series really) that anything (free to watch) highlighting one of them is welcome
    I don't play MOBAs I'm not the target, I'm not sure about the "random" character design that said taking heroes from games everywhere requires talent and an artistic "vision" like Blizzard has for HOTS I don't see that here it's a patchwork

  • Jérôme Champagne
    Jérôme Champagne 2 years ago

    Looking forward to those codes- this game looks awesome!

  • DtWolfwood
    DtWolfwood 2 years ago

    Game looks exceedingly dull. Guess i'm just burned out to cartoony "moba" games. Especially the isometric ones. Unless they market this aggressively it'll be dead out of the gate.
    Best of luck MXM devs, you're gonna need it.

  • DPM
    DPM 2 years ago

    Nearly getting to the 2 month marker and no review. Leave your hate comments below. EDIT: Scratch that, getting to the 3rd month and no review.

  • IchbinX
    IchbinX 2 years ago

    Lol, beating a baseball player at basketball isnt that big of a deal, Joe...

  • MegaGameCore
    MegaGameCore 2 years ago

    The game looks unfun as hell and really not unique

  • MrKrozius
    MrKrozius 2 years ago

    Why do these kinds of Mobas come out left and right? Sorry Joe, it's just going to have its term and then just tossed at the sideline. New mobas just aren't interesting anymore....

  • Gabriel Ramos
    Gabriel Ramos 2 years ago

    LMAO you found a way to play a Mexican in a MOBA!