SML Movie: Black Yoshi's Call Of Duty Modern Warfare!

  • Published on Nov 8, 2019
  • Black Yoshi wants to new call of duty!!
    Shout out to Nicktendo for the animation in this video!
    Go subscribe to his channel:
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  • superbowserlogan
    superbowserlogan  27 days ago +2861

    Shout out to Nicktendo for the animation in this video! Go subscribe to his channel:

    • Jared Animates
      Jared Animates 12 days ago

      Do you really need to use nicktendo he doesn’t even barely animate he’s just trash at animating. His arts good but his animation is trash

    • Laxgoat
      Laxgoat 25 days ago

      Who remember chuwawa from how to eat an Oreo

    • Dark Drakkongo 28
      Dark Drakkongo 28 27 days ago

      Or black Yoshi gets a job for a fortnite skin

    • A lot Of fun
      A lot Of fun 27 days ago

      I love the new jr

    • EG The Crak Master
      EG The Crak Master 27 days ago

      superbowserlogan Make A SML Video Of Baldi’s Basics

  • Derpth Ridger
    Derpth Ridger 13 hours ago

    My favourite game is minecraft

  • Jay Da Money00
    Jay Da Money00 18 hours ago

    How come every time you make a Jeffy video everybody copies

  • Daria James
    Daria James 19 hours ago

    My favorite vedio game is wwe2k16

  • Aiden Crews
    Aiden Crews Day ago

    My favorite game is WWE

  • Posh Ice Pig
    Posh Ice Pig Day ago +1


  • Angus Jones
    Angus Jones Day ago

    i sure do love

  • Aiden Moore
    Aiden Moore Day ago

    Got call of duty !!!

  • Jamielynn Kissling

    Dagon wants the new call of duty!

  • Jamielynn Kissling

    Dagon's Call Of Duty Modern Warfare!

  • Epicgamer God
    Epicgamer God Day ago

    My favorite is cool of doody

  • Francisco Sevilla

    My Favorite Game is Squidward's clarinet

  • D4G Mini
    D4G Mini Day ago +1

    Fav game: Super smash bros Mario Kart Pokemon and Super Mario bros all of them and Mario maker

  • Fabian Tortolero
    Fabian Tortolero Day ago +1

    this is how many times Mario studdered

  • Clyde Adam
    Clyde Adam 2 days ago

    Mario dont say smartphone just say cell mobile or handphone

  • Clyde Adam
    Clyde Adam 2 days ago

    Black yoshi if you dont know how to pick the lock then just break the glass cabinet

  • bobby the creeper BTC

    2020 call of duty infinite wars comes out

  • jorden webb
    jorden webb 2 days ago

    Cod black ops 2
    Best game ever

  • Joy Killer986
    Joy Killer986 2 days ago

    Some more sml ideas for you
    Jeffy xbox
    Jeffy plays roblox
    Jeffy fans

  • bobby the creeper BTC

    Can i see the key?
    Han he see the key?
    No yo you se it

  • sweetnels 05
    sweetnels 05 2 days ago

    10:21 Tuper Tario Tros

  • Ivan OfTheLogos
    Ivan OfTheLogos 2 days ago

    0:57 SML Movie: Mario's Hearing Loss!

  • lexsolo 98 willis
    lexsolo 98 willis 2 days ago


  • GamerPrince610
    GamerPrince610 2 days ago

    Hey black Yoshi I have the new call of duties

  • Aoife Morey
    Aoife Morey 3 days ago

    1:36 a dead lady

  • Border Raider
    Border Raider 3 days ago

    When thomas muller touched neymar
    Mario is neymar
    Black yoshi is thomas muller

  • Caleb Nichols
    Caleb Nichols 3 days ago

    apex legends

  • Puppet Skits
    Puppet Skits 3 days ago

    Of black ops 3

  • GamerPopular 299
    GamerPopular 299 3 days ago

    At the end only NFL fans would understand #GOBUCS

  • Gackolover100 Toco
    Gackolover100 Toco 3 days ago

    SML idea mr goodman kid

  • Devin Davis
    Devin Davis 3 days ago

    Black Yoshi:pleeeeeeaaaaaaase!!!!

  • Gaylene Stewart
    Gaylene Stewart 3 days ago

    Please like or else or you will never watch sml sll sbl again

  • Jello Forever O
    Jello Forever O 3 days ago


  • Logan Andrews
    Logan Andrews 3 days ago

    Call of duty mobile is an actual thing I have it downloaded.

  • Jayden Ivaniciuc
    Jayden Ivaniciuc 3 days ago

    Tom Clancy’s rainbow six siege

  • THE HATER memes
    THE HATER memes 4 days ago


  • The Guy
    The Guy 4 days ago +2

    Your peen shrinks all the way...
    Like to activate

  • Games Ultra ps4
    Games Ultra ps4 4 days ago

    Call of beauty wall wall to

  • Playapat51 Plush
    Playapat51 Plush 4 days ago

    Sml:Bowser jr’s mistake.Bowser jr steeled $20 from chef pp to buy a 20 dollar toy and then chef pp gets mad.
    When will jr ever learn his mistake.

  • Lucas Moffatt John
    Lucas Moffatt John 4 days ago


  • Dell Newton
    Dell Newton 4 days ago

    Can I seez the key I founds it

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi 4 days ago


  • Marco Esparza
    Marco Esparza 4 days ago

    I want this game so much but I have to wait until Christmas

  • Giselle Rosa
    Giselle Rosa 4 days ago

    My favorite game is fortnite because chapter 2 and I cannot wait for chapter 3

  • Rohan
    Rohan 4 days ago

    lets rock ,pooper, sister

  • GameBoy OG
    GameBoy OG 4 days ago

    Black Yoshi: Mario pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!
    Mario: Oh Shit!

  • amauri willis
    amauri willis 4 days ago

    Black yoshi more like thug yoshi

  • amauri willis
    amauri willis 4 days ago +1

    Is call of duty a game

    • Shantee
      Shantee 4 days ago +1

      is water wet?

  • Gabriel McKinnon scooting

    Super smash bros melee

  • London Van
    London Van 4 days ago


  • RealSans
    RealSans 5 days ago +1

    If Cody's mom ate a burrito the poop will look like Shrek's after eating cheesecake

  • Alejandro Nieves
    Alejandro Nieves 5 days ago

    The Super Smash Bros series 10:22

  • X jaz3
    X jaz3 5 days ago

    Slp illk em

  • A-S-Robot
    A-S-Robot 5 days ago

    My favorite game is... Call of duty! Call of duty! Call of duty!

  • jhayem super 2005
    jhayem super 2005 5 days ago +1

    0:51 0:54
    mario: OH NO
    black yoshi: MARIO *PPLLLLEEEEAAASEEE!!!!!*

  • Afflack 360
    Afflack 360 5 days ago

    My favorite video game is Halo 5 and The sims and Roblox

  • Dominiqe Stetkewicz
    Dominiqe Stetkewicz 5 days ago

    Gta 5

  • Light Steve
    Light Steve 5 days ago

    Mines AC (Assassins Creed)

  • John Smith
    John Smith 5 days ago

    We haven't seen Rosalina in many of your videos if you make a new video please have Rosalina on it