• Published on Sep 5, 2019
  • The fourth episode of Building Bury, a means of paying homage to the club and taking them to the top of the Football League! Episode 4 of Building Bury!
    #FIFA #CareerMode #BuryFC
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Comments • 278

  • Owen Bond
    Owen Bond 2 months ago +151

    Love this career mode

    • William Drury-Smith
      William Drury-Smith 2 months ago

      James OVIEDO see ya in the 23rd skate ;)

    • James OVIEDO
      James OVIEDO 2 months ago +1

      @William Drury-Smith we will be knocking you out of the cup so see you at Fratton Park

    • James OVIEDO
      James OVIEDO 2 months ago +1

      WE DO

    • AJBL7
      AJBL7 2 months ago +2

      I’m disappointed he hasn’t signed Scott pollock yet

    • Mason White
      Mason White 2 months ago +1

      Buy elliot list he grow to a 80 something and he is fast

  • R2-PEA2 pea
    R2-PEA2 pea 2 months ago

    Reev dont SIM away games ever only SIM home

  • TheBelowAverageGamer
    TheBelowAverageGamer 2 months ago

    Mighty Northampton, Super sammy Hoskins to the rescue

  • Sa9 101
    Sa9 101 2 months ago

    Jermaine Beckfords on fire!
    Your defence is terrified!
    Jermaine Beckfords on fire!
    Your defence is terrified!

  • Isaac Galloway
    Isaac Galloway 2 months ago

    Play at least 2 games a month in the league

  • Harrison the Bury boy
    Harrison the Bury boy 2 months ago

    I am from Bury and I am deeply saddened by the news and was really happy when you decided to do this

  • jay united
    jay united 2 months ago

    Bury have been expelled by the fa

    • REEV
      REEV  2 months ago

      jay united you’re literally commenting what I said as the reason I started this..?

  • Dave Moodie
    Dave Moodie 2 months ago

    Its a super saiyan blue defender😂😂

  • Mark Barker
    Mark Barker 2 months ago

    Sell some older players and sign che Adams he's a great striker also sign Dominic poleon from Crawley another good player don't play players moaning about their place if they ain't good enough

  • GamingiOS
    GamingiOS 2 months ago

    Get arp very good player for me 20 y/o 83 rated

  • Notorious MiGZ
    Notorious MiGZ 2 months ago

    It's actually weird. Career mode (Fifa 19) is so dead right now wherever you look, but then I watch Reev play it and it's actually fun to watch.

  • Clips Cobby
    Clips Cobby 2 months ago

    Great video reev. Keep up the funny and entertaining content bro


    Get Troy Parrott while he's cheap he starts of with a 58 rating and at his full potential goes up to a whopping 84 rating!


    Get Levan Kharabadze from zurich he is going to be 80 rated at his full potential and stars off with 60

  • JAllinson 1
    JAllinson 1 2 months ago

    Rev upgrade Morton

  • Bury fc Fan01
    Bury fc Fan01 2 months ago

    I’m a bury fan bro thanks for this video

  • DG Gaming
    DG Gaming 2 months ago

    Loving building bury huge series 👌🏽

  • Amalia hipperson
    Amalia hipperson 2 months ago +3

    Get max Aaron’s from Norwich he’s class or get pukki

  • Cody Pns12
    Cody Pns12 2 months ago

    Sign Marcus Maddison if have enough money

  • Jzm Lynx
    Jzm Lynx 2 months ago

    Get Lunin on loan if you can

  • Jzm Lynx
    Jzm Lynx 2 months ago

    Get Kubo he’s cheap but got him early because he goes up in value so quick 300k to 2 mil in one season so be quick

    ABO QASEM 2 months ago

    Can u do 1 month an episode at least

  • DG Gaming
    DG Gaming 2 months ago

    Ignor the board it dosent do anything

  • junty
    junty 2 months ago

    Sign Scott Pollock

  • Striker Squad
    Striker Squad 2 months ago

    You should try to loan Vincent Jansen on loan

  • Lucas Stones
    Lucas Stones 2 months ago

    Lets fave it the club needs a serious REEVive

  • Blake Wrighty
    Blake Wrighty 2 months ago

    Love this series

  • Nedin8tor boi
    Nedin8tor boi 2 months ago +1

    Pause and go to 3:19 Scotty Pollock's there

  • Jamal Riaz Ahmed
    Jamal Riaz Ahmed 2 months ago

    I love the career mode and why you are doing it but you really should've started in league 1 😂😂😂

  • Pinecone 29
    Pinecone 29 2 months ago

    Irl Nicky Adams signed for my team Northampton

  • Shermanator
    Shermanator 2 months ago

    If you can sign angel gomes from man utd you should as you can get him for under 1 million and gets to around 78 in the first season

    DBAR GAMING 2 months ago

    You should by Gary Taylor from Kilmarnock. He’s a cheap left back and grows to like 86

  • blancomega
    blancomega 2 months ago +1

    I’m pretty sure Quiñonez is proniunces kin-yo-nez

  • Joona Poltto
    Joona Poltto 2 months ago

    In career mode especially when managing a lower team its easy and very helpful to sign a young goalkeeper, give him 2 drills in the training sessions, the 1-ON-1 AGAINST STRIKER, and the KEEPER THROWS, and as you train him every week, thease lower rated keepers can grow up to 20- ratings a season and will be great additions to the squad for many seasons ahead and will grow lots in value. Few keepers you could try and scout/sign:
    Aaron Ramsdale,21,Bournemouth, value 675K
    Mark Travers,20, Bournemouth, value 180K
    Will Jääskeläinen,19,Crewe Alexandra, value 110K
    Luca Ashby-Hammond,18,Fulham, value 150K
    Giacomo Satalino,20, Sassuolo, value 140K
    Ramón ten Hove,21, Nac Breda, value 475K

    There is just a few, enjoying the series, hope this helps🙏

  • Sunny Tv
    Sunny Tv 2 months ago

    Bury should of hired you for manger

  • Callum Martin
    Callum Martin 2 months ago

    U no if u go lower than 6o rated u get the sack

  • Mini Bish
    Mini Bish 2 months ago

    I would be funny if Reev got sacked XD

  • Sam Metcalfe
    Sam Metcalfe 2 months ago

    Last season danny mayor stole the show really amazing dribbler Maynard got 24 goals telford 14 o shea something like 15 whereas the hero beckford in this series played 1 match because he was to lazy

  • Thomas Nelson
    Thomas Nelson 2 months ago +8

    I am touched by your decision to make this career mode-
    I am a bury fan u see and i have always loved your content
    Keep up the great work!

  • Lamien Visser
    Lamien Visser 2 months ago

    Now it's nearly daily tho 🤭🙊

  • Lil Zurdo
    Lil Zurdo 2 months ago

    If Reev does a career mode for fifa 20 I’ll suscribe :) does anyone know if he’s gonna make one?

  • Grant Hruschka
    Grant Hruschka 2 months ago

    The ox at county oml

  • Peter Crouch
    Peter Crouch 2 months ago

    speed up the series a little bit you might wont have time for big titles

  • Typhoon Games
    Typhoon Games 2 months ago

    Great vid reev, your one of the motivations for me starting a career with bury fc too!

  • Charlie Crouchman
    Charlie Crouchman 2 months ago

    Rev check out Cani sport TheXvid channel. He is a very good career mode TheXvidr and you might get some simple tips on how to get better

  • RH - 09RK - Castlebrooke SS (2692)

    I love the building bury series a lot REEV keep up the amazing work on your amazing channel!! :DDDDD

  • Sam X0263
    Sam X0263 2 months ago

    Gotta love good old reev

  • Lxa Fade
    Lxa Fade 2 months ago

    Do love it when you play games great video keep it up!! ❤️

  • qprtom
    qprtom 2 months ago

    Reev, have you given up on the fitness? Can you post a link to your channel please? I am trying to get fit and am a fan of this channel so I wish to incorporate your workouts into my fatloss transformation. keep up the good work and visit my insta if you have the time @benchpressingburgers.

  • bman 554
    bman 554 2 months ago +1

    Btw as bury fan I just wanna say I love the series however u keep saying Adams is captain but he was vice captain last year, danns was captain last year

  • josh crafford
    josh crafford 2 months ago

    Buy Adam idah from norwich

  • Daniel Ashcroft
    Daniel Ashcroft 2 months ago

    You should sell all your players 30 or over so you have money

  • Adam Lake
    Adam Lake 2 months ago

    Mad How he holds 1-1 up to the camera at 9:39

  • Joe Harding
    Joe Harding 2 months ago

    What’s the drink in you’re background

  • Gary Revel
    Gary Revel 2 months ago

    Playing well there REEV not long now till fifa 20 can’t wait

  • Ross Brown
    Ross Brown 2 months ago +3

    Reev: *scores a sweaty goal*
    Also Reev: “WHAT A GOAL!!”

    • REEV
      REEV  2 months ago +1

      Look at the green timed ones!!!!!

  • Leo Armstrong
    Leo Armstrong 2 months ago +4

    Sign Ashraf next transfer window, he’s a free agent LM but can play ST and CAM

    • AcidicTuber
      AcidicTuber 2 months ago +1

      You can sign free agents whenever

  • Stokey Boy
    Stokey Boy 2 months ago

    Tip: when it is the jan transfers go to the transfer bar at the top and in the bottom left there should be a global transfer network, or sommert like that, and scroll to instructions. Then put the contract to 0-1 and you will find people with 6- months on contract. (You only have to pay their wages) :)

  • Reviving_ Liberty
    Reviving_ Liberty 2 months ago

    how did you get your custom fifa card Reev????????????????????????

  • Joe Hinks
    Joe Hinks 2 months ago

    Think it actually suits you ngl 😂