We Took an IQ Test

  • It's finally time to find out who has big brain and who has smol brain.
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Comments • 80

  • Amaya Woodyear
    Amaya Woodyear 2 hours ago

    In another video I saw Mark wearing the same shirt Ethan is here. Are they wearing each others' clothes?

  • Abigail Ramirez
    Abigail Ramirez 2 hours ago

    Me: *rages*
    Mark: SOBETU :D !
    Me: *screams at phone*
    " OBTUSEE "

  • Square_ spuds
    Square_ spuds 3 hours ago

    Me:reads title
    Also me:*oh no*

  • McGeester 25
    McGeester 25 3 hours ago +1

    12:19 mY eYcU wUn ThU tHEh

  • Vaida K.
    Vaida K. 4 hours ago

    Who else saw Marks and Ethan's dummy??🤣😂🤣😂

  • Slip Slop
    Slip Slop 5 hours ago

    nnononononononononononononono. an iq test doesnt really measure intelligence. it measures the capability to understand more complex things (hence why a mentally handicapped person cant understand why somethings are bad socially but cant understand why other things are). also to get an accurate iq, you have to get one done by a professional.

  • Jeff Jeff
    Jeff Jeff 5 hours ago

    them: Glandel
    Me: England

  • Tara Olsen
    Tara Olsen 5 hours ago

    "geNdAlE" it us a city
    Me:when I see they put city and the answer was England:3

  • Get Nae Nae'd
    Get Nae Nae'd 5 hours ago


  • yeet meet
    yeet meet 5 hours ago

    The little squeak at 15:40 is my favorite thing lmao

  • Dyani B
    Dyani B 6 hours ago

    But you know what they say, England is my city.

  • Ainsley Harriot
    Ainsley Harriot 6 hours ago

    IQ is actually a measure of your ability to learn not your intelligence, my IQ was tested as a child at around 156 as you age it gets lower and lower. A lot of people think that you're super smart if you have high IQ and that is true for the most part but if you lived your entire life under a rock you'd be dumb as dirt. Even if your IQ is 60 you still can learn but someone with a high IQ will learn faster. In survival terms, the person with a higher IQ would be able to survive more efficiently. Having a low IQ doesn't mean you can't be successful or be really good at things and someone having an IQ of 200 vs 100 could potentially have the same level of skill at any particular task.

  • KameRon
    KameRon 7 hours ago

    test whos dumb and who's smart
    *Mark with broke pinky caus he punched a wall*

  • DiamondTBNR
    DiamondTBNR 8 hours ago

    da fuk is that in the back??

  • LoyalTexas14489
    LoyalTexas14489 8 hours ago

    Them both are smarter than Einstein

  • makayla keen
    makayla keen 8 hours ago

    i just noticed this was posted on my birthday😮😂😂😂😁😁😁

  • makayla keen
    makayla keen 8 hours ago

    omg im in sixth grade and i knew the word scramble was obtuse😂😂😂

  • froot loop
    froot loop 8 hours ago

    i suck at testing in any subject hehe

  • Elijah Garcia-Romero
    Elijah Garcia-Romero 9 hours ago

    the fraction was 2/5

  • Nevaeh Shaw
    Nevaeh Shaw 9 hours ago

    England is my city

  • Natalie Meyer
    Natalie Meyer 9 hours ago

    This is just how much you learned and how much you remember... BULLSHIT

  • Just_Another_Fangirl
    Just_Another_Fangirl 10 hours ago

    The only reason I knew the word was obtuse is geometry and The Fairly OddParents🤣😭

  • Jj60 Hi
    Jj60 Hi 10 hours ago

    #16 was 25 squares

  • It’s Raben
    It’s Raben 11 hours ago

    My birthday video

  • Brionna Danielle
    Brionna Danielle 11 hours ago

    Mines 107... but im only in 7th grade so

  • Bebe_ Reee
    Bebe_ Reee 11 hours ago

    eathan is doing good. im dislexic its hard as HELL!!!!! SO NO BULLY EATHAN DUMB BOY!!!!!

  • Ethan Carver
    Ethan Carver 11 hours ago

    4:15 obtuse is the word

  • Brionna Danielle
    Brionna Danielle 11 hours ago

    Me screaming: OBTUSE!!!

  • ARAB_Legacy
    ARAB_Legacy 12 hours ago

    Watching this video i feel like im in school

  • Linda Kuntošová
    Linda Kuntošová 12 hours ago

    language tests doesnt count IQ period nor does mathematic.. you still have to learn the system. You would have to be a fucking psycho to made up a mathematic system that took some genius 10 years lmao
    There are actual iq tests that are in pictures form and even those arent right on point but ať leadt it actualy counts iq

  • Xx_kk_otaku_xX
    Xx_kk_otaku_xX 12 hours ago

    I got the 4 sided figure one right 🥺

  • hanna :0
    hanna :0 12 hours ago

    i relate so much to ethan
    i look at a sentence
    it takes me like an hour to read what it actually says and process it-

  • Phy5ali5
    Phy5ali5 14 hours ago

    Where are my peeps who went and took an IQ test in response?

  • Erica_Danielle
    Erica_Danielle 16 hours ago


  • Jessica Barraza
    Jessica Barraza 16 hours ago

    My brother one time said that he would give me $5 for every A I had. He had to give like $35. My sister said " So you got like 12 A's." We now have a run joke that my sister is the best at quick math in our family. Lol

  • AXIS
    AXIS 16 hours ago

    2 over 5

  • a
    a 17 hours ago

    The most recent theories are called "multi intelligence", one of my fav is devided into different categories and we all have different percentages of intelligence on each, for example mathematical, musical, introspective, linguistic, etc. You can sort of measure them and know how good you are at them but many variables come in place. So fuck school.

  • Fia Prendy
    Fia Prendy 18 hours ago

    As a psychology student who just finished a shit tonne of research on intelligence testing (including IQ tests) I 100% AGREE with what Ethan was saying about IQ tests not measuring your intelligence. All IQ tests really measure is how good you are at IQ tests. Thank you!

  • MyNameJeff
    MyNameJeff 18 hours ago

    Cousin is named Kevin and he’s an architect

  • NatDaNarwhal
    NatDaNarwhal 18 hours ago

    I am a firm believer that there are different types of intelligence. Like booksmarts/factual/objective intelligence (memory skills, information recall, reading comprehension, critical thinking, problem solving), emotional intelligence (empathy, linear thinking, abstract thinking, creative skills), street smarts/social intelligence (common sense, an easy grasp of unspoken rules and social ques, understanding social systems, bigger picture thinking, spacial and social awareness, linear thinking/cause and effect).
    So if you ever feel dumb because maybe you compare yourself to another person or you arent good at some of the things you would like to be good at
    You have plenty of other strengths and skills that make you smart and capable. And, if you really look up to a trait you think is 'smart', there are always ways to work on those skills.

  • Emma D
    Emma D 19 hours ago

    Time to edit the fan wikis

  • Jennifer Lopez
    Jennifer Lopez 20 hours ago

    I’m p sure the scrambled letters were Obtuse and Business

  • Marley martin
    Marley martin 20 hours ago +1

    can somebody tell me if they are dating or not or just gay

  • Maria Broasca
    Maria Broasca 20 hours ago

    the tim and phil one is actually 4

  • Frying Pan
    Frying Pan 21 hour ago

    I did the fraction question in my head in like 2 seconds

  • Scott Y
    Scott Y 21 hour ago

    T u b s o e

  • Amanda Cedeno
    Amanda Cedeno 21 hour ago

    Me yelling Boston

  • Krista Star
    Krista Star 23 hours ago

    There are a lot of problems with intelligence tests, because we still don’t fully understand intelligence

  • just lard
    just lard 23 hours ago

    this was my birthday video 🌈🤭

  • Doodlebug753 MrHall

    Doesn't Glendale have 2 Ls ??

  • lgr33n07
    lgr33n07 Day ago

    pretty sure the first one was 2/7

  • Angus Mckenzie
    Angus Mckenzie Day ago

    who the hell is that in the background behind them

  • Hectic Hive
    Hectic Hive Day ago

    It’s so weird. I get good scores on IQ scores, but every other test I’m just OK at... Tests definitely only test your ability to take tests and IQ tests are no exception. They’re not very accurate if I remember correctly. So as far as I know I can be as dumb as a brick coated in a nice even pile of shit.

  • Sophie Lorage
    Sophie Lorage Day ago

    7:42 when my dad explains the math problem to me but I pretend to get it and when he goes away I cry and the tears drop on my text-book 😂🤣

  • Sophie Lorage
    Sophie Lorage Day ago

    0:42 Mark literally saying words I don't know and me knowing I would get 9 IQ points 😂😂🤣

  • Wendy Thompson
    Wendy Thompson Day ago +1

    I am Ethan with my brain power it’s kinda sad

  • 154KING 154
    154KING 154 Day ago

    9:22 actually it might be england

  • DeletusThat Fetus


  • Trashy_ Emo_ Sisters

    Ethan... the first one was 2/5

  • Claire Holman
    Claire Holman Day ago

    IQ tests are so culturally biased anyways

  • Connelly Wallace
    Connelly Wallace Day ago +2

    Mark: answers all the questions

    Ethan: Just agrees with all of marks answers 😂

  • treeno
    treeno Day ago

    It's probably some *OBTUSE* word...

  • you star wars
    you star wars Day ago

    I got ten on number 16

  • you star wars
    you star wars Day ago

    Your dumb the first answer is 2/5

    • you star wars
      you star wars 7 hours ago

      Fair enough I'm sorry

    • TheZombifiedFairy
      TheZombifiedFairy Day ago

      You ass, he said he was dyslexic and he has ADD. It makes it a lot harder to understand shit when you can't even focus

  • weeble cakez
    weeble cakez Day ago

    Somebody dumber than me

    Welp we broke he laws

  • alyssa cougar
    alyssa cougar Day ago +1

    “i put tubsoe”
    *me, screaming at my phone:* OBTUSE!!!!

  • Theodore Hurt
    Theodore Hurt Day ago

    0:39 Who the fuck is back there?

  • Matthew Miller
    Matthew Miller Day ago

    Who's dumber, guy with dyslexia or guy with ADHD?

  • Meghan H.
    Meghan H. Day ago

    OBTUSE it's obtuse i finally figured it out ive been staring at it on pause for like 10 minutes

  • WOLFZX_ H20
    WOLFZX_ H20 Day ago +4

    U S T B O E

    I just realized it was obtuse
    I thought it was idk some random word I don't even know but I thought it was a word that I thought never existed until now but my life was a lie

    But i think *SOBETU* should be a word now

  • Sam Hammer
    Sam Hammer Day ago +2

    I have been iq tested twice and the issue is after you take one the first time and have good memory even years later you can memorize some responses, first I got 129 at the age of 9 (legally “gifted”) which is BS but then at the age of 13 I took it again and got a 147 which is (legally “genius”)

    • Phy5ali5
      Phy5ali5 14 hours ago

      Hmm ok
      *Proceeds to forget where like 5 pairs of scissors have went over the course of one month*

  • Nathan Cadieux
    Nathan Cadieux Day ago

    The word was OBTUSE

  • 김하늘
    김하늘 Day ago

    When They Couldn't Unscramble The Word Obtuse 💀💀💀

  • Sanai Walker-Woodard

    The word Ethan has to unscrambled was Obtuse

  • Maddie.B Things and Stuff

    *totally agrees while watching this video and living in England 😂

  • Maddie.B Things and Stuff

    just look at Marks face 9:45 😂

  • Chase Fuller
    Chase Fuller Day ago


  • Lei Lei Lu
    Lei Lei Lu Day ago

    I think #10 of the first test may have been 4, but I was confused there for a good minute too lol

  • *WolfGaming *
    *WolfGaming * Day ago

    Wait I’m dying why’d they bring up lennie from of mice and men. I read that last in hs English class! It made me cry

  • Aidan Gove
    Aidan Gove Day ago

    Literally everyone I know including me gets around 130. These tests are bs 😂