1944 US Army Air Force Air Crew Lunch MRE Review Pilot Ration Vintage Meal Ready to Eat Taste Test


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  • saucy
    saucy 4 hours ago

    He looks like the report of the week’s cooler older brother

  • federico bertacchi

    Non hai paura di stare male o di prenderti il botulismo?

  • Jordan Mitchell
    Jordan Mitchell 2 days ago

    Great great videos. Love it. Especially the cigarette one. Gonna work my way through your vids!

  • Mike D
    Mike D 2 days ago

    Well, I wonder who packed that fudge?

    Come on, you all were thinking it!

  • Jake Davidson
    Jake Davidson 2 days ago

    It's like a tagline. "Nice...mmmkay"

  • Jason Rigone
    Jason Rigone 2 days ago

    Nice as fuck dude...good job Ginger Man

  • crazymada1
    crazymada1 4 days ago

    Thats pretty cool man , I like it !! , Anything WW2 era i love and find crazy interesting .. Nice job man !!

  • crazymada1
    crazymada1 4 days ago

    Have you been sick yet bro ? watch out for the 1905's ration kits lol you may want a geiger counter lol ..

  • Impulse
    Impulse 5 days ago

    Passion creates disillusion

  • Shaun Smith
    Shaun Smith 5 days ago

    Do you have botulism?

  • David G O
    David G O 6 days ago

    I see you're a Zappa fan. Nice!

  • Alan Mazwi
    Alan Mazwi 8 days ago

    good old sugar coatet lickerish, still part of some type of candy mix bag im sure.

  • Andy83
    Andy83 8 days ago

    1:42 "Wow look at that".......Bähhhh hrrrrgghhhh :-)

  • StaminUp Time
    StaminUp Time 8 days ago +1

    The best videos on the internet


    Where do you buy MRE from

  • Poéme Georgia Bower

    People need to remake these old MREs with the vintage designs but instead fill the packaging with new candy and food that's made the same way, but not rancid and filled with bacteria

  • logan perritt
    logan perritt 10 days ago

    “Let’s get this out onto a tray... nice.”
    Lmfao I love your videos dude.

  • Anchor Jewelry Store
    Anchor Jewelry Store 11 days ago

    I see lifting calluses. What type of workouts you into?

  • Mehmet Burak ELMAS
    Mehmet Burak ELMAS 12 days ago

    Helal olsun kardeşim. (Senin mideni sikeyim.)

  • Kollin Horn
    Kollin Horn 12 days ago

    "Somethings not right...
    This is the content I enjoy thouroghly.

  • YoItzVivi !
    YoItzVivi ! 13 days ago

    Has he done a British Royal Air Force ration yet? My grandad was an engineer for the British Royal Air Force which is one of the most important roles when you think about it... Without engineers there would be no planes or no use of planes so in my opinion my grandad and all of the engineers were heroes but also everyone else tbf ww2 was the greatest war I recon ❤

  • Inverted Cow Plays
    Inverted Cow Plays 14 days ago

    If Steve ever runs out of rations I would love to see him do some TV dinners.

  • scotty williams
    scotty williams 14 days ago

    That box looked gigantic until he picked it up

  • Patrick Maloney
    Patrick Maloney 14 days ago

    Lunch is candy, gum, and fudge?
    You're going to die eating that stuff.

  • cody7540
    cody7540 14 days ago

    320 for some.nuts gum and.fudge gbars lol what

  • candy man
    candy man 15 days ago

    Somthings not right hmm (keeps eating it) love your work

  • Hayden Morgan
    Hayden Morgan 15 days ago

    Sometimes, with youtubers I really like, I’ll let the skipable ad run all the way through so that they can get their monetization.

  • John Quimby
    John Quimby 16 days ago

    Steve. Making historical reference docs in a shed. Nice!

  • Kevin Schier
    Kevin Schier 16 days ago

    9:16 "I can't help myself. I'm just gonna eat it all. I'm gonna savor it...... :( oh wait... :( uhhh... i'm just gonna eat it anyway....." Thanks for the mostly well preserved comedy Steve!

  • House of Malice
    House of Malice 16 days ago

    Vagina MRE

  • kerry Sig
    kerry Sig 16 days ago

    Steve, you must have the stomach of a seagull..... how do you not get sick?!

  • Peg Tooth
    Peg Tooth 16 days ago

    Brilliant. I hate vanilla mostly but I would have waxed your truck just to taste that bar and a liquorice candy.

  • sadboy2020feg XD
    sadboy2020feg XD 16 days ago

    He's kinda like porn. "Oh, yeah. That's classic. It's great. I'm gonna need to be careful"

  • xman4un
    xman4un 17 days ago

    Well, this is the closest to going back in time by sampling the military rations of the day!

  • Hyreia
    Hyreia 17 days ago

    "And just for formal purposes here, let's get this out on to a tray." Steve, I love you

  • Ryan Carter
    Ryan Carter 18 days ago

    I love this channel! Steve is the connoisseur of expired foods! #LEGEND

  • mohamad rooei
    mohamad rooei 18 days ago

    Is it on your top 3 or top 10 list (:

  • GreatClips
    GreatClips 19 days ago

    if someone was locked in a ration museum they would be able to survive on the old ww2 rations and the newer ones would be inedible.

  • gkasan
    gkasan 19 days ago

    “Delicacy Candy”...... Carry on....

  • TheRumbles13
    TheRumbles13 20 days ago

    The box is very aesthetically pleasing!

  • joe defazio
    joe defazio 20 days ago

    Have you ever gotten sick from eating any of these MREs

  • Gori vantas
    Gori vantas 20 days ago

    Bro how are you still alive after this

  • Joshua Laster
    Joshua Laster 20 days ago

    HA! I have that shirt!

  • Ayoub
    Ayoub 21 day ago

    That was green not blue

  • Steve Andrews
    Steve Andrews 21 day ago

    “Somethings not right” Takes another bite. 😂

  • Charles chase
    Charles chase 21 day ago

    I'd like to stick my dick into a warmed-up can of sliced peaches.

  • Ben Jefferson
    Ben Jefferson 21 day ago

    I love it when you realised it was all good to eat and just started scoffing them down! Amazing video Steve, thanks man.

  • Daehawk
    Daehawk 21 day ago

    Couldn't help but laugh out loud at the "its just a candy coated peanut, ooh its rancid" . I thought that last gumdrop was green the entire video not blue. Gotta remember that until after WW2 that gum used Chicle which is rubber latex. So real rubber. It breaks down over time. Great video thanks!

  • Mário Lindberg
    Mário Lindberg 21 day ago

    You still impress me when you eat those rations! Have you ever had a diarrhea or something like it? Cheers from Brazil!

  • David Hawkins
    David Hawkins 21 day ago

    Liquorice torpedoes.. I think that's what they're called

  • Alexander Mårtensson

    Nice touch to have the picture of the female WASP/WAAF pilots

  • Triple Horn Sheep
    Triple Horn Sheep 21 day ago

    "I don't want this to end." Neither do we!!!

  • David's World of Gaming

    @ 17:50 he says the blue one but that's green isn't it?

  • Jerico Lionhearth
    Jerico Lionhearth 21 day ago

    In 200 years a future version of Steve will review a bag of cheetos. And my descendants will be watching him eat that.

  • Brian Palmero
    Brian Palmero 21 day ago

    how many times have you gotten sick

  • meestaShin
    meestaShin 22 days ago

    "Something's not right.." *takes another bite*

  • JafoBSS
    JafoBSS 22 days ago

    im just waiting for the day he says, Oh wow a rat turd. NICE! Im saving that for later...Ya know what I just have to try it now. lol.

  • Danz McNabb
    Danz McNabb 22 days ago

    Steve1989MREInfo. The man. The myth. The legend.

  • Mike Kine
    Mike Kine 24 days ago

    Awesome videos man. You are very descriptive and quite knowledgable, which makes the videos more enjoyable. You go places where very few go. Not everybody would eat a cracker from the 19th century. I can understand the urges of wanting to taste history. A time without monosulpherix zomini nitrots. Thank you for the intriguing videos Steve.

  • Ale Sorr
    Ale Sorr 24 days ago

    The ration is great like always but I can't stay focused because I'm really in love with your T-shirt.

  • NoCultist
    NoCultist 24 days ago

    Vanillin is the substance that gives vanilla its flavor. Even if you can make it in a lab it's still the same thing.

  • S. Haugen
    S. Haugen 24 days ago

    Do you ever get sick?

  • High Sierra News
    High Sierra News 24 days ago

    Those chocolate things that you couldn't quit eating were old Milk Duds.

  • Chocolatier
    Chocolatier 25 days ago

    "Something's not right..." takes another bite.

  • michael attard
    michael attard 25 days ago

    how is he not dead ?

  • Key Badge
    Key Badge 25 days ago

    You guys remember that strange addictions show?......
    That was a good show

  • Je Cr
    Je Cr 25 days ago +4

    "hmm I wonder what the world will look like in 2018. Surely they'll have flying cars and be able to time travel."
    74 years later
    *Let's get this onto a tray*

  • Je Cr
    Je Cr 25 days ago

    Oh he's not gonna eat that
    No way he's gonna eat that
    Holy fuck he's eating it

  • Niff Airlines
    Niff Airlines 26 days ago

    Every time that I watched your vids, i would think about this exact ration all the time, never thought there were any left, truly priceless.

  • Linda Pelullo
    Linda Pelullo 26 days ago

    Enjoy your videos and this one is especially important to me since my father was a ball turret gunner in WWII. He and his older brother were stationed in the Pacific. His brother was part of the crew guarding the Enola Gay (we have a pic of my uncle with the plane). Wondering if they both had a chance to snack on these at the time. Definitely a unique find...thx for sharing

  • Nick Ward
    Nick Ward 26 days ago

    Steve has an Iron Stomach

  • Alice K
    Alice K 27 days ago

    Is there a lot of nutrition in this ration?

  • Xanivert
    Xanivert 27 days ago

    That doesn't smell too bad! It just smells like... a leather couch.

  • Clearanceman2
    Clearanceman2 27 days ago

    Steve, what do you do for a job?

  • Smol_Gay_Dahvie_ Boi
    Smol_Gay_Dahvie_ Boi 27 days ago

    Can you imagine how many cavities and bad teeth they had back then when they had CANDY for rations? 😂

  • Ben Lawrence
    Ben Lawrence 27 days ago

    "Got any gum chum'?"

  • ThothHeart Maat
    ThothHeart Maat 27 days ago

    Will you eat my dirt pie from 1776?

  • Christopher Neely
    Christopher Neely 28 days ago

    1:23 Lol. I’ve found what I came for “Nice, mmmkay”

  • hahayeee
    hahayeee 28 days ago

    Just a warning about peanuts in particular - it's easy for aspergillus fungus to grow on them. This mould produces aflatoxin, which is very dangerous and causes cancer. In countries where food storage isn't as good, some people opt out of eating peanuts altogether because of the risk. Just a warning! Watch out for peanuts + peanut butter

  • Wakingfromslumber
    Wakingfromslumber 28 days ago

    “That doesn’t smell too bad , it just smells like a [short pause ] leather couch “.

  • SuperTelecom
    SuperTelecom 28 days ago

    Honestly, I can't believe that was as cheap as it was.

  • Albain du Fayet
    Albain du Fayet 29 days ago

    "Something is not right.."
    *take another bite

  • Rick Timmons
    Rick Timmons 29 days ago

    why does CHARMS not produce this for the public?

    JXRDXN Month ago

    “I’ve been searching for 5 years for this ration”

  • Courgette Man
    Courgette Man Month ago

    2:03 Rocks.

  • Daniel Armstrong
    Daniel Armstrong Month ago

    "Something's not right" and proceed to take another bite to be sure. Lol
    I bet the chocolate has some perishable components, I'm sure most ww2 chocolate was made similarly.
    You should try to get the Egypt govt to send you a sample of honey from the Egyptian tombs, I have wanted to see someone taste 4000 year old honey since I read about them discovering it.

  • AlleyStar Growley
    AlleyStar Growley Month ago

    I like how he switches to 3rd person perspective so nobody can accuse him of not really eating it

  • Tom Blakey
    Tom Blakey Month ago

    I find your use of the word delicious worrying

  • TheGrowling Araknid

    Thank you for eating history so I don't have to. 🇱🇷😍

  • Joe Sambrano
    Joe Sambrano Month ago

    wow, I'm navy vet, my dad was a belly gunner on b17

  • Phuri Sibunruang
    Phuri Sibunruang Month ago

    I think he should wear gloves when open rotted food like these it might be dangerous

    • Matts Toaster
      Matts Toaster Month ago

      Except he ate it lol and he's fine..more so he doesn't eat things that look *too* far gone or could actually be poisonous like old spoiled meat or milk...

  • richgg2
    richgg2 Month ago

    Why did they name it a lunch when it's really a sugary snack???

  • richgg2
    richgg2 Month ago

    Steve fucking rules!!!!

  • Scott Butts
    Scott Butts Month ago

    Well done. Pretty incredible that it was so well preserved.

  • Scott Butts
    Scott Butts Month ago

    smells like a leather couch, Steve1989 professional vintage food taster and currator.

    SHIFTxVIRAL Month ago

    The gumdrop was green bro

  • Ben Jervis
    Ben Jervis Month ago

    "This tastes like something that would be pink." Steve is just the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Ben Jervis
    Ben Jervis Month ago

    "Yeah I can't help myself, I'm gonna eat it all. I'm gonna saviour it, OH WAIT, ah I'll just eat it anyway. So that was the first UGH I need some water"

  • Fabiola Rincon
    Fabiola Rincon Month ago

    Steve, you are a fox sir! Lol, these are my favorite videos.

  • James Spivey
    James Spivey Month ago

    14:10 that had me laughing my ass off.